Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A break from politics

Hi everyone. It's time to take a politics detour. Barry Mitchell posted another funny video called Anderson Cooper Slapstick. I hope you like it.

Flickr fun
Last night while searching Flickr.com for debate pictures for my All Things CNN post, I came across some cute pictures of Kevin, the AC360 dancing Floor Manager. He looks like a blast to work with, doesn't he?

Okay, I'm off to cook dinner. I hope you enjoy your evening. ~Sheryn

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ACAnderFan said...

Sheryn, that video is hilarious. Thanks for sharing it.

Great pictures of Kevin. He does look like he would be alot of fun to work with. He seems to always be having fun.

Sapphire said...

oh that video was so great. For a second I thought Anderson might join in on 99 Bottles. Still no closer to seeing what Anderson would be like on American Idol. Wow right at the end I had to laugh as Anderson was carrying the cardboard cut out...how times have change. Now it is us wishing we were carrying a cardboard cut out of Anderson :P

The pics of Kevin the floor director are great. Thanks for sharing them.

QuotidianEditorialist said...

OMG I love that video, but all I kept saying to myself was "Sweet Jesus that boy was skinny"! So cute, so young, but so thin. At least he is not that thin now.

Have to admit that for a second there I was hoping that Anderson was going to burst into song. Darn!

Kevin is a total trip. Love him. I can only imagine the fun that these guys have everyday. Who would not want to be a fly on the wall during AC 360 on any given night. That is a dream of mine!

ac said...

That is such a cute video!
I have to admit,I am also still hearing ''Anderson Cooperstar'' in my head yet,too!!LOL

I still think Kevin should get the 360 announcing gig!
He seems like a funny guy-and we know he dances well,too!


Quitty said...

I can't believe how big that jacket was on him. If anything, he has found a tailor since WNN.

Anonymous said...

Anne, (and all the other Lost fans)

What are we going to do tomorrow night with the first Lost being on and Anderson hosting the debate?! I may have to just hope that the debate is on again over the weekend because I am such a huge Lost fan. I can't wait!

Nebraska Fan

copperfish said...

@Sheryn, loved your post and that video of Anderson. He was still skinny at that time.

Roonie said...

Hahahaha! That video is uproariously funny!

It's so cute to see how young Anderson looked, and not to mention skinny!

Kevin the floor director among the rest of the '360' crew seem like awesome people to just hang out with :) It's great to see their sense of humor every now and then!

Phebe said...

Awwww that clip is adorable. And I'm feel'in the Kevin fan groupies a grow'n.

Hope you remembered to take the plastic wrap off the chicken before you cooked it tonight? MMMMM....melted plastic! LOL!

Anonymous said...

The new Lost episode doesn't air until Thursday, its new time slot. Wednesday is a repeat of last season's finale. I'm still deciding whether to watch the debate or watch the Lost repeat. Anderson or Sawyer is a tough decision for me, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Lol, cute video. Um.. there a couple more picture on flickr of Kevin that ran into(looking up CNN). And I was thinking "hey is that who I think that is" and there no story below telling anything about it so I didn't think it him but as seeing those I pretty sure it is. Good show last night after the debate, I only caught the last 30 minutes.