Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Anderson Cooper 360 -- Year in review

Newsflash: Due to breaking news coverage of the assasination of Benazir Bhutto, Anderson Cooper has cut his vacation short and is heading back to work. Not sure where he'll be reporting from. Stay tuned...

Last year I sat down to summarize Anderson Cooper's year in one post. It was a very difficult task to say the least. Well, if I thought last year was bad, this year was even more difficult. From Anderson's journeys all over the globe for Planet in Peril to his many 60 Minutes reports, Anderson kept the ATA bloggers on our toes! Frankly, I'm exhausted just recalling all of his accomplishments!

-First trip of the year – Washington D.C. for Nancy Pelosi’s momentous occasion

-Back to Washington for the “New Plan for Iraq” The Surge…

-Next day in NOLA – First time Anderson meets Herbert Getridge

-Our Leigh Penney won the AC360 Contest!

-Back yet again to DC for the State of the Union Address

-Anderson ended the month with a trip to the Center for the Interpid in San Antonio, Texas

-Anderson went to Lake Mary, Florida to cover devastating tornado

-Back to NYC for Fashion Week

-We were all stumped by a couple of reports I found of Anderson in Las Vegas, in racing gear with Simon Cowell and Mario Andretti. How weird was that when we first found out. Some of you even thought it was a Photoshop hoax. I don’t blame you! But low and behold, we soon found out why!

-2nd trip to NOLA - Murder City USA 24 Hours in New Orleans and a second visit with Herbert Getridge

-The March issue of Men’s Journal hit newsstands everywhere. Po Bronson wrote a fabulous article about Anderson. I happen to think it was better than the Vanity Fair article.

-On February 12th, we heard rumblings about an ambitious trip around the world to discover our Planet in Peril. Hmm, what the heck was this all about? Ah, the skeptics saw the bits and pieces reports that we got from time to time on AC360 as the whole documentary but I knew in my heart that there had to be more. And more was an understatement!

-PIP Trip #1 – Anderson and Jeff in Brazil. Oh our poor Anderson. Not only does our man not like frogs. He hates bugs and bats too! But darn those sloths and manatees are cute!

-Anderson’s first 60 Minutes piece of 2007 aired on February 18th. The segment featured country music sensation Kenny Chesney. I don’t know much about Mr. Chesney and by all reports he’s a nice guy. I don’t like how CBS billed this one but it was a fun report to watch. Still can’t get over Anderson in a box in the middle of a football stadium. Isn’t that man claustrophobic?

-Out to LA for the Oscars – boy didn’t he look dashing? And with Daniel Craig nonetheless? Goodness…

-And while in LA, Anderson sat down with Walter Cronkite at the University of Judaism. I was thrilled to read how complimentary Mr. Cronkite was of Anderson. How cool is that? Mike Wallace and Walter Cronkite, the two biggest names in journalism in the 20th Century respect Anderson Cooper’s work. That has to make him feel good!

-Ah, the Anna-Nicole Smith drama and the Astronaut love triangle stories overtook 360 far too many nights for my liking this month. It was the first of many roller coaster rides AC360 took this year.

-March started off with Anderson visiting Conan O’Brien. Ah, Anderson’s camel ride and the falling sloth!

-Thomas Roberts told his painful story to Anderson Cooper in a special call Sins of the Father. I must say that Headline News was ridiculous to let Thomas Roberts go. I really do miss him. I just think that he is too good to be an entertainment reporter.

-Anderson filled in for Regis Philbin for two days in March while Regis was recovering from his bypass surgery. I am so glad that everything went so well for Regis this year.

-And low and behold, we finally found out why our Mr. Cooper was all dressed up in racing gear! Anderson and Simon Cowell did a test run on an Indy track in LasVegas as a part of Anderson’s 60 Minutes piece chronicling the rise of Simon Cowell. I have to say that I really loved this segment! It must have been a blast for Anderson!

-Leigh Penney finally got to visit the AC360 set and had a wonderful time! We thank her for sharing her special day with us here at ATA! I squeed all over again reading her recap tonight! Lucky girl!

-Hey, our first ATA Q&A session happened in March as well! We were so excited that John Roberts stopped by our humble blog to answer our questions! John seems like a great guy and I can’t tell you how thrilled we were to work with him!

-PIP Trip #2 – Cambodia and Thailand. These reports with Jeff Corwin were eye-opening. I really didn’t know that animal trafficking was such a problem in these countries. SO sad how humans treat animals. And the reports of human trafficking were equally as disturbing. But some really cute moments happened during that trip too. Can you say elephant love? And the bears! And poor Jeff! I still cannot believe that the elephant didn’t break his arm!

-April began with Anderson’s first vacation of the year. It was only April and he had been all over the world. He needed some downtime for sure!

-Our sister blog, All Things CNN was born!

