Thursday, November 29, 2007

That After Debate Glow?

Dare I say I love this tie? Probably not, it will fall into that abyss, with my other favorites.

I really can't talk about the Republican's again tonight. I just don't have it in me. So we'll move past the opening discussion, on Thursday's AC360, to other subjects covered. One note, it was wonderful to see Ari Fleischer. I wonder why we don't see Andrew Sullivan on 360 anymore?

• It was very interesting to see Michael Ware roaming the streets of Baghdad. It seemed safe, but I wonder if it really was? As MW said what the US needs now is peace between the Sunni and the Shia sects. That will not happen by pointing guns and killing people. It will take time. Lots and lots of time. If you don't understand the difference between the two sects here is a link to a good read.

•Drew Peterson.....what a slime ball. Have you ever met someone that is arrogant and flippant, like he is? I'm judging him, not giving him the benefit of doubt, but I'm just going with my gut.
• What a great interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Her fight to have Saudi law changed is truly an uphill battle. The only thing that is going to change Saudi law, as it concerns woman's rights, is world pressure. Women in many Muslim countries live by rules we, in this country, can't possibly imagine.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an author, playwright and a political writer. She is the daughter of a Somali politician and revolutionary opposition leader. She was born in Somalia but moved to Saudi Arabia when she was very young. Her family then left Saudi Aribia to move to Ethiopia, eventually settling in Kenya. She sought and was given political asylum in The Netherlands in 1992.

• Thursday's 360 blog entry by Kay Jones said "Keeping on the political beat, be sure to tune in Monday night when Anderson spends a day on the campaign trail with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee".

It really doesn't tell us which day AC will be spending with Huckabee, but here's the Presidential candidate's schedule for the next few days:

Friday, November 30, 2007
11:45 a.m. ET – Concord, NH – Speaks at Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce 2008 Presidential Forum Series at the Concord Holiday Inn, 172 North Main Street.
2:00 p.m. ET – Tilton, NH – Plays with the Tilton School rock band and speaks to students, faculty and local residents at the Tilton School , 30 School Street.
Saturday, December 1, 2007
10:00 a.m. ET – Bedford, NH – Attends Coffee & Conversation hosted by Doug & Shannon McGinley at 4 Balsam Court.
12:00 p.m. ET – Manchester, NH – Speaks at College Convention 2008 at Center of New Hampshire Radisson Hotel, 700 Elm Street.
3:00 p.m. ET – Hudson, NH – Attends 90th Birthday Party for Beryl Reeve at 14 Falcon Drive. (By invitation only; open press). Keene, NH – Attends house party hosted by Rep. Dan Dumaine.
7:30 p.m. ET – Keene, NH – Speaks at Cheshire County Republican Committee/Cheshire Republican Women's Committee Joint Holiday Party at the Keene Country Club, 755 West Hill Road.
Sunday, December 2, 2007 9:00 a.m. ET
Nashua, NH – Speaks at morning worship service at Grace Fellowship of Nashua, 43 Main Street. (Closed Press).

•Remember there is no AC 360 on Friday evening. CNN is running a new Christiane Amanpour special about the political upheaval in Russia.

•We have received John King's answers to our questions and they are just wonderful. I'll be posting them on Monday morning.

•I'm going to leave you with some cute Anderca from Thursday's program. Have a great weekend everyone. ~Phebe


Jennifer said...

I my thought about 360 tonight, It had a lot of good stories and it's informative.

With the Peterson case it get's stranger by the day something very wrong somewhere. I agree with you Phebe about Drew Peterson he acts like a flip pant and very arrogant.

The lady in Saudi Arabia - gets raped she gets 200 lashes and put in prison. Ayaan Hirsi Ali said that the lady just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's a shame that a women would get such cruel and unsually punishment for being raped.

360Bulletin, It was scary cause I have phobia with snake that one look big enough to swallow that little boy that was playing with it.

Anonymous said...

The Shot was adorable!Anderson looked so funny :) Thanks for posting it. My TV still isn't fixed so I'm relying on guys to keep up to date :D

copperfish said...

No matter on what angle I see it, I can't see justice and can't comprehend how Saudi Law treated women. It's very absurd and irrational. Saudi Law is very one sided and chauvinistic. International outcry I think would do a little stirring but I doubt it if it would really change their rule against women's rights.

I caught up with half of the debate and I think Huckabee stood out and gave some witty answers. Ron Paul also I think made good in the debate.

ACAnderFan said...

I really really really liked 360 las nite. That is how it should be every nite, a good mix of stories.

It was nice to see Michael Ware on the show. However I was a little scared when they showed him on the streets of Baghdad.

Drew Peterson is a loser. The way he was behaving with his video camera was ridiculous. You don't behave like that. He seems so arrogant. I hope he ends up in jail.

Monday's 360 should be interesting. I bet Andy will be with Huckabee on Friday, which is probbaly why we don't get 360 then.

FanGirl moment: Andy looked so so so pretty last nite. I loved his tie. It was really nice :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the video Ms. Phebe. I kept on laughing the first time I saw it and it's nice to watch it again.


cactuskid said...

