Saturday, August 25, 2007

Keeping Them Honest

I was really excited when I saw that Tom Foreman was filling in for Anderson Cooper tonight. WOW! Friday night and we're getting an hour live with Tom Foreman?!?? That delusion lasted for about 10 minutes & then reality took hold when the Keeping Them Honest special started.

Jeffrey Toobin was back again tonight with the Michael Vick dogfighting scandal- this story just won't go away! Vick has been suspended from the NFL indefinitely. Toobin still loves his dog.

David Mattingly reported from the midwest on the massive flooding. The Coast Guard got involved in rescuing a house full of pure bread cats- 63 adult cats plus kittens that had been born since the flood occurred.

Most of the hour was an AC360 Special: Keeping them Honest

The program included:

Congressional earmarks with reports from Drew Griffin and John Zarrella.

David Mattingly's report on anesthesia awareness during surgery. This report is just terrifying to watch. Its incomprehensible that this would be allowed to happen.

Joe Johns story on the overpriced Smithsonian executive

John Zarrella's report on the QuikSCAT Satellite that helps predict a hurricane's path and was supposed to have been replaced by now, but hasn't. If this satellite failed during a major hurricane, how fast do you think it would take them to start pointing fingers?

Tom Foreman's report on ethanol production. reports that Anderson will be reporting from New Orleans on Wednesday night with an AC360 special "Katrina, Two Years Later: Keeping Them Honest".

Just a reminder, God's Warriors will be reairing on CNN this weekend on both Saturday and Sunday nights. We've posted reviews of the series on All Things CNN.


Jennifer said...

I didn't get a chance to watch show tonight, I have it recorded. Thanks for the info :)

Anonymous said...

This has been a fascinating but strange week on AC360° because of all the Breaking News that happened and of the one hour delays on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Is it true that AC360° will return to 2 LIVE hours in September? Also, does anyone know why Anderson was not hosting on Thursday or Friday? I know he will be broadcasting LIVE from New Orleans, Lousiana on Wednesday, so maybe he was working on his Katrina: 2 years later documentary. I had thought at first that he was on his way out of the country to another region to cover some big story. Does anyone think he will be in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2 weeks for the 6th anniversary of the September 11 attacks like what he did last year?

Anonymous said...

You know, I love Anderson and his journalism. It seems to me that he is losing his "bliss" for the whole thing. Does anyone else feel that way, or am I just crazy? I think that I started having this feeling when his one hour shows started. There is just so much that he could be covering but does not. It sucks. I hate to say that I have been finding myself flipping over to Greta's show during his, and I hate that!I really hope that the show goes back to its old format.

swmpratt said...

I'm sorry but I don't see a special as being a string of old keeping them honest stories previously aired (some several times) strung together. First most of it was old news; all of it had been previously reported; and there is current news out there that I'm sure Tom could have handled quite well. I would have appreciated the hour more if they had Tom do the news like John King did last night rather than string repeats together and call it a special. I had seen some of the stories so many times I could mute my tv and tell you what the story was and what they said about it. Not impressed.

This seems to be CNN's pattern though - to air something repeatedly. I'm not sure why and I wonder if that is one reason their ratings suffer. I just hope the NOLA special Wednesday is new material.

ACAnderFan said...

BookAsylum, I know how you feel. I too was looking forward to Tom Foreman hosting 360...then ten minutes later we get hit with a special. I should have known that it was too good to be ture...LOL!!!

Now 360 thursday nite, was in my opinion, the best 360 that we have had in a very long time. It was a GREAT mix of stories, all of which were interesting. There wasn't one story which dominated the show. And John King brought a really good energy to the show. Honestly I can't even think of one negative thing to say about the show. It was that good.

When I saw that Andy wasn't going to be on I was going to go to bed and just let my tape run and watch it the next day. But there was something about John King's demeanor and energy that made me want to stay up and watch and I am glad that I did because honestly it was the best 360 I have seen in months. The stories were all interesting and I fell that I learned from 360. And I like learning from it.

