Saturday, July 28, 2007

Stand back, she's about to blow.......

I don’t usually go off on a commenter, like I’m about to do, but Anonymous 11:10AM picked the wrong day, the wrong topic, and the wrong person to piss off. Here's their comment and my response:

You know you guys say you don't want negative comments made about Anderson, but yet here again there are some made and you did not delete them. What is up with that? You say you want comments that are respective. And don't say it is more about CNN and 360, than it is against Anderson, because he has said he has input into his own show,so he must agree with these changes and formats.
Yes he takes off a lot of Fridays and he only has been doing an hour each night, but did anyone notice that two nights last week he was live for an hour and then had a wrap up of the debate each night and all of you that notice what he wears, should have noticed that each night of the taped portion he had the same clothes on as the live show. So my point is he still worked the extra hour at some point during the day, which I figure he probably either went in an hour earlier or at least the same time.
He also was in SC all last weekend getting ready for the debates and then was on live for 3 hours that night.
You know regular tv networks have reruns in the summer, so why shouldn't CNN have the same right. Unless there is really Breaking News or something then they should have a right to do what the want and as long as their sponsorship don't mind then why should we?
Also with the changes coming with PZ leaving and Campbell Brown coming on, their might be all kinds of changes coming that we all need to get use to and yes this could even mean changes to Anderson own show.
I just think sometimes people are to hard on Anderson and CNN. I still don't see any of us going to the places and reporting the great stories that they have.
Also remember, this time last year Anderson was in the Middle East for a month and he was on the air a lot, reporting on other CNN shows. He also had shows on most weekends while he was there and so I am sure they gave him comp time for that, so maybe he is using that time from last year. And lord knows how much comp time he had for all the hours he put in during Katrian.
I know this is just my opinion and will probably get shot down, but I had to write what I felt.
And one more thing, you don't want negative things on this blog about Anderson, but you don't have a problem trashing Kiern Chetney on All Things CNN?

Dear Anonymous 11:10AM,
Let me first comment on your last paragraph, concerning Kiran Chetry. When she first came to CNN I asked readers to give her some time. I didn’t take a stand until she had time to acclimate to her new network and her new anchor position. Believe me the last thing I like doing is to criticize a woman in network news. They are few and far between and deserve our support when possible. But I’ve really come to the conclusion that a pretty face is not enough to warrant an anchor slot. My blog post was clearly labeled as my opinion, and I’m entitled to that. If you want to air your opinion why not start your own blog? Maybe you’ll enjoy devoting hours and hours of unpaid time to it, only to be told your wrong by someone who doesn’t even sign their name.

Now onto your criticism of comments that we post, and that you construe as negative. Many of said comments are from regular commenters, who we know to be true devoted fans that are simply disappointed that the show isn’t what they want or expect. Simply because you don’t agree with a comment, that doesn’t make it negative. Since you are not in my shoes, and privy to the comments I reject, you have no idea what a truly negative comment is. Trust me, you would not believe what some people have to say and try to get posted.

You say “I still don't see any of us going to the places and reporting the great stories that they have.”
Maybe that’s because it’s not our job. Mr. Cooper is a grown man, making millions of dollars a year doing something he loves. It doesn’t get much better than that. Along with his high profile job comes public scrutiny, including some criticism from his most loyal fans. He’s a big boy, he can take it.

As to readers complaints that you deem negative, concerning the reruns. Our complaints have nothing to do with Anderson and everything to do with CNN. Don’t repackage worn and tired repeats and call it a new special. When CNN cut AC360 back to 1 hour why didn’t they tell us what they were doing? Why did it take 2 readers in JAPAN to get to the bottom of it? Why? Because CNN doesn’t respect regular viewers enough to be honest. It is said that we are the exception, that most AC360 viewers flip back and forth during the program and don’t watch the entire 2 hours. I believe this to be true. But a press release announcing a change in programming, for the summer or longer, doesn’t seem too much to ask. Those channel flippers will still wander back and forth and the regulars wouldn’t have gotten so angry. I’d much rather see AC360 stay one hour with no repeats than go back to the way it was this Spring. And if you see that as negative then I’d suggest you move on, ATA is not for you.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I just wanted to add that I don't think ATA is against posting negative comments about Anderson. I think what we are opposed to are disrespectful and hurtful comments about his non working life or a personal attack against him. We do post comments where people disagree with Anderson's professional choices or things to do with his show. I believe we do a good job with not censuring comments. The only reason we moderate comments is to keep trolls from posting, not to keep differing opinions off the blog. As Phebe said, there are some comments that would make you sick if we put them up. If it weren't for people like that we wouldn't have to moderate at all. It takes a lot of time.

