Friday, November 30, 2007

Special Edition of 360 tonight at 8pm!

Anderson was just on Lou Dobbs promoting 360 at 8pm tonight. Be sure to tune in! 360 will also be back on at 10pm

Unusual views

Anderson is reporting live on The Situation Room
on scene from the site of the Clinton campaign HQ
in New Hampshire, where a man with a reported bomb
took hostages this morning.

Most of the news this week was about the debate, but I thought I would grab some of the more unusual views. Above, Anderson points to the screen during the YouTube debate Wednesday night.

And that's a mighty big screen! This is from the Tuesday warmup. Even with that big a picture, it must have seemed odd to be talking to his guests from the other side of the hall!

And from last night's show, Anderson checks his laptop as we go to commercial. Note the BlackBerry within easy reach... guess his addiction is still strong!

On American Morning today, John Roberts and Kiran Chetry previewed a story about vintage rock t-shirts that now sell for thousands of dollars. John broke out his Beatles accent (at least, I think that's what he was going for... ;) and also stumped Kiran with some classic rock trivia.

And although Ali Veshi isn't a 360 alum, this was too silly not to share... when your money guy starts shakin' his groove thang, you know the markets have been volatile for too long!

Finally, a rare interview with Michael Ware, done when he was in Paris last month but just hitting newsstands this week. From Monocle magazine, a feature called "Last Meal," wherein people discuss what and who they'd invite to... you know, asking a war correspondent to talk about his last meal just seems like kinda bad manners, doesn't it? I mean... Well, y'all saw his report last night. I'm going to have a few nightmares from that one... I'm just sayin'...

"Brisbane is my home but I live in Baghdad. For almost six years now I have only lived war. I leave Iraq twice a year and the first thing I do when I come out is go to a Thai restaurant; it's my first meal anywhere I go. I just arrived in Paris to cover the Rugby World Cup and I've already had two Thai meals. I love it and miss the taste. I miss the currency of the flavours, the richness of the food, the sparkle. I'm not a gourmet - I'm a man of very simple tastes - but, to me, Asian flavours are part of being a contemporary Australian, so I'd have Thai food for my last meal.

Today I'm having Tom Yum Goong. I haven't had a spring roll in months so I'm going to have some of those too. And then there's the eternal decision - stir fry or curry? I think I'll go with the prawns in curry sauce.

Before I left for Paris, I had just eaten in a restaurant in Iraq for the first time in two years. It was in the western Anbar province where the US Marines have a division. I went back to an important al-Qaeda village that Sunni insurgents had reclaimed from al-Qaeda only weeks before. They used to hang severed heads from butchers hooks on the main street.

Al-Qaeda had owned this particular restaurant for years and had closed it when they shut down the village and all communal life. Now that the tide has turned there and Iraqis have the upper hand again, reopening the restaurant was a big deal.

When I arrived in Iraq, after living in Kandahar, Afghanistan, for just over a year, it felt like a food revolution. For a while it seemed like the food had taste - we were eating kebabs, mutton, rice and chicken. Occasionally you'd see a salad and do cartwheels, particularly when you're eating the same lunch and dinner every day. I'm back to the same weight I was when I was 17.

Forget Atkins. Forget the fad diets. You want to go to fat camp? Then get yourself to Iraq. The food is unattractive and poorly prepared so there's no motivation to eat, and when you do it can have serious consequences! Sometimes you starve for days so you're constantly hungry and you end up dreaming and fantasising about food all the time.

At my last meal, I'd just have two members of my family. I don't like to talk about my personal life but the people I count as real friends wouldn't even fill this table. My world is actually very small. I come from a traditional Australian working-class background which I'm immensely proud of. My upbringing has helped to shape the man that I'm slowly evolving into.

My favourite memory as a child was being with my father and stopping at these roadside food vendors - roaming meat-pie salesmen - who would sell food from the back of their trucks. They would park by certain main thoroughfares and roads in the neighbourhoods where we grew up and my father and I would stop for pie'n'peas. It's an English thing - a saucy pie filled with ground beef. The pie man would slice the crust off the lid and peel it back to spread mashed peas across the top before resealing the lid.

To me as a child that was manna from heaven that came in a little white paper bag. Dad and I used to have a competition to see who could eat the thing without spilling it, because it was a very messy affair. I have very strong childhood memories of that.

The sad indictment on my current culinary life is that I will go into a US military embed just so I can get to the chow hall. I'm not kidding. I remember watching M*A*S*H when I was growing up, and you'd see the slop they dealt out to the soldiers in the army mess hall; but it's certainly not like that now.

