Sunday, July 29, 2007

Video Contest Part 1

A few weeks ago we asked for submission of Anderson related videos. I'll post one now and add one later today. Then next week I'll put up the rest along with the voting. We had some great submissions again this time!

The first one is from Annie Kate. Here's a preview of hers....

As was noted by one of our commenters today, the Republican YouTube debate may or may not happen.

According to TVNewser:

"Time Magazine's Swampland says the Sept. 17 GOP CNN/YouTube debate is being moved back, possibly to December. Only two of the GOP candidates had committed to the debate which was planned for Sept. 17. The Washington Post reports Mitt Romney agreed to participate, if CNN moved the date."

Also, from the Washington Post about this:

"CNN Washington Bureau Chief David Bohrman, the mastermind behind the CNN-YouTube marriage, spoke with Romney's campaign late yesterday. CNN says the former Massachusetts governor may participate if the debate, scheduled for Sept. 17 in St. Petersburg, Fla., can be pushed back.

In the meantime, conservative bloggers started an online petition yesterday, on "Some Republicans are talking about ditching the long-planned YouTube debate, like the Democrats and Fox News," the site reads. "As concerned Republicans, we respectfully ask them to reconsider. Republicans cannot surrender to Democrats on any front -- least of all new media -- or we may well lose in 2008."

Looks like Romney, who's aggressive in using YouTube to connect with voters, could be pressured into this."

Romney also stated this about the format:

"There is a degree of respectfulness that ought to be associated with the process of selecting a nominee. From what I've heard, that level of respectfulness was breached."

Yeah, this coming from a guy that straps his dog on the roof of his car. LOL But seriously, I have to strongly disagree with him. The people asking the questions are REAL people, whether they were being funny or they are being serious they are real people and with a statement like that he seems to be acting above them. That doesn't sit right with me and I'm sure it wouldn't sit right with a lot of the people that took the time to submit the videos. Honestly, he needs to take a step back for a moment. These are the people he will be representing if elected and if he feels the their questions are disrespectful of the process then we're in trouble. It's hard to have a lot of respect for him with that kind of attitude (and the dog thing doesn't help!)

Read the rest HERE

Since I didn't really talk too much about Anderson (not a lot of new info) I thought I'd post some pictures...


ac said...

CNN will be putting a lot of time,effort,manpower and money into this debate,and he wants it moved?Who the heck does Romney think he is?He doesn't want to answer questions from the 'little common folk' of America?Those are the people who could put you in office, sir! Oh,and that story I heard about his dog,well that just toally p..ed me off!I hope the debate is not cancelled altogether.
I am from Canada,and don't pretend to understand much about American politics,nor politics here either-to me they are all alike anyhow.
When I tried to play Annie Kate's video it comes up 'oops no video',and doesn't play.
Thanks for the great Anderpics!

Unknown said...

Try the video again, I fixed it :)

MeshugahMazal said...

The last pic of AC at the bottom of ur entry Purple Tie-- is of very good quality :) Obviously an interview pic....

That is such a shame that the GOP may back out of a youtube/cnn debate. What are they afraid about? That the public may actually ask some intelligent questions vs. the usual media moderators? (Not counting AC of course!!!!)

Jennifer said...

@ Purple Tie, Thanks for posting the video and Annie Kate I really enjoy watching it you did an awesome job on it.
That's something about the debate they shouldn't do the public that way that's just my opinion.

ACAnderFan said...

I can't believe that Mitt Romeny has the audacity to suggest that CNN chnage the date of the debate. Who the hell does he think he is??? Wasn't he the one who tied the dog to the roof of the car??? Yeah he's someone to listen to...idiot.

Good video Annie Kate. I need to lern to make videos other than ones about James Dean and maybe I could enter this contest.

Great pics, purple tie!!!

cactuskid said...

Wow, Annie Kate! Loved your video! It's so stylish and creative! Can tell you put in some hours and hard work. Thanks!

Don't know what the Republicans are thinking, but to back down or put off the You Tube debate looks bad for them. These are American voters making these videos asking pertinent questions to the nominees whether it's done in a funny way or not. It's a way to seize the moment to get your views out there by the candidates so why not if you really are serious about being President. It really makes me wonder about them and I'm sure others as well!

ac said...

HI again,
I just tried the video again-wow Annie Kate,you did an excellent job!
Some amazing Anderpics there-oh,and an appearance by cardboard Andy!LOL
I just about fell out of my chair when the subway pic came on-OMG!!!I lurve that pic!!
Thanks for posting it Purple Tie-am looking forward to seeing the rest of the submissions.

sydney said...

So who were the 2 candidates that confirmed? I say we narrow the field right now!

I have a little game I like to play with the videos. I play them first with the sound off and imagine what music would go with it. Most of the time I'm not even close, but the pictures 3/4 of the way through gave it away this time. Great choice, enjoyed it!

Phebe said...

Great video Annie Kate, loved the vintage movie stars too.

Marilyn said...

