Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tonight's the night!

Good afternoon everyone! I'm really excited to watch the CNN/YouTube Republican Debate tonight! Remember, the debate starts at 8pm and a special edition of Anderson Cooper 360 follows at 10pm (all times are EDT.)

I thought I'd just post a couple of links with some pre-debate video interviews with Anderson and John King:

  • In this first interview, Brandon McLaughlin of Tampa Bay's ABC Action News chats with Anderson Cooper about tonight's debates. This is a good one because it's actually raw footage that has not been edited for tonight's news broadcast. (If I've done this correctly, the interview should be on the page for you already. If not, click on the first video in the News section on the left-hand side of the page, Brenden McLaughlin talks with CNN's Anderson Cooper about tonight's GOP debate.)

  • Our second interview is courtesy of This one is for all you John King fans! (The video can be found in the More Information box. The video is entitled YouTube Debate.)

  • And the third interview comes from This one is with Anderson as well. By the way, let me credit with the lovely pictures on my post tonight! (Click on Video Story from LAB link on the right side of the page right under the debate stage picture)
I know you are all juiced about listening to these old stodgy men babble the party line. Um, oh yeah, I'm not supposed to wear my opinion on my sleeve...Sorry!!! :)

Have a great night! Hee, betcha can't wait to read my post tomorrow! It should be a great rant! -Sheryn


Sapphire said...

oh wow Sheryn great photos. Thanks for sharing them. I am so excited for this debate tonight. I really want to hear what Huckabee and Paul have to say.

Can't hurt having Anderson to look at either :)

Kristien said...

Hahaha Sheryn, I am so looking forward to your post tomorrow.

I won't be able to watch the debate live, but I am taping it so I can watch it later (not even Anderson can make me get up at 2am. Well, maybe if he asks me nicely...)Anyway, I'm sure reading your post will get me with the program!

Oh yeah, once I Looked up what "babble" and "stodgy" actually mean (thanks to my dictionary), that sentence really made me laugh! I think it's ok to wear someone else's opinion on your sleeve!! LOL

Evelyn said...

Sorry I'm a little late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHEBE!!! I hope you had a magnificent day!

Can't wait to watch the debate tonight. I'll call it my study break! HA!

I don't really understand why they are airing Campbell Brown's documentary right after the debate/AC360. It might be just me but 12am EST time is really late for the premier of original programming...

Anywho, just checking in, now back to research papers :)

Jennifer said...

@Sheryn, I appreciate you sharing the photos with us, I am looking forward to the debate tonight it should be good. I hope that the candidates doesn't give Anderson a hard time.

Evelyn said...

Oops, I meant the doc was at 11am EST time...but still, that's pretty late.

I also wanted to share something. I personally didn't see it, as it was only in one of our campus buildings, but it was on the local news last night.

A derogatory flier using offensive terms was found on our campus at Iowa State University and around Story County yesterday. The flier, supporting John Edwards, reads "Vote for Edwards, Not the c**t or the n****r, Vote for the white man." The fliers were handwritten and photo copied and the alleged author included his name at the bottom. Police are saying that while the fliers are raising controversy, it is not a crime. Our local news stations reported the story last night and one of them even has footage of the flier. If anyone wants I can direct you there, but believe me you pretty much got the gist of it here. I can't believe things like this actually happen. It's revolting.

Ok, now I'm ACTUALLY off to study a little more before the debates :)

snooks said...

I look forward to Anderson hosting the You Tube debate but it will be difficult to watch because I am a Democrat and therefore will not be voting for any of these men!

Anonymous said...

I'm watching the debate right now on LIVE b/c our TV died apparently but it was the best thing that could happen! I sent in a comment while watching and it was read out. Wow... what a high! haha It's kinda addictive, I wanna hear my name again :)

I don't think this is the most effective method of studying Biochemistry, here on ATA and on CNN.comLive... hmmmmm... :D

lori said...

oh Sheryn, I can't WAIT to read your rantings tomorrow, especially since I missed 3/4 of the debate attending a board meeting for The Women's Center (ok, I'm bettering the lives of local women, but I have issues missing the stodgy old men and, well, you know who).

Belated happy birthday wishes to ATA's ├╝bergoddess, Phebe. Old Bessie kept crashing when I entered the site for the past 2 days to read and post comments (not sure if it's my bad karma or aging video card). Nonetheless, I celebrated Phebe's birthday with wild abandon ... and now I can't find my top ... or my way home...

Anonymous said...

I thought AC was wonderful as always. But your comment concerning watching old stodgy men talk the same old party line is equally true of the DEMS plus one female added to the mix. I'm a registered Independent undecided voter in Louisiana. NO ONE on either side is suitable to me to vote for. I'm ashamed of the lack of true leadership ability any of them exhibit. Most have been in Congress or in some public office for years. Look where we are. If they were able to do anything in their previous or present offices to affect change (which is not evident to me) how in the world do they think occupying the White House is going to make anything any different? Sign me: #1 CYNICAL VOTER!