They have salad bars as long as football fields, sandwich bars, ice cream parlours, and burger and corn dog stands. Then there's the main meal section, with fruit, veg and salad and an assortment of beverages that boggles the mind. I've been known to fake interest in military operations just to get to the food, and I think it's well known within the multinational force command that if they want to entice me out for an interview or a sit-down with a general, they offer a lunch and we'll do it in the chow hall. If they want to own me, they go via my stomach."

Have a great weekend! Looks like we will see Anderson tonight after all!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

That After Debate Glow?

Dare I say I love this tie? Probably not, it will fall into that abyss, with my other favorites.

I really can't talk about the Republican's again tonight. I just don't have it in me. So we'll move past the opening discussion, on Thursday's AC360, to other subjects covered. One note, it was wonderful to see Ari Fleischer. I wonder why we don't see Andrew Sullivan on 360 anymore?

• It was very interesting to see Michael Ware roaming the streets of Baghdad. It seemed safe, but I wonder if it really was? As MW said what the US needs now is peace between the Sunni and the Shia sects. That will not happen by pointing guns and killing people. It will take time. Lots and lots of time. If you don't understand the difference between the two sects here is a link to a good read.

•Drew Peterson.....what a slime ball. Have you ever met someone that is arrogant and flippant, like he is? I'm judging him, not giving him the benefit of doubt, but I'm just going with my gut.
• What a great interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Her fight to have Saudi law changed is truly an uphill battle. The only thing that is going to change Saudi law, as it concerns woman's rights, is world pressure. Women in many Muslim countries live by rules we, in this country, can't possibly imagine.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an author, playwright and a political writer. She is the daughter of a Somali politician and revolutionary opposition leader. She was born in Somalia but moved to Saudi Arabia when she was very young. Her family then left Saudi Aribia to move to Ethiopia, eventually settling in Kenya. She sought and was given political asylum in The Netherlands in 1992.

• Thursday's 360 blog entry by Kay Jones said "Keeping on the political beat, be sure to tune in Monday night when Anderson spends a day on the campaign trail with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee".

It really doesn't tell us which day AC will be spending with Huckabee, but here's the Presidential candidate's schedule for the next few days:

Friday, November 30, 2007
11:45 a.m. ET – Concord, NH – Speaks at Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce 2008 Presidential Forum Series at the Concord Holiday Inn, 172 North Main Street.
2:00 p.m. ET – Tilton, NH – Plays with the Tilton School rock band and speaks to students, faculty and local residents at the Tilton School , 30 School Street.
Saturday, December 1, 2007
10:00 a.m. ET – Bedford, NH – Attends Coffee & Conversation hosted by Doug & Shannon McGinley at 4 Balsam Court.
12:00 p.m. ET – Manchester, NH – Speaks at College Convention 2008 at Center of New Hampshire Radisson Hotel, 700 Elm Street.
3:00 p.m. ET – Hudson, NH – Attends 90th Birthday Party for Beryl Reeve at 14 Falcon Drive. (By invitation only; open press). Keene, NH – Attends house party hosted by Rep. Dan Dumaine.
7:30 p.m. ET – Keene, NH – Speaks at Cheshire County Republican Committee/Cheshire Republican Women's Committee Joint Holiday Party at the Keene Country Club, 755 West Hill Road.
Sunday, December 2, 2007 9:00 a.m. ET
Nashua, NH – Speaks at morning worship service at Grace Fellowship of Nashua, 43 Main Street. (Closed Press).

•Remember there is no AC 360 on Friday evening. CNN is running a new Christiane Amanpour special about the political upheaval in Russia.

•We have received John King's answers to our questions and they are just wonderful. I'll be posting them on Monday morning.

•I'm going to leave you with some cute Anderca from Thursday's program. Have a great weekend everyone. ~Phebe

How many times can you scream the word, "PINHEAD"?

(photo courtesy of CNN)

About a thousand, that's how many! I'm still screaming at the TV and the internet today! Have you ever seen a bigger bunch of narrow-minded, chauvinistic, untrustworthy pinheads in your life? (I'm paraphrasing a wee bit below to make a point.)

