Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Vintage John Roberts

If you're an American Morning viewer you're probably relieved to have John Roberts back from vacation. No one can replace JR, but personally, I enjoyed Rick Sanchez subbing. I hear I'm in the minority though. This week Kiran is out and Heidi is co-anchoring with John. I'm liking this pairing, Heidi fits well with early morning television and the AM team.

While JR was away, Ms. Book Asylum did some research and found vintage JR on You Tube.
The first one is a commercial for a local news station where JR was the anchor.

This next video is from John's music news days. If you aren't familiar with his career he began in radio news, spent some time in music journalism and then back to hard news. I have no idea who these guys are that he's interviewing, but thank God they've faded to obscurity...they seem a little full of themselves!
This next one is vintage JR at the Live Aid concert and BTW it's a great U2 clip as well. Ms. Purple Tie should love this one!

And one more from the early years.

If you missed it over the weekend John answered 5 questions for TV Newser, just follow the link. Would it be tacky to remind everyone that John answered over 25 questions for us? Probably, but I did it anyway!
Ms. Sheryn (who's up to her lovely eyebrows in bubble wrap and packing boxes) was totally pleased that John's favorite video is Duran Duran's "Girls On Film". She tells me that JR is now 'righteous' in her book.
And on that note I'll leave you with my favorite John Roberts' clip of all time. I know I just posted it two weeks ago, but I could watch this one a thousand times over (and probably have) . Enjoy!


m.minkoff said...

Oh, the 80's, when you couldn't tell the men from the women by their hairstyles. Come to think of it, in many cases, even today you still can't. LOL But like Anderson, I think JR is aging super well and they both look better today than ever, in my opinion.

Speaking of hair, do think maybe Anderson took a week off because he couldn't face the public with that sucky haircut? Just a thought.....

That Jon Stewart video cracks me up no matter how many times I watch it! The man just has perfect comedic timing. He and Steven Colbert are the funniest men on tv, I think. Thanks for reposting that.

ACAnderFan said...

Bookasylum, thank you for finding these clips of JR. Wow...he certainly looked different then...LOL!!! I like seeing early clips of our favorite reporters..LOL!!!

BookAsylum said...

I never realized how much I've taken for granted just how good John Roberts is on AM. Last week was down right painful to watch. I am so glad that JR is back! Plus Heidi Collins has been great so far this week. When you get two really great anchors on AM- it shows just how good that program can be.

I loved the way that the Booze Brothers video was put together.

Sapphire said...

to steal the line from SWMNBN - JR that is so hot!!!!!!!!!
JR was a hottie back in the day and he has only gotten better with age. Jr is one of the only people that can pull off the mullet LOL JR was a major player in the Canadian news scene and he help make Much Music (Canada's MTV) what it has become today. He lay the ground work and I thank him for that. Much respect to my Toronto homeboy :)

I am so glad JR is back although Ms. Phebe and I have a love for Ricky Sanchez and think he did a fantasic job while JR was on vaca?

Great finds BA!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this post on John Roberts.

The Anderson Cooper quicktopic board (not andersphere) has a sighting of Charlie Moore shopping yesterday (Monday) at The Time Warner Center.

Anderson is probably on a vacation, just my feeling.

Sheryn said...

OMG!!! Wow, I'm bent over from back pain feeling old and I came to visit ATA for some cheering up.

Now I feel even older!!! 1985, the year I graduated high school. LIVE AID!!! OMG, is Bono the only man alive that can still make a mullet look sexy? I think he might be.

And hey now, JD was a hottie indeed!

John, you are indeed RIGHTEOUS!!! Girls on Film! I was such a Duranie in my day! And...I read Snow Patrol was one of Mr. Robert's favorite groups nowadays, I ADORE the song Chasing Cars!

Who knew that man was so cool? AWESOME!!!!

Thanks for the trip back in time, Phebs!

cactuskid said...

John really had his Mojo going with that hair! I love it! Really takes you back in time with those hairstyles of the 80's. I like his hair long! He's a nice looking man!

Anonymous said...

I hate to say that I have not even noticed that John has been on vacation fron "American Morning". I know, I know. Slap me on the wrists. It has been the second week of school, and I just stumble around my house in a daze getting ready for my 9:30 History 202 class while the show is on. I think that I did see John on "The Situation Room" one day this week. I will try to be a better watcher now that John is back.

Anyway, has anyone here watched "Rebel Journalism" on Current? Today was the first time that I have seen it, and it reminds me a little of Channel One. It is not quite as seriuos as Channel One, but it is a youth oriented news show. Or maybe I am just going insane from sleep deprivation. Like I said, I have a lot of school!

Evelyn said...

woooooo rock on duuuude. haha love the hair JR...or should i say JD? :)

Thanks for ALL those great clips! Especially the John Stewart clip, I love that one!

@Sheryn: I LOVE Snow Patrol! They are one of my favorites, and Chasing Cars is definitely a go-to song for me!

ACAnderFan said...

@m.minkoff, you don't like Andy's haircut??? I LOVE it!!! I think he looks great. I love his hair when it's real short.

Pixiedust said...

Wow, JR was a hottie! The hair in the 80s was really special...wasn't it?

I logged on to see if this was the blog that Soledad was referring to with the 'swinging' comments about the apparently "not gay" senator from Idaho ;-)

copperfish said...

@BA, great find on JR's early days. He's more goodlooking in those days and with that long hair, he looked like Mel Gibson in some of his movies. Loved the videos too!

m.minkoff said...

@ACAnderfan, I think AC got a lousy haircut. I prefer it longer, but that isn't my complaint about this haircut. It just is unnatural looking, like there is a line where his scalp shows and a line where the darker color ends. A good haircut would blend the colors better. That's my two cents. It'll grow back, so who cares? I was just joking about him taking off because of the crappy haircut. I realize he isn't that vain and probably didn't notice. That's the job of his crazy fans, right? LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow, he looked rather hip in some of these videos.

Anonymous said...

i'm with sheryn on this one!! although i'm curious as to which version of "girls on film" he prefers... ;)

and watch those tape dispensers, ms. sheryn--they can drive you crazy!

JRHot said...

I have known JR was hot for a long time. To use a cliche', JR is like a fine wine....he just keeps getting better with age. Thanks for the great clips. I did miss him for the 2 weeks he was on vacation. I'm starting to dread the 2 weeks I'll be gone on vacation and won't be able to watch him, unless the ship shows the news which I don't believe they do. I'll just have to sneak a picture of him into my suitcase. :) Thanks BA for these great clips.