Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wednesday-PiP Photo Vote


Ah, day 3 of the Andervaction, but we do have more pictures to vote on! You can continue to vote on all days until Sunday.

Here they are...




I know it isn't Anderson, it's Charlie Moore, but the picture is cute anyway!

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ACAnderFan said...

I voted for "C" becuase the polar bear is so cute and Charlie is so lucky to hold it :)

m.minkoff said...

Another difficult decision.
A - So boyish up on the suitcase, working away in his socks
B- Handsome, but too posed and "fake". I prefer photos that keep it real, I think.
C- Very nice for Charlie fans
D- I'd like it more if AC were looking at the bear instead of Jeff

So I'm going to go with A this time

aries moon said...

No contest today. I choose A. It's just a great pic, plus the socks with the gray feet, sweet. I love pics of him working in unusual surroundings.

sydney said...

This is the hardest one yet! They're all great. After a hard struggle, I went with D - the combo of 2 cute guys and a cute critter was too much to pass up.

Sapphire said...

Oy vay....this is getting difficult. I have to agree with you m. minkoff on your points for each picture.

I am going to wait to vote and see what strikes my fancy a bit later.

Jennifer said...

My favorite picture of the day is A :-)

aries moon said...

I've already voted, but the completely adorable sleeping baby polar bear pic deserves some praise too. That is just SO cute.

cactuskid said...

Ya'll are making this so very difficult cause all these PIP pics are so good! LOL!

"A" is one of my very favorites of Anderson cause it is so unusual seeing him sit on suitcases to work, but I'm going with "C" cause how many people get to hold a sleeping polar bear cub out in the wild and it's a very sweet pic of Charlie holding the cub like a baby which it is.

Love those pics of Anderson at top of post, PT! Creative!

Hope everyone has a very safe and fun Halloween today!!!!

Hanna_Young said...

Happy halloween!
It's is my first time to make any comment on this website.
I am not good at English. I've only read them since I found this blog. Recently I've come amd read you guys' writing almost around the clock. you guys help improve my level of english and get more information about anderson.^^ Thank you so much.

Thank you for posting anderson;s adorable pictures.
it's hard to make a decision~~but I prefer A!
He looks like a little boy up on the suitcase~, without shoes~

Martini Sherri said...

A of course....he is so cute!

Unknown said...

Welcome Hanna! Your English is good, don't worry.

I wish I could claim that I made the Halloween Anderson pictures, but I didn't. Those are ones reposted from last year. :)

Anonymous said...

I vote "A". That photo just makes me want to place my head on his shoulders and say "Watcha writing there, honey? " LOL !!

Jennifer said...

Who ever did the creative Halloween pictures of Anderson, they did a great job :-)

I'm glad that Halloween is over with.

Delie said...

I voted for Charlie!!! But A is one of my all time fav...

Anonymous said...

I'm going with 'A' soo qute!