Monday, January 28, 2008

State of the State of the Union

Well, tonight is the current administration's final State of the Union address. Not a minute too soon (and in fact, several years too late) in my personal opinion, but anyway... 

Of course, my favorite part of last year's coverage will be missing this year -- that would be Michael Ware, d'uh -- but I did pull some screengrabs from last year's clip to help while away the hours this afternoon. Some of these are especially for those of you with hand fetishes... yes, we know who you are...

By the way, although coverage of the SotU will be hosted from the Election Center in NY this year, rather than far-more-picturesque DC, there is a commercial airing today that Anderson will be hosting 360 from Los Angeles tonight. He'll have reaction to the speech and a preview of tomorrow's Florida primary. All in prep for the debate he's hosting Wednesday from Simi Valley.

(By the way, the AC360 blog has a new home, so if you rely on an RSS feed to let you know when it's updated, you've missed out on a lot today, including David Doss' post about a bomb scare for their flight -- did you know they still designated a United flight 23 from NY to LA? Sorry, I should explain further: United 23 is the flight that conspiracy-theorists believe was also scheduled to be hijacked on 9/11. I used to work with one, I couldn't tell you whether there is any basis for the belief. The fact that the call came from the Allentown area makes me wonder whether this is a regular call for that flight.)

And I thought about saving this clip for my ATC post Saturday, but since there's been so much discussion about this topic, and we'll be hearing it a few thousand times today... From yesterday's Late Edition, Wolf explains why; note the laughter from the panel:

Enjoy (?) the speech and all the coverage tonight!

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Unknown said...

Oh my! I thought I was the only one with a thing for Anderson's hands! :P
For some reason they just look too big for his body but it's adorable :D haha

Kristien said...

Thanks for the pictures Cyn, just in time for bedtime overhere!

Oh, I just hope I won't have a nightmare about Bush making a speech...

Sapphire said...

Oh Anderson in my favourite suit/shirt/tie combo. Thanks for posting the pics Cyn :)

The clip with Wolf was cute. They really are the best political team on .

ACAnderFan said...

I am so glad this is Howdy Doody's last speech. Good riddance to him, I hope the door hits him on the way out when he leaves the white house!!!

Cyn, I love those screencaps. AC always looks so nice in blue :)

Phebe said...

I've got a dilemma for my post tonight. I cannot stand to watch George Bush or hear his speech discussed. I do not want to waste one more second of my life on that man. So I'm not sure what I'll post tonight. Maybe just some screencaps? Hmmmmm

BTW, great post and did you notice it's the newer version of my tie!!! Wonder if he'll ever wear it again?

Anonymous said...

Phebe--I am with you on hearing and looking at Bush. I LOVE the idea of just screen caps.

Em said...

Hand Fetish? Who? Not me!! He, he, he....

Sapphire said...

lordy I think I am the only one of the 6 of us who can even listen to him talk......mostly wrong but I still watch with interest

MWmcFan said...

Thanks for the Mick pics Cyn. I really miss Michael Ware. I hope we will see him on CNN soon.

Anonymous said...

His hands are so big and his body is so widdle.

J in LA said...

Below is an excerpt from a 360 Producer blog today. I was so troubled by it because I feel such a responsibility to vote, and always have regardless if I am happy or outraged with the choices. I am encouraged by the rise in turnouts for the primaries and hope that bodes well for the election.

My only hope is that all candidates stay safe throughout the entire campaign year.

And oh yeah, I am shattered that the Clinton and Obama campaigns have already blown through most of their $100 million campaign chests - and it's only January '08!And trust me, looking at the ad revenue projections for final 2007 and first quarter 2008, it hasn't been spent on advertising!
J in LA

LEAH SMITH, 360 Producer:
I’ve never really committed to anything, not even a favorite brand of soap! Politically, I’m a cynic. No one really “speaks” to me. I’m not registered with either party so I don’t have to sweat primary season too hard. After all, who wants to be conflicted over whether to choose a candidate based on race or gender?

But Obama’s win in South Carolina opened my eyes to new possibilities. Could this be a new political day? Maybe race is not an issue after all.

“Sometimes it takes a while to recognize that someone has a special ability to get us to believe in ourselves … and imagine that together we can do great things,” Caroline Kennedy wrote of Obama in Sunday’s New York Times, under the headline “A President Like my Father.”

We all know: change is inevitable but not usually welcomed with open arms. (Will Ashton Kutcher pop out of nowhere, saying Obama’s victory is just annother episode of his show “Punk’d” — a big trick on us all?)


cactuskid said...

Anderson has very beautiful, strong hands! Thanks for the pics, Cyn!

Screencaps would be nice, Phebe. I'm Not watching The State of the Union Address. I have had enough of this administration, thank you very much.

Sounds like Anderson has had a very hectic day leaving at 5 AM for L.A. to do AC 360 tonight interviewing the candidates. Will be interesting to see who they get to audition for the 360 announcer tonight!

Pixiedust said...

Way back in 1968 or '69, I was on the second flight that had a bomb scare called in. I was on a non-stop from LAX to PA, the day after Christmas. We began a fast descending and as I was reaching for my ticket I noticed others were doing the same. The frantic flight attendants began running through the plane throwing pillows and blankets to people, and when they ran out of those they began throwing coats to anyone who didn't have a pillow or blanket.

They grabbed military and put them at each exit. The pilot came on to say that they have received a bomb threat, but they thought it was a hoax.

We were told to take off our shoes put our heads on our laps and instructed on how to slide.

We were in a large jet that was preparing to land at a crop-dusting airport in the middle of Kansas. They dumped all the fuel and reversed the engines before the tires hit the tarmac.

Just prior to landing the pilot came on to tell us that they were sure it was a hoax because it was almost 2 minutes beyond the time they were told the bomb would explode. We all chuckled about their ability to know if their clocks were synchronized!

We didn't do the slides, but we were told that all belongs had to be left on the plane and we had to run to the diner/hub, leaving our shoes and purses behind. Then we had to wait for FBI agents to be flown in, and each of us had to be interrogated by the FBI (basically asking us if we had any friends or acquaintances that would make this phone call). They were preparing to serve lunch when this began, we had no money because we had to leave our purses in the plane and the lunch counter was closed. We were in Kansas for 4 hours before they let us reboard...and taking off on that crop dusting air strip was like a Disneyland ride.

Back in the late '60s and early '70s, skyjacking became a regular event. The attendants were soon trained in crisis management, and I think they may have had a little talk with the pilots on just how much information they should share with the passengers :-)

BTW, I've been a fan of Anderson's hands for a very long time!

imagine said...

I'm an Ander-hand-fan too!

Delie said...

AC hands and Mick... I owe you something, Miss Cyn, for making my day! Thanks!

ac said...

Those are very, very nice screencaps from last year.

Mmmm,he does have nice hands!LOL
Thanks for posting them,Cyn.