Friday, October 26, 2007

Jeffrey Toobin visits Charlie Rose

Well, it's been quite a week on CNN, with Planet in Peril finally airing and the California fires dominating live news. Both of those have been well-documented here, so I just have a few screengrabs from the fires, and then some Other Stuff to talk about.

You know how sometimes you see a photograph that may not even be directly of an event itself, but it somehow just hits you and somehow becomes an iconic photo? Like the "
Marlboro Marine" photo. Well, this one that was shown last night struck me that way:

There is something about the clear determination in the firefighter's eyes that just is so striking.

I also grabbed this one, just because we so rarely get to see Anderson and John King together. It isn't a war zone this time, but it certainly looks like one:

Jeffrey Toobin was interviewed by Charlie Rose earlier this week. I have crushed on Charlie since his days on CBS Nightwatch. Charlie was a lawyer himself before he went into journalism, so he has a great background and understanding of Jeffrey's work. I clipped a brief segment at the beginning where he asks Jeffrey why he switched from law to television. Unfortunately, Blogger is once again blocking my uploads (I'll deal with THEM on Monday!) and I had to leave for work... uh, five minutes ago!... so I uploaded it to my PhotoBucket account and will hope this works!

Well, I hate to post and run, but you know how bosses are! NO sense of humor!

There's no AC360 tonight, presumably so Anderson can start his trek to the Congo. PiP replays, so if you missed any of it, enjoy the repeat. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Cyn, That picture is priceless. I love the flag, the symbol. of the American spirit in times of adversity. We will see that picture again somewhere, probably the next time the fire fighters are in the fight of their life.

Sheryn said...

I love that picture of the firefighter, Cyn! It's so intense.

OMG, I've been having Blogger video upload problems too! But then I try a second time and it works. Annoying!

Thanks for the Charlie/Jeffrey clip. I really admire Charlie as an interviewer. He has such a gentle nature about him. Even when he's asking tougher questions. He's an extremely funny man too!

Great post!

Phebe said...

I love that interview with Jeff Toobin, but Cyn.. Charlie Rose? Really Charlie Rose? You crushed on Charlie Rose? Never saw that one coming.

Anonymous said...

never knew all that about Jeffrey's parents.

Cyn said...

Phebe, my motto is Smart is Sexy. And if there had been an internet 25 years ago, there would have been a All Things Charlie. He did the most fascinating interviews. (And it was before he started wearing French cuffs. I hate French cuffs.)