Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Republican Debate

image courtesy of CNN
I can't believe I watched the whole thing! Wednesday's CNN Republican Debate, anchored by Anderson Cooper, was contentious at times, boring at others and wrong on so many levels, but I did watch. AC started out strong on the first question to Mitt Romney:

COOPER: Let me just interrupt. The question was: Are Americans better off than they were eight years ago? And as you know, there are a lot of Americans out right now who are very interested in the answer. They're not feeling particularly good about their home sales -- the value of their homes dropping down or the unemployment rate
rising. How do you feel America is doing?

ROMNEY: Well, again, I'm pleased with what I do while I was -- as governor and happy to talk about that record.

COOPER: Are you running for governor or are you running for president, though?

And so it went....forcing AC to be part traffic cop, part referee, part diplomat.

It was so nice to see Nancy Reagan with Anderson at the debate. I'm sure most of you know Mrs. Reagan is a friend of Anderson's mother, Gloria Vanderbilt. She has known AC since he was a little boy, so this had to be a special moment for them and for Gloria.

images courtesy of CNN
After the debate there was a smooth, and quick, transition to the AC360 panel which consisted of Roland Martin, Gloria Borger, Bill Bennett and John King.

They were joined by David Gergen in Boston and Amy Holmes in NYC.
We also had Tom Foreman giving us a clear picture of just which States the candidates were going to target before Super Tuesday

And Erica Hill, in Atlanta, analyzing the dial results of the undecided voters. And here are a few more random screencaps from Wednesday's program.

That's it for me tonight. Let's do it again after Wolf and the Dems have had their turn. And speaking of Thursday night I wanted to clarify about Sanjay's special. After the Democrats debate there will be analysis, much like Wednesday night, and then Dr. Gupta's Broken Government: Critical Condition. The promos were a bit deceiving saying the special would be right after the debates.
I'm wondering if Anderson will be back in NYC, because he has the appearance on Regis and Kelly Friday morning. Or he could be taking that wonderful red-eye on Thursday night....he has been know to do that too, or it could already be recorded. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Have a wonderful Thursday and I hope to see you back here tonight.~Phebe

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ACAnderFan said...

Really, the debate wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. And the candidates were pretty civil to each other.

The best part of the nite was when Anderson asked Romney if he was running for governor or president. I am gald he asked it becuase I think most of the time Romney thinks he is running for governor with the way he!!!

I didn't pay much attention to 360. I saw the debate. I don't need some analysist after it. When I'd hear John King's voice I'd look up from my lpatop, but other than that I really wasn't paying attention.

Cyn said...

Haven't watched the debate yet, but those are some lovely pics. There was one on the CNN site earlier that looked like McCain and Romney were about to duke it out, but I guess there would have been a Breaking News alert if that had actually happened...

ac said...

That is a really nice photo of Anderson with Nancy Reagan.
Thanks for the debate pics.

I am looking forward to seeing him on R@K tomorrow.

I have to say,I am not sure if it is the different lighting where he is or not this week,but he looks different at times somehow-and,really tired.
Poor guy!

Roonie said...

ohhhhhhhhh SNAP!!

Way to hook Romney AC! He called him out on a very important thing: Governor or President?

BOOYAH! Love that.

I think he moderates a few guys way better than a whole clan of them. This format is much better for Anderson, IMO.

snooks said...

I too actually watched the debate and I couldn't help thinking how scary it would be if anyone of these GOP candidates would actually win the election -

Anderson's question to Mitt about running for president rather than governor was classic - Anderson did a great job moderating the debate

Obviously I am a Democrat but I could not believe that not one of these men had the courage to criticize Bush - they are so afraid of angering their conservative base that they sit there and say we are better off today than we were 8 years ago

I also have a problem with the GOP and their love of Reagan - he was a great president for the rich but did nothing for the middle and lower classes - I think these people dwell in an alternative universe!

Anonymous said...

I was oh so happy to see Anderson ask the tough
questions to the candidates, He was so serious
and not having the stuff that was flying around
between McCain and Romney . It is hard to like
either of them after they way they behaved during
the debate. Do you get the feeling these 2 guys
just don't like each other?

Kristien said...

I only saw 360 and they didn't show that much of the debate.
I wish they would have shown Anderson putting Romney in his place, that would have been good.

I do get what they were saying about McCain's tone of voice, he comes across as very snappy and always a bit angry.

@Anne: I agree, Anderson didn't look his best, he looked beat.

Nice to see Erica!

Anonymous said...

The question you're applauding seems biased, in that candidates run on their records. Did Anderson ask McCain if he was running for senator or for president?

J in LA said...

Since the field is narrowing, I felt it necessary to watch the debate because I want to see what is coming down the road for the general election debates.

I was very disappointed, as like South Carolina last week, that this debate spent a great deal of time with the bickering between two candidates. I was pleased that Ron Paul finally spoke up and said the debate is about issues, not the wording of a phrase. I thought it important that all Republcians get a chance on the issues, and Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul certainly didn't have the same opportnities.

John Edwards was considered by many to have "won" the South Carolina debate, and still the national media would not give him the attention he felt he needed to keep "a clear path" to the presidency viable.

At this point, I'm not looking forward to the rest of the year if debates are going to decend to bickering and no concentration of laying out differing solutions to the issues so that I can make educated decisions.

It was also extremely disappointing to read The New York Times' front page story on Bill Clinton traveling with Financier Frank Giustra to Kazakhstan which included serious business discussions and quickly resulted in a contract for Mr. Giustra. Mr. Clinton denied knowing anthing about the deal discussions. I'm sure there will be more examination on this "goodwill" trip.
J in LA

Anonymous said...

I didn't think the so called debate was good at all. Anderson seemed to be favoring Romney and McCain, yes they are the front runners, but I always thought that CNN/360/Anderson looked a things from all the angles. I guess things aren't what they appear to be.

Anonymous said...

And Anderson even told Huckabee he would be showered with questions, and when he wasn't, Huckabee reminded Anderson of being told that. I am glad Huckabee said it.

I can understand Huckabee, Ron Paul's frustration and why Edwards dropped out. The media seems to be making each party a two man race.

Anonymous said...

The voters are making it a two man race.

gladys said...

I was so disappointed by the debate and by the moderator! I had to turn off the TV due to the blatant lack of respect for the other 2 gentlemen running for President. Were Huckabee and Paul just invited to fill seats? These guys have worked hard, raised money, and have many people who belive in them- WHY were they totally ignored at the debate? Other blogs have said that the people are the ones who have decided who gets more play in the debate- not all the people have decided yet. Iowa, New Hampshire,and Michigan do not speak for the entire country! Give me a break Cooper!

Sapphire said...

Ms. Phebe I am so proud of watched the entire debate I am so impressed and proud of you. I know how much it must have pained you :P

I was happy with the debate. If I had to rate it I would give it a 9 out of 10. Anderson asked good questions and kept the candidates on topic (I second Aruna's OH SNAP on the governor/president comment to Romney) but I had to take a point off because Anderson twice "promised" to go back to Huckabee and Paul and he just didn't. Never ever say will never hear the end of it.

Nancy Reagan looked so cute last night and I love how she was standing with Anderson at the beginning, made me think of Gloria.

The Reagan Library looks absolutely breathetaking....I would love to visit it someday