Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Just Desserts

Photo credit Photos by Eric Parsons / Ventura County Star

So, are you ready for tonight's CNN Republican debate at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley? Although I'm not a republican (shocking news, right?), I'll be paying close attention to Romney and McCain. Let's face it people, one of these men could be our next president so it's time to sit up and take notice.

I must say that I've been feeling really good about Democratic voter turn out. To be honest, the Democrats in Florida could have sat this one out but they came out in droves. Forget who they voted for, the important thing is that they voted! Now that is very promising indeed! I hope that trend continues right threw to November when it truly counts!

The new 360 Blog
So, what do you think of the new 360 Blog? Apparently CNN made the decision to switch to WordPress for all of their blogs. I found a post on A Fool's Wisdom blog today about the switch. (click here for full text)

Back to the blog. In the announcement yesterday, “The ‘new blog’ blog” David Reisner, 360° Digital Producer wrote “the 360Blog promises to be more interactive and more custom fitted to your daily blog needs. More pictures, more video… “.

He goes on to describe how “mouse over a link and you get a preview”, Snap Shots,4 contributes to this experience, and how categories can give you “a customized blog”.Categories (and now tags too) being so easily their own view and having their own feed is one of the 1st WordPress experiences I was wowed by.

The comments so far on the new Anderson Cooper 360° Blog experience have been every positive, though people are disappointed it can’t make them coffee.

The previous version of this blog was on Google Blogger, and what I’m most interested in seeing is how participation improves. Though I wasn’t involved in “selling” WordPress for this migration away from Blogger, I regularly beg people that have blogs that I participate on to move off of Blogger because of how awkward it is to comment in that system. It is not a nice experience. It will be interesting to watch more people commenting more regularly on the new Anderson Cooper 360° Blog.

I like the fact that Anderson's blog looks like all the other CNN blogs now. I've been having a problem with the site for the past two days but I'm sure they are just working out the kinks. So, what are your thoughts on the blog? Do you find it easier to surf or post comments now?

We need your input!
One of our readers wrote to Phebe and asked for our witty input in her contest at work. She and her co-workers are having a Super Tuesday potluck luncheon and they must name their dishes after their favorite politicians. Here are a couple of examples: Barakaroni and Cheese, Baracklava or Dinkin's Donuts (named after the ex-NYC Mayor, David Dinkins)

So ladies and gents, are we up to the task? I know we have some of the wittiest commenters this side of the internet so have at it! Let's help our reader win! Maybe she'll send us some just desserts! (oh bad pun, sorry!)

And now we have video!
I'll leave you tonight with actual video of Kathy Griffin at Sunday's concert talking about Anderson. The camera is a bit shaky during the funny moments. Have a great night and don't forget to watch tonight's debate coverage! ~Sheryn

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aries moon said...

LOL, "Barakaroni"!

The Democratic turn out for the primaries has been excellent; it's good to see so much interest and enthusiasm in this campaign. It's very difficult for me to have to sit through a Republican debate, but it's definitely important to do it regardless of how much I disagree with their policies.

360's new blog format is much better, it's a lot easier to comment and that cuts down on those annoying error messages when you try to submit your comment.

ACAnderFan said...

Sheryn, that picture at the begining of the post is very nice :)

Tonight's debate should be interesting, becuase like you said Romeny or McCain could be our next president. I am curious to hear what they have to say. Hopefully there won't be alot of bickering tonight. I hate when the candidates do that.

I think the new 360 blog is cool. Other than having a few problems with it I like it.

Kathy is HILARIOUS!!! WOuldn't you just love to see AC's reaction to what she was saying...LOL!!! I bet his face turned every shade of red...LOL!!!

Sapphire said...

oh I love that first picture....very nice. Anderson looks so cool standing in front of "Air Force One"

As to the new 360 blog. I personally am not like it yet. I think it is nice in how it looks but honestly commenting is no easier now then it was before because they are still not posting all the comments. We will see, it may grow on me eventually.

Oh I love the Kathy Griffin video. So great.

I will try and think of some titles for the super tuesday potluck. Sounds like fun!!!!!!!

snooks said...

Kathy Griffin is too much - Anderson must have been hiding under his seat

Suggestions for Potluck
Huckaberry Pie
Sugar McCain's
Mitt's Bits (must be messy unlike his hair)

Kristien said...

Euhm, Barackioli, as in ravioli? I'll try to come up with some better ones...

The new 360 blog takes some getting used to I guess, but I agree that it's nice not to get those error messages anymore!

Oh, Hillareeces peanut butter.

Have fun with the debate, I'll pass..

Anonymous said...

@acanderfan its only going to get worse so you better get use to the bickering. It never was this bad up until a few years ago, first it was just the ads then speeches, but now its everything. If you don't like it just turn it off or switch channels Anderson on not.

copperfish said...

LOL! those are funny names of dishes. Anderson must have melted in his seat in that show of Kathy's.

cactuskid said...

I love that first picture as well! These debates are wearing on, aren't they? Think Air Force One will make a great backdrop tonight though.

Can't decide if I like the new 360 blog. It's different, but I liked the old one.

Wish someone had taken some video of Anderson's reaction to Kathy's comedic turn on him. Bet he turned every shade of red!

For the potluck, how about Mitt Loaf for meatloaf. That's all I can think of for now.

sydney said...

I watched some of the debate (flipped back and forth from AI). Is it just me or does Romney look like one of those crooked televangelists that talk old women out of their money? LOL!

cactuskid said...

@ Sydney: Mitt looks slick!

ACAnderFan said...

@Sydney, I love your description of Romney!!! He does kind of look like!!!

FAMLAW said...

Is anyone having trouble posting to the new blog? My computer seems to get stuck trying to load? my comment. I was actually having an easier time with the Google Blogger.

As to the debates, they are loosing the interest in Iraq, which is sad for all the families with loved ones there, but they are going to have to deal with economics. Should be interesting.

Roonie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Thank you so much for the Kathy Griffin video upload!! I was laughing hysterically :)

It is ironic that Seacrest is doing stuff for ABC...

Debates were alright I guess. Not impressed with any of the Republicans, so I'm way more interested in tomorrow night's coverage.

@Cactuskid, I was totally thinking Mitt Loaf too!! Nice job ;)

McCain-dy Canes?

Anonymous said...

I've been having a lot of trouble loading the new 360 blog as well. I discovered that if you hit Escape about 6-10 times, it loads correctly and then you can compose your message. At least that worked for me. I use Windows and IE 7, so I don't know if that will help on other operating systems or versions of IE.

Anonymous said...

Nice Ander-pic. I hope it is another record-breaker
for Anderson and Team CNN with the Republican
debate. It was so sweet at the start of the debate
when Anderson was with Nancy Reagan.
The new 360 blog reminds me of Digg. It is
totally cool.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I found the old 360 blog a pain to deal with and this one is no better.
I also had a hard time understanding Kathy Griffin on the video. I'm sure it was very crude because she is.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:50 pm: I am glad you are not the only one who thinks Kathy Griffin is crude. Apparently Anderson likes her though because he went to her show and had dinner with her after according to Andy Cohen (he wrote about it on his blog). And this couldn't have been one of those invites he couldn't say no to. She is not influential.