Tuesday, July 31, 2007

An update on the 360 Political Song Contest

Hi everyone! I was going to talk about the show and all but this just came to me from our fellow blogger, Sapphire. Thanks! Apparently AC360 has sensed our impatience regarding the 360 Political Song Contest. Gabe Falcon, 360 Writer posted this on the 360 Blog:

Of theme songs and lawyers
I know you've been waiting anxiously to find out who the finalists are in our search for 360's political theme song. Frankly, the suspense has been killing me.

But we've run into a bit of a problem. You may have run into the same problem. It's called lawyers.

I'll explain by using Starship's "We Built This City" (voted one of the worst songs of all-time) as an example.

So let's say that '80s artifact makes it to the final round.Great. Once that's settled, we have to find out who exactly owns the publishing rights to "We Built This City." Our search starts with the artist and the record company.

Assuming Starship (Or Jefferson Starship or Airplane or whatever name the band is currently taking) gives us the green light, we need to negotiate the rights to use it on air. And believe me, it's not cheap.
In fact, it's way more than we thought. Our budget only allows for limited expenses like paper for the copying machine and pizza on Fridays.
So, until our lawyers iron out a deal that our bosses deem financially acceptable, we're in music limbo.

Sorry, and stay tuned.

-- By Gabe Falcon, "360" Writer

Thank you very much for the update Gabe. I'm assuming you are joking about "We Built This City! LOL!

Dude, they can only get you pizza for lunch? I'm thinking you outta hold out for Mangia. I love their sandwiches! All kidding aside, we do appreciate you keeping us in the loop!

More Debate Stuff
This article filtered thru my Google Alert yesterday. Adam Nagourney from the NY Times wrote about his experience at The Citadel during the debate last week. It's a good read! Here is one of the things he had to say about Anderson. (Click the title to read the full article.)

NY Times
Adam Nagourney

Here is what you missed watching it on television, starting with some fluff.

Anderson Cooper is taller than he looks on television. He also was wearing a much nicer suit than any of the men on stage who wanted to be president. (If you are now looking for some carping about Senator
Hillary Rodham Clinton’s fashion sense, you have come to the wrong place: turn the page or click the link, or whatever it is one needs to do these days to move on.) Mr. Cooper is also rather funny, in a droll sort of way, as was clear during the moments he bantered with the audience in those expectant moments leading up to the debate.

“We really have no idea if this is going to work,” he said.

“Take a deep breath!” someone yelled from the audience.

Speaking of the CNN/YouTube Democratic Debate, Book Asylum found over 1000 pictures on The Citadel's website. I went thru the site and these are the best ones of Anderson. Thanks for the heads up, BA!!!

Speaking of Anderson being the Best Dressed
Phebe mentioned in her post this morning that Anderson Cooper made Vanity Fair's International Best Dressed Hall of Fame. According to some of our readers who recently purchased the magazine, there is no mention of the Anderson's honor so save your money!
According to M.Minkoff, the Best Dressed issue will be out in September. Thanks for the tip!!!

One last note: My thoughts go out to Anderson's one-time collegue Robin Roberts of Good Morning America. Robin announced today that she is fighting breast cancer. I pray for her swift and complete recovery.

I'll leave you with some screencaps from last night's show. I thought I'd post the cap of the Prince to brighten everyone's day! LOL! Have a great night! ~Sheryn


ACAnderFan said...

Great post Sheryn!!! My guess is that we won't get a 360 political song. I however have the perefect solutiuon. Why dosen't Andy talk to Jake Shears and see if he would be willing to write a song. I tihnk that would be better becasue then we'd have an original song.

Also very nice pics!!! And about the person who says Anderson looks taller in person. When I met him I thought he looked taller on TV.

Anonymous said...

Anderson always looks fashionable and chic but on the opposite side is the worn-out casual clothes like his back-pocket jean falling apart. My favorite Anderson's outfit was his black t-shirt/jean showing off his bicep arms!!! LOL

m.minkoff said...

In Raw Politics last night, TF mentioned that Michelle Obama would be nominated for a "best dressed" award in Vanity Fair's *September* issue, which isn't out yet. Vanity Fair is a great mag.if you can get through all the ads.It's one of the few print mags I still subscribe to. It weighs a ton because of all the ads, but it's relatively cheap and has some excellent writing. The July issue, for example, focused on Africa. It's part fluff and part serious commentary.

I swear that Tom Foreman gets better every night. Blair Switch Project with the creepy eyes - too much!

I wonder why Anderson didn't go to the Carteret Islands. Maybe it's because it's too primitive to be able to anchor from there. I read that they don't even have any electricity.

Blade asked about the smog in L.A. Having spent a lot of time there, I can say that what you are seeing from the roof of the CNN building is what they call "haze". In spite of its reputation for constant sun, many days in L.A. are partly cloudy which keeps the temps down, so I'm sure many people like it just fine.

Anonymous said...

Haha I liked that blog! It seems like everyone on the 360 team is really cool and funny! What I'd do to work there... I hope they find a financially viable solution to the political theme tune situation!