So it got me thinking. As you all know I have not really been pleased with AC or 360 lately. And for the longest time I thought the problem was know maybe like bad stories or whatever. And then after last nite I thought that maybe my problem with 360 this past month isn't 360 at all maybe it's Anderson.

I mean that's bad right, when the best 360 i a long time occurs when the host is not there??? It was like 360 was back to normal except for it's host wasn't there...except I didn't miss the host. I even joked with a few people that Anderson should take notes from John King.

So with all that said 360 was the best 360 in a very long time and I can only hope that when Anderson returns it continues to be as good as it was thrusday nite when he was not there.

Ok well that was longer than I intended...LOL!!! And I'm sure that none of what I said makes any snese becuase it's just rambling...LOL!!!

ACAnderFan said...

This is kind of off topic, but do we know when Tom Foreman's Anvil of God Special is going to air??? It looks really good and I'd like to see it sometime. I think that last nite inseatd of giving us the special they gave us of stoires that we had already seen. They should have shown the Anvil of God special instead.

Unknown said...

All I have to say is that the cat in the picture does not look happy.

I sure hope we get some great coverage from NOLA, maybe AC can snag an interview with the Pres, who is suppose to be down there also.

Anonymous said...

woo tom! i think he's great, they should use him a lot more when anderson is away.

Anonymous said...

This article looks like no Anderson Monday and Tuesday, Soledad anchoring live, then AC on Wednesday.

Evelyn said...

I too was disappointed when I realized Tom wasn't hosting 360.

ACAnderfan, I agree with you, I really enjoyed John King hosting; he did a great job. It was really funny bc I couldn't stop smiling bc I kept thinking about stuff he had said at the fair haha.

I can't wait to see Anderson's NOLA special report. Let's hope it's a great one and does NOLA justice.

ACAnderFan said...

@Anonymous 10:55pm, I must say I agree with everything you said except the part about flipping over to Gretta...I never watch the faux news channel.

It does however seem that something is not right with him. Like's he's been a little off during his boradcasts. It could be work related or it could have something to do with his personal life. Whatever it is, I hope it works it's self out so he can go back to his old self.

ACAnderFan said...

@Anonymous 7:28Am, thnaks for the link. Why am I not surprised at all that Anderson will not be on until wednesday. It's to the point now that if that man is actually on tv I am shocked and surprised.

Anonymous said...

Soledad O'Brien will be anchoring AC360° LIVE from New Orleans, Lousiana on Monday and Tuesday, so she can also promote her "Children of the Storm" special that will air on the Katrina 2 year anniversary (Wednesday). Anderson Cooper to be back hosting on Wednesday LIVE from there too, and will also have a Katrina 2 year special that day. That very same day, he will also appear on Oprah for the 2 year anniversay.

ACAnderFan said...

Evelyn, now that you've met John King does it seem different seeing him on TV??? I don't know how to explain it but once I met Andy I looked at 360 in a completely different way. I guess becuase he was no longer just some journalist. He was someone who I had met and spoken with. You're so lucky to have been able to meet John.

BookAsylum said...

I'm actually glad that they didn't show Anvil of God last night. God's Warriors really took center stage this week. Tom Foreman's specials are always so good, I would hate to see it get lost in the mix.

Unknown said...

A lot goes into making their documentaries. I'm sure that the 360 staff are working hard not only on the show but putting together the Planet in Peril, which is a major thing for the network. They also had to deal with putting together a lof stuff for the debate last month.

People keep saying he's never on. But, he is entitled to time off. He works hard and most of the time through his vacation. The anchors on CNN get quite a few weeks of vacation. Anderson has taken far less time of this year then in previous years. The past few years he's had long stretches, like during the Lebannon war last year were he worked 5 weeks straight, including weekends. The same goes for when he covered Katrina... that was almost 5 weeks of covering it every day. I'm hoping they gave him comp days for those weekends.
Also, there were some years he'd be gone about one day per week for a few months to do speaking engagements. I know it seems like he's gone a lot but think of all the travel he's got to do and extra work for 60 minutes and Oprah. Those take a lot of time. The man can only do so much :)

Anonymous said...

