Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Monday's AC360

It was great to Anderson Cooper back at the helm for Monday's AC360. When Larry King did the toss he said AC was in Los Angeles, I assume that's due to his scheduled appearance on the Ellen Degeneres Show. I did some checking, but I couldn't figure out if Ellen taped Monday or this morning.
Don't forget to set your TIVO's (times vary so check you local listings). Sapphire told me Ellen got Tom Brokaw to do a little dancing on Monday's show. Don't hold you breath but maybe she'll get AC to do a little sumpin?

Monday's AC360 led off with a report on the candidates, by Candy Crowley. As Candy said 'Tis the season for body blows'. When I listen to the back and forth between Obama and Clinton I get very annoyed. The one thing the Dems need to do is present a united front. This sniping is not going to win them the election, no matter who the candidate is.
After Candy's story there was a great round table with Republican strategist Ed Rollins, David Gergen and Katrina Vanden Heuvel, editor of The Nation. I was a bit surprised that Rollins and Gergen are putting so much stock in Oprah's announcement that she would campaign for Obama in December. Maybe they don't realize that women actually have brains and can think for themselves? If someone is going to vote for Obama just because Oprah tells them too.....wow that just leaves me speechless.

Speaking of speechless....not much to add to John Kings excellent report on Rudy Giuliani's flip flopping on abortion. I am so sick of politician's talking out of both sides of their mouths.

And while we're on the subject of abortion what did you think of Randi Kaye's report about doctors refusing birth control pills to patients? Shouldn't you be warned in advance, maybe when making an appointment, that the doctor will not prescribe birth control? What is a patient to do? Just go from doctor to doctor, paying co-pays, until you find someone that will help you? How ridiculous is that?

Did you catch AC's comment after Kiran Chetry's tease for American Morning? He said "And how many cup holders does it have, that's the question......like the Simpson mobile." Anyone know what he was talking about? Thanks to Aruna and Sapphire I do. It's from an episode where Homer meets his half brother and designs a car with cupholders all over the place. Homer says "
"Like a place to put my drink. Not a little cup, but one of those 'super-slurpers at the Kwik-E-Mart."
Anderson said he's headed to Florida today for the You Tube debates. He also said he'd see us tonight so I guess Tuesday's AC360 will be live from Florida? Stay tuned.

And speaking of Anderson's travels any guesses to where he was last week? We'd heard he was on vacation, but couldn't really verify where, until today. We can now tell you he was in Italy. How do we know that? Read and learn.


Jennifer said...

Oprah looks like Oprah will be campaigning for Barack Obama for president just like I thought she would.

The 13 year old girl that killed herself because of something that was said on computer, I feel so sorry for the parents it's sad that even though they know the neighbor that cause their daughter to do that, there isn't anything that can be done about it. Poor little girl, even though I'm 27 me and my mother have a very close relationship to bad she didn't have that close of a relationship with her mother, she did tell her mother, but her mother should listen a little closer. That's just my opinion. I feel sorry for the mother cause I'm sure she wish she had listen closer and understood how upset her daughter really was. People online can be very cruel. The 13 year old girl just didn't know how to deal with it.

"360Bulletin" Anderson must not shop online. I think he nearly fell sleep during 360Bulletin :-) Erica Hill was trying to explain how she does her shopping online from time to time. I agree with Erica I like to shop online myself sometimes. Even though I run an antique shop and I do buy things offline. But If you don't know what you doing it's best not to shop online.

ACAnderFan said...

I'll be honest I did not like 360 last nite. The stories had so much potential and could have been interesting. It's ashame becuase last week the 3 days that 360 was on were simply fantastic. I really enjoyed it last week.

I did like John King's piece on Rudy Giuliani's chanhing views on abortion. He is a typical politician in that he can't make up his mind.

I also enjoyed seeing Dr.Drew on the show. In my opinion he is not on enough. I love when he is on. That myspace story is so sad. I just can't believe a mother would create a fake myspace account and do what she did. That is disgusting and I wish the woman could be punished. She deserves to be.

Oh how nice AC was in Italy...

copperfish said...

Well, Oprah is Obama's ace in this race and admit it or not she had the clout and influence. So Obama may be grining from ear to ear.

Anonymous said...

I actually liked tonights AC 360. I agree with you bluediamond the report on the 13 year girl was heart breaking. And for her parents to find out that it was a neighbor who was also a parent..UGH! horrible. I hope they find justice.

But there was one thing that was bothering me about the show...Am I the only one who felt the need to straighten anderson tie...badly. lol. Idk it was just really bothering me.

Evelyn said...

GOOD LORD! I'm gone from the site for a few days and I come back and get THIS!! It took my breath away!

Sorry to backtrack a few days, but a huge congratulations and happy anniversary to ATA! You ladies are some of the hardest working people I know, and some of the sweetest too! Thanks for all your dedication to this amazing blog!

