Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Crazy Town

It's the start of another 360 week, and there certainly was a weekend full of political nuttiness to cover...

The first segment started with Candy Crowley recapping the weekend fight card, and wow, does anyone find the mocking version of Hillary's "voice" any more appealing than the other ones she's found since New Hampshire? Gloria Borger and David Gergen join Anderson to discuss the ups, downs, and further downs of the past few days.

I have to admit, I cringed when I read that Dee Dee Myers was going to be on tonight. The list of Clinton administration people for whom I have lost respect seemed destined to grow, but Dee Dee managed to stay clear of it. (Yes, I'm sure she will be relieved to know that!)

The 360 Bulletin... the cop who killed his pregnant girlfriend cries for the jury (yeah, whatever); a passenger dies on an airplane, apparently because the portable oxygen tanks were empty (I imagine we'll be hearing more about that one); and a couple in Georgia wins $275 million... wow. I mean... wow! (And when did Erica get moved to the kids' table? That little separate table behind/beside Anderson's? What's up with that?)

Oh, look, another person I used to admire! Now, see, THIS is why I have become cynical. He did so much good back in the day, but now Ralph Nader is becoming a punchline for an extremely un-funny joke. Seriously, dude, is running for president the only means you can think of to get people to listen to you?! Psst...There's this thing called the internet, all the kids use it now...

The murder of an 8th-grader in Oxnard, California is beyond tragic, beyond unspeakable. He had barely started figuring out who he was, and now he's dead. I even feel sorry for the boy who killed him, who apparently was also pushed too far by taunts and peer pressure... and by someone who gave him easy access to a gun. I'm not saying that excuses what he did, of course, but when are we as a culture going to (a) grow up, (b) be better parents, and (c) understand that guns and kids don't mix?

Christiane Amanpour is in North Korea, touring a former nuclear power plant that is being dismantled. This was a fascinating look at what goes in to taking one of those things apart, and the fact that Kim Jong Il's government is allowing CNN access to it is incredible.

For the "Beat 360" photo tonight, I have to admit I really liked Gary Tuchman's caption! But, kids, if you're gonna name a viewer winner, get the graphic right...! Kinda ruins the punchline, otherwise. (They did correct it for the second hour rebroadcast.)

I had planned to clip the Anderson-calls-Busey moment, but the evil spirits once again took over my recorder. And then, when I was going to grab it from the overnight rebroadcast... the evil spirits hit CNN and played the final segment twice instead! I swear I'm not making this up! It was freaky!!

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ACAnderFan said...

360 was fantastic last nite, I really enjoyed it.

I think maybe if Hilary quit attacking Obama so much she might be doing a little betetr.

I think Ralph Nader is doing mare harm than good to himself by running. I doubt many people will take hinm seriously let alone vote for him.

The story about the 8th grader was so sad. The kinds need to stop being so cruel towards each other.

If course the Anderson/Ercia banter was great. They both have a great sense of humor. However maybe when shes doing her peices she could be sitting next to Anderson at the desk. I think that would be cool.

Delie said...

Cyn, you need a cyber exorcist as soon as possible...

Phebe said...

I so agree about Erica. It looks like back in the day when boys didn't want to sit too close to girls because of cooties. :)
And while we're at it does the split screen of the two of them (while they are in the same studio) seem odd to anyone else?

aries moon said...

Some of what Ralph Nader was saying made sense, but he doesn't have a chance and if he screws things up for the Democrats again, a lot of people are going to be pissed.

The split screen with AC and Erica cracks me up since they are sitting at the same desk. I guess Erica sits so far away from AC so that she won't be caught in the some of the shots with the other guests? I don't really know.

Cyn said...

I thought last week that they were at the same desk (which definitely made the split-screen thing even stranger) but last night the overhead shots showed she's at a smaller one. It's just... odd. Put her on the other side of the studio, at least, if the split-screen is that important.

Oh, and thanks to Délie, I can also add that Michael Ware is listed as scheduled for tonight's show! (And since it's about POLITICS, this time it might even happen!!)

Kristien said...

I don't mind the split screen. Maybe they do it so that both of them can look straight into the camera, I don't know.

When I read that Michael Ware was going to be on, I knew that Cyn and Delie would be happy! Let's hope that nothing gets in the way...

Poor Jennifer Garner, lol, where was Ben?
I loved Anderson's sound effects, for a second I thought I got a phonecall, lol

Kristien said...

oops, forget what I said about the sound effect! Anderson made the dialing sound, I don't know why I turned it into a ringing sound, he did it so well, LOL, my mistake

Pumpkin said...

It's so cool that Erica and Anderson are sitting at the valentine shape desk, but still does the split screen between them in the same studio. I guess, that how it's supposed to be. I do like the split screen image.

The 8th grader story is so unpredictable cruel. Every school between nursey to college need better security more than ever.

I am wondering what's happened to Michael Ware. Does anyone know what he has been up to?

Formerly Hearing impaired gal

Millie said...

"Cyn, you need a cyber exorcist as soon as possible..."

tee hee hee!!!! Reading that line totally cracked me up.