I confess disappointment over the special aired last night as well, especially if there are other new specials completed and waiting in the wings for the chance to be on air. But I'd like to comment on the notion of Anderson somehow "losing his bliss", and it's something I've been thinking a lot about lately; maybe, just *maybe*, he's doing too much at this point. And this isn't a comment on his capabilities--certainly, he's more than adept at every single task he's taken on, but pause and think about how much is on his plate. He's hosting the debates. He's got a hosting gig for Elton John. He's going to be on R&K. He's going to be on Oprah. He's got growing responsibilities at 60 Minutes as a correspondent. He's got the Planet in Peril series in October. He's doing the CNN Heroes gig in December. He's got the SIU series in Afghanistan coming up. He's got the New Year's Eve gig in the pipeline. Supposedly, this will all be occuring within the next 4 months, along with the extensive behind-the-scenes work needed to make these things happen...and notice that I hadn't even added the pressures of anchoring a 1-2 hour daily show into the mix. Put into perspective, is it any wonder that Anderson seems distracted, maybe even less than blissful, to many of you these days? I'm exhausted just typing out this post, let alone being the person everyone is depending on to accomplish it all!

As much as I love Anderson and enjoy when he hosts specials and shows, CNN might be wise to begin delegating some of these responsibilities among their other noted reporters and journalists in order to preserve Anderson and the quality of his work. And as much as Anderson loves to work, a few well-placed, polite "No thanks" replies may be in order for the same reason.

Anonymous said...

ACAnderfan, no, I hate that I have to flip over to Gretta as well. It literally pains me! But, I am a journalism student, and I need to get the news somehow. "AC 360" used to cut it for me. I could watch the show, and pretty much get up to spead on everything. It used to work out so well for me because I stay so busy with 21 hours at school. I could spend two hours watching Anderson, and all was good. Now, I am having to watch... Faux News (it hurts to say it!) and MSNBC. Or, I have to comb through all of the news articles that are sent to my email and figure out which ones are important enough to read. It really sucks! I hope that whatever is going on in Anderson's life gets on track because we need back at the helm!Don't get me wrong, I love that he spent a week in Niger because Africa needs all the attention that it can get. I love that he is doing a special from New Orleans because I am from Louisiana and lived through Katrina. I just wish that he would get more organized with his everyday show!

aries moon said...

Soledad's anchoring 360 on Monday and Tuesday from NOLA. AC doesn't anchor until Wednesday there. Kinda weird.

CNN's Cooper, who achieved notoriety with his impassioned coverage from New Orleans, will anchor Anderson Cooper 360 live from New Orleans Aug. 29.

Soledad O'Brien is slated to anchor Anderson Cooper 360 live from New Orleans Aug 27-28. Three other CNN reporters will be on the scene.

ACAnderFan said...

Purple Tie, thank you for putting everything into perspective. Sometimes I fail to see things like that. I think you are the voice of reason on this blog :)

Anonymous said...

Purple Tie at 10:14: I agree with you on Anderson needing and deserving time off. He certainly should use all the vacation time CNN allows him. I will be he never uses all the vacation time he gets each year, though I could be wrong. He is not a machine and needs rest.

On the other hand, things such as speaking engagements, time for 60 Minutes assignments, and whatever else he does, technically should not be "counted" towards his work to CNN. For example, his trip to Niger for 60 Minutes I am sure he used some of his CNN vacation time. If he travels on a weekend to do a lecture or book signing, that I would think is his personal (or not CNN working time) time and his decision to use up his weekend to work rather than relax is up to him.

If you know what I'm saying. My take is if he feels he needs more down time, he would cut back.

Unknown said...