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that a worldwide news organization over 20+ years old would be surprised at the costs of music clearance; that the rights holder may not want to be associated with a political theme or even want its song licensed in such a commercial way.
Was this "vetted" before the promotion went on the air by the promotion and clearance departments? One can test the waters for the costs of US and worldwide clearance costs of songs to get a "ballpark" cost by selecting certain songs and running them by the rights holder. This is quite curious. One of the most expensive areas of television, and particularly for the international market is music clearance.
Intellectual property is a negotiation that can include narrow or all media rights - and can be very, very expensive.
J in LA

ACAnderFan said...

I'm actually kind of dissapointed that Anderson didn't get to go to the Carteret Islands. As soon as I heard that Sanjay was in the area in figured that he'd go there and poor Anderson wouldn't get to go. I tihnk Andy and Jeff were supposed to go to the Carteret Islands. Oh well. At least we get to see Andy on Jay Leno tomorrow.

sydney said...

"We Built This City"? Naked Prince? Excuse me while I ralph...

OK, I'm done. I appreciate that they gave us an update on the song (or lack thereof). But shouldn't somebody have thought this through before they went all crazy promoting it on the show and the blog? I'm just sayin'...

cactuskid said...

I didn't know that it would just about take an act of Congress to get a song played. Wonder how much money it costs? I do know with everytime a song is played whoever owns it gets so much money. One reason why Paul McCartney is so rich. He bought up alot of song catalogs years ago. I'm with ACAnderfan why not get Jake to write a song, but he might have to donate it to get passed all the legal red tape. And I'm,also, surprised J.West1 that they didn't do all this checking about the costs beforehand!

@ ACAnderfan: I thought he looked taller in person and taller than 5'10"! LOL!!!!!

m.minkoff said...

@Sydney, Yeah! And no money to pay for royalties? What are they doing with all the money they saved by having a one hour show all summer?

I couldn't care less, really, whether or not they have a song, but the way they went about this was well, cheesy. I did go to the trouble to submit a number of songs and feel kind of abused. I guess I don't like it when people waste my time.

Sapphire said...

great post Sheryn - I would have loved to hear your thoughts about the show last night but the update on the political theme song was timely since we were all wondering about it

Great photos too all excepted the neaked prince....pass :P

ACAnderFan said...

@cactuskid, the only time I realized that he was taller in person was when I was standing right next to him...lol!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sheryn for updating us about the song contest. I also submitted a suggestion, but considering how many hundreds if not thousands of entries they got, the chances are.... meehh.

Also, thanks for linking us (johnthenewsking) to your site. Out traffic is slowly increasing every day.

Take Care,


Evelyn said...

HA! It kinda doesn't surprise me that Anderson's suit was nicer than many of the candidates...let's face it, the man can dress.

Great pics Sheryn...but I definitely could have done without the picture of the prince though haha

hmm looks like an even longer wait for the song; saw that coming! Every time I hear "We Built This City" it cracks me up because the chorus was part of our Morale Song Mix we did for Dance Marathon, but it's definitely a...shall we say...unique song haha!

m.minkoff said...

Was I hallucinating last night, or did I really see an ad for Bill O'Reilly during the second hour of AC 360? WTF! Here on the West Coast at least, a BO repeat is on at the same time as 360's 2nd hour. Times must be pretty hard and ad revenue pretty down if you've got to accept ads from your direct competitor. But it seems like shooting yourself in the foot to me!

MeshugahMazal said...

I had a feeling lawyers was the reason why we haven't heard a political theme song. Still, I give points to AC and the 360 crew for trying to be creative and including its audience in something fun!

They're so cheap they can only get the 360 crew pizza on fridays??? Wow... sure surprised me, lol.

I skimmed thru the NYT article about AC... since people say he's taller in person (or at least looks taller), I went on imdb.com and noticed he's 5'10 ... still the cameras make people look taller at times then they actually are-- I guess its the reverse for AC considering all the people who've met him say he's taller in person! :)

Em said...

I have heard both that Anderson is much taller and much shorter than he appears on Television. Apparently, he is about 5'10. Too me, that is perfect. As a 5'2" person, I am often telling my 6'4" son and 6' daughter-in-law that I am surrounded by too many "freakishly" tall people! They actually had their new home customized; vaulted ceilings, larger chairs, high stools, I can't see in the bottom cupboard without a ladder etc. Heck, I told them I feel like a Lilliputian in their home only to be shocked that neither of them has any idea what a Lilliputian is! Oy Vey!

imagine said...

I actually sent a note to 360 yesterday complaining that there have been no updates on the song! And I agree, they should've thought thru the legalities of it all before publicizing it :)

As for the debate on Andy's height: when i met him, i thought he looks taller on t.v. I am only 5"2'(and was wearing 3 inch heals), when he put his arm around me to pose for a picture, his face was right next to mine...sorry, I got distracted. Anyway, he didn't seem 5"10' at all!

Anonymous said...

Don't you think an organization as large as CNN would have known to check into the rights of a song BEFORE they ever announced the contest on tv?

Who is in charge up there? Is like the parents are out of town and the kids have gone wild.

Pixiedust said...

I don't know how old Tom Foreman is, but I was surprised by his comment about Hilary's hair...it doesn't look that much different than my high school photo!!