Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday's AC 360

I just couldn't get into the program tonight. It was me, not the show. So I'll just bullet post the highlights and you can give me your opinions, if you would?

•Wednesday's AC 360 started with an update of the horrible Cheshire, CT home invasion murders. To hear from the father/grandfather of those killed was heartbreaking. Perpetrators like the two men who committed this crime are the reason the death penalty is necessary.

• After the break we got the story Gary Tuchman did on the accused child molester from Liberia. How is it that Tuchman could find an interpreter AND uncover the fact that the accused graduated from a local high school, passing all English requirements AND a neighbor who said the the accused spoke English, but the court couldn't? Unbelievable.

•Next up? Raw Politics. Again, couldn't get into it, I think I'm a little burned out on politics this week. But I did notice something interesting on American Morning on Wednesday. They showed Tuesday's Raw Politics (which I don't remember seeing on AC360)and at the end Tom Foreman said something like 'join us for Raw Politics on AC's where all the cool kids hang out'. Guess he's talking about us? I did find this lady that TF featured in his Wednesday report kind of freaky......she has the record for the poppest eyeballs!

• Two stories from NOLA were up next. One, the court ruling that released the police officer who beat a victim while being filmed by a news crew. I hate this story and I hate that an officer committed suicide, probably because of the stress involved with the court case. Just a terrible story all around.
The second story was the doctor who was cleared of killing several patients in the aftermath of Katrina. Rick Sanchez reported on this story and did an overview of the original report. In a very strange 'life imitating art' twist Boston Legal did a story very similar to this during the past season. The outcome of the fictional story was the same, the doctor was vindicated. I feel for the families of the victims but I also empathize with the doctor.
• Dr. Sanjay Gupta filed a report for the Planet in Peril series from near Beijing, China for Wednesday's show. The report dealt primarily with pollution of the rivers and with the Chinese government trying to censor Sanjay's report. Good job Sanjay but I'm missing Jeff Corwin.

That's about it for the first hour of Wednesday's show. Have you noticed the over-the-top graphic guy must be on vacation? The screencaps are nice full screens without all those extra headlines and breaking news logos getting in the way. Actually it almost feels like AC is practically alone in the studio, there really isn't much life to the show these last few nights. It's totally understandable after all the effort that went into the debate on Monday. I just wonder why AC didn't give himself a few days off?

So how I do I perk things up a bit? Well I've got some news, sent to us by a very kind ATA reader. It has been announced that AC will be a guest on The View on Friday August 3rd. That's Leno on the 1st and The View on the 3rd. Next week is shaping up to be a very good week.
As if you need more cheering up here's a little clip from American Morning on Tuesday that Annie Kate was kind enough to share with us. The two guys flirting with Kiran are the same two who did the 'Red State' You Tube video for the debates. Enjoy!

Let me finish by saying I love the steel grey tie AC wore on Wednesday and you all know what that will never be worn again. Last time I declared a favorite? The red strip shirt...before that the navy dotted tie. My vote for favorite is the kiss of death. my liking an item of clothing is the kiss of death? I LOVE the young republican tie......take that Ms. Sheryn.


Sheryn said...

I'm sorry honey, nothing will make the YRT go away! LOL! I agree with the shows being flat but for me, I'm not sure if it's my mood or the show itself. I think I'm not so much into the news this week.

Shoot, when I can't do a good political rant, you know something's wrong! LOL!

I just feel like it is the calm before the storm (hopefully not literally) for AC360.

Evelyn said...

You know, I wasn't able to really get into tonights show as well. Last night's wasn't all that great either. I think Anderson is a little tired ant that is completely understandable.

All the stories tonight were really depressing so I'm not even going to comment on them.

I'm looking forward to Anderson's interviews next week! It should be exciting :)

I liked the "Red State" guys. They're hilarious! I can see them getting a show out of all this as well.

Oh Phebe! I loved Anderson's steel gray tie tonight as well! It was really striking...hopefully we will be able to see it again.

On another note: Did anyone see the shark week LKL tonight? Really interesting stuff. And WOW Philipe Cousteau (Jacques Cousteau's grandson) is really good looking! I'll take a dive in the ocean with him anytime, hey maybe Anderson will join us haha ;)

Jennifer said...

Person's home is broken into the lady of the house is carried to a bank and is told to go inside and draw out money.
Some how while she was in the bank she alerts the tellers and police. When the police show up the house is already on fire with the family inside of the house.
The lady and her 2 daughters were raped in beaten in the house was sit on fire the lady's husband had been beaten and was tied up in the basement he happen to get a lose and barely got out of the house alive.
His wife and 2 daughters were dead. The police caught the 2 men before they could get away in a car.
The grandfather (lady's dad) flew in today to see if their was any thing he could savage from the home for keepsakes but even pictures was burnt how sad this story is.
The grandfather was very calm when talking with the news reporters I would guess he still in shock. I think these men should get the death penality. As the grandfather said " Such a tragedy evil thing".
My mom's home was broken into once before I was born a man broke in my mom's front door. She just happen to be coming down the stairs as he had broken into the front door. He saw someone was home and turned and ran. The law told her it was a good thing that she came down stairs when she did, cause the man still had a chance to get out if it had been a few minutes later and he was already inside her home the law said she may not be here today most likely he would have killed her she was very lucky.

