Tuesday, January 29, 2008

He Who Must Not Be Named

I really didn't have the intestinal fortitude to endure another GWB (aka he who must not be named) State of the Union address on Monday night. I did watch the follow up on AC360, but kept one finger on the mute button for those flashbacks to the speech. I don't feel I can do justice to the rehash of the SOU, but I did manage to grab a few screencaps from the night.
That in itself is a story. My external hard drive died last week, and took with it a lot of my vintage AC clips. I bought it about 18 months ago to back up my files and store my recordings of AC360. Little did I know I needed a back up for my back up. The aforementioned hard drive is at the computer funeral home now where some nice young man is trying to extract all the files, pictures and clips. I wonder what he'll think if he is successful and starts looking all the AC goodies? I guess I'll face that when and if the time comes. I spent a good part of today shopping for a new back up hard drive and while doing so I came across the best calendar ever (next, of course, to the ATA AC Calendar). Which sort of brings us full circle back to the SOU. While watching Monday's analysis on AC360 I saw yet again that Paul Begala was missing from the discussion. Do you realize that he and James Carville have been banned from CNN since November 16th when The New York Times criticized James Carville's participation in post debate coverage? How ridiculous is that? I mean everyone knows that they have worked for and with the Clinton's, so has The Gerg. What's the big deal? Obviously NBC doesn't see a problem. Matt Lauer used Paul Begala on the Today Show on Monday morning for analysis of the Primary race. CNN needs to grow a set and quit kowtowing to every Tom, Dick and Harry who try to push them around. I don't care if it was the New York Times or Barack Obama himself. I miss my Paul Begala and want him back.
Anderson scored interviews with three of the major candidates after the SOU. I wonder if it will ever be reveled why Hillary cancelled at the last minute? Sometimes these things happen because a candidate isn't please with the position in the program they have been given, sometimes it's just that something bigger came along. Any way you look at it I think she missed a great opportunity to speak out to the younger voter, which is a big part of AC's audience.
We know from the AC360 blog that Anderson left NYC for California very early on Monday morning. Usually when he's broadcasting from the Los Angeles studio we either get him up on the roof or just a head shot. Monday was different, he was sitting in the studio, at a desk. It looked like it might be the same desk that Larry King uses. What do you think?

There were reports on several blogs and news sites Monday that Anderson attended Kathy Griffin's comedy concert on Sunday night, at Madison Square Garden. Sounds like a fun time, but can he party like The Gerg? Check out this fabulous (but very short) video that Cyn found of David Gergen getting down with his bad self. Enjoy! ~Phebe

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering about the set also. My guess
is it is a different set, maybe for the debates
and Super Duper Tues. Somehow I feel Jon
Klein is likely to what to be live in all of
the 20 plus states.I thnk Anderson will
be joining Team CNN live from LA for
the Florida primary.At some point Wolf
has to make it to LA also for the Dems

Kristien said...

Phebe, I think I'll stick to my ATA calendar, I don't fancy having Bush on my wall!

I only got to see the first half hour of 360 and I do think it's a shame that Hilary Clinton wasn't on, for whatever reason.
The good thing about missing most of the program, is that I didn't have to listen to too much of what Bush said, so there's my silver lining!

Your hard drive is in my prayers Phebe! We don't want to lose all those precious clips!

Anonymous said...

Wow the "Gerg" has a few good moves there. Who would have known?

ACAnderFan said...

Phebe, I think you and I watched 360 the same way. As soon as I saw Howdy Doody's face, mute button went on. What a waste of perfectly good air time.

FANTASTIC screencaps, Phebe!!! I am sorry to hear about your hard drive. I hope eveything works out OK for it.

I liked seeing AC the desk in LA. It was better than the usual headshot we get. There's just something about seeing Anderson at a desk that I really like...lol!!!

Delie said...

Phebe, sorry for your hard drive! I hope you will get back all your files.
I watched a part of the SOTU this morning, repeating to myself "it's his last one, it's his last one...", wondering if Obama was thinking "next year, it's my turn". And only 30 minutes of AC 360. Not a very good way too start the day. Silly me!

MeshugahMazal said...

Phebe you have such hilarious comments sometimes!! :) Thanks for making a tired girl from work laugh at night!