There are times when the 6 of us writing for this blog have different opinions about 360 or Anderson and we've expressed them and I believe we try to give people the right to post their opinions.

I just wanted to clear that up, too.

Pemberly said...

Well said, Phebe and PT. I agree it's not being disrespectful to Anderson if we write negative comments on the quality of the show. That's our right as viewers and fans. Sometimes, I wonder what he thinks of the programming formats CNN has been using lately. I doubt he is pleased, whether he is getting time off or not when the specials and repeats are being shown. Let's hope the Fall season brings new and refreshing changes to 360. If that means a quality one hour show, I hope they do that.

Anonymous said...

I think you guys run a pretty fair blog, since I have written a few "negative" comments on the show's format, and you put them up. Even if people have not-so-favorable things to say about Anderson, you post them if they are not spiteful or mean. You take the viewer's opinion into consideration and let them have their say, and I respect that and it's one of the reasons I like this site.

Thanks for doing a great job!

sydney said...

Boy Phoebe, you can't win for losing, can you? I've seen this blog trashed as being "fangurly", but whenever there's any analysis or constructive criticism of the show, then you're "too negative". There's no pleasing some people, I guess. I personally like the balance.

Yes, network TV does show repeats during the summer, even of some of their weekly newsmagazines, but not their nightly news broadcasts. And I've always thought of 360 as more of a nightly news program than a magazine, although I'm sure that point can be argued, and I'm OK with that.

Most of the "negative" comments on this blog have been constructive criticisms on the show 360 and CNN, not of Anderson himself, personally or professionally. In fact, I've noticed many (myself included) are of the opinion he's not too thrilled with this new direction, either. But again, that's only opinion.

And another thing, NOONE here has EVER seriously accused Anderson of not working hard and just goofing off during the second hour. In fact, one of the main "criticisms" we have is that he works TOO hard and needs, nay, DESERVES more time off.

But let's just say for the sake of argument that Anon is right. SO WHAT? It's your blog, you're free to do as you please with it. If noone likes it, they're free to not read it and/or start their own.

Rant over. Thank you.

Jennifer said...

@ Phebe, I agree with what you saying is about time someone said something about it.

Anonymous said...

OMG Phebe, There certainly are some people out there in cyberspace with strong criticisms and opinions and I guess they feel better if they rant at someone but please do not take it personally. This site is a classy and intelligent site for us Anderfans.
Anderson reminds people from time to time that he is part of a package deal so the content and scheduling are part of the package. Ratings rule, as we all know, and this summer has not been great for news other than politics. In my book, Anderson is the top anchor at CNN and I bet he feels pressure to stay at the top.
I like to think that Anderson is doing his bliss, is happy, but does not rule CNN's direction. I think that the many hours of work and travel that he puts in, at his young age, will further his career and pay off in the end.
I get a fatigue vibe from him and hope that he gets a big break and time off soon.
By the way, I really appreciate the time that each of you spends on this blog site and enjoy your critique's and comments for AC/360. I see them as constructive and informative since I am really not media savy.
PS. I am not 11:10 annonymous!!!!

MeshugahMazal said...

Jeez... sorry that commentator got on your nerves, Phebe.

What I like about this blog is it's not as negative or trashy towards AC and his show like some I've seen on the internet. It's actually quite upbeat and friendly and anything that is seemed "negative" is - like other commentators have already mentioned - not towards the host himself but how we as fans of the show think it can be improved and whatnot.

BTW- I don't really know what to think of Ms. Chetry except that she may be a pretty face (and which woman in the news isn't these days? One of my quibbles about network/cable news), but at least to me, she seems like a nice person in the moments that I catch her show or previews. Whether or not she's a great reporter, I really don't know.

Still, keep up the good work Phebe!

BookAsylum said...

Just to add my own personal 2 cents in on this...

I don't think being a "fan" means that you have to blindly agree and love everything that the person/ program/ network does. That was OK when I was a pre-teen ogling the latest boy band- but now many years later as a reasonably intelligent adult who is capable of independent & original thought- blindly following anything just doesn't cut it for me.

