Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Oprah and NOLA

Sorry to be a bad blogger but I'm late, I'm late, I'm very, very late, for a very important date. (Maybe I've been watching too much Big Brother with their Alice in Wonderland theme?) So here's the Oprah show in caps, please give us your impressions in comments.

For me the highlight of the show (I bet you thought I was going to say the buldging bicep!) was finally meeting Mrs. Gettridge . She's every bit as endearing as her sweet husband. What a wonderful story theirs has been for AC.

Some of us have our issues with Oprah and her producers. I've never read an article about the Oprah machine as well written and interesting as this one written by Chris Rose, a guest on today's program.And finally, thanks to Sydney for the link to a Katrina article in her hometown paper with mention of AC and a picture too.


Jennifer said...

@ Phebe, I did get to see Oprah today Anderson did a really AWESOME!!! job.

As Oprah said he is the best news man in the country she sure got that right :) and the pictures I will say it since you didn't want to he's is mighty FINE!!!!!!

I know is not time for bad girl moment but, I can't help it, bad girl, bad girl. I look foward to see 360 tonight.

sydney said...

Somehow I knew the "bicep bulge" would find its way in these screencaps!

The link for the article I sent you isn't working.

Anonymous said...

I hope this was a preview of an awesome 360
for tonight.The segments were well produced
an wonderully written.I hope Anderson has
an SUI special about the stories he reported
om for Oprah.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed today's episode of "Oprah". I felt that Anderson did his usual great job of showing us the progress, or lack there of, in New Orleans. I was impressed with the doctor's feature on the hospitals. As a Louisiana resident, we hear alot about the hospital shortage and short comings in New Orleans. But those reports usually come in the form of print. It hurts more to see those people on "Oprah" who have to live with the shortage everyday. I was also very surprised to see the family that is having health problems because of their FEMA trailor. I understand that these shelters had to be manufactored quickly, but one would think that they would put consideration into the materials that they use to build them!

I was also very impressed with the coverage of PTS syndrome in the children. I live in Tangipahoa Parish, and while we did not suffer the way that the people of New Olreans did, Katrina was heard loud and clear here. My little brother still gets scared whenever it rains, and these are not fears that he suffered from before Katrina hit. I could only imagine what the children of New Orleans feel.

Well, those were my feelings on the show. I have to go because my university is having a Katrina and Rita fountain dedication tonight that I need to report on for the newspaper.

ACAnderFan said...

Oooohhh nice screencaps Phebe!!! And I must say that I really like his bulging bicpes.

I was nice seeing Mr.Gettridge and his wife.

Anonymous said...

It was a really good show that brought us all up to date on what has happened these past two years. Im looking forward to watching Anderson Cooper in New Orleans tonight!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Chris Rose plug Phebe,he is truly one of the voices of New Orleans. I enjoyed Anderson on Oprah, he hasn't lost any of his humbleness or compassion for this project.

Anonymous said...

We had some weather problems in our area and my satellite didn't pick up the entire Oprah hour. It was missing about 9 minutes. Of course, all 9 missing minutes featured Anderson. I loved the humble look he had at the end when Oprah was praising him for his coverage. And he shouldn't have mentioned all the great food and restaurants in New Orleans, because now I want to go there at this minute, LOL!

Roonie said...

first off, I looooveeee all interviews with Charlie and Anderson :) They're great!!! He subbed for Charlie once and it was so nicely done. The environment is so different, and it seems so cool in there.

Secondly, having a full-time job with no TiVo or VCR is putting a real damper on my Ander-viewing. I really want to see the Oprah show!!! I'm so sad I missed it :(

Sapphire said...

I am not the biggest Oprah fan but today's show was really good. Anderson did sure a good job sharing the stories as did Dr. Oz, Lisa Ling and Gayle King.

I loved that first picture, as I was watching it I was thinking how comtemplative he looked, like all the memories of Katrina came flooding back to him.

Any one else want to have dinner at Stella's and drinks at the Spotted Cat?!?!?!?

Anderson looked so embarrassed when Oprah gave him that terrific complement and she was completely right on. Anderson has been the best journalist of keeping the story of Katrina in the forefront of the conscience of America.

I was sooooo happy to see Herbert and his wife Lydia. I am so glad she finally made it home. I hope they are on the show tonight. That would be so cool.

Thanks for the great screen caps Phebe, I love when he wears the biecep shirts :P

Great photo right at the end. It's cool

Dixie Girl said...

That is the second time Anderson has mentioned The Spotted Cat. I may have to go there to see what all the fuss is about. I read the article by Chris Rose in today's Times Picayune. I just bought his book on Saturday, but haven't been able to read much of it yet. When I visited my dad in the nursing home today, he asked if I had read the article by Chris Rose. I think that Chris has become the spokesperson for all of us Katrina Survivors.

Evelyn said...

I thought the show was fantastic. Anderson has such a fierce passion for the area and I LOVE hearing him talk about it because you can just hear the empathy and compassion in his voice. I thought he was just so eloquent and articulated his points so effectively.

Herbert and his wife are adorable! I was so happy that Anderson caught back up with them :)

I love the screencaps and the bicep pic is fabulous :)

Pixiedust said...

Okay, everyone has to admit that Anderson was absolutely awesome on Oprah and AC360 today. Wow. How rarely do we see Anderson with the burn in his belly like this.

Plus he took time to cover Mississippi too...and NO OTHER NEWS. He devoted days and days to this cause which is so close to his heart. He was like the Michael Ware of Katrina...telling like it is!

Wow, remember this awesome day the next time we complain about being Anderless.

m.minkoff said...

@pixiedust, Your comments are spot on. The hour just flew by, it was so compelling. I don't know when all this was put together, but some highly capable people worked very hard on this. I can't wait to return to Nola and am making plans for a trip as we speak.

ac said...

I am so happy that we got an update on Herbert and his 'old lady'-so cute!
Awwww yes..... the bulging bicep!LOL! Sorry but the fangirl is popping out of me here for a second!
Thanks for the great screencaps!

Leigh said...

I used to live in Louisiana so its so nice to see someone that is so concerned this long after the storm, its refreshing. You can see how passionate he still is about the whole situation. Oprah is right, he is the best newsman in the country, but then again we already knew that :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad because we were moving this time and I did not see Oprah this morning or evening because I'm very busy moving our stuff. I hope I'll see the video clip someday.


Anonymous said...

Honestly,I'm not a big fan of operah.And that went for last night too.Anderson has such an arsenal of knowledge and forming that in to sentences to explain things so vividly.But Operah's questions were not "deep" at all.They were the same questions we had heard a thousand times.So Anderson didnt get to work his magic.My opinion anyway.But the report clips in between were great!

I thought Anderson wasnt quite comfortable on that couch either.He seems much more confidentd behind a CNN anchor desk...;)