Drew Peterson is flippant and a slime ball and I think he murdered his wife, Stacey. And I think he murdered his other wife,also. That's my gut feeling. They may never find Stacey's body and that is a real shame.

It's hard for me to believe that in this modern world that we live in that there are still some countries where women still don't have rights, have to bow down to the men and get their permission, cover their bodies completely, and get flogged or murdered over the most minor of things. It just boggles my mind! I'm so thankful to live in the U.S. cause I wouldn't last 10 minutes in one of those!

The little boy riding on the snake was something else! Can't believe his parents let him sleep with it! I'd be afraid it would choke him!

Anderson will probably be with Mike Huckabee today on his campaign trail. Looking forward to that interview Monday from the road.

John has already answered our questions?! Wow, that was fast especially with the debate that was coming up and other things. Can't wait til Monday!

Sheryn said...

Okay, I know this sounds weird coming from me but:


I know. I know he's a republican but darn those dimples are just the cutest! And he's a huge Yankee fan.

Oh and to have Anderson and Ari having an awesome political discussion just BLEW MY MIND!!! OOh they were even on the same set together! What a treat. Now, where's Peter Bergen to round out my trio?

And Tom Foreman really added a great element to that debate last night. The Militant Middle, I like that! So what are we, the Hot-Looking Liberals?


@CatusKid, I couldn't agree with you more. Drew Peterson is a slimeball. This case gives me the willies. I couldn't have imagined that there is someone on this planet worse than Scott Peterson. But I guess there is.

Thanks for the great post Phebs! Have a great weekend everyone.

nobbins said...

Ah, his giggle will never get old. I don't blame him for being scared of snakes. Those things are vicious!! I did, however, see a video on youtube of AC. It's not a snake going for his jugular, but it's a camera going for his face. It's pretty funny.

Have a good day!

Kristien said...

Great show and great post, Phebe.

I couldn't help but wish that I could wipe the smug look of Drew Peterson's face! Ugh.
He claims Stacy ran of with another man (who could blaim her, right). Ok, but if she did, why isn't she coming forward, why would she let her family worry about her? Doesn't make any sense!
From what her friends and family say about her, she doesn't sound like the kind of mother that would leave her kids behind for some guy.
I hope he'll stop grinning soon!Ugh, what a creap!

@Sheryn: Ari Fleischer cute? Really? I think maybe you should cut back on the Andertinis! LOL

imagine said...


OMG, I thought I was the only one who thinks Ari Fleischer is cute!!! I too was amazed that they were on the same set, and yes, my mind was blown also. Nice to know I am not alone on that road! LOL

ac said...

I was not expecting Anderson to be on Thursday night actually,so it was nice to see him back in NY.

It was a good show.

I love the look on Anderson's face in that snake clip,and the fact they kept showing it again and again!LOL

Phebe, is there a way to save that clip of the snake somehow?

I would love to save it to my computer and be able to re watch it again and again!

Quitty said...

Plays with the Tilton School rock band

Is one of the qualifications to be Arkansas governor the ability to play a musical instrument?

Em said...

LOL he isn't quite as cool as Bill on the Sax!

I don't know about that snake. Don't they like to wrap around things and strangle them? I don't see myself letting my child sleep with one. I sooo afraid of snakes and imagine I would react just like Anderson did. Even the mention of his garter snake freaks me out. I had one go down the back of my swimsuit when I was swimming in a pond as a child. It was horrible! I couldn't even touch my son's pet rat cause the tail looked too much like a snake! Needless to say, with 5 brothers, there was always someone bringing a snake in with the sole intent of chasing me screaming through the house!

I hope that young lawyer in Saudi Arabia is successful in pursuit of justice for the rape victim.

Every time I see and hear about Drew Petersen it brings to mind Scott Petersen. I hope Staci did not suffer the same fate as Laci Petersen but it's not looking good for her. Years ago, I provided crisis intervention for women who were being abused. It tore me up to see the black eyes, broken jaws, burns, etc. However, I don't think I could do the job again today. These men don't just hurt the women, they murder them. Is is just me or does it seem like there are more and more of these cases every day? I will never understand it...thank God!

Delie said...

Great great program yesterday! It reminds me why I started to watch AC 360 one year ago.

The name of Anderson Cooper has reappeared in French press after the Youtube debate. We can read in a very serious news magazine that "the CNN's rising star is an excellent interviewer". Not so bad...

Unknown said...

Anderson is in New Hampshire and is reporting on the phone. Sounds like he will be doing his show tonight. He said on CNN that he was traveling with Mike Huckabee in New Hampshire and went from there to Rochester.

snooks said...

Anderson was just on CNN calling in from New Hampshire where he spent the day with Mike Huckabee- talked to Kira Phillips about the hostage situation at Clinton campaign office - Kira made a reference to AC 360 later tonight - Anderson didn't confirm or deny anything about doing a show later tonight

Kristien said...

@PT, according to the tv scedule at, the show will be on. *crossing fingers and other crossable things* I also hope that the situation in Rochester will end without people getting hurt!!

When did the small pictures on the 360 show page change? I noticed 5 minutes ago that they now have the picture on it that I use as my avatar...hmm, copycats?