The fact that this blog is open to constructive criticism and praise of the programming as well as a fan girl moment or two is what kept me coming back every day as a reader. It’s also why I consider it a privilege to be apart of the team that writes for this blog and ATC.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the rant.I have been noticing come
particualr hurtful and down right offensive
coments with regards to Anderson and CNN
on INC. Unfortunately, I think some of those
people have discoved this blog.It is my
understanding before too long 360 will
be back to 2 hours.CNN has a big launch
coming in Septermber with CNN HD.Also,
there is the Planet in Peril and another
debate and manages to find the time
to do 3 extras hours of programming.
Anderson has got to be exhausted.

Anonymous said...

P.S.Please don't get annoyed with me.
I forgot to say a couple of things.Comments
about the ratings in blogs should be taken
with a grain of salt.Anderson has nothing
to do with the 8pm hour or weekends.
It's sad that some blogs have been
hijacked by mean negative people.
AC could have 5 million viewers and
they would have nothing positive to say.
I feel Anderson is really the brightspot
or CNN and is actually saving CNN.
It is unfortunate that some are trying
to use demos to make it seems like
CNN is failing. Take it from someone
who works in tv news viewership
numbers matter as much. I think
a lot of what is going on is also a smear
campaign being waged by people with
agendas. I would not worry about a thing.
AC 360 makes milions for CNN nationally
and worldwide. It is suprising to me that
some people are trying to make the
debate look like a failure, knowing full
wll the 2.6 milion viewers is not a failure.
Yet Anderson and Team CNN were tops
for that night.Now it seems it is a campaign
being waged on talk radio to try and tank
the Republican debate in September.
Deep down I think a lot of it is jealousy.
So I hope Anderson and everyone ar
CNN just ignore the hate-bloggers.
Giving people the time of day like that
is just wasted energy,

Sapphire said...

I just want to second what Book Asylum said, I consider it an absolute privledge to be a part of the team that writes for this blog as well as All Things CNN. I love this blog not only because of Anderson and CNN but for the commentors and the comments we recieve every day. This is a great group of people who feel safe in the putting comments out there whether for or against something that happens on the air without things being thrown at them. I have had an opportunity to actually meet a few of them and they are the sweetest people I have ever met.

This site gets lots of comments and I am sure some of them are down right nasty, as long as it is done in a tasteful manner any and all comments will be published. The 6 of us might not agree on everything but on the basics we are all in agreement.

That's my two cents anyways!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. You and ATA have done a great job either keeping a positive/negative comments. We all have up and down with our comments but this shouldn't have anything to do with Anderson and CNN professionally. I don't know if you remember my blog last month ago. Some of us complained about Anderson's off almost every Friday and 360 cuts back to 1 hour live or no live on some days. I explained that it's possible that CNN needs Anderson and his staff to prepare for upcoming projects or for the presidential election 2008 which is 16 months left to go. I am mostly certain that Anderson has his projects for either 60 Minutes or himself. That would make him for more comp times with his credentials. I read his book and know that he had very little time for his leisure and had done tremendously with his commendable job. Anderson needs more room for his stability. Am I right, Phebe?? Don't try to pull your hair out but you have done your best.

Hearing Impaired gal…

Anonymous said...

Phebe, You've said it perfectly. Just because someone isn't on air, doesn't mean they are not working. That's just a naive statement for that person to make.

There are many people who think that because AC doesn't work a 9 - 5 job that he's a slacker if he doesn't go 2 hours every night, or isn't on air on Friday's. Um, how do they think all these story's get put together, investigated, reviewed, etc. Thanks for this post, because it also shows that if someone out there has such strong opinions - how come they hide behind an "anonymous"?

Keep up the good work!

Sheryn said...

Well, there is little I can add to everyone's comments. I agree with everyone.

I want to echo Phebe's sentiment. We spend a lot of time making this blog a respectful and fun place. And our commenters are all thoughtful, respectful and witty. The one reason I wanted to join ATA is that it is more like a small community of friends even though our readership has truly grown in the past year and a half.

And PT is right, I'm sure Phebe would love to gain 3 hours of her day back and not moderate comments. If only people would play nice.

Anonymous said...


Sorry to learn you are so upset about this ANON comment.

Sounds like you need some cheering up! Blade gives Phebe a big brotherly hug and a big pat on the back and a small kiss on the cheek.

(Mr. Phebe, Sheryn and Purple Tie in full view of course.) Mom bakes Phebe a wonderful strawberry cheesecake with real whipped cream. We eat cyber cheesecake and feel better without any calories!

Blade :)

m.minkoff said...

I've been busy lately and haven't had the time to comment, though I do read the bloggers posts every day. Where else can I get comprehensive, insightful information about AC 360?

