Friday, August 31, 2007

A Time To Remember and Celebrate Love

(thanks to Ms. Lori for the great pic)

Good evening all, I hope you have all had a terrific week. Can you believe August is over??? I am not sure I like the idea of summer pretty much being over but that just means we have a great couple of months ahead of us before 2008! I have recently become the very proud owner of a first edition copy of a book called "Love Poems" that Anderson’s mother Gloria Vanderbilt had published back in 1955. I will be sharing some of those poems every once in a while but I wanted to share one tonight because as I read it, it had a sense of foreshadowing that I am sure Gloria had no idea of. In 1955, Wyatt, Carter and Anderson were not even twinkles in Ms. Gloria’s beautiful eyes but it seems fitting for my post tonight.

I brought him a speckled egg blue and brown

I gave him laughter and little sadness

I gave him my hand as we crossed the brook

And a fern at dusk which I don’t think he took

I gave him a bowl of apple blossoms

And warmth in my bed when snow fell all day

A dazzling music I can’t quiet describe

And a look from my heart that splintered my eyes

I gave him sunlight

When there was none

And no tomorrows and no good-byes

Yet he left this morning

And here I sit with my head held high

And my hands brimming with many more gifts

And the house so silent

I start to cry © Gloria Vanderbilt - 1955

The reason I thought the poem by Gloria was a terrific fit for today's post is I came upon the realization today that tomorrow, September 1st, would have been Wyatt’s 80th birthday. I am one who is of the opinion that a person is never truly gone as long as there are people who help to keep that person’s memory alive. Although none of us had the pleasure of actually meeting Wyatt, through the stories Anderson shares and the stories Wyatt himself shared with the world, pieces of Wyatt’s life are out there for anyone and everyone to remember.

In honor of such an intriguing but way to brief life, I thought I would take this time to remember Anderson’s dad, Wyatt through some beautiful photos.


In 360 related news:

*I wanted to take a quick moment to wish one of our favourite AC 360 subs, John King a very happy 43rd Birthday. Many warm wishes from ATA John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Don’t Fret……The lovely Ms. Phebe will be posting a review of tonight’s special “Anvil of God” on Monday night.


swmpratt said...

Beautiful poem and pics - the poem is just lovely.

ACAnderFan said...

Sapphire, yet another lovely post form you. I LOVE Gloria's poem. There's just something about it that stands out.

I did not realize tha Wyatt would be 80 Imagine all the wise things he would be saying at his 80th birthday. From what I've heard about Wyatt, to me he seems like a very intelligent man. Not only book smart, but life samrt. He was truly one of a kind. He was also very handsome too. Great photos of him.

aries moon said...

Lovely poem.

In addition to being Wyatt Cooper's birthday, September 1st is also the anniversary (I know AC's not into them) of his infamous Mary Landrieu smackdown. It had to be a very emotional time for AC, being in the South on his father's birthday, plus witnessing up close the enormous devastation that Katrina caused. It's no wonder he went off on her.

MeshugahMazal said...

The poem by Ms. Vanderbilt is so lovely! :) She really is a terrific writer, as I have read two of her memoirs.

That is so sad, in a way, that AC's father would have been 80 yrs old today. I'm sure Anderson must be thinking of his father. My heart goes out to him and his mother for the terrible loss they experienced with Wyatt (and brother Carter's) deaths at such a young age... :(

ac said...

I had not realized that September 1st was Wyatt's birthday,what a wonderful man he must have been.Gloria is such an amazing writer,and so was Wyatt-now we know where Anderson gets that beatiful talent from.
I too remember September 1st as the date of Anderson's exchange with the Senator-in my mind he spoke for us all that day,and I cheered him!.That combined with his father's birthday,plus the fact that Anderson has roots in the Gulf Coast,it is easy to see why Katrina affected him so deeply,and still does.
How proud Wyatt(and Carter)must be of him!

ac said...

Do any of you ladies know the name of that beautiful song that is playing at the beginning of the Planet in Peril trailer?It is such an amazing clip,I have watched it numerous times,and the song is just so haunting when mixed with those images!I cannot wait to see the entire program.
Could you please find out what that song is?I would love to know!
Thanks so much!

Quitty said...

Love the pic Lori and great poem.

Sheryn said...

Sapphire, what a beautiful post! Gloria is a very creative and intelligent person as was Wyatt. It is very east to see where Anderson developed his creative intelligence from!

Happy Birthday John King!

And I just wanted to say what a moving documentary Anvil of God is. Kudos to Tom Foreman for his compassionate recount of these Marines. Shame on CNN for waiting so long to show this beautiful piece.

Delie said...

Lovely poem! Thanks for sharing the pics.

I haven't read Gloria Vanderbilt's books yet and I was thinking to pick one these days.Should I read one in particular? Does anyone have some advice?

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful poem. I am wondering if Gloria is still writing the poems. When I've heard about her unhappy childhood, I am surprised that we have something in common. I was only child and was having a difficult time with my divorced parent. My father won his custody from my mother when I was about 14 years old. But, after living with my father and his 2nd wife for two years, I lived with my aunt and uncle(became my adopted parent). I had been in touch with my mother until she died. I just wanted to leave my past behind. But Gloria is a very courageous lady. I still admire her greatly.

Have an enjoyable Labor Day Weekend...

Hearing impaired gal