Secondly, Happy Birthday PT!! I hope you had a magnificent day :)

Lastly, kudos to everyone who worked on the new layout. It is truly spectacular! I've been away for a while so it was a huge surprise and literally took my breath away! Fantastic job!

MeshugahMazal said...

For someone who claims he doesn't like vacations, I find it a little odd for AC to take 2 vacations in Europe in recent months... still, I am glad to hear that he is at least taking a break for himself before hosting the YouTube debate this week!

Kristien said...

The report about those doctors refusing treatment, really makes me angry and scared. I don't think that doctors should just give the patient wathever they ask for just like that, but this is different. I mean, what if (God forbid) I ever needed emergency birth control like that one girl, and the doctor says "Sorry, I don't believe in birth control" WHAT?? I think it's even weirder, that in several states it's legal for doctors to refuse treatment because of their religion.
I'm curious to find out if there are any laws like that here in Belgium.

On to Oprah: I think that she will defenitely get people to vote for Obama. Is it the right reason to vote for someone? No, but like Tom Foreman said: she could probably change the weather if she wanted to, so she will be able to persuade a lot of folks to go with Obama.

I've have to go to work now. :( I'd rather go to Venice!!

ac said...


It is so good to have him back,and I hope that was an actual ''vacation''that he was on-not a ''working on a story vacation''!!

He just needs to slow down,poor guy!

I am not much into your politics as I don't live there,but I will be keeping an eye on the debate tomorrow night.

A little off topic,but as the show mentioned shopping online I was wondering:

I am new to online shopping stuff,so how many of you use Ebay,and how reliable and safe is it?


Anonymous said...

Monday's 360 covered the story spectrum.That is
360 at it's best wtih Anderson Cooper. The back and forth banter with Anderson and Erica was classic.
Especially the Miss Puerto Rico/Universe story.Dig the
new look for this blog.Thanks for all of the
hard work.

Anonymous said...

I think Anderson is in Cali for the big Heroes
event that is coming up next week. He has
a couple of busy weeks.Then of course it
is the 360 New Year's special and the Iowa
Caucus coming up so early in January.
After that Super Tuesday.Whoa!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Phebe,
Just an FYI, Ellen always tapes her shows a day ahead. So, Monday she would have taped Tuesday's show. Also, her tapings are at 4pm, PT, and take about 1 1/2 hours for the 1 hour show with all the starting & stopping.

(I only know because I've been to her show a couple times and the audience starts lining up outside of her studio on the the NBC lot in Burbank, CA @ noon and they start letting the audience into the building around 3pm so they can start promptly at 4pm PT.)

It's kinda neat that her studio is next door to Access Hollywood, so you see lots of celebrities coming & going while you are waiting in line to get in!

Sapphire said...

oh 360 was so great last night and I loved having Anderson back. Best part of the show was when Anderson talked about Tia Tequilia and her getting rashes....it is so funny because it is so true. I have so missed the Anderca banter. I love how excited Anderson gets about MTV shows :P

I loved Anderson's tie/shirt/suit combo. Nice to have something besides the black suit.

Venice......I am so jealous. Glad he took a real vacation though :)

Unknown said...

I liked the show last night. There were a good mix of stories and it was so much better than before he left for vacation.

The story about the 13 year girl was sickening to me. How in the world could a parent do that to someone. And then to say after the girl dies "to give it a rest" is beyond words. Even if she didn't break the law it was certainly morally wrong. Karma's a bad thing so she'll get hers one day.

The story about the doctor's not giving out emergency birth control really got me mad too. I can understand a doctor not wanting to give out birth control under normal circumstances, they should be up front with new patients BEFORE they come about that... However, to not give a woman that was raped the morning after pill makes me so mad. Not to get on my soap box but a male can never understand what it's like to be raped and become pregnant because of it. I'm sure if they could relate and were in that same position they may have a different opinion. It's easy to pass judgement but is that a doctor's job?

Anonymous said...

"For someone who claims he doesn't like vacations, I find it a little odd for AC to take 2 vacations in Europe in recent months..."

and he will probably take another vacations during Christmas.

He likes vacations.

Cyn said...

I was surprised they repeated the MySpace story so soon, but they obviously know how many people tune out when AC is not hosting. It was interesting to hear Dr. Drew's take on it. Kids can be cruel, but for an adult to tell a 13-year-old that the world would be better off without them... Maybe there's no law against it, but I hope Family Services checks on her own daughter. Can you imagine having someone that nasty as your mother?

As for the doctors (and pharmacists) who put their personal beliefs before the needs of their patients, there definitely should be full disclosure up-front, and they should have to have an associate who is available to take care of it. For a woman who has been raped to be told, in essence, that if she becomes pregnant then it was God's will... well, you're just driving her away from God, that's all. Was it God's will that the man rape her? No, it was his; we have free will and responsibility for our actions. And women are more than vessels.

