Friday, November 30, 2007

Special Edition of 360 tonight at 8pm!

Anderson was just on Lou Dobbs promoting 360 at 8pm tonight. Be sure to tune in! 360 will also be back on at 10pm


Sapphire said...

thanks for the head's up Purple Tie!

Oh live tv....Jason Carroll just dropped his mic. Anderson helped him out though :P

Wow can't believe the hostage taker was talking to people at the Washington Bureau....CNN is the most trusted name in news as they say.

Thankfully this whole situation ended peacefully

Oh Anderson is having major mic problems. Jason just helped Anderson out :P

Pati Mc said...

He looks frozen.

sydney said...

Poor Anderson looks cold - his nose looks like Rudolph's LOL!

Thank God this all ended relatively well...

aries moon said...

Anderson's no fan of cold weather, I remember Sago when he had layer upon layer of sweaters on. He's definitely freezing out there in New Hampshire. It's funny he can't be in the sun OR cold for too long. Poor guy.

Anonymous said...

Anderson does look cold doesn't he? I sure could keep him warm! Hot actually! LOL I took the day off work and have seen Anderson more times than I can imagine. Thanks for this page folks! I check it every day!

ac said...

Awww I was not expecting him to be on,so I missed him at 8 00 eastern.

Was there much difference between that and his 10 00 eastern show?

I had been gone out for some of the day,and then came home for a long nap,so I did not have my tv on all day.

I only got to see the late 360.

He looks so cold stood up there tonight,and it sounds like he might need more Theraflu.