Monday, July 30, 2007

Help, my pc died!

I’ve had the most frustrating night with computer problems on Monday and I spent hours trying to figure it out. We had a huge storm late in the afternoon. When I couldn’t connect to the internet I just assumed it was a problem caused by the 2” of rain we had in a little over an hour. But then I discovered that my neighbors all had internet and my laptop could connect but not my desktop. So the solution is simple, right? Just blog from my laptop, except it has a very finicky battery and will shut down at the most inopportune moment. Also it doesn't have the ability to do screencaps. So bear with me, I’m going to try to get this posted. It will be a little short on content and you'll have to wait until Sheryn posts on Tuesday afternoon for screencaps. But, oddly enough, I found a bunch of pictures of AC, stored in my laptop, with the same tie he had on Monday night. So not to confuse anyone but that's what I'll use for the purposes of getting this posted.
What I did manage to catch on Monday’s AC 360 was the naked picture of Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband, Prince what’s-his-name. Ewwww. This is one time everyone should be happy I can't screencap.

Sad to see that the Goldman’s and the Brown’s have ended up on opposite sides of a courtroom. I never understood why Fred Goldman thought he was entitled to 100% of money seized from OJ, I think the Brown’s had to proceed with this lawsuit. That said, Ms. Brown didn’t let Anderson get a word in. She not only asked all the questions she answered them. I found it very annoying…but it didn’t take much to annoy me on Monday night.

It was good to see AC360 spend a few minutes covering the horrific helicopter crash that occurred in Phoenix on Friday. Tuesday is the funeral for 2 of the victims and Phoenix will come to a standstill for this service. It’s hard to explain the popularity of the local channel they worked for. They advertise themselves as Arizona’s Family and it really is true. Most of them, like Mike Watkiss, have been with the station for many, many years and are just like family to the viewers. CNN’s Kristi Paul worked at this station and was one of the first to call to offer her condolences.
That’s it for program coverage for me. I’m sure I missed much, but I’m just as sure you’ll let me know about it too!

We have another Anderupdate thanks to our wonderful ATA team. Megan found that Anderson Cooper has been named to Vanity Fair’s 2007 International Best Dressed Hall of Fame. No surprise there, right? He’s being inducted along with George Clooney in the August issue of Vanity Fair, on newsstands now.

I have a bit of Big Brother news for those of you who have been watching since the beginning. Dr. Will, winner of Season 3, and participant in Big Brother All Stars is making his debut on E!'s Dr. 90210 Monday night. If you’re not familiar with this show it is a reality show about a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. I’ve been told that Will is going to be joining the practice on a temporary basis.


BookAsylum said...

I loved Jeff Toobin’s comment, "It’s often pointed out that I’m no brain surgeon." when they were discussing the Chief Justice's health.

And as usual, Raw Politics was a riot.

Evelyn said...

Sorry to hear about your computer troubles Phebe! I'm horrible with computers so I can't even imagine being in a predicament like that, I would be completely frustrated!

I'm sorry but the OJ stuff should really be laid to rest for good. I know it was a huge deal, but hasn't it already caused enough pain? Why can't anyone just let things be? Phebe, I too found Ms. Brown to be quite annoying...

How funny was Raw Politics?! Blair Switch Project! Who knew a Prius could go 100mph? Oh Tom, your creativity never ceases to amaze me :)

Thanks for those pics Phebe! That tie is one of my faves; it's so classy.

Speaking of surprise that Anderson made VF Int'l Best Dressed List Hall of Fame! That man looks good in everything! And the fact that his mom was inducted into VF's Women's version of the honor in 1970 and is utterly glamorous...that helps too :)

imagine said...

Okay, I got SOOO excited when I drove past CNN tonight at about 6:15 and saw the cameras on the roof, I thought, "Anderson's here in LA!" and he is!!!

I'm going to try and get tix to see him on Leno on Wednesday. Keep your fingers crossed!

Unknown said...

Ain't nothing like the Toob!

Anderson seemed a bit happier than the past few weeks. I guess the LA sun does him good.

The show seemed a bit better tonight too. Not as many depressing stories.

copperfish said...

It's plain all about money in this case between Brown and Goldman. Should Fred Goldman pursue to publish the book because he's granted the rights to it, I think it's just fair to the other agrieved party that they are also entitled to the proceeds.

