Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Coop's Rhythm

I was channel surfing Friday night and happened upon VH1's Best Week Ever show. If you've never seen the show it is sort-of a TV version of the gossip blogs with comedians giving commentary. Every week, the show picks someone who is having their "Best Week Ever". At every commercial break they show a couple of pics and say "one of these people is having the best week ever". The person that shows up during every commercial break is who they've picked and sure enough on Friday's show Anderson's pics from PIP kept popping up so I couldn't wait until the end of the show to see why they thought Anderson was having his "Best Week Ever". The clip did not disappoint. Sheryn graciously uploaded it for all to enjoy.

A Rebel with a Cause! His Own Guns! Tight Black T-Shirt! More Delicious than a Pic-i-nic baskets! Not an Inconvenient Truth!...Too funny but my favorite bit has to be when Jessica St. Clair talks about how cool he walks and wonders if his ear piece plays Staying Alive when he walks or maybe he has his own "Coop's Rhythm" internally. Hmm...

Back in March, Charlie Moore blogged about their PIP visit to Brazil and all the ailments the crew picked up including Jeff Hutchens, the Getty Images photographer who ended up with a parasite in his leg. The blog Photo News interviewed Jeff about his year-long adventure with CNN. Below are some highlights and the full interview is HERE. If you click on the polar bear pic next to the full interview you'll see 27 different pictures he took while covering the PIP filming. Jeff also blogged HERE about some of the photographs.

While the same reporters and crew didn’t make it to all 13 countries, Hutchens traveled with the group to all but Greenland and the Carteret Islands.

Living conditions in Brazil were anything but glamorous; luckily Hutchens knew what to expect and had brought a hammock along on the trip. It wasn’t only the living conditions that made things uncomfortable. While in the South American country, Hutchens picked up a parasite that took four doctors and two and a half months to get rid of.

“I just really loved the creative freedom that I was given on this project,” he said. “That’s what really makes a photographer happy, no matter what the conditions are.”

“For a few nights, the places we had to sleep were so foul in some ways that I ended up stringing up a hammock between two land cruisers [in Chad]”.

The crew slept in a variety of environments depending on location. From living in tents in Madagascar to a plush luxury hotel in Bangkok, after long tiring days, Hutchens found a way to sleep just about anywhere.

“I got to hold a baby polar bear which is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done,” he said. “I was holding this 25 pound baby polar bear that basically started snoring in my arms.”

He said that one woman the group spoke to was a widow whose husband died while living in a “cancer village,” which was polluted by a Chinese mine. “It can be fairly sobering to see those things personalized,” Hutchens said. “Any time that you see any level of human-controlled suffering, it’s always hard and it always hits you in some way.”

“It’s disturbing in general to see global impact on a very practical level and to see very distinctly, areas that are being absolutely affected by it,” He said. “The biggest thing was in central Africa, really looking at the water shortage there in general and how different climactic factors are effecting that. To see how people are trying to cope with that.”

All PIP images © Jeff Hutchens / Getty Images


Phebe said...

Best clip ever!

Jennifer said...

I like the video it's awesome :-) I could watch it over and over. I agree with you Quitty my favorite part of the video is Anderson walking down the street. Anderson has his unique way of walking. John Travolta he should look so good LOL

Unknown said...

I agree, Phebe! Best Clip Ever!!

That was great. :)

Thanks for the interview, it was really interesting!

ACAnderFan said...

That is a agreat clip of Anderson :)

aries moon said...

As if AC doesn't have enough going for him already, now he's got the coolest walk in news, great clip.

Em said...

Outstanding clip...I have to admit when I saw Anderson walking down the street I thought he looked pretty "smooth". I had no idea his unique stride would match the Stayin' Alive soundtrack so perfectly. Shame on me and here I sit a card carrying member of the Stayin' Alive generation! Thanks, I have been working since 8 a.m., it is now 1:40 a.m. I really need the pick me up. Glad I stopped by ATA before stumbling off to bed!

Delie said...

Great video! Nice way to begin a Sunday! :-)

Thanks for the links to the photo gallery and the blog! There are so much things to read, see and learn about PIP!

Anonymous said...

I saw Best Week Ever yesterday and it was so funny. I was laughing the entire time, but when they started the "Staying Alive" bit, I rolled. That would be such a good bit for Erica to play for the Shot of the Day when AC returns. I hope she will.

Anonymous said...

Quitty, I saw the best week ever, can't stop to watch that clip...

cactuskid said...

I think Anderson cemented his hotness a long time ago even before "the big guns"! LOL!

Those two ladies in the video are hilarious!

Thanks for the video, Quitty! It's given me a good laugh for the day!

Sapphire said...

The Coop most certainly did have the best week ever!!!!

Thank you Ms. Sheryn for clipping it and Ms. Quitty for post the best clip ever :)
I don't get VH1 in Canada.

That was so funny. Anderson does have the coolest walk possible. I think it is his internal collness pouring put. He can't help it:P There were way too many great one liners to pick one. They were all so true.

The interview with Jeff was really cool. Glad to hear he got rid of the parasite

Anonymous said...

It's awesome!!! No question that Anderson is the real "Coop"!! And thanks for my favorite music "Staying Alive". I can't believe in my eye the way Anderson walked. It exacts as John Travolta had from "Saturday Night Fever".

Sorry about my concern for Andy. I hope he will be safe and sound in Congo. It's just that you never know that anywhere in Congo can be tricky dangerous.

Hearing impaired gal

BookAsylum said...

That clip is hilarious! I would have never made the connection with the Travolta strut.

Excellent article as well. Its interesting getting the behind the scenes look.

Anonymous said...

Love that video!

Is there a way to be able to save it to my computer,so I can watch it over again?I would love to be able to keep it!

Anonymous said...

Everytime I see Anderson Cooper's "fine ass" I forget about the warming of the globe. The clip was hysterical.

Anonymous said...

I love Best Week Ever, it's my guilty pleasure! I agree, the best part was when he was walking to the theme song of Staying Alive!

FYI, there is a podcast you can downlaod on iTunes for Best Week Ever (BWE). This episode isn't up yet, but I'm sure it'll be there sometime next week.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this was covered earlier, but TV Newser has a story on Glenn Beck, saying:

**Upon learning the party was a celebration of Beck's 30 years in broadcasting, a figure that astonished Cooper, the CNN anchor joked, "I've been in this business 15 years and I'm about to have a complete breakdown."**

Em said...

Quitty, I also wanted to thank you for the article by Jeff. He is one of my favorite photographers. He has his own website. that has some amazing photographs for anyone who is interested.

copperfish said...

My oh my! what a sexy review for AC. Nice clip, glad that you posted it. :-)

Sheryn said...

I think the BWE clip is my new favorite. It used to be the Jiminey Glick clip but this one is just too great!

Thank you for posting the interview. It was really interesting to see the photographer's point of view. And the photographs that were included were amazing!

The Coop's Rhythm! I love it!

Anonymous said...

I finally saw Best Week Ever with Anderson
named the person having the best week
ever.It was an instant classic.I really like
the intro teasing a hot best week ever
and the commentary was to funny and
too cute.

Martini Sherri said...

I LOVE IT WHEN HE WALKS! lol He did look so kewwwwwwwl!