Friday, July 27, 2007

Lord of the Lies

Apologies to KO, whose title I stole. •Thursday's AC360 began with coverage of Attorney General Gonzales. To me it's just another case of Bush cronyism when Gonzales can lie under oath repeatedly and remain in office. There is not much else to say on the subject, it's business as usual for this White House.

• John King talked with AC about an interview he did with Hillary Clinton concerning the friction between her campaign and that of Obama. I'm really past this story. I think we've all formed our opinions on this matter and maybe the candidates should just move on to bigger issues.
•Next up was Randi Kaye's piece on the murders in Cheshire, CT. If you watched LKL Lisa Bloom covered this story in depth and I didn't think Randi's report added anything new. I'm starting to sound really negative, and I really don't mean to. It was a much better program than Wednesday night.
•Like many other nights Tom Foreman's Raw Politics was the highlight of the night for me. First we had Anderson Cooper 'Simpsonized' : then the 'Simpsonized' Tom Foreman. BTW, I'm not sure if you can see it but I LOVE the TF tie.
•The report on anesthesia awareness is something that I'm very aware of. I had a good friend who had emergency surgery several years ago, under general anesthesia. Her body was paralyzed from the anesthesia but her brain was wide awake. She was intebated and couldn't yell, her eyelids were taped so she couldn't blink, she had no way of telling the surgeons that she felt every cut, every tug, everything. Her experience became my worst fear.
Most of you know I've had two major surgeries this year. One in January and one in May. I've had surgeries before, under general anesthesia, with no problem. But ever since I heard my friends story I've had this irrational fear that it could happen to me. How did I face my fear of anesthesia? I didn't, I still have the fear. I actually had both of my surgeries with a spinal that froze my body from the chest down but left me wide awake. I discussed the Super Bowl with my surgeon during my January surgery as he was making incisions and repairing what needed repaired. My experience in May was much the same. I will always chose this option when it is possible. If it's not I'm going to make sure the operating room I'm in as a brain activity monitor. If you'd like to learn more please check out Anesthesia •I didn't/couldn't watch the dog fighting story so I'll just take this time to tell you how disappointed I was that AC360 didn't cover the Pat Tillman story on Thursday's show. The White House is going to strip another General of a star and blame the cover-up on him. But this will not satisfy the Tillman family, I guarantee it. They know that this cover-up was approved and assisted by the White House and the Tillman family won't stop until you know it too. If you didn't come back at the end of the second hour to see 'the Shot' don't forget to check out the podcast. AC and Erica presented cute animal videos trying to better the other, as they often do.
thanks to Lavendar Blue for the podcap

•We've had a few readers send us mentions of the AC podcast done at the debates on Monday night. Follow this link, go to 'featured podcasts' on the right side of the screen and it's the second one on the list. I'm hearing raves about this one so check it out.

And thanks to Gracie we have a video link (no podcast this time for those of you having troubles) where Erica Hill reviews how she and AC do the 360 Bulletin and The Shot. Enjoy!


Jennifer said...

Tonight's show was just about like a repeat of the past few nights they talked about the anesthesiologist any body after watching that would know if their are going in for surgery to talk to the anesthesiologist first.
I can't imagine the nightmare these people rent though being awake having surgery and can't tell any one that you know (or that you awake) and know everything that's going on at the time.
Tonight's 360 was boring in a way

The planet of the peril series with Sanjay Gupta about the dirty water in China, That's causing alot of people have cancer and dying is not looking good over their. The program wasn't as long tonight as usual.

Again Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama goes another round they are really going be boxing it out before long.

Michael Vick clams that's hes innocent the hearing doesn't come up until November. Football is on is way by then

Anderson looks good as always

Jennifer said...

@ Phebe, thanks for posting the Simpsonized pictures they are really cool :)

Anonymous said...

Oy. This is pure harrassment. The President can fire anybody he wants. There is no crime. Repeat. There is no crime.

But there is a silver lining because the more they waste time with this crap, the less damage they can do with their legislation. They can't get anything passed, so they're doing this crap. They can't get their war resolutions passed, they can't get their cut-off-money-for our-troops thing passed, can't get anything done on immigration.
Thanks for letting me rant!

Unknown said...

Tonight I finally was able to watch a pod cast. I'm slow, I guess... but I couldn't figure out why my computer wouldn't play them. If anyone else is having that same issue go to and download the version suitable for itunes. That should work!

copperfish said...