Although it is true that the fangurl stuff here annoys me at times, overall I think there are mostly intelligent, level-headed comments. I myself rarely choose to write about Anderson's hair or his ties; I just think his reporting is much more interesting to watch and talk about. But of course anyone has the full right and privilege to disagree with me!

This last week, I have to say, Anderson looked extremely tired and deflated to me. He put in very long hours working on the debate and when it was over, I think it would have been normal for him to experience a bit of a "letdown". All week I kept thinking that the poor man is driving himself too hard and desperately needs some R & R. Whether or not he got it, of course I do not know.

The fact than CNN has not chosen to inform us, their most loyal viewers, about their programming decisions, does not not surprise or even anger me. CNN is a huge company and part of an even more humongous corporation. We're just a little fan blog.

From what I know of Anderson Cooper, I imagine that even with the one hour show, he is still putting in his 12 hour work days. I think he prepares for every single interview that he does. I'm sure he spends a lot of time just researching and reading.

If you're going to think of 360 as a purely news program, then yeah, it's strange for them to be taking a summer hiatus. But it doesn't really fit that definition. It is a hybrid of pure news and other types of programming. It is constantly evolving. When it reemerges in the fall, it may have a somewhat different format. I personally think it's good that they experiment. It keeps Anderson fresh and probably drives away the boredom he would feel as a traditional news anchor.

Sorry to write so much - making up for lost time. LOL I want to thank the six bloggers who work so hard to keep this thing going.Try not to let the criticism get you down, especially when it's from someone who posts anonymously.

Anonymous said...

@ Phebe,

Have you and Sheryn and the others ever just thought about taking some time off in the summer and going to 5 days a week in lieu of all the posts 7 days a week?

Don't get me wrong, the posts are well written and really nice but this is a lot of free work like you said -- 3 hours a day. I think you all are working harder than the 360 blog.


Anonymous said...

I, for one, appreciate the moderation that occurs on this blog. Many of the other blogs spend way too much time making very personal remarks and/or speculating about aspects of Anderson's life that are frankly none of my business. I am as curious as the next person but IMO being an admirer of Anderson and his work is far different for me than being obsessed with his personal life. When and if Anderson decides to become an open book, then we can discuss that. Until then, Phebe, Sheryn et al., please keep on moderating!!

As far as posting comments on the quality of the programming etc. I guess I kind of thought that was what we did here. Discussed the program and commented about the show. In doing so, we discuss not only those stories that move us to tears but those stories that bore us to tears. Understandbly, those opinions differ for each of us. As I recall most of the complaints about cutting the show back, or repeats in the summer were directed at the producers. I also consider AC 360 to be my nightly national news program, and frankly, I would never expect to see a repeat of CBS Evening news or any other news program. This doesn't mean I expect Anderson to be chained to the anchor chair. On the contrary, he seems to work too hard. However, I would expect to see a substitute anchor especially given the 1 hour format for the summer. If that angers people, then I apologize. I am sure if they disagree, Phebe will have no problem posting their comment (as long as it is done in a respectful manner).

There have be a few times here when I feel I may have offended another commenter with my strong opinions. For that I apologize. However, the ability to agree to disagree comes with being an informed adult. When I read opinions different from my own, I feel fortunate when they provide me with an "Ah,hah" moment and I find I have learned something new.

I'll leave you with a quote by singer Ani DeFranco, "...we have to be able to criticize what we love, to say what we have to say 'cause if you're not trying to make something better, then as far as I can tell, you are just in the way."

Jennifer said...

What I don't understand is anyone coming on as anonymous they just don't want to say who they are why wouldn't they if they don't have anything to hide.
If they affaid of us ladies that's a different story if their so disgusted with CNN why don't they just write them I have been sting about this all day they have something to say about Anderson bring it on. I'm sure us ladies can hold our own with us being Anderson fans they don't like it go somewhere's else.
As far as CNN I'm sure they not going to miss one person watching them I know that people has freedom of speech but if it's against Anderson go fly a kite that's saying it kindly

Sheryn said...

@Blade. Either you are Sybil or someone is using your name!

I'd get a Blogger ID so that someone can't post as you any longer.


Anonymous said...

I like the fact that this blog has a very 'real' vibe to it.
We all love Anderson and 360 but we aren't brainless zombies just drooling and accepting everything. There are things we don't like that get under our skin(crazy huge half-screen graphics :P)and a lot of things we do like. I think that shows that Mr. cooper has intelligent and response fans, something I thing he'd prefer to fangurls blind to everything except his looks.