PT I couldn't agree more. Anderson just doesn't walk into the studio and sit down at a desk and begin to talk he works more behind the scenes than many of us realize. And he does deserve time off. I think once he told Erica he had 30 vacation days he hadn't used and I don't think he's used them all up yet.

Last year before he headed to New Orleans he was in Detroit interviewing Kenny Chesney for the 60 Minutes piece, could be the same this year - doing interviews for a 60 Minute segment or for Oprah.

With Anderson there is one thing we are all sure of we are never sure what he will do.

m.minkoff said...

I had a feeling I wasn't going to like Friday's show and didn't even turn it on.

@Anonymous, 10:55PM, I too have noticed that many nights in recent months Anderson has just not seemed that interested. It could be something in his personal life, who knows? But I am of the opinion that Anderson was correct in saying that his age is catching up with his hair. I think he just may be really, really tired. It's hard for me to imagine that he is no longer interested in being a journalist. But the pace he keeps would be impossible for many people, and maybe it's just getting to him. Taking on the 60 Minutes assignment is almost like a second full time job. I wish Anderson all the best, and I really think he needs to slow down and smell the roses. And if that means having crappy "specials" and substitute anchors, so be it.

Anonymous said...

Purple Tie, You are so right! Anderson has taken much less time off this year and I really believe that he is tired. Physically humans do pretty well if they can get 6-8 hours of sleep a night but the creative spirit and enthusiasm are depleted with a schedule like his. I know Anderwithdrawal would be trying for us but I wish he could be away from all media work for two weeks straight and replenish his spirit.
The one thing that I do see, though, is that his ratings for the last several weeks have been high so he is doing something right. A lot depends on the news each day so slow news days are challenging for cable news.
When he did not show up for, in the field, hurricane coverage I womdered if CNN had some changes in mind for Anderson. I sure hope not, it has taken me nearly two years to get used to the 11-12 time slot.
Let us all send our best loving thoughts to Anderson with the idea that our positive energy will surround him and renew his spirit.

Pati Mc said...

Thanks PT, well said and my thoughts exactly.

Clearly I do not understand some of you. HOW is the man going to do his job, which he excels at by the way, sitting behind an anchor desk every night?

Think about that, does it make sense? Not at all logical is it?

I rest my case.

Sapphire said...

I by no means had any expectation of seeing Anderson last night and I got really excited when Tom came up during the LK lead in - I though wow we are going to have a fun fantstic hour coming up......but I can not even begin to tell you how disappointed I was when 10 minutes into the show Tom disappeared and I saw a special I have seen at least twice so I went to sleep.

We didn't even get a Raw politics!!

As to Anderson not being on. I have no problem with him taking time off wether it be to work or have a vacation. It is summer, nothing is ever 100% during the summer months. My guess is he will still be working on stories for Wednesday night and that is why Soledad will be hosting 360 Monday and Tuesday as well as promoting her SIU with Spike Lee premering Wednesday night.

aries moon said...

I think there's a tendency for AC fans to jump to conclusions about AC and his health and happiness. I'm guilty of this too because it does seem at times that he's "down" or not enthused about his work, but I could just be misinterpreting everything. All we see of him is his tv persona which is generally very serious and it may SEEM like he's upset when he's not. He could be joking and laughing and having a blast with his crew guys during the commercial breaks for all we know.

360 isn't always consistent but as bad as it is sometimes, I stick with it and hold out hope that it'll get better. They need to work on making the second hour more substantial if they're going to keep it. The viewer calls are a good start.

You have to be a brave soul to switch to Greta and Faux! I don't have the stomach to even channel surf there!

Anonymous said...

I have also wondered if he is lost his "bliss" and maybe only having one hour live is to help rejuvenate him. He has been in NY a lot - maybe he is missing all of the on location spots that everyone else is getting - maybe there is a reason for him staying in NY that we don't know and that being said - is none of our business.
When work is your life = it is hard to enjoy time off - it is rather disconserting that you don't know what to do with yourself when you have a day off.
Hopefully in Sept - some of or all of his "bliss" will have been returned.

swmpratt said...