Sorry, that was a bit soapbox-y.

Wow, I just turned on CNN and heard Sean Taylor died. That will probably be a big story tonight.

m.minkoff said...

I don't know about this alleged sighting of AC in Venice. For one thing, I was in Venice myself in November several years ago and the weather was freezing. It's not a good place at this time of year, cold and wet, and the piazzas sometimes flood. For another thing, I still find it hard to believe that Anderson did not help select the videos for the debate, since he did it last time. As others have said, AC has made it clear that he doesn't like vacations. Venice just doesn't seem to me like a place Anderson would want to go to, especially alone, and the article does not mention him being with anyone. I have learned to become very wary of what I read of celebrities on the Internet, especially alleged sightings of them. That's my point of view.

Someone asked about Ebay and online shopping. Online shopping is fine from recognized sites and shipping can be really fast and often free, depending on the company. With Ebay, it's important to read the feedback and to know how to bid.

360 last night was pretty good, though I thought Anderson was actually a little rude to Erica when he asked her if she did online shopping and then, when she answered, he pretended it was so boring that he was falling asleep. If he wasn't interested, why did he ask?

I didn't realize AC is here in L.A., since I didn't see the toss from Larry and wasn't paying much attention to the set. The weather was wonderful yesterday, but today it is cloudy and cool, well, not as cold as NYC, that's for sure. Anderson probably thinks it's hot.

m.minkoff said...

@Phebe, I forgot to mention that I totally agree with what you said about Oprah and Senator Obama. She may be able to sell books but I think people care just a little bit more about who becomes president than what book they are going to read this week! At least I hope so. Celebrity endorsements are pretty useless, in my opinion. I was getting a little nauseated last night with all the talk that Oprah is somehow more than just a celebrity. I don't buy it. She has an audience who may or may not follow her endorsements. Most Americans, myself included, have never even watched her show. I can't imagine how it's going to make a real difference in an election. What makes her an expert on foreign policy, taxes, health care, and the economy? People who don't care enough about the election to make up their own mind probably aren't going to go vote either.

Pixiedust said...

@anne, I've shopped online and ebay for years. Everything I have ordered has been 'as advertised' with the exception of one transaction--and that was 4 years ago--ebay kicked the person off immediately upon getting a complaint. I ALWAYS pay with a credit card because if there is a problem with an item, they will remove it from your account. Ebay is a great way to buy children's clothes. I just bought an inexpensive Colts horseshoe necklace for my 4 yr old granddaughter. I am having a Mary Kay open house Thursday, and last week I ordered a bunch of mini stockings to put a gift for those who come, got them for $4.95/dozen.

I also shop many online stores. My husband buys a lot of chips (?) for cameras and computers. The chips provide extra memory. He shops locally to determine what he wants, then does price comparison online (well, he stands over my shoulder).

Other than the one instance, I've never had a problem, and the shipping is VERY fast.

snooks said...

I thought last nite's 360 was great - AC looked rested and the stories covered were a great mix

The story of the 13 year olds suicide was horrific and the fact that a mother could do this to get revenge for her own daughter's being harrassed is despicable - I know that civil action will not bring their daughter but these parents should sue for everything this other family hasand then establish a foundation in her name.

Randi Kaye's story almost had me throw something at the TV - if these men cannot provide birth control because of their religious beliefs then perhaps they should have become priests instead of doctors - these "doctors" should be forced to post a sign in their offices stating their policies before women become their patients and insurance companies should ask what their beliefs are before agreeing to place these heathens on their plans -

It was great seeing the Anderson/Erica banter especially seeing the Ac snooze

Em said...

I enjoyed last nights program...and I DID want to straighten that tie! Hope Anderson was really on vacation and enjoyed Italy. I had hoped to get there this year but that is on hold for now. I just read Eat, Pray, Love and it made me want to spend more time in Italy. I am glad the followed up on the story about the 13 year old but didn't anyone else notice she was claiming to be 16 when they showed her MySpace page. It doesn't matter but I found it odd given that her parents were so closely monitoring. I hope the parent file a civil suit as Jeffrey suggested. Regardless of all the extenuating circumstances, the neighbor should at least have to face those parents in court.

I am looking forward to Ellen today and the debate tomorrow. Politics and Anderson...my idea of a good time!

Kristien said...

@Anne: I have never bought anything on e-bay, but my brother has bought and sold stuff there. As long as you do everything via e-bay you should be ok. Unreliable sellers get reported to e-bay and they are banned from ever selling again on e-bay. People can leave comments about the sellers, maybe it's a good idea to read those before you buy from someone.
Have fun :)

Jennifer said...

@ M.Minkoff, I was thinking same thing you was thinking about it being freezing this time of the year in Italy. I know someone lives in Como,Italy the main thing is that Anderson enjoyed himself.