That was a terrible accident involving the two choppers. I think the air control tower has something to do with this. They are the ones monitoring the flights and altitudes of these aircrafts. Especially in this case where there are five choppers hovering in the same vicinity.

The naked pic of ZG's husband tied(not handcuffed)to the driving wheel is really shameful. I wonder if it's just another publicity stunt on his part just like what he did on ANS.

Vick is really on hot water now that Taylor sang a different tune. I think he and his lawyers will have a hard time coming up with a solid defense against the witness.

Yeah, it's not a surprise that he's included in the Hall of Fame for best dressed. He can carry his clothes well.

MeshugahMazal said...

Hey Phebe, you didn't miss too much on tonight's AC: 360! Everyone has a bad day with laptops and desktops.... lord knows I do! Hope it gets fixed soon!

I have to agree-- the nude pic of Prince what's-his-name was gross and wasn't necessary to post on AC's show! I also tuned out with the continuing saga of OJ Simpson. It's been over ten years, let's move onto some more contemporary news.

My two cents: I had to laugh at reading that AC's been listed as a top dresser on vanity fair... good grief, the little things we immerse ourselves in these days ;)

ACAnderFan said...

I liked 360 last nite, and I noticed that Andy always seems happier when he's out in LA. I'm thiniking it has something to do with him broadcasting outside and the fact that by 8:00pm he's done. Where as in NY he wouldn't even be started yet.

The whole OJ thing is just sad. You would think that the Goldman's and the Browns would be united not fighting like they are. I hpoe they make some money off that book becuase they'll never get any money form OJ.

Well Gee, there's a surprise...Andy being inducted in the the Vainty Fair Best Dressed Hall of Fame. I'm happy for him. He deserves it because he always looks so nice.

FanGirl moment: How amazing did Andy look last nite??? He wore my favorite tie!!! He always looks so handsome and distingusihed when he wears that tie. And his looked so good, the best it's looked in a long time. I just wanted to reach through my tv and touch looked so soft and cloud-like.

ac said...

HI all,
I am so loving those Raw Politics segments more and more-Tom's a riot!Phebe I'm, sorry to see you are having computer problems-I really feel like smashing mine with a hammer at times-but I'm still paying on it!It is no surprise that our Andy made the best dressed hall of fame-he just looks sooo fine in a suit,casual shirt and jeans,sitting watching the wolves in Yellowstone...LOL!
Oh, a note to Anderson:you should have warned us about that pic of Zza Zza's husband-you know something along the lines of''leave the room now if you don't want to throw up'',that sort of thing.
Oh,the picture posted in the Anderupdate segment-mmmm niiccce!

cactuskid said...

I found Denise Brown alittle to highly motivated as well, but maybe, she's dealt with lawyers and courtrooms and interviewers for so many years that she tries to get all her views in. I think it's sad that all this is perpetually ongoing for all these years as well.

Mr. Prince Zsa Zsa Gabor is a bore! EWWWWW! What a picture! Although I have to say he's pretty fit looking for his age! LOL! I'd read this story. He pulled over at night cause two ladies flagged him down. They were in distress seemingly, but weren't and robbed him.

The Petit family story is a very sad one. Randi Kaye wrote an article on the AC 360 blog that is very moving about the family and also, how it's affected her. Sorry, Randi. I don't know how reporters deal with the very gruesome crimes.

Tom Foreman did another great Raw Politics! Blair Switch Project! I love your innovative titles, Tom. LOL!!

Have to love the man in black! Thanks for the heads-up on the Vanity Fair info.

Sorry about your computer, Phebe. Hopefully it's nothing major. Thanks for the pics.

Blade said...

@ imagine,

Good luck getting the Leno tickets. Is he live on Leno tonight or are they recorded?

Also, imagine, is the smog that bad in LA?

Have a good day!

Jennifer said...

2 news helicopters crash they were too close together trying to cover the same story they were trying to film a fugitive trying to get away from the police in their cars like one news man said that he also covers news by helicopter sometimes.
When you in the helicopter trying to cover the story you get all caught up in it and forget what's going on around you in the air, I think they should have one helicopter covering the news at a time. More then one at a time is just like a tragedy waiting to happen.

