Friday, February 29, 2008

Holy Leap Year, It's Ladies Night

Hey everyone. I hope you all have a fantastic week and enjoy your extra day in 2008. I say if we are going to have an extra day at least it is a day we can get more Anderson. Then I turned 360 on and there was no Anderson but Soledad O’Brien. I am a huge Soledad fan so I did not mind. The night seemed to be ladies night but the guys also made a good showing so let’s get into Friday’s 360.

Friday’s show started off again with the news of Prince Harry leaving Afghanistan to return to London. Soledad spoke with Nic Robertson and Michael Ware. I feel so terribly for Harry because he only had four more weeks of service until he would be going home but I completely understand where the British military is coming from in sending him home. The safety of his comrades had to be taken into account and I think Harry realizes that. I believe Harry seemed angry because his service on the front line had to end like this. Nic’s bit in his report about the mouse in the soldier’s mouth had me saying ewww. Michael saying that Harry could still face danger once back in Britain because he went to Afghanistan is a scary thought.

Next up was politics. Soledad spoke with Jessica Yellin and Suzanne Malveaux about the new ads Hillary Clinton released today to which Barack Obama came back quickly with a reply. The commercial in itself seems to play on people’s fear which is never a good thing but of the two commercials I think Barack’s ad comes across stronger, it does for me anyway. I think for me it is the phone in the background. In Hillary’s ad it keeps ringing through out the whole thing where in Barack’s it stops after four rings. It seems like Barack is getting to it right away where in Hillary’s ad I feel like the problem is being ignored. Maybe I am reading more into it then there really is but that is what I got out of the commercial. What are your thoughts about the commercial? Who’s resonated more with you seeing that they are almost identical? Soledad also spoke with Candy Crowley about Bill Clinton who was out campaigning for Hillary today in Ohio.

News and Business bulletin and What Where They Thinking had Soledad and Erica interacting. I hope this clears up what Erica’s role will and will not necessarily be and that is Anderson’s fill in. At some point in the future I am sure Erica may anchor, she has the experience to do it but for now it seems Soledad and John King are filling in for the odd day Anderson is off.

The story of ricin being found in a Las Vegas hotel room is sort of creepy. Kara Finnstrom spoke with Soledad about the man who is now in a coma after being exposed to ricin two weeks ago. A lot of questions of where the ricin came from and why it was there have arise due to the vials filled with white powder that were found inside a plastic bag in the hotel room.

Soledad also spoke with Dr. Sanjay Gupta about the ricin story which I was so glad for because I knew nothing about this topic before this morning when I heard it on American Morning. Ricin comes from the left overs of castor beans that are crystallized and turned into poison. It is very toxic and can kill a person in days. Apparently ricin is not a good mass biological weapon; you need 1000 times more ricin to get the same effect as anthrax which is a good thing I guess. I am not really sure.

Uncovering America: Debate on the Border

Randi Kaye filed a report on immigrants who were leaving the States and going back to Mexico. Randi was in Arizona which has the 6th largest Latino population in the US. Arizona has passed a law that would shut down businesses who hired illegal immigrants. Honestly I think this is a step in the right direction. If work is not available it will most likely stop people crossing the border illegally but I feel like there is more to this story. I don’t think people who do not live in Border States get a full appreciation of what is going on down there.

Gary Tuchman filled a report on 3 Mexicans who tried to get into the States illegally. This story showed how easy this can be when the US is releasing these people with no real consequence if they are not in the FBI system and they have not been caught more then 7 times trying to get into the US. If these guys were desperate enough to possibly try again to get to the States while Gary was filming his piece, these people will keep trying no matter what.

Soledad spoke with New Mexico governor Bill Richardson. I like Governor Richardson but the whole concept of an illegal immigrant registering, having a background check, paying back taxes, learning English and paying a fine and then becoming a citizen seems too easy to me. What is to stop someone like me from coming to the States tomorrow, living there for a few years and then meeting these requirements? It seems like it would be easier to do that then to go through the legal way to citizenship. There has to be a way to deal with the 12 million people who are in the US now. Do I have the answer, no but I am sure if both sides of the aisle got together they could come up with a good plan.

Beat 360 was cute tonight. I liked the staff winner Kelly’s and the viewer pick but I wasn’t feeling the Mr. Roger’s one. I don’t have a thing for Mr. Roger’s…sorry Erica.

The Shot was pretty cool….insane but very cool. I liked the Leap Day theme.

