Tuesday, December 25, 2007

...and to all a Good Night!

Well, hopefully by now everyone has opened their presents (and got what they wanted!) and tucked into some great Christmas dinner... Just a quick look back at how John King spent Sunday and Monday: wishing the candidates would shut up already, so he could get some shopping done!

I don't know how anyone could have watched the special "Rescuing Youssif" without choking up... To see that little boy suffering as he has, to watch his parents' anguish at putting him through the multiple surgeries needed to try to fix some of the damage done, and then to see him smile again despite the remaining scars is just so wrenching. His story runs the gamut from the worst of human nature to the best. If you haven't seen the special, it is worth checking for a replay. CNN viewers did something wonderful with this story, and hopefully Youssif and his family will find a happy ending some day.

This morning, John Roberts spoke with Arwa Damon about the story she first brought to us back in August:

* * * * *

We're gearing up for the New Year's Eve party with Anderson in Times Square, and our thanks to Aruna for sending us a link to this clip of Anderson talking about about his favorite NYE memory...

Enjoy your after-Christmas-sales shopping, and we'll see you back here tonight for 360!


ACAnderFan said...

I love that video of AC talking about his favorite New Year's moment...LOL!!! He has the best sense of humor.

I hope eveyone had a great Christmas and got some nice things too :)

Rosie Iv said...

I,too,got all choked uo,watching the story of "Rescuing-Youssif",but,isn't this what is going on,all around Iraq,and the other Country's we see,on CNN,(at war?),this just brought it to the forefront,and closer to home,--now we get to see what happens to the young children,in these war savaged cities!

I am so proud of CNN-Newsroom,for stepping in,and helping this young man,KUU-DOES,to CNN,and all the DR"S,that helped him! I saw it,on a special,being put on,by the Dr that was going to do the Surgery,and CNN,on Christmas eve,while putting up Santa stockings!

Although we have enough foreigners in the US,right now,I hope,for their sake,that they find some way to stay(the parents),and,if,there is someway,I can help,(although on a small income),I will do so,--in the name of Christiany!!

God Bless all at CNN,and have a great Holiday Season,2007!!
(andersondid Santa bring you a stocking?!)

ac said...

I cannot wait to see the New Years Eve special,
thanks for the video.

I wish I had seen Anderson's first 2 shows for CNN on New Years.

Aww,the story of that little boy,Youssif-I hope someday it will be ok for him again.

Good luck to all you brave shoppers tomorrow!

Kristien said...

Thanks for that clip!

I hope my favorite New Year's moment will be when I see the shout-out I posted on Iparty scrolling by. Maybe they will read out some of them, that would be even better!!

I didn't get to see the program about Youssif, but seeing the trailer was enough to break my heart! Poor kid!

Well, Christmas is over, back to work. :( I'm glad 360 is on tonight, yay!!

kristen said...

thanks for the video, i loved it! i hope that everyone had a great christmas!

yaya 360 tonight, i can't wait!