Back to the 'real' vibe, I like that I can be comfortable sharing a fangurl moment and reading one but at the same time having an opinion about the content.

I have not seen a SINGLE website about Anderson Cooper/360 that is like this and it just feels perfect and comfortable and safe :)

Thank you for doing an awesome job, I just want you to know that I appreciate it so much!

Anonymous said...

sorry about the crazy long comment!

Here's the bottom line so you don't have to read that essay:

There's nothing in this world that is perfect (apparently :P) but this site is pretty darn close! For me at least!

Anonymous said...

I will always love Anderson with all my heart, but 360 has been getting on my nerves as of late, would love to elaborate on what i mean, but I'm pretty sure all of you know what i mean by that, plus I'm exhausted to get into all of that! Ha Ha!


Evelyn said...

I have the utmost respect for the bloggers and commentors on this site. I realize that all 6 of the bloggers work very hard and devote countless hours to an otherwise thankless job. Well I would like you to know that I am grateful for all that you ladies do.

None of you had to do this, had to devote portions of your life to this blog, had to subject yourself to completely clueless people. But you did, and I marvel everyday at your collective resolve. You have put together an exceptional blog that lets people express their opinions without fear of retribution. You welcome all kinds of opinions and don't dismiss them just because they don't jive with your own. You ladies are the epitome of grace and etiquette and I thank you for making me feel welcome and at home everyday on this site.

I am grateful to be able to be part of such a wonderful community of dynamic commentors. I enjoy reading each and every one of your comments everyday and I have grown fond of our little community. There are very few things that can make me laugh, cry, and have "ah-hah" moments all in one sitting, and reading this blog and its comments has done just that.

I look forward to reading this blog everyday. Its as much a part of my day as watching AC 360. Thanks to all that put it together and contribute to it.

swmpratt said...

I don't comment much anymore since i broke my arm but i will say this - Phebe is one of the fairest people I know in approving and rejecting comments. In any society - whether it be in person or on a blog on the net has rules and/or standards that they abide by. Those who don't like the ones here - there are lots of other blogs out there and as Phebes said you can start your own - but you will soon find its more work than you can ever imagine to have a good one like this.

Phebe - a suggestion - is there a way to post the standards for this blog on the template so new people are immediately aware of them? That may or may not help but it was a thought.

Oh and for Anderson having control over his show format or content - I'm sure he does...up to a point.. CNN is a big corporation and he reports up the ladder just like everyone else there whether they have a show or not and the people who are up that ladder can override your preferences in a New York minute and will.....especially when there are changes going on like CNN is having now. No one has complete control over anything in work or life.

Anonymous said...

i took the time out of my day to post a comment last night. i didnt think it was rude or innappropriate. in fact, i tried to make it humorous to try and cheer you up. for some reason, it seems to have been deleted. i have never posted here before but often read other peoples comments. even the ac360 blog post my comments with out deleting them! such is life.

mattie said...

I have been coming to your site for months now, but have never commented. I just want to say, I don't see many negative comments, and the ones I do, are about the job someone does, not the person's personal life or choices. I couldn't agree more about Kiran C on American Morning. I watched that show everyday for years while getting ready for work. I now watch Morning Joe, I won't even consider watching American Morning anymore. Kiran is just to hard to watch, she just doesn't do a good job. I'm a liberal democrat, so watching Morning Joe is sometimes painful for me, but not as painful as Kiran. I watch 360 everynight, and especially enjoy the nights John King hosts.

Anonymous said...

@ Sheryn:

I am sorry you are so upset with me. Anyway I am not Sybil. Don't even know a Sybil. Sorry you are having problems with people.

If you will clearly give me the steps to set up a Blogger ID, I would be glad to try to get it done. I don't know how to set it up and this is the only blog I am ever on.

I am new to blogging and found you ladies, like Anderson and like CNN. I thought I would be welcome here.

Maybe you should make that a requirement of all blog posters and stop taking any ANON comments all together. It may be easier.

Just let me know what I have to do to comply with your new requirements and I will do my best.


Sheryn said...

Blade, I'm not upset with you. I was just pointing out that I think someone is using your ID.

Sybil was a movie about a girl who had many personalities. It was my attempt at a joke. Sometimes its hard to be witty in type. It's hard to tell tone.

To get a Blogger ID, just click the Blogger icon at the top of the page and follow the easy instructions. Really, it's for your own protection.

I would love for everyone to have a Blogger ID but some people don't want to make the effort.

Sheryn said...