Ohhh, don't worry about my last 20 years of service where I've supported abortion rights and Roe v. Wade. Nooooooo, I was soooo wrong and now I've seen the light! -- Mitt Romney

Travel on government funds to see my girlfriend while I was still married to my wife? You've gotta be kidding me! I was the best damn mayor this world has ever seen! -- Rudy Guiliani

I've got me my Smith & Wesson's stashed somewhere and I'm not telling no how, no way! And by the way, I'm gonna waltz into this group knowing that the actor always wins! Haven't you ever heard of Reagan and Schwarzenegger? -- Fred Thompson

I'll just sit here with my weird eyes and look incredulous every time I'm asked a question. -- Tom Tancredo

Hell, I was right all along! I knew this Iraq War strategy wasn't gonna work! I told ya so! Nah Nah Na Boo Boo! -- John McCain

No worries, I can be your gyno and your President too! Kill two birds with one stone! -- Ron Paul

Okay, did I miss anyone? Yes I did. Mike Huckabee. I feel like Mike Huckabee is an honest and decent man. I don't agree with his views on any of the issues however he was the one candidate on that stage last night that could be called both honest and decent! I respect Mike Huckabee greatly. I just don't want him as my president.

Since when is every controversy that happens on CNN Anderson Cooper's fault?
Are we the only ones who know that Anderson Cooper has producers that should be vetting information about these questioners? Have all the Right-Wing bloggers lost their minds today? My goodness, even Washington DC's most famous male escort turned journalist Jeff Gannon was spouting his "CNN = Clinton News Network" crap today! Really Jeff, you don't have an axe to grind with Anderson Cooper or CNN now do you??? (for those of you who don't know who Jeff Gannon is, google away people. It's rather interesting!)

I mean, I don't want to sound like some 'fangurl defending her man' but Jeezbus why is this latest controversy Anderson's fault? Ms. Phebe told me that John Roberts spoke with Brigadier General Kerr on American Morning in order to clear up some of the controversy. You won't find much support for CNN today in getting the truth out so I thought I'd share this interview with you so you can tell the spin from the truth.

ROBERTS: Later, CNN found out that General Kerr is a member of Hillary Clinton's Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual and Transgender Steering Committee. CNN senior vice president and executive producer of the debate, David Bohrman, says, "We regret this incident. CNN would not have used the General's question had we known that he was connected to any presidential candidate. Prior to the debate, CNN had verified the General's military background and that he had not contributed any money to any presidential campaign. Following the debate, Kerr told us he has not done any work for the Clinton campaign. He says he is a member of the log cabin Republicans and was representing no one other than himself." ...

BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) BRIG. GEN. KEITH KERR, U.S. ARMY RET., SANTA ROSA, CA: My name's Keith Kerr from Santa Rosa, California. I'm a retired brigadier general with 43 years of service, and I'm a graduate of the Special Forces Officer course, the Command and General Staff course and the Army War college, and I'm an openly gay man. I want to know why you think that American men and women in uniform are not professional enough to serve with gays and lesbians.(END VIDEO CLIP)

ROBERTS: So there's the question and Retired Army Brigadier General Keith Kerr joins me now this morning. We discovered after the debate last night that you are in fact a member of Hillary Clinton's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender steering committee. We did not -- we did a background check and we found that you have not made any campaign contributions to any candidate. Does that still stand?

KERR: That's correct.

ROBERTS: OK. Well, let me ask you about your position on the steering committee. What does that entail, and have you in fact done any work for Hillary Clinton's campaign?

KERR: I have not done any work. Several friends asked me if I would allow my name to be listed and I agreed because she is such a strong advocate of gay and lesbian rights.

ROBERTS: So this really hasn't required anything on your part other than lending your name to it?

KERR: Correct.

ROBERTS: Now, did anyone from Hillary Clinton's campaign or from the steering economy or anyone else associated with a political organization put you up to the idea of asking this question?

KERR: Absolutely not. This was a private initiative on my own.

ROBERTS: So why did you want to ask this question?

KERR: I wanted to ask it because I wanted to focus attention on the damage that "don't ask, don't tell" currently does to our military readiness. Every day, the Department of Defense kicks out two or three talented gay or lesbian personnel. And we're talking about intelligence specialists, surgeons, nurses, doctors, 58 Arabic linguists since 9/11.

ROBERTS: And what was your experience like as an openly gay man to have to live in the closet of the U.S. military?

KERR: Well, I enjoyed the army so much that I wanted to stay and finish my career. However, I did so in the reserves, and it made a wonderful career for me and made me a much better person.

ROBERTS: But was it difficult for you?

KERR: Because of the gender?

ROBERTS: You're living two lives, basically?

KERR: John, because of the generation in which I grew up, one could not reveal their sexuality. It meant immediate loss...

ROBERTS: Oh, even in this generation again.

KERR: ... of your civilian or military job. And I wanted to be successful in life and it was necessary to not reveal my sexuality.

ROBERTS: Right. On the idea of not revealing things, we didn't know again that you were a member of the steering committee. There was also a news release dated November 11, 2007, that lists you as a national co-chair on veterans and military retirees for Hillary Clinton. Are you in fact a member of that organization?

KERR: Yes. It's the same one. Simply my list, my name on the list.