-Oh good Lord, the Imus saga began…Between Imus and Anna Nicole, there was little room for real news. Not the last time this would occur on AC360! Our Ms. Phebe even thought of developing a drinking game!

-The AC360 Podcast was born!

-Anderson Cooper took his team back to NOLA only to waste our time and NOLA’s time talking about what else? Anna Nicole and Imus. Not one of his better nights in my opinion!

-Anderson Cooper and his crew were off to Afghanistan to do a special week of programming on the “forgotten war.”

-On Monday, April 16, 2007, the worst school shooting in US history occurred on the Virginia Tech campus. This tragedy forced Anderson and his team to come home and report from Virginia Tech’s campus.

-Anderson’s third 60 Minutes report of 2007 aired in April. Stop Snitching was a well done report about an urban unwritten rule. AC360 also showed the report and dug deeper into the issue.

-Anderson spent the last day in April in Los Angeles.

-Anderson started the month of May in Los Angeles covering the Immigration rally.

-Anderson and Ryan Seacrest hosted a Salute to Larry King and Pop Culture

-Anderson guest hosted on Regis & Kelly

-The 74 year old trucker who thinks she may have a Jackson Pollack on her hands was the focus of a fun 60 Minutes report this month. Lord, Anderson’s kicking these reports out like nobody’s business!

-Dispatches from the Edge came out in paperback. Hudson Booksellers sent Anderfans into a frenzy when they announced a special DVD edition would be sold our their stores! Everyone scrambled to get their copy! Anderson also did a couple of book signings in NYC, Miami and Atlanta. We received wonderful reports from each of the signings.

-The one lecture I really wanted to attend was held at the Museum of Radio & Television in New York City. Sadly I did not get the opportunity but I heard it was fabulous!

-Anderson’s fifth 60 Minutes report regarding hospital’s horrific treatment of homeless patients aired.

-Greenland was no match for our Mr. Cooper! But you know, I really did not need to know my sexy anchorman spent 5 days in the same clothes and didn’t brush his teeth either! Oh, Anderson!

-It took me all year but I’m sensing a trend. End of the month means Anderson reports from a new city! Chicago was his place of choice this time. Crime was the issue.

-Anderson spent his 40th birthday in New Hampshire covering the Democratic debate.

-Then back to New Hampshire for the Republican debate.

-She Who Shall Not Be Named – nuff said!

-Anderson returned to New Orleans for a check up on the city’s levees.

-Anderson hosted the first annual Gordon Parks Foundation Dinner in New York City.

-Anderson Cooper 360 gets an updated webpage.

-Sun Valley, Idaho was the hotspot for journalists in the biz and of course our Mr. Cooper was there!

-Our second Q&A session was with Mr. Raw Politics, Tom Foreman! I really do enjoy Tom Foreman on AC360! His answers and special photographs really made this Q&A special!

-PIP Trip #3 – Yellowstone Park. This segment was one of my favorite parts of Planet in Peril!

-A trip out to LA for the TCA Press Tour where Jon Klein’s Planet In Peril vision was unveiled. Anderson also sat down with Ryan Seacrest on this visit out to LA.

-Next, Anderson traveled to New Orleans to hang with Senator John Edwards.

-On July 23rd, CNN and YouTube partnered for the first debate featuring questions submitted by the people. The debate was held at The Citadel in South Carolina. It was a unique format which I thoroughly enjoyed. Anderson Cooper did a wonderful job as moderator!

-And of course, we end the month in where else? Los Angeles!

-The month of August started out on a tragic note. While Anderson was in Los Angeles, a bridge collapsed in Minneapolis. Anderson hopped on a plane to cover the story. In my opinion, he is the best in the business at covering breaking news.

-It was rather strange to then flip on Jay Leno that night and watch a light-hearted interview with Anderson Cooper discussing premature ejaculation!

-Anderson covered the Utah Miners saga from New York City. He was on the air for over 4 hours long and again he covered the unfolding tragedy with grace and respect.

-Then Anderson paid another visit to New Orleans. This time he was there doing some work for the upcoming Katrina Anniversary special.

-Erica Hill was kind enough to participate in a Q&A session with our readers at ATA. I really love Erica. She is a wonderful compliment to AC360!

-And of course, August ended with Anderson Cooper’s Katrina Anniversary special. Anderson flew out to Chicago to pay a visit to Oprah for her special and then flew to New Orleans for his own.

-September began with another guest host spot for Anderson on Regis & Kelly. This one was the comic relief in an otherwise grueling week for me!

-Special Investigations Unit – Narco State premiered

-During the week of September 11th, Anderson Cooper and his team made the trip I had been dreading all year long. A special week of AC360 aired from Iraq. The week was filled with interesting reports from Anderson, Michael Ware, Gary Tuchman and more.

