Saturday, December 29, 2007

I iz confused?!

What was the deal tonight?! I was all ready to do my first blog post of an actual AC360 show and there is no AC360 show. Apparently, someone didn't tell the staff nor the person responsible for the CNN TV ads that their wasn't going to be an AC360 special tonight. When I got home tonight and saw Nick on at 8PM I revved up my laptop to check the CNN program schedule. It still showed AC360 at 8PM and the repeat at 10PM. Even the main page had Nick's special advertised as 9PM. I kept flipping back and forth between the Patriots/Giants game and CNN hoping to see that all familiar gray mop.

I'm sure there was a logical reason for no show but at least change the website or quit running the ads! Of course, I'm still trying to figure out why Anderson took a 16 hour plane ride around the world to do a one hour show where 90% of the interviews were by satellite. I guess it was a knee-jerk reaction of "let's take a risk and get Anderson on the ground. If there is a post-assassination story, then Anderson will get the exclusives."

Even if we didn't get to see Anderson tonight, he did put his two cents regarding Pakistan back in 2004 in this Nth Degree:

Stretch Armstrong and Pakistan. What a combo. I looked up ole Stretch on Wikipedia and he was introduced in 1976. Hmm....Anderson would have been 9 years old that year. Whatcha wanna bet he asked for Stretch for his birthday or Christmas that year.

Well, it is the end of another year and everyone is looking back to the year that was 2007. Here is Jib Jab's take on 2007 to the tune of "We Didn't Start The Fire" by Billy Joel.

Don't forget. If you are going to be around your computer NYE, stop on by ATA and join us for the live blog chat Cyn is hosting.

Have a Happy New Year! See ya in 2008!


ACAnderFan said...

I am not sure what's going on with 360. I thought it was supposed to be on last nite too. If it wasn' going to be on, then who ever is in charge of the tv schdule need to change it then. I too, also wonder why he was there for an hours worth of live television. Perhaps they filmed a bunch of stuff we did not see and maybe it'll turn up on 360 one day.

Quitty, that was a cute Nth Degree video. I don't remember seeing that one before. I bet AC did ask for a Strech Armstrong doll for Christmas or something. How cute. Can't you just picutre little Anderson sitting on Santa's lap and telling him what he wants for Christmas and telling Santa that he had been a "good boy" all year!!!

aries moon said...

I was all geared up to watch AC360 on Saturday night and was disappointed that it didn't air. One night in Pakistan isn't enough to cover whatever was taking place, even though I felt Friday's 360 was pretty good. Who knows what may have happened to prevent them from going ahead with the show, but it's hard to see how he may have made it back for the New Year's show on Monday. Hopefully, AC or his sub will cover more on Pakistan next week.

Cyn said...

Quitty, it was just plain ol' MEAN of them to promise you real Anderson and then not deliver! Someone is already making the Naughty list for '08!

Nice Nth, though. Good old Stretch... And the JibJab year in review, always awesome.

And, go Patriots! *heh*

Kristien said...

Quitty, they just wanted your first post about 360 to be fun and lighthearted! ;)
So do I, I'm so sick of bad news!!

CNN Int. showed a special with Tom Foreman about terror in 2007. I didn't watch it, like I said, I'm sick of bad news!

Thanks for the video, it's always great to see clips from before my time as an Anderfan.

Quitty, better luck next time!!!

Anonymous said...

I think someone there decided it was more important to make sure Anderson was back for the NYE special rather than get AC live on Saturday and risk missing that.

I heard rumor somewhere that Kathy Griffin would not appear if Anderson was not there.

Either way, this reporting from Pakistan seemed like a 1 hour photo op for Anderson and CNN.

ac said...

CNN should update their schedule page.

Is Anderson already on his way back from Pakistan?

Seems hardly worth all that time and effort getting there for just one broadcast.That does not make sense.

The only thing I can figure out is that eventually there will be a one hour 360 special or an SIU special maybe.

Well,here's hoping he is on the way safely home now.

Anonymous said...

I would have thought that Anderson will be on tonight again. I saw Peter Bergen so, I guess Anderson quickly returned back to US at the same time. Too bad that CNN is not giving you a reliable news.

As long as Anderson gets a good napping, he will be there at New Year Eve.

I like that Nth, do remember the Stretch. Funny, Stretch popped my mind!! I was a early teen ager.

Hearing impaired gal

Anonymous said...

My first thought when 360 wasn't on last night was that something bad had happened. After all, they were steps away from where Daniel Pearl was taken. I hope they didn't recieve any threats, and that was the reason they decided to leave.

Deep down I had the feeling that for the radicals, what a score it would be to kidnap a high profile journalsit such as Anderson. Perhaps that is why they left so quickly. It didn't matter so much that he wasn't on, I hope he was safe and nothing happened.