@Blade, I forgot to say, if you need any additional help, please feel free to email me. You can find my email in my profile.

Again, sorry if you thought I was upset with you. I was trying to protect you as a regular commenter whom we value!

Phebe said...

@Blade, sorry for all the drama today. Instead of posting your last comment I'm going to ask that you email one of us (addresses are in our profiles)so we can explain further the situation. I'm glad that you got a blogger ID and I would encourage everyone else to do so.

cactuskid said...

I know Phebe and the other moderators of this blog try to be fair with comments and to suggest anything different is absolutely ridiculous!

I'm glad that they do moderate because some users on other places think they can and will say anything because they are on the internet. Rude is rude in my book and I have no use for it. It's fine to have an opinion, but people should be respectful of other's feelings and personal lives. I really like ATA and it still is a pretty special place for me to go everyday when I get home. Thanks to Phebe and all the other moderators of the blog for all your hard work and dedication. I, also, thank all the commenters. I enjoy reading each and every one of your comments daily.

Blade, hope everything worked out getting a blogger ID. I'm computer illiterate and I figured it out! LOL!! I really enjoy your comments. You are so funny!

AndersonAdmirer said...


I just wanted to say to all of you that I always come back to this site, every day, because it is the most positive one out there. I always come away feeling a positive affect, even when you are discussing AC 360 content (whether in the positive vein or not). I don't come away with a knot in my stomach, as on other sites, which I now avoid. The moderators here are fantastic. Phebe could not have been nicer to me when I recently submitted a photo of some friends with the Anderson cutout that I had won. Also, even though I love when Anderson is on for the 2 full hours, sometimes, it is great for me too, as well as Anderson, to get an extra hour of sleep since I will always watch the full 2 hours, no matter what, and still have to get up very early for work the next day. My devotion to Anderson Cooper, because of the excellent quality of his shows as well as for his decency as a human being, has brought him many more fans where I work. They are now hooked and come in every day wanting to discuss something that they have seen on the previous night's show. I don't switch channels on Anderson. Everyone knows that when 10pm comes around, they do not call me. I have my priorities.
Anyway, I just wanted to thank Phebe and the other moderators here for doing an amazing job. They are why I come back. And, they actually try to help us computer-challanged people. People here are very welcoming. Today I even learned how to set up an account. Never knew about that before. I always used Anonymous because I thought that was what you did. Thanks guys for that.

I will be looking forward to the Fall season to see what happens with AC. Oh, and I thought he did an amazing job on the debate. I was enthralled and actually paid attention to everything. It was great and I am looking forward to the next one.

Thanks for letting me speak my mind.

P.S. - Can anyone tell me how to get those pics (I think avatars) in my comments. They are so great.

Blade said...

Hi Ladies:

It is late and I have had a great weekend. Sorry too for all the drama in your life. Heck, I sound like Mary J. here. Problem is that I am tenor and Mary J. is not a tenor! :)

I just want you all to know that I never personally authored anything to you all that I could or would ever perceive as rude, crude, nasty or vulgar. All the comments ever posted here and at the sister blog AT CNN were authored by me the "real" Blade.

I now have a blogger account and have updated my profile so you ladies may be more comfortable with me. (I am trying to find a funny photo and will do my best to post one in the coming weeks.)

I do hope it is still okay for me to be around. If at anytime you all don't want me here, just let me know. I don't want to cause you all any problems with your boyfriends or husbands. So just take a vote or whatever the moderators do and let me know if it is still okay to be here.

I am just here on the blog to have fun and laugh like Catcus Kid said. Then I always like to hear from the incredibly smart BookAsylum.

Thanks, Phebe for your comment. No need to email back and forth. Let's just be done with everything and start the week off fresh.

*Song dedication to Phebe* with permission granted by Quitty and Purple Tie.

Mary J. Blige -- "No More Drama in Your Life"

Unknown said...

I don't think anyone wants you to leave, Blade. Glad you got a ID. It's always easier to get to know people when they have one.

Pixiedust said...

Bravo Phebe. I know you are tired of hearing me say this...but why allow people to post anonymously?

Anyone can set up a google/bogger identity or sign a fake name but use it consistently. Why do people need to make anonymous comments? If they feel strongly about their opinion then don't hide behind anon?

I'm only speaking from a reader's point of view. But suppose "Sam" consistently posts comments that I find negative and a downer, and I saw a post from "Sam", then I could just scroll down and skip that post. It would save me time and keep me from joining "Sam's" desire to live in a dark world.

Just MHO.