Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Florida Primaries

Tuesday's AC360 found Anderson Cooper at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. The stage has been set for tonight's Republican Debate and I must say it has the most impressive backdrop for a debate that I think I've ever seen.
With AC in California was Bill Bennett (more on him later), Gloria Borger and Roland Martin. Wolf's NYC panel consisted of John King, Amy Holmes, Jeffery Toobin and David Gergen. Besides McCain winning Florida the other big story of the night Rudy Giuliani's stunning loss. We've been assured by John King that there is more news to come on that front Wednesday. The other surprise of the evening was Hillary Clinton, who won a non race in Florida, finally showing up for a CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer.
That's the evening in a nutshell but don't think that's the end of our fun for today. Two readers have sent along some finds that are very interesting.
First an anonymous reader found a link to an audio recording of Kathy Griffin's Sunday night concert, at Madison Square Garden, in NYC. It's just a brief snippet where Kathy mentions AC. While you listen don't forget that AC was in the audience on this night. I would have loved to have seen his reaction.

The next two clips aren't nearly as funny, but they are insightful. Jon Stewart is brilliant in his discussion of gay marriage with Bill Bennett. And Bennett demonstrates much of what I abhore about the Republican Party. Thaniks to Aruna.

I'm not looking forward to the Republican Debate on Wednesday night, but you know I'll be watching. Have a great hump day! ~Phebe
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ACAnderFan said...

I didn't watch alot of the political coverage last nite. I just wasn't in the mood for it. Had Anderson not been apart of it I probaly wouldn't have watched at all.

I would have paid to see AC's reaction to what Kathy said. That would have been hilarious.

I guess the only good thing about the republican debate tonight is that we get some extra!!!

Millie said...

Thanks for posting that Daily Show segment. Jon Stewart was dead on!!!! He absolutely nailed Bennett fair and square.

I never really had a strong opinion either way about Bill Bennett in the past, but recently, the more I hear him, the more I realize what a fool he makes himself look like, and he has no one to blame but himself.

He is entitled to his opinions of course, but it's just the WAY he says things that makes my skin cringe.

Anonymous said...

something wrong with the video. can't get it to play.

Roonie said...

Florida is just keeping me on my toes for Super Tuesday. *nervous*

I would have LOVED to see Anderson's reaction to Kathy's comments, and she just says out-loud what most of us are thinking already...that's right ;)

Thanks for posting the Bill Bennett interviews, they're a real eye-opener.

Looking forward to the debates tonight!!

Em said...

Betcha Anderson turned several shades of red during that segment by Kathy...what a hoot!!

I have to admit, I bowed out of the coverage early last night and took the opportunity to do some reading.

This may be OT but I think it kind of relates to the Florida primary yesterday. As most of you have probably heard, the President of the LDS (Mormon) church passed away this week. When Utah's Governor Jon Huntsman was contacted for comment, he was on his way back from Florida where he was campaigning for...drum roll...John McCain!! I found it rather ironic that the Governor of a state which is 62% LDS, who himself is the grandson of a LDS Apostle would be campaigning for McCain rather than Mitt. This may not seem ironic to you but you have to understand that normally, in Utah, the Mormon population sticks with their own when it comes to electing officials. I imagine when all is said and done, Mitt will probably win in Utah but it will be interesting for me to see how many support the Senator from our border state! I am also kind of proud that our Governor may be taking a less than popular stance because he believes in McCain's honesty and sense of honor. It is refreshing to have a Governor that doesn't seem to be following blindly along.

I am going to try to suffer through the debate tonite...let you know how that goes tomorrow!!

Sheryn said...

I bow to Jon Stewart! That was very satisfying to watch. Thanks Aruna.

AirForce One is a really cool backdrop for the debate. Very cool!

They just said on CNN that John Edwards will be dropping out of the campaign today. Wow, I thought he would stay in until Super Tuesday.

snooks said...

Loved the snark from Tuesday nights commentary on CNN - Clinton after dodging interviews on Monday where she would have had to speak about losing South Carolina and the Ted Kennedy endorsement was only to happy to appear and declare victory - because of the arrogance of the democratic party here in my state of Florida - they moved up the primary and we lost our delegates to the convention but we lost the ability of the candidates to campaign in our state - what should have been done both here in Florida and Michigan was the removal of all the names of democratic candidates from the ballot (n Michigan all dems except Clinton did remove themselves from the ballot) - the arrogance to declare victory when there was no real campaign and then after agreeing to this, now Hillary wants to seek the delegates reinstatement at the national convention

it is sad to see Edwards having to bite the bullet and drop out but at least we got rid of Giuliani - hopefully Edwards will back Obama

Yes I am biased for Obama but I hate the calculating machine behind Clinton

Phebe said...

@em, That is really very interesting. I was sure that Mitt was a lock in Utah and he'd have everybody and his brother endorsing him. Romney would have also carried AZ, because of the Mormons, except of course this is McCain's home state. I don't think Romney will make much of a splash here.
Our governor, a middle aged woman, is backing Obama. She's a Dem who got her first political appointment from Bill Clinton. I was shocked when she went with Obama. BTW he's speaking in AZ this afternoon and bringing Caroline Kennedy along.

@anonymous 5:26, the videos appear to be working but the Bill Bennett ones are kinda slow to load. If you have dial up that may be the problem. Sorry :(

Kristien said...

Thanks for that soundbite, very funny. I'm sure Anderson turned various shades of red listening to that!

I'm not gonna watch the debate, I'm sure they will show the 'highlights' in 360 afterwards.

@Sapphire: I guess that the eggs knocked Rudy right out of the race!

Sapphire said...

The set for tonight's debate is pretty awesome. Thanks for the pics Phebe, I feel asleep during the coverage bad :P