ROBERTS: So it's the same organization?

KERR: And both friends, yes. I think it's two separate lists to support Hillary Clinton.

ROBERTS: Now, perhaps our bad for not further investigating your background other than going on to make sure that you hadn't made any campaign contributions, but did you ever think to disclose your affiliation to us? And if not --

KERR: It never concerned me because I had not really participated in that.

ROBERTS: All right.

KERR: As a matter of fact, I supported several Republicans this fall.

ROBERTS: Tell me about that.KERR: One of them is Aliana Rossladen (ph).

ROBERTS: Rossladen (ph), correct.

KERR: And she's from the Miami area. She was in San Francisco recently at a fundraiser and I went and made a contribution to her campaign.

ROBERTS: And you're a registered Independent.

KERR: A registered Independent in California.

ROBERTS: Oh, General Kerr, thank you very much for joining us this morning, explaining a little bit more about your situation. I can't say that we would have used the question had we known. Now, a lesson for us as well. But thank you for coming in this morning, sir.

KERR: Oh, thank you.

ROBERTS: And thank you for your service to the country.

KERR: Thank you for being so transparent. I appreciate that.

ROBERTS: All right. Good to speak with you

Alright, I'm outta here for this week. My head hurts and my blood pressure is dangerously high! I swear to you, if one of these repugs actually makes it into office, I'm moving to Europe. Of course, that's if yelling at these PINHEADS doesn't kill me first! Have a great weekend everyone! And God Save The Queen! -Sheryn

The Republicans Argue....I Mean Debate

CNN Worldwide – All Rights Reserved 2007©

What won't I do for Anderson Cooper? I watched the Republican's debate on Wednesday night, for God's sake. Does that not prove my devotion? As my friend Sheryn said earlier tonight "My ears are bleeding". Seriously, it was just awful. But I did listen closely, just in case I can't vote for the Democrat's nomination.

•I love John McCain. I think it's partly just his charisma. If you ever get the chance to meet him you'll understand. He's funny and irreverent and very, very savvy. If only he wasn't such a hawk.

•Rudy and Mitt did themselves no favors tonight by going for the jugular. I heard from so many people that muted their televisions when it got too ugly.

•I learned several things tonight, but the most fascinating was that Ron Paul was an OB. I don't know about you, but I have a real problem with thinking of someone who earns his living putting women in stirrups and looking at their hoo haas as Presidential. LOL.

•Then there's Fred Thompson. Why does he remind me of John Wayne? I had to laugh at the lady in Erica Hill's focus group who said she doesn't care for his TV shows. In my opinion that's about the only thing I do care for.

•Mike Huckabee lost me when I heard that he gave free rides at state universities to children of illegal immigrants. His reasoning was that they had gone through the public school system the same as legal residents, so they deserved that same scholarship rights. If I understood him correctly after we've given them 13 years of free public education we owe them 4 more? Unbelievable.

Like with the last debate there was again some controversy, this time concerning Brigadier General Keith Kerr who spoke passionately (and much too long) about gays in the military. If you watched the debate he seemed to want to lecture the candidates more than ask them a question. Again CNN's team of producers didn't vet their audience participates very effectively. Before the program was over Bill Bennett disclosed Kerr's association with one of Hillary Clinton's election committees. This is not AC's fault, IMO, but that of the CNN research team. But, like the previous brouhaha, I'm sure he'll take the brunt of the criticism. Not fair.

I'm sure you noticed that all of our question & answer participates (except Mike Watkiss) were on Wednesday's AC360. I wonder how John Roberts manages to be awake, let alone alert, for American Morning when he's still talking politics with AC at 11 PM?

Here are a few more high res pictures courtesy of CNN. Yes, I saved the best for last. CNN Worldwide – All Rights Reserved 2007©

And if you haven't had enough Anderson Cooper photos here's a link to a slideshow from a Tampa television station. Enjoy.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tonight's the night!

Good afternoon everyone! I'm really excited to watch the CNN/YouTube Republican Debate tonight! Remember, the debate starts at 8pm and a special edition of Anderson Cooper 360 follows at 10pm (all times are EDT.)

I thought I'd just post a couple of links with some pre-debate video interviews with Anderson and John King:

  • In this first interview, Brandon McLaughlin of Tampa Bay's ABC Action News chats with Anderson Cooper about tonight's debates. This is a good one because it's actually raw footage that has not been edited for tonight's news broadcast. (If I've done this correctly, the interview should be on the page for you already. If not, click on the first video in the News section on the left-hand side of the page, Brenden McLaughlin talks with CNN's Anderson Cooper about tonight's GOP debate.)

