Friday, February 01, 2008

The Democrat's Conversation

image courtesy of E.M. Pio-Roda ©2008 Cable News Network A Time Warner Company. All Rights Reserved. Now that's more like it, not only did both Democrats act like adults having an intellegent discussion ,on Thursday night, but they also managed to disagree without making faces and snide comments. I went into the debate with my mind pretty much made up, but I came away from the debate realizing I could live with either candidate being my President. That's a really good feeling. I had an interesting dilemma today. I got a call around noon, from a friend, inviting me to hear Bill Clinton speak here in Arizona, around the same time as the debates. First impression was surprise that Bill wasn't going to be in the audience at the Kodak Theater. I had heard that Hillary was coming back to Arizona on Saturday, but I really thought that Bill was going to keep a lower profile. Anyway, I opted to skip the speech. DH didn't want to go, although he did offer to drop me off and spend his evening at a stripper bar. (That's his clever way of discouraging me from attending.) Several of my girlfriends (and their DH's) were spending the evening at pre Super Bowl events (the Super Bowl is here in Phoenix this weekend and the town is crawling with celebrities). One even said she was excited because Paris Hilton, 50 Cent and P. Diddy were supposed to make an appearance at the party she was going to. I guess I was supposed to be impressed? And my old reliable friend, who I can talk into almost anything, said she didn't want to be out that late on a work night. So I opted for an evening with Barack and Hillary and I really wasn't disappointed.
Anderson Cooper was back in New York to anchor AC360. With him was David Gergen, Jeffery Toobin and Carl Bernstein. Wolf contributed to the discussion with Bill Bennett, Roland Martin, John King and Gloria Borger on the stage of the Kodak Theater. Donna Brazile joined in on the discussion from Washington, DC.
The program spent way too much time flashing back to clips of the debate, in my opinion. But what discussion there was, especially from the NYC panel, held my attention.
Erica Hill again did the dial analysis with undecided voters and Tom Foreman handled map duty and the 360 Bulletin. I was really pleased that TF didn't make one single mention of Brittney Spears being back in the hospital. I'm sure Greta gave it more than enough air time.
The stars were definitely out on Thursday night in Los Angeles, for the debate. Stevie Wonder, Leonardo DiCaprio, Pierce Brosnan, Kate Capshaw and Steven Speilberg just to name a few.
image courtesy of E.M. Pio-Roda ©2008 Cable News Network A Time Warner Company. All Rights Reserved.I also spotted America Ferrera, who was campaigning in Colorado earlier this week with Chelsea Clinton. And Sheryn came across these pictures of John Roberts pressing the flesh with a few more of the rich and famous that were in attendance.(Jason Alexander, Diane Keaton and Christina Applegate) Did you spot anyone that we missed? But by far my favorite celebrity sighting of the night was Kevin, AC360's fabulous stage manager. Was he doing a dance or just trying to crack Wolf up?I would like to make a personal plea to Ron Paul supporters to please stop sending us comments. I have had my fill of rejecting comments about how CNN did not give Ron Paul a fair shake, Ron Paul is the only candidate who can fix our image abroad, Ron Paul walks on water (ok I made that one up, but they probably believe it). ATA is not a tool to promote your candidate, so please move along.
Well that's it for me this week. Don't forget to tune in to Regis and Kelly today to see AC as the guest host and I'll see you back here on Monday. ~Phebe

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Anonymous said...

Wolf was saying earlier in the day that it was the
most sought after ticket in Hollywood and John
Roberts said more people were asking for tickets
to the debate than the Oscars. I predict block-
buster ratings for this debae being it was one
for the history books.

ACAnderFan said...

It was nice to actually see the democrats being civil. After what we saw wednesday nite with the republicans I figured last nite would be much the same. It was nice that Hilary and Obama were able to have a discussion with each other.

I didn't pay alot of attention to 360. I saw the debate I don't need analysist by Anderson and whoever else.

I loved seeing all the celeberites. Somehow I missed Leo DiCaprio, how I do not know. normaly I can pick him out in no :)

Anonymous said...

Didn't you see Fran Drescher in the audience? All I could think is that she's the next 360 announcer candidate!!!

Roonie said...

I was absolutely blown away by the "debates" last night. It was such a great moment for both of them and both were so incredibly poised and graceful on stage.

I am glad Hollywood is taking notice, because they're citizens too, and their votes all count just as much as ours.

My only beef was with Wolf, but I basically ignored all of his interruptions, as horribly annoying as they were. He needs to be more respectful when asking questions, and not probe them for blatant answers. "Yes" or "No" does NOT CUT IT ANYMORE. GET A GRIP!!!

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, to the both of you, well done!

Thanks for the great post Phebe, and I'm glad you watched the debates!!!!

ac said...

Wow,it seemed the stars were out in full force at the debate by the looks of it.

I am looking forward to R@K today.
After a week of politics,Anderson needs a change of scenery,and maybe we will get another story like ''drunk girls''!LOL

I like when he goes there,he seems to enjoy it a lot.

Anonymous said...

what a love fest and all those celebrities, makes me want to barf!

Anonymous said...

Bradley Whitford (a.k.a. Joshua Lyman of the West Wing) was in the audience too!

Overall, it was a great debate- definitely a nice change from the last one. I'm confident that whoever I finally decide to cast my vote for will be a good president.

Anonymous said...

Why did the Democratic debate get the Hollywood backdrop while the Republican debate got Air Force One?

beachlzrd said...


I only caught a glimpse of the debates last night, so thank you so much for your update :)

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

To Ms Phebe: I am not a Ron Paul supporter nor did I contribute to his campaign but I did post a comment on your blog. Just because someone mentions that he was not called upon does not make them a supporter and were NOT MOVING ALONG. When YOUR home is in forecloseure or a friends, don't say you weren't fore-warned!