-From great reporting to an overdose of OJ in one week! Another AC360 roller coaster ride!

-Anderson emceed the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s Enduring Vision Benefit

-Bill Clinton’s Global Initiatives conference was held in NYC in September and Anderson was tapped to moderate a session. If you haven’t seen it, you must!

-October can be summed up in three little words: Planet In Peril. I think Anderson Cooper traveled from one end of the country to the other showing up on various talk shows, blogs and newspapers doing countless interviews as well as hosting bi-coastal premiere parties and sneak peaks at the Apple Store in SoHo. It was a publicity extravaganza to introduce the world to the monster documentary!

-Anderson's 60 Minutes report on Plumpynut aired this month.

-Anderson finally made his debut on Sesame Street!

I am happy to report that Planet in Peril did not disappoint! The two-night premiere coincidentally occurred during the California Wildfires which Anderson reported on from San Diego. Does this man ever rest???

-November started a bit slow but who could blame AC360? After you travel the globe for a documentary as large as PIP, there tends to be some down time afterward!

-Anderson made his way out to Los Angeles again. This time he gave a talk at Claremont McKenna College

-Awakenings, Anderson’s report for 60 Minutes aired on November 25th.

-Okay, I really enjoyed Anderson’s first visit with Ellen Degeneres! I’m not sure why the interview happened but I hope he sits down with her again soon!

-The CNN/YouTube Republican debates took place on November 28th in St. Petersburg, Florida. Once again, Anderson did a terrific job as moderator. Can’t say I enjoyed anything else about the night!

-And to cap of November, Anderson traveled back to New Hampshire to spend the day campaigning with Mike Huckabee. As they say, the best laid plans and all. A hostage situation occurred at the nearby campaign headquarters of Hillary Clinton and Anderson headed over to cover the breaking story!

-John King was our last victim, er, guest for our Q&A sessions! John’s answers were adorable as well as thorough!

-CNN Heroes All-Star Tribute took place this month. Anderson and Christiane Amanpour hosted this moving ceremony.

-Anderson’s final and long-awaited 60 Minutes report from the Congo aired on December 9th. This report was by far the best report Anderson has produced all year!

-We got to hear Anderson imitate a bunch of drunk party girls during his final guest spot on Regis & Kelly! What a morning!

-And of course, we still have New Years Eve to look forward to! I wont be able to watch it live but I’ll definitely be setting my DVR!


Well, ladies and gentlemen, thanks for sticking with me through this recap of a very long and exciting year for our favorite anchor! Anderson Cooper continues to prove year after year that he is the real deal!

I’d like to thank you all for getting me through what has been one of the toughest years of my adult life. Every day I’m amazed by our wonderful and intelligent readers and commenters! Thank you for making me laugh, letting me rant and getting me through the tears!

I hope you all have a happy and safe New Year! ~Sheryn


Anonymous said...

@Sheryn, thank you so much for all your hard work throughout the year.(And not to forget all the other ATA bloggers too!) You guys, don't know what it means to me and all Anderfans all over that we appreciate the work that you all do, so that we can keep reading and keeping up with our favourite man !

ac said...

Wow,after reading that,''I'' am tired.

How on earth does he does he do it?
That travel schedule is amazing!
He truly is the real deal.

Thank you for the great recap of Anderson's year,Sheryn.

I hope you and your family had a nice Holiday,and Happy New Year.

ACAnderFan said...

Sheryn, what a great review!!!

February is the month I remember most for 360, not sure why tohugh. I guess it was just a good month.

AC's visit to Conan O'Brian in March was great. Such a funny interview.

April was rather interesting. It's ashame he could not have stayed in Afganistan longer, howver his coverage of Varginia Tech was very good.

May was GREAT becuase that was when I got to meet him at his Atltanta book signing.

June was pretty good, and Mr.Cooper turend 40. Rememebr Erica's birthday surprise for him??? LOL!!!

I remember the discions we had about Mr.Cooper being in Sun Valley and him Talking to Rupert Murdoch.

There is not one thing I like about Mr.Cooper or 360 in August. This entire month is why I have no review on my LiveJournal. I still to this day believe that he completely dropped the ball while covering that bridge incident.

Spetember was a good month. I loved seeing him in Iraq. Even though it scares me when he goes there, it's still interesting.

October was all about Planet in Peril. It was simply outstanding and probably one of the best things AC has ever done.

November had to be one of the worst months for 360, actually from July to Novemebr 360 wasn't all that great in my opinion.

Decembers has been a FANTASTIC month for 360.It's nice to know that the show can be good when they try and put some effort into it. Heroes was really good too.

Sheryn, this was a WONDERFUL post you put together :)

Sapphire said...


What a crazy and amazing and exciting year for both Anderson and us here at ATA.

