Saturday, January 26, 2008

And The Winner Is....

Miss Michigan! Oh wait...I mean Mr. Obama! Uh, Can you tell I flipped between the Miss America pageant and CNN's coverage of South Carolina's democratic primary tonight? Yes, I'll admit one of my guilty pleasures this month has been the Miss America reality show and tonight was the pageant.

Well, Miss South Carolina may have only been a top 16 contestant but South Carolina was the winner on CNN tonight. I walked away from the TV around the time the polls closed and when I came back they already had announced that Obama had won?! After the votes were in we found out he didn't just win, he beat Billary with a 2-1 margin.

Because of the early projection, John King didn't play with the map as much but I still enjoyed a lot of what he had so say and apparently Amy Holmes agreed because every time JK would talk she sat behind him nodding her head in agreement.

Anderquotes of the night:

Bill Bennett, Gloria Borger, I think has now added John Edwards to the list of people who need to watch their knees and their back -- regardless of what happens tonight.

After Bill Bennett compares Obama's uplifting speech to Reagan, Anderson says: I imagine a Clinton commercial with your comments comparing Barack Obama to Ronald Reagan is coming. Possibly?

But the best laugh of the night was Anderson's comment after John King calls Bill Clinton "the first survivor before they put it on TV". Book Asylum clipped it for us below.

During one of the commercial breaks I flipped over to to Fox to see the competition. (I agree with a comment that Phebe e-mailed me earlier. You need a shower after watching Fox). Talk about dark, depressing, and just plain boring. Seeing some stuffy anchor sitting behind a desk with dark red and blue graphics around him just wasn't inviting. CNN depicts a modern, progressive scene with colors, graphics, pie charts, and touch-screen video that younger versions can relate to. This may explain why CNN has been getting high ratings from young viewers. Me, I'm a visual person so things like the maps John King demonstrates really helps me. During the next primary, flip over the Fox just for a second and you'll see what I mean.

What happens now? Well, if you believe Wolfbot, then even after Super Tuesday there may not be a clear winner for either party so the Democratic and Republican nominees may not be decided until the convention in Denver. I bet Jon Klein is jumping down at that prospect. With all of these interesting primaries, that translates to ratings!

(Thank you for all the caps from tonight Book Asylum)


On a non-political note, Sapphire found a new clip on YouTube of Barry Mitchell giving an adorable Anderson "career advice" when he quit WNN to host The Mole. Enjoy!

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ACAnderFan said...

Last nite wasn't that bad. I mean I saw the whole thing which is a first for me. Usually I chnage the channel after the first hour or so. I wish John had been at his map board!!! I like when he's there. I was surprised to see that they were announcing Obama as the winner so early in the evening. It kind of sucks for Edwards though, I mean he couldn't even win in the state he was born in...

Did AC get a haircut???

That youtube clip is funny. I saw it yesterday morning.

Cyn said...

Interesting observation about Fox...I'll have to check it out.

John King seems to be getting all the best lines these days! Does the WGA know about this?

sydney said...

Early projection? To say the least. Ol' Wolf acted like he had ants in his pants waiting for the clock to count down. It barely hit zero when he announced it. Noone can criticize them for waiting too long this time.

ac said...

I added this clip to my youtube stash yesterday(I do have one,yes!),it is cute!
Anderson's hair is so so short,and I love him wearing the shades!

Unknown said...

I subscribed to barry's account as soon as I saw he had one because I knew gems like this would be coming :D I love it, Anderson is adorable when he covers his face and shakes his head!

Sheryn said...
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Sheryn said...

Ms. Quitty, I loved the Miss America Reality show too! You know my vote was for Ms. Utah. You gotta love a girl who can make all the finalists do a push-up salute! I have to tell you, I was not a fan of the vamping up of the pagent though.

Anyway, that Barry Mitchell video was adorable! Gosh I'm still a sucker for those dimples!

Thank you for clearing up what he said about Bill Clinton being the first survivor. Everyone was laughing and I couldn't make it out.

@Acanderfan, Congrats! Hee I was outta there as soon as they called it. Needless anaylsis.

Kristien said...

Thanks for the recap Quitty, I didn't get to see any of the coverage.
I laughed when I read 'Wolfbot'. Funny!

Anonymous said...

Did John and Anderson get Wolf to laugh ?
Priceless!!! It seems like Wolf tossed to
Anderson a whole lot of times to keep
things interesting. Also, the commentary
from John to describe the win by Obama
was funny as well.

Sapphire said...

Great coverage last night. I am happy with what happened. I have to say I can't believe Clinton could not stay in SC long enough to give her concession speech. She got out of SC as fast as Wolf announced the projection. The whole team had me in laughs many times last night.

I love that video.....the snarkiness out of Anderson in it is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

What exactly did Anderson say to make everyone laugh after John King called Clinton the survivor? I still can't make it out from the video.

Anonymous said...

Fox News is depressing to watch in comparison to CNN, in part because they've not switched over to HD. After HD nothing looks good.

Roonie said...

ohhhh this election is just building up the suspense everywhere.

Thanks for the clip Quitty! It was really funny :) My word, he looks so young. Hard to believe that time flies!