The doctor was free of charges today she said the people were dying and no way of getting them out of the hospital she didn't say exactly how they died yesterday on the news I heard someone say it was a mercy killing on the death certificates it says the cause of death Katrina related.

They showed a video 6 cops trying to arrested one man they said if only he hadn't try to resist the arrest,
Judge got to see the whole video and he found the police officers not guilty of anything it looked like to me the man was getting a raw deal being beaten they showed at the end of the show where he was lying on the side walk all bloody the man was 66 years old and it takes 6 cops to put handcuffs on one man? In my opinion something is wrong somewhere's?????

She said that cocain they found in her purse wasn't her's. DUH she did not pass the alcohol blood test also was speeding she has suspended license she said she was trying to catch up with someone that what she told the cops the ankle bracelet that she has been wearing didn't work oblivious! I saw on Erica Hill today they were showing don't know where exactly is at they have 2 wax figures in prison uniforms one is Paris Hilton and the other one Lindsey Lohan it looks just like them the uniforms was black and white strips.
I'm wondering how many people would even bother to go see either one of these persons in movies or anywhere as for as that goes :)!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Here's my
I really like the tie that Anderson had on tonight, I haven't seen him wearing it in a while, I'll be looking forward to AC on The Tonight Show, The View. Tonight like I said again he's a sharp dressed man just like the song goes!!!!!!!

The PIP with Sanjay Gupta I think he's doing a great job tonight, very informative.

ACAnderFan said...

I liked 360 i t was much better than tuesday nites show, that was the worst.

That story of the home invasion was so sad. Also scary. It shoed just how scary a home invasion can be. My heart goes out to the father of that family.

Gary Tuchman's story was just ridiculous. I don't think the court wanted to do anything about the case so that's why they let happen what happened.

I really liked Sanjay's report, but it's still weird seeing him report on issues other than medical ones, and I'd like to see Jeff Corwin with him. Jedd is so cool.

I'm looking forard to seeinbg Andy on Jay Leno and The View next week. He certainly does a a busy week ahead of him.

FanGirl moment: Andy looked amazing last nite even though I hated his tie. But they suit was really nice and his hair looked amazing as!!!

Unknown said...

LOL about the ties, Phebs. I liked it tonight and the for the debate.

I think the last few nights have just been a lot of depressing stories and that's why the show has been kind so-so. The quality's been fine but it's just kinda of a bummer to hear about some of this stuff.

Jennifer said...

With you guys, I watch Larry King Live tonight it was very interesting.
I wouldn't jump in no ocean cause I'm scared of sharks :) LOL

MeshugahMazal said...

Hey Phebe, thanks for the update (I missed tonight's show). Huh... if I didn't know any better I would have thought tonight's show was a repeat of tuesday night! Guess I didn't really miss anything substantially here! I have to agree with the other commentators that the last 2 nights (wed included) have had quite a number of depressing stories... I'm surprised AC just didn't take a day off or two to sleep in or something after his superb moderating job for the YouTube/CNN debate, lol. Oh wait, he hates vacations....

cactuskid said...

I go along with PT. The stories have been pretty depressing to report this week. I have liked the second hour with the extra You Tube clips.

Thanks, Annie Kate, for the video clip. Jackie and Dunlap are hilarious! They should have their own TV/radio program. Hairplug for men, too funny!

swmpratt said...

If you all like Jeff Corwin he has a series on the Travel Channel after AC on Tuesdays (I think) called Into Alaska - it is awesome scenary and awesome Jeff.

I think AC is exhausted and that is why the last 2 shows have been flat - even Erica can't get any decent banter out of him. He needs to rest.

My favorite tie is the royal blue silk one but I said that once and he has never worn it again so guess you and I have the same luck Phebes.

PIP with Gupta just isn't the same as PIP with Jeff or with AC and Jeff. I just hope Jeff or AC or both do the South Pacific one and Gupta and crew don't decide to do it on their way home. He does do a good job but I'd rather him do medical stuff and explain that. But man that water he showed us - Yuck!

Sapphire said...

I have caught a cold so I felt like crap last night and was half out of it but I did LOVE the way Anderson looked. Maybe if enough of us love the tie it won't go away Phebe.

@ PT = your right the stories the last few nights have been very depressing, so it might be making the show seem not so great.

Glad to see GT made it back from Japan after his crappy vaca with typhoons and earthquakes but the story he covered made me even more sick then I already was. How disgusting is that and it just seems to be a case of laziness because if Gary could do all that in 2 hours why could the courts not.