@Purple Tie - I don't have any problem with Anderson taking time off. He's entitled to it as hard as he works. My complaint is that CNN takes old stories we have seen several times already and repackages them and calls it a "special".

Gods Witnesses was a special. PIP will be a special. The "special" they aired last night was not special and was a rerun besides. Do they think we don't notice??

Sorry to be negative - I usually love 360 because it brings so much to the topics it covers. But I also expect it to be current. Last night sadly it wasn't.

Evelyn said...

I couldn't agree more with PT and Candy. The man does a lot for that network and he completely deserves some time off. And besides, we all know that when Anderson is "off" he's really out working on something for someone. He juggles a lot between CNN, 60 minutes, and countless other things. Give the man a break, he's only human.

@ACAnderfan: It was really odd to see JK anchor. It's nice because now I know another dimension of him, not just the super professional on air version :)

@Anon 10:21: I feel your pain! I am a journalism student too and I understand the need to go to different networks for news. It may seem really hard to stomach watching FNC, but sometimes it has to be done. We've gotta be well rounded, and besides, I'm sure CNN keeps an eye on FNC in their studios...

Anonymous said...

Oh, neat! Another journalism student. I am sure there are a lot at this site though! It is nice to meet another female journailsm student who is actually interested in hard news. So many of the girls in my classes want to work at E!. They do not get me! Nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

I hate Fox News, they are too opinionated, where CNN is all about Facts.

Unknown said...

The thing is, 360 with all it's inconsistencies is pretty consistent with being that way...inconsistent. It's been this way for going on 2+ years. All these specials they do is something they've always done even back when he was on 7pm. I remember one he aired about the BTK killer like 3 or 4 times back in the day. None of us will ever know why they do it but if it was something didn't work for them they would have stopped a long time ago.

After being around a few years I realize it's not going to change. I take what I get and that's how it's gonna be. I just don't believe this will ever change.

I also try not to judge what I think his mood is. A lot of it comes from each person's perception of his mood, which is different from person to person. It's very difficult to say he's depressed, upset or having a bad day just by seeing him for an hour one night. I don't think that's really a good judge. Some weeks he's somber and some weeks he's goofy. Again, this is something that has always been since he's been on CNN. I just think he's a moody person in general.

He says in his book that he's most happy when he's on the go and doing a lot of things. If he needed to slow down I believe he would. I know we all worry about him but I don't see anything he's doing now that is different from how he's always been. Just my two cents :)

swmpratt said...

And a good two cents - thanks Purple Tie - I haven't watched AC that long so I didn't realize it was always this way. I still wish it wasn't though......foolish though it may be!!

Pixiedust said...

I came to during my hysterectomy. It was my 4th abdominal surgery in 3 years. I delayed my surgery to train someone to do my job, so by the time the surgery date arrived I was up to 17 darvocets a day. I told the anesthesiologist how much pain meds I was taking and that I would probably need more this surgery.

I was still awake when the doctor walked in the surgery room. I said, "Hi." and I thought the doctor was going to flip. He yelled at the anesthesiologist that I wasn't under so I was given more whatever.

Then I woke up to see AND FEEL the doctor still operating. The anesthesiologist told him that I was coming to. When the doctor told him to give me more, he was told that I couldn't be given any more. The doctor hadn't finished removing all the organs, let alone closing me up. Once I was in recovery I thought I would finally get some pain medication, but was told that I had to wait an hour. I checked the clock on the wall; it seemed like an eternity for that hour to click by.

I wouldn't wish that on anyone, but I have to say it wasn't as traumatic or life altering as those people made it out to be. I never thought about suing anyone, it was partly my fault for delaying the surgery and taking so many meds.

While it was painful, I wonder if the comments about how extreme it was have anything to do with the lawsuit.