Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Warming up in St Pete

Wow, I finally get to guest-post the show and have the actual titular host! The show was broadcast from St. Petersburg, Florida, site of tomorrow's YouTube debate for the Republicans.

I'm not one to start off with (or even mention, actually) the sartorial selections, but... Don't get me wrong, usually I admire Anderson's suits, but I have to admit, the one he wore tonight is never a favorite. The close pinstriping makes my TV screen vibrate, and that ain't pretty. Add that to the crazy-busy background they use for the debates, and I was reaching for the Dramamine!

The first story was, of course, about the candidates. John King did a quick video rundown of them (it still amazes me to hear Guiliani referred to as a moderate) and then he and Gloria Borger joined Anderson on stage for a little discussion.

Now that pinstripe, I like! It stays where it belongs and... Oh, sorry. Talkin' about the clothes again. *ahem* Although, do you think John forgot to pack a tie? Not that I'm complaining, mind you; I happen to like the casual look on him, it's just... Okay, okay, back to the substance.

Next up, the Mideast Peace Summit at Annapolis. I think it's wonderful that Condi finally realized that Bush's legacy will also be HER legacy, but it really is about seven years too late to jump on this particular horse and expect a substantive resolution in *checking watch* 13 months. Especially since Bush has exactly zero credibility in the Middle East, so anything that comes out of this effort will be viewed with even more suspicion than most. There may be a couple of things that Bush hasn't yet done that could make him -- and us -- more reviled in that part of the world (bombing Iran comes to mind) but he hasn't exactly painted us as benevolent keepers of peace and promoters of democracy.

My point, and I do have one (thank you, Ellen!), is that I think David Gergen inhaled when he said we should give Bush credit for this. I was glad Anderson called him on it.

360 Bulletin: the story of the British schoolteacher in Sudan who may be given 40 lashes for allowing her students to name the class teddy bear Mohammed is just mind-boggling. I mean, I admit that if I heard a bunch of kids asking to name their teddy Jesus or Israel or Buddha, I probably would try to talk them out of it. But lots of boys are given the name Mohammed, maybe they were naming the bear after someone else? I don't know, but this certainly seems crazy. I hope they either drop the charges or end up just expelling her from the country.

And from that to the light-hearted WWTT segment. The beauty queen lied?! Gasp! Oh no! Seriously, even yesterday when we thought it was legit, everyone looked at those pics and said, she had hives? That face is swollen? 

John Zarella did the update on the Sean Taylor story. My initial reaction to the "random or targeted" question was, who burglarizes a house they think is empty, discovers someone actually is home, and then kicks down a door to get to them? I'm no criminal genius, but I would think they would run out of there as fast as possible. It just feels like they were after this guy, for whatever reason. Such a shame. Thank God his girlfriend and baby were not killed.

Not exactly sure when we got a "Crime and Punishment" segment added to the show (prior to last night) but tonight's segment is another one to make you grind your teeth. This is one of those stories that you just know will be turned into a "ripped from the headlines" TV episode soon... Well, once the writers' strike settles, anyway.

Iceland the best place to live? Glad Anderson doubts that as much as I do. (No offense to any Icelanders who may be reading this!) And I thought the teddy bear toss was absolutely charming... just as long as none of them were named Mohammed. 

There is an amazing commercial that runs locally here. First time I saw it, I puzzled all the way through as to what they were selling. See if you can figure it out:

And finally... well, there must have been some cosmic alignment happening this week back in 2005, because not only was ATA started then, but I first saw Michael Ware two years ago tomorrow on 360. Well, heard, actually, since it was an interview done by phone; but his startling honesty at a time when so much of the media was still reporting that things were hunky-dory in Iraq just left me speechless. I'm uploading a few changes to the site tonight -- some just cosmetic, others structural -- but thought I'd leave you with the Very First Clip:

Have a great night, enjoy the debate, see you Friday!


Jennifer said...

Who killed NFL star Sean Taylor? He was a star player for the Washington Redskins he was 24 years old. He was murdered in his own home there is a lot of confusion surrounding his murder! Roland Martin said it is getting were a lot of NFL players are being targets for murder and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. No one knows the reason why they are targets.

Chicago's Most Wanted - Hans Peterson has fled to France, he plead guilty to the murder of a Dr David Cornbleet, the reason being the doctor treated Peterson for acne years ago and the medicine made Peterson psychotic and impotent. Now that he has fled to France he may never be brought to trail for premeditated murder. Jeffrey Toobin said it is going to depend on what the French government wants to do about it. I hope justice does get served in this case.