I actually found it more pleasant to just put He who Must Not be Named on mute while he was giving the address and wait until Wolfie was back chatting with John King about the speech, et al.

Do you have a link to the calender, where one can buy it? It'd be a great present I know for some people!

PS- I too, miss Begala & Carville... such colorful characters!

Anonymous said...

That is not Larry Kings desk. I think they made it up for all the things going on this week in CA. Did you notice that we didn't a "see you tomorrow" or even this morning "see you later this evening" I wonder if he will be on tonight.

Anonymous said...

As long as Carville and Begalia disclose their roles in the campaigns, not sure what the problem is with them doing commentary.

Anonymous said...

Erica did the 360 Bulletin last night so looks she has already started.

Em said...

I couldn't watch the SOU either. Sorry, I have just never been a fan of George. The first time I heard him speak, I thought he came off as arrogant and entitled. I have a first cousin who is a big ol' football coach at a small christian university in Texas. Other than size, he reminds me so much of George Bush. Basically, my cousin was a bully as a child and is an arrogant blowhard as a man. I am sure the similarities between my cousin's demeanor and that of President Bush have something to do with my attitude. I was taught always to be respectful of our President but Bush has made that quite a challenge. However, watching him ignore the majority of his constituents to pander to a small group of elitist friends for the past 7 years has left me feeling somewhat vindicated. IMHO he was much more suited to millionaire baseball owner than he has been to being President.

I did watch AC360 and thought it was interesting. I think Hillary made a big mistake on this one. Seems like the Clinton's are just determined to self-destruct.

I am wondering what my dad thinks about Obama and the Kennedy's. Like I've said before, he is a Catholic and a staunch Democrat from the old school. He thought JFK and RFK were saints er...well atleast altar boys (you know, the kind that might sneak a sip of the sacramental wine!) Other than Barry Goldwater, he has never been drawn to candidate that wasn't a Democrat. I am not sure if his love for Barry was because of Barry's tell it like it is attitude or Dad's distain for Lyndon Johnson. Seems to me the conservative Republicans could use a little Barry Goldwater these days. I know, I know, I've just lost anyone under 45 reading this comment ;0

Wouldn't you have loved to be at Kathy's concert with AC? Such fun!

I didn't realize the Gerg was so talland check him out...he was dancing with atleast 3 women. Gerg's the man!

My big decision this week is whether or not I can sit through Mitt etc just to see how Anderson does with the debate. It pains me!

Phebe, sorry about your computer problems...losing your hard drive is the worst! Hope you can recover some of that vintage AC!

ac said...

Phebe,I hope your Ander stuff gets recovered.

Where and when was "The Gerg" video taken?
Interesting moves he has goin' on there!LOL

Oh my,a Bush calendar-I think I will pass-would much rather look at the ATA one anytime,anyplace,anywhere!!

I wonder what happened to Hillary last night-oh well...

I must say,Anderson looked oh so handsome last night.

lori said...

Sorry about the hard drive pooping out on you. Mercury went retrograde so communications and technology will be screwed up for the next few weeks ... hope the computer mortician can exhume a few of the lost files.

I only half listened to the SOU while I worked in my office on a project; I just can't stand "the smirk." That calendar is hilarious ; would be great for target practice.

I agree wholeheartedly with you, Phebe, that CNN needs to grow some kahunas. Paul and James would be great additions to the -- how does it go? -- "Best Political Team on Television."

Too bad Hilary was a no show on 360. Would have loved to hear her take on the speech. Oh well, maybe next time. We've got our fair share of primaries and debates over the next week, so maybe she'll pop in at some point.

I knew the Gerg could bust a move. Imagine him shaking his money maker to "Jungle Boogie!"

Anonymous said...

According to TVNewser, MSNBC and FNC confirmed that Hillary canceled on them last night as well, not just Anderson.

Sapphire said...

Great video of the Gerg get his groove on....I love it.

Thanks for the pics of 360 last night. I missed the show so the pics are great. Like the desk.

Bush was in a damned it you do damned if you dont situation because no one wants to hear him. The speech was all right.

Not really impressed with Clinton not showing up for Anderson or the other shows she was scheduled for. Not impressed at all

Phebe said...

@MeshugahMazal, The calendar is available online at numerous sites. Just Google the name of the calendar and you should have no trouble finding it. I also think Walmart has it in their stores. Good luck!