Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Best Anderson Interview Ever!

A little sumpin to brighten your day, courtesy of Charlie Rose. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the interview! This is one of my favorites *serious* interviews of his as well. I liked that it focused so much on his work and CR didn't spend too much time digging into the father/brother aspect.

My all-time favorite appearance of his was on The Colbert Report. I hope he goes back on at some point.

Looking forward to 360 tonight, hope it's good and hope it's two hours.

Anonymous said...

Heads up! Anderson has blogged on his blog site.

Sapphire said...

Definatly best interview was so fantastic. Anderson is funny, charming and just down to earth.

LOL love how he laughs about Anderfans LOL

Thanks for posting it have been a busy bee posting all day. Thank you :-)

Evelyn said...

Thanks for posting that Phebe! I love it when Anderson does long form interviews! That was fantastic :) He seems to really be happy at CNN...and I love seeing old clips of him. Charlie Rose did a great job. Thanks again for that great post!

Delie said...

Thanks to this Youtube link, I found the other Charlie Rose ITWs. Thanks Phebe! I have never seen it before. I could listen Anderson talking about his job during hours an hours. I was a lucky one who attended to the MTR lecture in NYC in May and it was a "great moment".:)