As I was watching LK last night, I kept thinking about Anderson's indroduction in Dispatches when he talked about seeing the shark documentary the week after his father died. I just kept thinking of that.

Anderca banter was very good last night, needed it with the sad news.

Sapphire said...

@ all sorry for my typos - I am high on cold medicine LOL

Nebraska Fan said...

I was wondering, since I'm the new fan, what does Anderson do with the laptop on his desk during the show? Is that how he keeps track of all of his notes? I read on the AC/CNN blog that when they first started it, he had left a message during the show. I thought that was kinda cool. Does anyone know?

To add to the poll, I loved his tie! But to me he looked a little tired, but he certainly has reason to be. Take a break!

ac said...

Hi all,
I really haven't been able to 'get with the program' either these past few nights,Phebe.Can we get a little good news for a few minutes,maybe?
Just a silly question here-are those lady's eyeballs FOR REAL!!As for the previous post:
I loved that video of the Osbourne's,too!'Rock on,Anderson'!LOL
Oh,my those debate pics are sooo hott!It's ok to go all fangirl once in a while,Sheryn-we gals just can't help it,can we?OMG-it should be a crime for anyone to look that good!
Sheryn,good luck with the house!Hope everything goes ok for you and your family!

sydney said...

Oh no, does this mean I have to watch The View?

Geez, the things I do for that man... :-P

Anonymous said...

I am curious too, as what he is busy reading w/that laptop.

ac said...

I meant to mention this in my previous post,but I really wish we could find out how Peter from ACE is doing since his surgery last week-my thoughts and prayers are with him,and I hope we can get an update from someone on him soon!

Anonymous said...

Anderson on The View!? Apologies to my fav anchor, but it's like the Meatloaf song when it comes to watching that show: "I'll Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)." A girl's gotta have limits. *lol* Thanks though--hope he does fine, and can get a word in edgewise. ;)

ACAnderFan said...

Looks like we won't get 360 tomorrow. I just saw a commerical on CNN and from 9:00pm - 11:00pm they're re-aring the debate. Maybe Andy can finally get some much needed and well deserved rest.

Anonymous said...

Could Anderson hosting "SNL" be next?! ;)

Quitty said...

Jackie and Dunlap are funny. I wonder if they perform at comedy clubs in Nashville.

ACAnderFan said...

@Xtina, I would love for Andy to host SNL. I've been saying for a long time that he should do that because of his sense of humor...I think he'd be hilarious on there.

Anonymous said...

Is he promoting anything in particular with his appearances on Leno and The View? Not that I'm complaining, I'm just curious why he's going on those shows. Also, I got very excited during last night's 360 when I saw one of my old profs (Dr. Jack Levin) during the segment on the CT home invasion. I felt a little foolish when I realized I was the only one in the house LOL!

Unknown said...

My personal opinion about what Anderson is looking at.... I think he's reading through viewer feedback and his emails about the show. Or playing Sudoko or something LOL

As for his talk show appearances I have a feeling it's for the upcoming debates and maybe the Planet in Peril documentary?

Roonie said...

holy cow that video was HILARIOUS!!! I must say, even though they may be "red state" dwellers, i'd watch their show...that is, for a little while :)

ac said...

Is it possible that Anderson's Tonight Show appearance was pretaped during the time he was in LA awhile back,or is he live and in person?I don't know if I can put up with those people on the 'View',though-not even for our Andy!LOL
He's probably reading all the viewer feedback comments on that laptop-or else he's reading all of our comments right here on ATA!

Evelyn said...

@ACAnderfan: Are you sure they are re-airing the debate? The 360 site says tonight's show has that story about waking up while in surgery. I hope it's still on, but I won't be all that bummed if Anderson is off tonight, he definitely needs the break.

Sapphire said...

@ evelyn - I believe the commercial ACAnderfan was talking about is for Friday's 360, not tonight

ACAnderFan said...

@evelyn sapphire is right, it's tomorrow...didn't I say that in my comment...if not my bad. sorry

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure the Tonight Show tapes the same day as they show it. So I'm thinking Anderson will probably be in LA next week for a bit.

Evelyn said...

@ACAnderfan & Sapphire: oops! sorry, i read the comment wrong :\ all my days are blurring together...guess that's what summer classes will do to you haha. sorry for the mix up and thanks for setting me straight guys!

Anonymous said...

The story of Gury tuchman makes me sick, so it was better off to let that guy go without trial so they could give him a right to a speed trial, since they couldn't find him an interpreter and he went to high school and community college in united states? what about the kids he raped and molested, and all other kids out there who are now in danger because he out there?
This is sick!

On the right note, I can't wait to see the tonight show when Anderson will be on, I love jay leno, I think he is hilarious.

And on the left note, Anderson on the view? mhh! things we do for Anderson Cooper, trust me only God knows! Oh well, at least they'll get one more viewer, ME.

@Xtina and acanderfan, I'd love to see Anderson hosting SNL too, I think he'll be GREAT!