  • Our second interview is courtesy of This one is for all you John King fans! (The video can be found in the More Information box. The video is entitled YouTube Debate.)

  • And the third interview comes from This one is with Anderson as well. By the way, let me credit with the lovely pictures on my post tonight! (Click on Video Story from LAB link on the right side of the page right under the debate stage picture)
I know you are all juiced about listening to these old stodgy men babble the party line. Um, oh yeah, I'm not supposed to wear my opinion on my sleeve...Sorry!!! :)

Have a great night! Hee, betcha can't wait to read my post tomorrow! It should be a great rant! -Sheryn

Warming up in St Pete

Wow, I finally get to guest-post the show and have the actual titular host! The show was broadcast from St. Petersburg, Florida, site of tomorrow's YouTube debate for the Republicans.

I'm not one to start off with (or even mention, actually) the sartorial selections, but... Don't get me wrong, usually I admire Anderson's suits, but I have to admit, the one he wore tonight is never a favorite. The close pinstriping makes my TV screen vibrate, and that ain't pretty. Add that to the crazy-busy background they use for the debates, and I was reaching for the Dramamine!

The first story was, of course, about the candidates. John King did a quick video rundown of them (it still amazes me to hear Guiliani referred to as a moderate) and then he and Gloria Borger joined Anderson on stage for a little discussion.

Now that pinstripe, I like! It stays where it belongs and... Oh, sorry. Talkin' about the clothes again. *ahem* Although, do you think John forgot to pack a tie? Not that I'm complaining, mind you; I happen to like the casual look on him, it's just... Okay, okay, back to the substance.

Next up, the Mideast Peace Summit at Annapolis. I think it's wonderful that Condi finally realized that Bush's legacy will also be HER legacy, but it really is about seven years too late to jump on this particular horse and expect a substantive resolution in *checking watch* 13 months. Especially since Bush has exactly zero credibility in the Middle East, so anything that comes out of this effort will be viewed with even more suspicion than most. There may be a couple of things that Bush hasn't yet done that could make him -- and us -- more reviled in that part of the world (bombing Iran comes to mind) but he hasn't exactly painted us as benevolent keepers of peace and promoters of democracy.

My point, and I do have one (thank you, Ellen!), is that I think David Gergen inhaled when he said we should give Bush credit for this. I was glad Anderson called him on it.

360 Bulletin: the story of the British schoolteacher in Sudan who may be given 40 lashes for allowing her students to name the class teddy bear Mohammed is just mind-boggling. I mean, I admit that if I heard a bunch of kids asking to name their teddy Jesus or Israel or Buddha, I probably would try to talk them out of it. But lots of boys are given the name Mohammed, maybe they were naming the bear after someone else? I don't know, but this certainly seems crazy. I hope they either drop the charges or end up just expelling her from the country.

And from that to the light-hearted WWTT segment. The beauty queen lied?! Gasp! Oh no! Seriously, even yesterday when we thought it was legit, everyone looked at those pics and said, she had hives? That face is swollen? 

John Zarella did the update on the Sean Taylor story. My initial reaction to the "random or targeted" question was, who burglarizes a house they think is empty, discovers someone actually is home, and then kicks down a door to get to them? I'm no criminal genius, but I would think they would run out of there as fast as possible. It just feels like they were after this guy, for whatever reason. Such a shame. Thank God his girlfriend and baby were not killed.

Not exactly sure when we got a "Crime and Punishment" segment added to the show (prior to last night) but tonight's segment is another one to make you grind your teeth. This is one of those stories that you just know will be turned into a "ripped from the headlines" TV episode soon... Well, once the writers' strike settles, anyway.

Iceland the best place to live? Glad Anderson doubts that as much as I do. (No offense to any Icelanders who may be reading this!) And I thought the teddy bear toss was absolutely charming... just as long as none of them were named Mohammed. 

There is an amazing commercial that runs locally here. First time I saw it, I puzzled all the way through as to what they were selling. See if you can figure it out:

And finally... well, there must have been some cosmic alignment happening this week back in 2005, because not only was ATA started then, but I first saw Michael Ware two years ago tomorrow on 360. Well, heard, actually, since it was an interview done by phone; but his startling honesty at a time when so much of the media was still reporting that things were hunky-dory in Iraq just left me speechless. I'm uploading a few changes to the site tonight -- some just cosmetic, others structural -- but thought I'd leave you with the Very First Clip:

Have a great night, enjoy the debate, see you Friday!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

So much to celebrate

Good afternoon everyone! Wow! What a week! So much to celebrate in our ATA family. First, our 2 year anniversary, then our new look, Ms. Purple Tie's birthday and now:


Forget the champagne, Anderblue Martinis for everyone!!! Phebe, we raise our glasses to you my friend! We hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with joy, love, happiness and many, many presents!