"360 Bulletin" - What were they thinking? Beauty queen may have been lying about being pepper sprayed. The police said they didn't understand how she was able to smile and take pictures and so on. After being sprayed the police are investigating this matter, I think she should lose her crown.

From my TV set Anderson look fine tonight :-) by the way what a great post tonight Cyn.

ACAnderFan said...

360 was so good last nite, much better than the nite before.

The story of the British school teacher in Sudan is interesting. Like you said Cyn, there are lots of people named Mohammed. They could have been naming the bear after someone else.

I think there is more to the Sean Taylor story. I mean who kpees machete under their bed??? To me it seems like he might have known that someone was out to get him.

I don't really know anything about Iceland, but personally I think I would get bored real easy. No offense to anyone from there. I'm sure it's a very nice country.

FanGirl moment: how pretty did Andy look last nite??? I simply loved his tie/shirt/suite combo. That suit with that tie looked amazing on him. I never really noticed that suit before, but it was looking GREAT on him last nite :) Oh and I can't forget his hair. It looked extra soft and fluffy and cloud-like...LOL!!!

swmpratt said...

Have to agree about AC's suit - actually I think with that tie and the way it shines, AC looked like a well polished gangster. Maybe its a new look! LOL!!

Debate could be good and heated - I think John King was a bit envious of AC's hosting duties for tomorrow. At least he felt like AC was going to have the best seat in the house.

Show moved quickly tonight. Glad I didn't blink!

Sapphire said...

I will have to comment more on the show later but as to when the Crime and Punishment segment started airing. It was last Monday when JK was hosting and it has been on every night 360 has been on since then. Different story every night. It seems to be the new nightly feature.

ac said...


Even though I am not from the US,I am going to be watching the debate,though it may have to be the rebroadcast.

Great 360 last night!

We have that teddy toss a couple of times a year here as well,all the bears and stuff go to hospitals,or needy kids for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I could not log onto ATA a couple of days ago but now I know why ... what a fantastic new flavour to the blog! Tq & well done!

I've been really busy and missing out quite a bit at ATA but I manage to catch bits and pieces of AC thanks to all of you managing the blog so well.

Keep up the great posts and pictures!

Phebe said...

I missed the program last night, too much birthday celebrating, so thanks for getting me up to speed.
You are too funny about the suit and JK's lack of tie. When I saw your cap I was thinking the same thing about forgetting to pack one. And thank you for sharing your and Michael's first meeting.

Kristien said...

Oh Cyn, great post, but I have to disagree about the suit. Everytime Anderson came back on camera I thought "Damn, he looks good in that suit !!" :P°°°

That guy who killed the doctor became psycotic after after being treated for acne? He was obviously sane enough to plan the move, to get his French passport and to confess on French soil, knowing that he wouldn't be send back to the US. Sounds like he knew what he was doing to me! I hope the family will get some kind of justice from France.

I think I'm actually looking forward to the GOP debate. Gee, I must be coming down with something... LOL

Delie said...

As French, I was specially interested in the Peterson's story. I didn't know this French law, the non-extradition of a French citizen. Weird...and for me, unacceptable!

Anonymous said...

Question: Is the picture of Anderson in the background supposed to cut off at his mouth?

kristen said...

the crime and punishment section was just sick. the guy was intending to cut off the doctor's hand and feet and then close it with a blow torch?! he seriously needs some help and deserves to go to jail for a long time, not at most 20 which is what jeffrey toobin said he'd get in france.

i thought the what were theythinking was entertaining. she should lose her crown if she indeed lied but anderson and erica were so cute.

sydney said...

I caught the beginning of the show last night. I had to turn it off because the suit was hurting my eyes. It's gorgeous and I would love to see it in person, but on TV with the lighting it did weird stuff. I'll have to check out the podcast and see how it looks.

Counting down to the debate...

Phebe said...

@MWmcFan, sorry about not posting your comment. Nothing personal, it's just our policy.

* Comments that include links to other websites will not be posted without prior approval of the moderator

MWmcFan said...

Cyn, your posts are witty, informative and never dull! AC's pinstripes vibrate right off of my HDTV too! Happy 2nd Anniversary, I love the new look at your updated site and blog.

Lulu said...

I agree with acanderfan; last night's show was very good. I especially liked Tom Foreman's and David Gergen's comments on the Middle East peace talks. Very informative! I never really understood the source of the conflict there until now! This is what makes 360 a good show: give you the news of the day with a splash of pop culture. Looks like they're getting the show back on track. May it continue!

I liked his suit. "Well polished gangster"! LOL.