I think that anyone who's had to undergo surgery has this feelings of fear. Fear of the outcome and fear if you can still feel the knife inspite of the anesthesia. When I underwent surgery years ago for the removal of my inflammed gall bladder which if not removed can burst, be poison and can led to my early death, I felt both especially the latter. I had so many "what ifs". When anesthesia was rendered at my lower back spinal column, I began to feel numb, sleepy or groggy as they may say and my upper and lower limbs became heavy but still conscious of the sounds around me. I can still talk and I remember my anesthesiologist asking me if I can feel something coz she was already pricking my feet. She also asked me if I can lift my feet and my answers were no because I felt so numb and its like heavy blocks were on top of my feet. She kept on asking me if I can feel the instrument(I dont what she is using) when pricked on diff. parts of my body and I always said no. Few minutes later I went to sleep. I think apart from having a good doctor, the anesthesiologist is next important person in the OR. It's his/her responibility to look if anesthesia in its right amount and where it should be administered has taken its effect properly on the patient or not. Undergoing surgery is trusting your life to these people. After the operation my doctor showed me my gall bladder and it was like a newly toasted small sausage.

Phebe said...

@xtina, You're absolutly correct Bush can fire whomever he wants to. That is not the issue. The issue at this point is Gonzales lied about the Ashcroft meeting while he was under oath. And feel free to rant away. You are not going to change my mine, nor I yours.

MeshugahMazal said...

I couldn't watch the Randi Kaye story on the horrific sad murders or the disgusting dogfight story with Michael Vicks.

I cracked up on the "simpson-izing" of AC and TF! Maybe I'm biased but I thought they did a better likeness of TF than AC here....?

Phebe, I have to agree with you on AG Gonzo here... I'm continually amazed at how much they can lie under oath here with ease. It's also really a sad sign of our current state of democracy.

ACAnderFan said...

My intenet is fianlly back up so It''l make this qucks as I havew other things to do and really did not resd the post (sorry Phebe).

Bascially the best part of 360 last nite was Simpsons Andyy. I mean don't get me wrong I really did like the show Simpsons Andy was just the best.

The anesthesia report was just disturbing. The last time I was under anesthesia was two yesrs ago when I had all four of my wisdom teeh romoved. Anesthesia does some weird stuff to you. When I came out of the anesthesia I honestly that that James Dean had been with me the entire time, that he had been watching over me and taking care of me. Now as nice and swet as that sounds, it's pretty disturbing considering that at the time he hed been dead for 50 years. Anesthesia is just plain weird.

Sanjay's piece was interesting but it;s weird seeing him do PIP and not healh pieces.

FanGirl moment: How amazingly pretty did Andy look last nite??? I think that shirt and tie are my new fave. I hope we see them again soon. Oh and I loved how soft and cloud-like his hair looked last ntie.

Anonymous said...

Whoever was in control/transmission room last night is in trouble today, what was that? couldn't shift from live to recorded? repeatedly?

I'll always love JT,don't mean to degrade the story but, I think he soo qute!
I'm following the story but, I always love his perspective on different issues and was great to hear him explain the AG subject after Anderson asked him to.

Phebe said...

@copperfish, I had no idea they could do gallbladder surgery with a spinal, that's very cool.

Roonie said...

THE SIMPSONS!!!!! In case you don't know, I am a HUGE 'Simpsons' fan!!! So, I just about died when both Anderson and Tom were 'Simpsonized' :)

Thank you for the reminder about the All Access podcast on the debates! I nearly forgot!

You know, the anesthesiology story isn't anything new, sadly. I've seen stories like this before many years ago, and the same machines were available then and it sickens me that they're not implemented in every operating room.

Dear goodness, the PIP series is going to be so unbelievably emotional. I can't believe the Chinese government is allowing toxic wastes to be dumped into their farmlands. Great job Sanjay and thank you!

Since I missed a few shows, this one helped with a lot of recent updates.

Anonymous said...

Gonzales may have lied or he may not have, but is it fair of ATA to call him Lord of the Lies before the case is proven? Isn't that presuming guilt? We say the quality we respect in Anderson is being non-judgmental, but can't All Things Anderson post on Atty. Gonzales' situation without calling him names and proclaiming him guilty before his day in court?

ACAnderFan said...

Oooh I forgot to comment on John King bing on 360. I love seeing him on there. It dosen't matter what he's talking about I just enjoy seeing him and hearing what he has to say.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about The View - that's where I stop short of being a super-fan!LOL

FYI, if he is to be on The View on 8/3 (which is a Fri.) it will be taped sometime next week because The View is not live on Fridays - a lot of talk shows do that such as Ellen, Regis/Kelly, Leno and I think Letterman. Since, his appearance on Leno is 8/1 (Wednesday), he'll probably tape that on Monday or Tuesday.