And what better way to celebrate Phebs birthday then the return of The Man! WOO HOO! I'm sorry, vacation looks very good on Mr. Cooper! We covered most of last night's show during the morning post but I just want to say a couple of things about the politics of the night. First, I don't care if you are Oprah, Bruce Springsteen, Barbara Streisand or Susan Sarandon. I cannot stand celebrities stumping for their favorite candidates. But during every presidential election since I was old enough to care, the celebrities come out in droves in support of their favorite candidate. So now starts the 'photo-ops for votes' season. UGH! You know what would be refreshing? An actual presidential election where the candidate wins because of the issues they support. Nowadays I feel like the celebrity with the most clout wins their candidate the election. Isn't that sad?

The YouTube Debate are coming to St. Petersburg!
Tomorrow is the much anticipated Republican YouTube Debates. CNN put out the schedule for the night:

Wednesday, Nov. 28
8 p.m.-10 p.m. CNN/YouTube/RPOF Presidential Primary Debate in St. Petersburg with a simulcast on Headline News of Erica Hill reporting live from Tampa, Fla., with a focus group of undecided voters

10 p.m.-11 p.m. Special Anderson Cooper 360° post-debate program with Anderson Cooper live from St. Petersburg and Wolf Blitzer and the rest of the Best Political Team reporting

11 p.m.-12 a.m. Documentary Broken Government: Campaign Killers featuring Campbell Brown

12 a.m.-1 a.m. Replay of CNN/YouTube/RPOF Presidential Primary Debate

Much has been written about tomorrow night's debate but here are two Q&A's with Anderson Cooper for you to peruse!'s Q&A with Anderson Cooper has a very conservative slant to their questions.

Yesterday, The Feed on also posted a Q&A with Anderson which was done right before the Las Vegas debates. Have a read.

Monday's AC360

It was great to Anderson Cooper back at the helm for Monday's AC360. When Larry King did the toss he said AC was in Los Angeles, I assume that's due to his scheduled appearance on the Ellen Degeneres Show. I did some checking, but I couldn't figure out if Ellen taped Monday or this morning.
Don't forget to set your TIVO's (times vary so check you local listings). Sapphire told me Ellen got Tom Brokaw to do a little dancing on Monday's show. Don't hold you breath but maybe she'll get AC to do a little sumpin?

Monday's AC360 led off with a report on the candidates, by Candy Crowley. As Candy said 'Tis the season for body blows'. When I listen to the back and forth between Obama and Clinton I get very annoyed. The one thing the Dems need to do is present a united front. This sniping is not going to win them the election, no matter who the candidate is.
After Candy's story there was a great round table with Republican strategist Ed Rollins, David Gergen and Katrina Vanden Heuvel, editor of The Nation. I was a bit surprised that Rollins and Gergen are putting so much stock in Oprah's announcement that she would campaign for Obama in December. Maybe they don't realize that women actually have brains and can think for themselves? If someone is going to vote for Obama just because Oprah tells them that just leaves me speechless.

Speaking of speechless....not much to add to John Kings excellent report on Rudy Giuliani's flip flopping on abortion. I am so sick of politician's talking out of both sides of their mouths.

And while we're on the subject of abortion what did you think of Randi Kaye's report about doctors refusing birth control pills to patients? Shouldn't you be warned in advance, maybe when making an appointment, that the doctor will not prescribe birth control? What is a patient to do? Just go from doctor to doctor, paying co-pays, until you find someone that will help you? How ridiculous is that?

Did you catch AC's comment after Kiran Chetry's tease for American Morning? He said "And how many cup holders does it have, that's the the Simpson mobile." Anyone know what he was talking about? Thanks to Aruna and Sapphire I do. It's from an episode where Homer meets his half brother and designs a car with cupholders all over the place. Homer says "
"Like a place to put my drink. Not a little cup, but one of those 'super-slurpers at the Kwik-E-Mart."
Anderson said he's headed to Florida today for the You Tube debates. He also said he'd see us tonight so I guess Tuesday's AC360 will be live from Florida? Stay tuned.

And speaking of Anderson's travels any guesses to where he was last week? We'd heard he was on vacation, but couldn't really verify where, until today. We can now tell you he was in Italy. How do we know that? Read and learn.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Happy Anniversary To Us!

Can you believe it? It's ATA's 2 year anniversary! I know that's not a long time in real time, but in the world of Anderson Cooper blogs it's an eternity.

When I began this site, 2 years ago, I had no idea how much work it would be... or how much fun it would be. It has given me some of the closest friends in my life and that is the best reward one can ever hope for.