I guess CNN/Youtube is trying to make "all of the people happy all of the time" which we all normal average Americans know is impossible. But since the story has leaked it makes Romney look bad. I say they keep the debate date as is and whoever shows up shows up.
BTW I'm watching Nancy Grace on The View right now. I am sooo happy for her and she is so cute preggers. My best friend and I sent her a baby gift with a little lamb and cashmere blankie and rattle. I can't wait to see how Anderson handles those loud mouthed woman. He probably won't be able to get a word in edgewise!

BookAsylum said...

Great video Annie Kate!

If the Republicans find it beneath themselves to participate in a debate where the questions come directly from potential voters, what does that say about how they'll act if they are elected? (Or maybe its an indication that if elected we'll just get a continuation of what we've seen over the last 6 years.)

The questions that were used in the Dems YouTube debate were very creative in their presentation, but the questions that were asked were all valid and respectful.

Quitty said...

I heard Romney's comment about not wanting to answer a question from a snowman. Some people probably really wanted to ask a question but didn't want to be on video. Why not come up with something creative?

I'm so glad the conservative bloggers have banded together. It is stupid for the Republican candidates to think it is beneath them to participate. By saying no, it is a slap in the face to everyone that uses the internet, especially the youth vote.

Evelyn said...

hmmm somehow the Romney quote doesn't surprise me.

That was a great video Annie Kate! I haven't seen some of those pictures before and they took my breath away! Fabulous job :)

@PT: Wow those pics are fantastic...especially that last picture! Oooh my heart skipped a beat :)

Unknown said...

Just wanted to let everyone know that I was going to put up the rest of the videos next weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

How can anyone criticize conservative candidates for declining cnn/youtube when Democratic candidates declined the Fox debate a few months ago?!

The point of debating on TV is for people to see it. Fox averages almost twice the ratings on CNN, three times MSNBC's ratings and God knows how much more than PBS. The Republicans did debate on MSNBC, moderated by the liberal champion Chris Matthews. I don't think any conservative candidate has any obligation to debate on cnn until the Democratic candidates agree to go on FOX. If anything, putting the Democrats on FOX would give them a HUGE audience.

Or why don't they mingle all Democratic, Independent and Republican candidates and broadcast it on c-span?

sydney said...


As an independent, I personally think the candidates from both major parties act like a bunch of brats. I think the criticism here comes from the perception that this is a snub of "the little guy", not of CNN. Such an elitist attitude doesn't do anything to win over the moderate fence sitters. I'm no fan of the Dems, either, but enjoyed watching the debate and I was really looking forward to seeing the Republicans in the same format. I think they'll really be missing out on a great opportunity if they don't do it.

Sapphire said...

@ Annie Kate - Fantastic Video. Great choice of song and amazing pictures. A couple things came to mind while watching it
1. Why doesn't Anderson wear that grey suit anymore, he looks so good in it
2. To Hot Not To Handle - that's for darn sure
3. Anderson's cheeks were so chubby when he was small you just want to grabbed them :P

As to the whole Replublican debate, it is the candidates choice to appear or not to appear but when do they get to decide when it will be held? If they all can't make it then fine they all can't make it. Didn't only one Republican show up to the Africian American type debate a few weeks back. I don't see why they can't see to get there act together like the Democrats. I have been trying to give the Republicans the benefit of the doubt and not hold anything against them just because of Bush.....but honestly no Republican has impressed least McCain is trying but when you have no money you have to be everywhere to get yourself out there. Just seems like a slap in the face to the voting American public. That's my two cents anyways.

Em said...

Great video Annie actually have a few pictures I haven't seen..imagine that ;)

As to the debate and Mitt's comments...personal experience with Mitt has biased me. I will just say a patriarchal condescending attitude is what I would expect from him. By the way, before you accuse me of showing my liberal bias again, I would like to state that I am neither a registered demo or republican. I vote based on issues I care deeply about and for people who appear to have some modicum of integrity. One of the best comments I heard in reaction to Mitt and his snowman comment was this.."Mitt, snowmen don't talk, that person talking wasn't a snowman, he was an American!" Wish I had thought of it myself!

Unknown said...

I agree with Sydney. What bothers me is the attitude about dealing YouTube and the real people on it. It's not so much the CNN aspect as it is the attitude at which a few of the people running have expressed about the format. Yes, there were a few flaws with the Dem debate but I do believe that seeing the questions asked by 'real' people means more than some pre picked person in a town hall style debate. I don't trust's not genuine. And if some of the guys think that's beneath them, then that does bother me. It's like saying the everyday real man isn't worth dealing with. And if Romney, in particular, can't get the humour of a talking snowman then I'm not sure where the humour in tying your dog to a car is?

Anonymous said...

The Fox debate was cancelled after the president of Fox made some dumb comments about Barack Obama's last name rhyming with Osama, so anybody who has a problem with the cancellation needs to take it up with Roger Ailes, not CNN. Not surprisingly, Romney was recently photographed with a sign along these same lines. Someone should tell him that respect is earned, it's not just automatically bestowed on any clown who decides to run for president.