Did I confuse you all!!!LOL Point being that after Leno on 8/1 he doesn't necessarily have to go back to NY and could be off to do a PIP segment or other stories out west.

Sapphire said...

I again was kinda out it for last night show - I hate being sick but I had two favourite parts

1. Simpsonized Anderson and Tom were absolutely brilliant. OMG I want Anderson to go on the Simpson's so badly now. It is too funny how they made Anderson so pale and Tom so yellow :P Phebe thank you for those screen caps

2. Right at the end of the second hour when they got the Shot to work. The Anderca banter was really good, I love it when they keep raising on each other to have the best shot and the the new graphic for Wild Animal Video was great....the Andergiggles were out in full force during that

The bad thing about 360 last night for me, there was a few. Now I talked to a few people about this and some said it was me and some said it was not but during What Were They Thinking for about 5 seconds Anderson's face was was the weirdest thing and it happened in both hours for just 5 senconds. Also when the Shot did not work during the first hour and Anderson was like we won't have it fixed I was like you could go live for 5 minutes into the second hour. It is still your hour and then it returned and then cut to black and restart again was weird. I could see Anderson getting a little ticked at that.

Sapphire said...

@ Gracie - thanks for the heads up on the Erica was great :P

Unknown said...

Just read that quite a few of the Republicans haven't expressed interest in doing the YouTube debate. It seems they have an issue with CNN (precieved liberal bias) and also the YouTube style.

McCain and Paul are the only ones confirmed. I guess it's their choice to go or not go but I think it's ashame if they all don't go. It makes you wonder if they YouTube part worries them, knowing how many people are upset with the current leaders?

aries moon said...

Jeff Toobin's outrage and disgust at Alberto Gonzales and his lying ways was a joy to watch! I really love Anderson's round table discussions with Jeff, or The Gerg, Michael Ware, etc., it's one of my favorite things about the show.

The anesthesia story was disturbing, but there's not much you can do if you have to go under the knife for whatever reason.

Anderson seemed to be all confuzzled after that glitch with Erica's report; I'm not sure if HE even knew what he was saying!

That new "Dramatic Animal Video" graphic with the crazed hamster or squirrel or whatever, was hilarious. It cracked me up each time they showed it.

Evelyn said...

Simpsonized Anderson and Tom were utterly fantastic :)

Did anyone catch the "action news" from the local station during the "what were they thinking?" segment? Anderson really got a kick out of it, and Erica was spot on when she said the local reporter gave Rick Sanchez a run for his money! That was exactly my first thought as well Erica! haha

I was hoping to see "the shot" in the podcast with all the animal videos. no such luck :(

"From a gold-plated jail that's sitting empty.. to the crime-filled streets of a major city. How the government is letting you down, abusing your trust and ripping you off. We're keeping them honest, tonight 10 ET" - Hmmm is it just me or does this sound like a "special" that consists of old reports??

Anonymous said...

Okay, I was out last night and missed all of the broadcast, but I admit it, I have finally had a fan girl moment - the CRAZED HAMSTER or PRARIE DOG, whatever it was - I think I have died laughing with that fuzzy face and wild eyes (the animal that is)...
luckily missed the technical mishaps...
Have a good weekend
J in LA

Anonymous said...

Is The View taped in New York and what day do they tape it? And what day do we think Leno is taped? Just trying to figure out when Anderson will be in LA for Leno and New York for The View and if he will be off!

Anonymous said...

I watched the entire show and I have to admit that my favorite part was the animal videos. the hamster thing that kept looking stunned! rofl, to funny.

Anonymous said...

Do people who criticize the two candidates who turned down CNN/TouTube also have the same criticism for the candidates who turned down FoxNews debate earlier in the year?

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Sheryn on selling your home! I'm with xtina, that statue thing totally works!! I hope things go smoothly for you in the next phase - the moving company! Good Luck :-)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I think they(rep or dems) can choose to go or not go to any debate but my question is why they seem to have an issue with YouTube viewers asking questions? For the ones that don't go I hope they tell us why. I think it's less to do with CNN and more to do with YouTube.

Anonymous said...

You know what... I was the one that actually sent in the idea of the Simpsonization. Too bad they didn't use my version. :(

Anonymous said...

Gov. Romney doesn't want to answer questions from some stoner living his parents' basement the same way that Sen. Clinton doesn't want to answer Fox-like questions hand-picked by Brit Hume.