If you go back through the archives (it's now in calendar form on the sidebar) you'll see the history of ATA unfold. First to join the team was Purple Tie. I don't know how I ever convinced her to leave what was the best Anderson Cooper blog at the time, Anderson Cooper Corner, but I'm just so glad that she did. Next came our master researcher Quitty. Actually she was Quitman at the time. Our Ms. Sheryn started calling her Quitty and it stuck. And speaking of Sheryn she gave up her excellent AC blog to join the fun next. I think she thought it would be less work to be part of a blog team, but it kinda hasn't worked out that way. What time she saved is now spent twofold researching, uploading clips and emailing with her blog buddies. Like I said before we are a very close bunch.

This year, we branched out by creating our sister blog, All Things CNN. And this year has also brought us 3 more contributors. Our wonderful Book Asylum, who is another excellent researcher and to whom we owe a huge debt of gratitude for implementing the new blog design. I have learned through this entire process that BA is a most patient person. She never complained about all the tweaks and design changes, just tried to make it work. Besides being a programming wiz, she always finds new and unique news to blog about. And our sweet Sapphire. She is always there to lend a helping hand. And last, but certainly not least, my friend Cyn. She was an old hand at blogging when she joined us. Her Michael Ware blog is the gold standard for fan blogs.

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention our wonderful graphic artist, Lori, who is always ready and willing to create whatever wild and crazy ideas we come up with. And she gets all the credit for our new, fabulous banner. She's got a few surprises up her sleeve for the upcoming holidays so stay tuned for that.

There you have it, that's the team...but it doesn't tell the whole story. Without you, the readers, we wouldn't have survived two weeks, let alone two years. You're here everyday to read, comment, even send us tips from time to time. So celebrate with us. It's as much your anniversary as it is ours. And thank you. You will never know how much your friendship and support means to all of us. ~Phebe

Now onto the news of the day. Did you catch Anderson's segment on 60 Minutes? It was fascinating. I've read a bit about this phenomena but I really had no idea that the recovery was as dramatic as what we saw in AC's segment. Part of the report was AC having a MRI to observe verbal stimulation to his brain. Again very, very interesting.

If you missed the program Anderson's segment is posted on the 60 Minutes website.

We have one more thing to celebrate today. It's Purple Tie's birthday. I really have to say a hasty adieu. The ladies have already popped the corks on the champagne and the celebration has begun. Happy Birthday PT and Happy Anniversary ATA!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Anderson has a piece on 60 Minutes this week entitled "Awakenings". It is about "minimally conscious people - those who can't talk, walk or eat, but are not in a vegetative state - actually re-awakening thanks to drug therapies." To see an interview with Anderson about the segment, click HERE.

One of the people featured is George Melendez whose parents have created a tribute website for their son at Guess what the drug was George took that re-awoke him? Ambien! Yes, Ambien. The same drug that Sanjay did a report on back in March of 2006 where he talked about people sleep-driving and sleep-eating after taking the drug. Here is the clip if you don't remember the segment.

Have you voted for your favorite CNN hero? I had a hard time trying to decide my favorite. They all have done extraordinary things. You have until Monday 11/26 at 12PM EST to cast your vote HERE.

And Finally...

When you hit the internet Monday be sure to come by and see us here at All Things Anderson. We've got a little somethin', somethin' we want you to see.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Promos, Video and Puzzle

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and didn't eat too much! Now we only have a few weeks until Christmas is upon us and the mad hunt for Christmas presents has begun, judging from the amount of people shopping today!

Cindy mentioned in comments earlier today that CNN had some new YouTube debate Promos up. Thanks to Quitty, I'm able to post them here for you to view....


According to Interbridge Anderson is going to be a guest on the Ellen Degeneres Show on Tuesday, Nov 27th! That should be fun. I hope he dances but somehow I think Ellen will be hard pressed to get him to do that in front of an audience!


I thought I might include a clip from "back in the day" when Anderson was on Carson Daily's show back in 2003. Enjoy! (Thanks Quitty for the upload!)