Sapphire said...

I'm sorry that you did not get to blog about an actual 360 Quitty. I was really looking forward to another program. I hope while Anderson was there he did tape so extra stuff

Great Nth Degree....strech Armstrong was probaly somewhere around the Cooper household for sure....possibly even 2

That jib jab was great. What an insane year 2007 has been. But it is totally in my top 5 of best years personally

sydney said...

To be perfectly honest, I was too into the game last night to miss Anderson. I did flip over a couple of times and saw he wasn't on. Glad to hear I didn't miss much - just looked like the same old speculation and rerunning of this trajic event's version of the Zapruder film.


Anonymous said...

anon 8:50, if there had been a threat, CNN would have removed all their personnel, not just Anderson. Bergen was still on the air.

It seems a waste financially to spend all that money on last minute tickets and crew expenses for that one hour. I don't see how Kathy Griffith's rumoured absence could sway CNN either.

ac said...

Hi everyone:

ladies, I was just wondering what time your live blog was starting on New Years Eve?

J in LA said...

You have all said what I think -anyone interested in the news was thinking - what happened on Saturday night? I taped it and in fast forwarding saw they left it to an anchor in Atlanta and Peter Bergen for one report - still out of Karachi.

I had expected 360 to move out of Karachi to Islamabad - near the real action of the political parties - the capital - it's only about 700 miles - a short plane ride. This story is unfolding by the day, so it would have probably meant at least a week in Pakistan to cover it thoroughly. Not going to the ancestral town, not trying to get into Peshawar/Quetta - all part of covering the story fully, would have taken days. But not to be there for the announcement and possible interview with the Bhutto son and father taking over the party when is was clear it was going to be announced early Sunday US time, is just not covering the story with an anchor. This all could have been done with correspondents on the ground. Unfortunately, it does come off as publicity for a "worldwide coverage" press release rather than a serious attempt to bring unique perspective and exclusives to viewers.

Since this is an unfolding story - the networks will probably now start sending in their "big-gun" correspondents leading up to the date of the supposed elections. Nic Robertson will probably head to Pakistan after his Swiss retreat. Even NBC had Richard Engel out of the New York studio as he was on leave. I expect to see him in Pakistan as early as Tuesday because of the announcement of the son and father as the new heads of the PPP. But next week has the New Year's program and the coverage of the Iowa caucuses and AC was sked for both. I guess CNN didn't think the unfolding of the Pakistan story should trump the US sked, keeping an anchor on site. Then why send him at all - to Karachi of all places?

@Cyn - learning Arabic - quite a task - I can only manage a few words and tried to learn the written alphabet - impossible for me - Inshallah.
J in LA

Anonymous said...

It is ironic that the Planet in Peril program didn't teach CNN anything about reducing their carbon footprint. 16 hour flight just to stand in Pakistan and report the news. Shame on CNN and its reporters.

copperfish said...

I don't know if the slained PM Bhutto has prepared his son for a huge task like this heading a political party. I thought they will get someone from within the party itself and not from her family since they were all low-profiled. What she did naming his husband her successor in her will is what I call a political dynasty.

Anyway, I think AC much as he would like to cover this developing story would have to go back to do his annual NYE job. Nic Robertson or others will have to do the job. Well unless, he insist otherwise.

ATA will also be lived on NY's eve! wow! that's cool. What time will it start?

Anonymous said...

From what I heard this morning on CNN there was an escalation in violence in Pakistan in the last few days. I think it was very wise for Anderson & Co to leave when they did. I would rather not see him one night than not at all, ever again.

Jennifer said...

@ Quitty, thanks for sharing the Nth degree and the other video that you made. It was really good :-)

Cyn said...

I'll probably open up the NYE thread about an hour before AC goes live, so about 10pm ET. (They are showing that "Best of iReports" special at 9, not sure what's going on at 10.) And I'll keep it open through the replay and midnight out here on the Left Coast.

Boy, they'd better have Sushi on, though... It just won't be New Year's Eve without her!

Sapphire said...

I believe Tom Foreman is doing a best and worst of 2007 special at 10PM. That is what Anderson said Friday night and they show a clip.....the one with Spider Man and Harry Potter.

Cyn, I agree Sushi and JZ better be on. And this year's show is not going to 1PM like last year's did. Last year they showed them ringing in the New Year in the Central time zone and then went off the air. A little disappointed by that.

nobbins said...

Well, I'm glad I didn't miss the "special 360" last night. I was out of town, and when I got home I looked on here to find that he was supposed to be live. It was after the time though, so I waited up and checked so I could watch the repeat. I have noticed that CNN has trouble keeping up with what they are going to show. Every time I see an ad about something I want to watch, it says one day, and then it doesn't come on that day, or the schedule says one thing and plays something else.