OJ Simpson was cleared of murder almost everyone believe he is guilty he wrote a book "IF I DID IT" Fred Goldman wants the book publish but Denise Brown does not their's a debate over who would get the money from the book. Reason Fred Goldman wants the book published he said is a book written by a wife beater and killer in his own words.
Denise Brown doesn't want it publish she said is a manual to commit murder. The proceeds of the book what's left of the money goes to 90% Goldman 10% of Browns creditors and so on.

Two politicians disappeared in the words of Maryland " Which Is Camp David" Tony Blair is out Gordon Brown is in, Blair got were he disagreed with the president Gordon did not agree with Blair's support of the war but president Bush said Gordon gets it.
To me the president with this smug look on his face and smile it looks like to me I finally got someone on my side. If I was president Bush I wouldn't hold my breath, I don't think anyone is on his side for very long.
and I don't blame them at all

Anonymous said...

I can't criticize Denise Brown for being highly motivated. Her sister was brutally murdered. I am not in her shoes, can only imagine how she must feel.

How would any of you feel or act in her situation?

aries moon said...

I agree with everyone who says it's time to move on from the OJ/Goldman/Brown story. Anderson has had Goldman on a few times and has seemed very sympathetic towards his situation, so I guess that's why we might be hearing more about this on 360, but I really wish all involved would just deal with it out of the media spotlight.

Unknown said...

Just saw on the 360 blog that Sanjay is in the Carteret Islands in the South Pacific. Looks like Anderson didn't go after all.

Sounds like it'll be an interesting report.

imagine said...


Thanks for the well-wishes on getting tix to Leno. From what I've been finding out, they record Leno in the late afternoon the night it's going to air, so Andy should be done in plenty of time (depending on traffic) to get to CNN.

The tix are free, you have to show up early in the morning to get in line for them. Then you come back later in the day to get in line to get in the studio.

It should be fun! If I a ticket, hopefully I'll have some behind the scenes stories to share :)

@Phebe. So sorry about your laptop. Mine crashed 2 weeks ago and I lost everything! But the worst part was...not being able to read the BLOG!!!!

ACAnderFan said...

@ purple tie, why does it not surpise me at all that Andy didn't get to go there. As soon as I head that Sanjay was over that way I figured that he'd end up gonig to the Carteret Islands instead of Anderson. Poor Andy :(

aries moon said...

I'm not sure if my comment posted so I'll try again. I agree with everyone who feels that it's time to move on from the OJ/Goldman/Brown saga. AC has had Goldman on a few times and seems very sympathetic to his situation, so we might be hearing more about it, but I wish all involved would deal with everything out of the media spotlight.

Nebraska Fan said...

Congrats to Anderson on the Vanity Fair list? Has anyone ever seen that guy look bad? I wonder if he ever just looks like a slob for one day - you know, old t-shirt and shorts, doesn't shave - he would still look great but I wonder if he ever has that little luxury?

This also brings up a question I've been thinking about. How does he manage to have a dog on his schedule?


Sapphire said...

Just a heads up all.....Anderson's picture is not in this month's issue of Vanity Fair. I just it was more of an online Vanity Fair thing but congratulations to Anderson.....he's so fine and he dresses so well, Hall of Fame well :P What a cool thing he can share with Gloria

Raw Politics was the best part of of 360 last night hands down....Blair Switch Project....TF kills me sometimes.

The Anderca banter last night was very good as well and I love any time we can see the "Dramatic Animal Video" pop-up. I love that crazy groundhog/hampster type animal LOL

aries moon said...

My comments aren't being posted. Have I been banned?!

Phebe said...

Sorry Grey, I still have no internet so I couldn't post comments very easily today. My computer expert has just arrived so fingers crossed I'll be back in business soon.

Anonymous said...


Good Luck! I hope you will see Anderson no matter where you are going.

I hope Anderson still loves New York as much as he loves LA!! Cuz I am from New York. Oh well, I haven't been in California for so long. My favorite place is San Diego and it is a coolest place to live.

aries moon said...

@Phebe, I need to apologize to YOU. You've already said on this post that you were having computer problems and I just forgot! I hope everything gets fixed soon; there are few things more frustrating than a PC on the blink.