And last but not least tonight, I thought I'd include another puzzle for everyone. Good Luck!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

An Attitude of Gratitude

Good Evening everyone. By now the turkey has been cooked, the pie has been eaten and the football games are over. As I am the only one of the ladies not celebrating Thanksgiving today (Canada has Thanksgiving in October), it made perfect sense for me to take tonight so the other ladies could spend some time with their families. I have to say I had a plan for my evening but then the way plans tend to go sometimes, they we throw out the window. We had our first snow fall in Toronto today and due to some unfortunate circumstances it took me three hours to get home from work. Now it would be easy to complain but then I remembered how truly good I have it and that this little blimp in my plans is no reason to lose sight of what is important. I believe it is very important to live your life with an attitude of gratitude. I believe it is important to be thankful for the blessings I have everyday and not just on a specific day set a side for thanksgiving. I am so grateful for my family and friends. I am thankful that I live in a country where I can believe and say whatever I want. I am thankful for my health and the health of all those who are special to me. I am thankful to the ladies I blog with here at ATA. In this past year I have gained six wonderful friends that I know I can count on for encouragement and support. I am thankful to all of you who come to read and comment here on ATA. You make blogging and all the time that goes into it worth it. And I know it sounds cliché but I am thankful for Anderson Cooper. Because of Anderson I have had the opportunity to create so many wonderful connections and friendships. Anderson will probably never fully get the existent to which he affects people but for that that reason I am grateful.

Now on to some Anderson related items. Since there was no 360 tonight I have a bunch of great little bits and pieces for everyone tonight.

Before Ms. Phebe went to have thanksgiving dinner she sent me a great find from the Huffington Post. Many news reporters and anchors took some time to share what they are thankful for.

Jeffrey Toobin, New Yorker writer, CNN Legal Correspondent and author of the New York Times bestseller The Nine: Inside The Secret World of the Supreme Court:
"I know that Michael Vick is thankful for Larry Craig, who pushed Vick off the top of the news. Vick is thankful for Bernie Kerik for the same reason. And Kerik thanks Barry Bonds. And I, always, give thanks for Judith Regan."

John Roberts, co-anchor, "CNN American Morning," Canadian former host of "The New Music" on CITY-TV in a decade that isn't this one, and not the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court:
I'm thankful for family. For my beautiful children who are growing up kind, conscientious individuals who think of others before themselves, who are never difficult, get in trouble, gossip or have a coarse word for even people who have wronged them. They truly are a blessing. I am thankful for my loving wife, who has stuck with me through trying times and remains the rock that keeps me grounded and sane. For my mother, who had the independence and tenacity to live in her home by herself until the age of 94, when she was finally forced by Alzheimer's to move to assisted living. And to my sister, who did all the heavy lifting to make that transition while her brother was flying across the country covering the news. As I grow older, it becomes ever clearer that of all the things in life, the one thing that endures is family. With my commuting to New York from Washington these days, we don't spend as much time together as we either used to, or would like. I miss them terribly, but when I return on the weekends, they are there with an abundance of love that helps make up for the lost time. What more could anyone be thankful for than that

You can read other media personalities such as Aaron Brown, Arianna Huffington, Bob Woodruff, Brian Williams, Charlie Rose, Howard Kurtz and many others by clicking here. Also check out All Things CNN for some videos Ms. Phebe posted tonight from this morning American Morning with John Roberts and Co. It is quiet funny!

Thanks to the queen of all things Nth Degree, Ms Quitty we have the transcript of the Nth Degree from what seems like the only time Anderson was on during Thanksgiving back on November 18, 2003

Tonight, taking preemptive strikes to "The Nth Degree." Now, when the U.S. went into Iraq this year, it was the first time in history the U.S. had attacked another country for the stated purpose of preventing that country from possibly attacking the U.S. in the future. At the time, some people worried that this would establish a precedent justifying anyone who wanted to make a preemptive attack against a presumptive threat. Well, according to a report by WGAL in Pennsylvania, that's exactly what's happened. With Thanksgiving bearing down on them, the turkeys of Lancaster County have decided not to wait for death to find them. As seen in this dramatic night scope video taken during the day two turkey commandos launch multiple attacks on passing convoys. Some survivors came forward to tell their stories.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I just call him the attack turkey.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He's a mad, mad turkey.


COOPER: One witness even recited part of the attacker's political manifesto. True, in their rage, the turkeys have failed to find any weapons of meat destruction, but they have succeeded in putting the world on notice that they will not stand idly by while others plan their demise.

I had asked all the ladies to send me a picture of Anderson that either was their favourite or just meant a lot of them and you have seen the photos throughout the post but I wanted to share a little special something along with Quitty’s picture choice. Last year Quitty did a post call Adorably Embarrassed and in the post she included a video of Anderca banter. If you never have seen this video or you haven’t seen it in a while….enjoy

And tonight I leave you with some great clips Book Asylum sent me of Jeff Corwin appearing on Ellen Degeneres show yesterday to promote PIP on Animal Planet. These clips are way too cute.

So I would love to hear about the thanksgiving traditions you engaged in today. Again my warmest wishes to all the ATA readers and their families who celebrated Thanksgiving and good luck with the shopping on Black Friday. I will be back in a few weeks.