Ms. Sheryn, you did a terrific job with the recap. As I was reading along I had such wonderful memories such as calling into 360 and actually meeting Anderson at his book signing. After reading all of Anderson's adventures I am tired....Anderson must be exhusted :P

2007 was fabulous and I can't wait to see what 2008 has in store for us all!

Roonie said...

Holy Cow! Nicely done Sheryn :) That was fun to read and it brought back a lot of memories hehe.

It's been a crazy year for me as well and meeting Mr. Cooper himself surely put the icing on the cake among other things ;)

I definitely look forward to 2008!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I’m worn out just reading that. Thanks so much, Sheryn, for your efforts in putting all that together. I bet it took forever. I can only imagine how exhausting it was for Anderson to actually DO all of it.

The man truly is the ‘real deal’. His dedication and commitment to bringing us these stories is to be commended and I, for one, very much appreciate all of his hard work.

And congratulations to all you ladies here at ATA for another fantastic year! I’m sure our Mr. Cooper will give you plenty to blog about in 2008!

Delie said...

Great post, Sheryn! Thanks for this review! It also provides me great memories. I was lucky to attend the lecture at the Museum of Television and Radio and to the book signing the day after. The lecture is on my 2007's Top 3 memories! Another one is, of course, the meeting of some ATA readers as I was there! Thanks to ATA and Anderson Cooper's work, I made wonderful friends all around the world. I made so many amazing encounters in 2007! And there is no doubt about 2008: with you all, it's going to be a very exicting year!

To the ATA ladies and all the readers, I wish you wonderful holidays.

J in LA said...

Great post Sheryn, but as of this morning, wow, the year in news isn't over yet!
I am sure CNN will be wall-to-wall coverage of the Bhutto assassination this morning, including AC360 tonight.
J in LA

Anonymous said...

Add the breaking news out of Pakistan.Anderson
will likely be on for 360 tonight. He blogged
about the assassination and trying to get
visas to get inside Pakistan. I am not sure
what that means for the New Year's celebration
considering the implications for the world
following Bhutto's death. She has to be
buried with in 24 hours.For some reason
U2's " Peace on Earth " is on my mind.

sydney said...

The Bhutto assasination is both sad and a terrible blow to international relations (not that they were too great to begin with). My second thought was "I bet Anderson will be back." I just checked his blog and I was right.

Can't the world stay in place for more than a couple of days at a time?

ACAnderFan said...

I had hoped John King would anchor 360 tonght since I actually like the way he anchors breaking news. I suppose I can tolerate Anderson tonight, becuase it is such an important story.

Anonymous said...

I love the review. I bet it was exausting for you to put this all up for us to read. I appreciate all the work you done for this blog.

I really sad that Bhutto was assasination. And the election were in a week(if I remember right) why couldn't she waited that long. Sorta like the story with Dorothy Stang who got killed by illegal logger who wanted her to stop. They both knew the possibilities of being killed and that didn't stop either one of them from doing what they thought needed to be done.
I believe tonight show is going to be big.

Sapphire said...

Ms. Sheryn ~ maybe 2008's "year in review" should be posted in 2009 since the year in review isn't necessarily over until the year is complete as we have seen over the past few years.

Kristien said...

Sheryn, thank you for this post! It would have taken me at least a full day to type that much!

I started watching 360 in march, march 19th to be exact, so it's great to have an overview of what Anderson did before that night.

I've also been reading the ATA archive to get me up to speed with all the thing I've missed. I love it! Great entertainment! :)

So for me this has been a year of discoveries: first AC/360 and then (unfortunately months later) ATA.
They have both become an addiction, but the good kind!!!!!

nobbins said...

What dvd was sold with Dispatches? Was it only for that bookstore?

Anonymous said...

I think Anderson is heading to Pakistan.I was just
visiting and a special SIU hour on
Pakistan will be airng after 360.

Quitty said...

I bet it was fun reading the posts again to compile this year in review.That end of the month thing in a new city is an interesting observation. AC360 doesn't need to do a year in review of the show...They can just link to your post.

I'll have to go back and watch some of the clips I'd totally forgotten about.

Anonymous said... says the funeral is on Friday.
I wonder if Anderson will be heading
CNN coverage live from Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

I mourn the loss of Mdm Bhutto,I have admired her for a long time since she became the first woman PM years ago and her anger at the military for the coup which killed her father. I am shocked as to how the assasin got so close to her to carry out his intention and my admiration that she didn;t allow that to scare her.

Cyn said...

Wow, Sheryn, I too am exhausted just from READING that! Great job writing that up... so sad that there is now more to add.

Lulu said...

I wouldn't be at all surprised if Anderson heads to Pakistan. This is a major event with global ramifications, and you know he wants to be right in the center of it.

WOW! This guy travels like no one else! I need to catch my breath after just reading the recap! Here's wishing him good health and safe travels in 2008.