All in all I really enjoyed 360 tonight. Not too much politics but a good mix. I enjoyed the little break because I am sure Monday will probably be all politics.

Soledad joined in on the live blog and this caught my eye.

hey folks yes blogging while anchoring–seems to me to be a little like applying makeup while driving.

Well Soledad managed to get on the blog and post 5 times. Way to go Soledad for your first time live blogging.

A friend of mine and an Anderson fan herself sent me some pictures of Anderson last night at the Bailey House Auction. The winning bid for lunch with Anderson went for $4,500. A great evening for all and hopefully a lot of money was raised for Bailey House.

For all the Jeff Corwin fans. Jeff will be on Late Night with Conan O’Brien on Thursday March 6th.

Well it is time for the State of 360

February 2008

* Super Tuesday
* Wisconsin/Hawaii primaries and Virginia/Maryland/D.C. primaries
* AC 360 wins the 10 PM time slot – 3 out of 4 weeks with the help of CNN political coverage and debates
* Erica Hill officially begins full time on 360
* Anderson begins live blogging during the 10PM hour
* NIU Shooting
* Anderson was in NOLA for a live 360
* Fran Drescher and Gene Simmons auditioned for the Voice of 360
* Michael Ware returns

That is it for me for another week. Only four years until our next leap year. Have a great one and I will be back next Friday ~ Sapphire

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ACAnderFan said...

360 was pretty good last nite, I just wasn't in the mood for it.

It's sad that Harry is being sent home, beucase of the ignorance of someone else. He seemed to like what he was doing over there.

The story with the ricin in the hotel room is interesting, and it will be interesiting when more details about it come out.

The boys featured in Gary's piece seemed very determined. It just shows that if people want something they'll do what they can to get it or to get there.

As for Soledad filling in for Anderson...don't get me wrong I really like her and she always does an excelent job filling in, however I have been looking forward to AC being off ever since Erica came to NYC, becuase I really want to see her fill in for him. Maybe eventually we'll get to see her do that.

aries moon said...

I like Soledad a lot and really enjoy it when she sits in for Anderson and she did manage to post quite a bit on the live blog. She's smart, funny and doesn't always censor her comments and I love that.

That photo of AC and the drag queen or whatever is hilarious. He looks like he's trying to think of a way to escape!

Quitty said...

Love the pics of Anderson. It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall during bidding. I bet his face was red the whole time.

I'm pleasantly surprised at how the media has responded to the story. They didn't immediately jump to the conclusion that it was a terrorist plot and run with it.

Delie said...

Thanks for the pics!

Michael Ware three times in a week! Just enough to get addicted...

Happy weekend to all!

Anonymous said...

I thought it odd that Erica did not sub last night. Kiran Chetry was ready to jump in and sub her first day with CNN, Soledad can just come right in and sub and do the live blogging for her first time.

J in LA said...

While it is great to see Nic Robertson and Michael Ware back on the air - for all the wrong reasons - channels seemed to have forgotten about Iraq and Afghanistan - completely fallen off the radar.

The New York Times has started a Baghdad Blog that is now updated by their bureau there daily - whether the story makes the paper or not. It is very similar to the blog Richard Engel of NBC News had until NBC extended the blog into a "world blog" rather than just him. Would seem to be a logical progression for Michael Ware since he is from print.

The resin story gets stranger - guns, an anarchy book and a dead dog now announced found in the room - YIKES.

Wonder if the ladies who bought the auction lunch are "ladies who lunch" or have to be vetted first for "stalking" tendancies....just askin'
J in LA

tv news employee said...

Good 360 last night. 360 is finding it's groove
again. Have you guys noticed for the last 2
days they have opened standing by the big
screen for the show's opening. Also the
production for the bumps ( tv talk ) is
highlighting some cool editing. Plus the
live blogging. It would be cool if for hour
2 if they would begin will a 20-30 minute
recap of all of the big stories, the best bites
and pics mixed with music and call it the
360 mega news mix and run some of the
blog responses during hour 2. Heck they
would not even have to be live for this.
Put those cool editing techniques to use
that is used during the teases ( more tv talk ).

Roonie said...

I was just in Las Vegas and therefore missed the program.

And yes, I was there during the Ricin scare, and we were all a bit shaken up.

Luckily my hotel wasn't near the findings, but still, nerve-wracking nonetheless.

Kristien said...

I really enjoyed Soledad last night. I epecially liked her interview with Gov. Richardson and her comment about him "snorting" made me laugh.

Only 4500$? His price is going down...

@Arune: great that you made it out of Vegas healthy!