Sunday, February 24, 2008

Murder of Chauncey Bailey

60 Minutes aired Anderson's latest story on Sunday night. This one revolves around the murder of journalist Chauncey Bailey.

Bailey was murdered on his way to his office in downtown Oakland. It's believed that his murder was related to a story that he was working on about the Your Black Muslim Bakery. This isn't your typical bakery- more of a front for organized crime. Yusuf Bey IV, the current head of the bakery, was allowed to visit with the man accused of committing the murder. Devaughndre Broussard claims that he was cooersed to confess to the crime.

It will be interesting to see what happens during Devaughndre Broussard's trial.

If you missed the report, you can watch it on CBS' website here or below:

Courtesy: CBS News/ 60 Minutes

60 Minutes has also posted the text from the report on their website.

I like seeing Anderson do these longer reports. It's a nice change from the 2-3 minute reports that we typically seeing on CNN. There's a real storyteller quality to the them. Here are a few more screen caps from the story:

This week's review of 360 in 60 includes only four segments. I wasn't able to find Friday's program. Don't know why it didn't air during it's regular time slot.

If you're looking to listen to the broadcast live during the week, you can check out your local CNN radio affiliate or listen online to CNNRadio. Actual broadcast times can vary, but I've been listening to it on CNNRadio during the 5PM ET hour (typically around 5:35 PM ET).

The picture for this week's puzzle comes from Planet in Peril and was inspired by the title of Tuesday's 360 in 60.

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ACAnderFan said...

The one thing I do like about Anderson's 60 Minutes reports is that they are longer than what we ussually see on CNN from him. I like that they show his excellent journalism skills.

This 60 Minutes pice was pretty good. The results of Broussards should be interesting.

BookAsylum,thanks for posting the 360 in 60.

snooks said...

I have to admit I didn't get to watch the actual 60 Minutes broadcast (I watched the Oscars) so thank goodness for the video - I agree with acanderfan I love it when Anderson gets to do longer pieces - this "bakery" was obviously a front for criminal activies hiding behind religious double speak

aries moon said...

Anderson's 60 Minute report on Chauncey Bailey was well done; it was weird to see Anderson walking on that street where the bakery is located; I've seen that so many times on my local news channels. Devaughndre Broussard claims to know who really killed the reporter, but this is not a clear cut case, I will be following it closely. Anderson must enjoy digging into an investigative pieces like this and I agree, it would be great to see more of this type of reporting from him on 360.

Roonie said...

I can watch Anderson's '60 Minutes' reports tirelessly on end. They are too amazing for words.

I love his longer pieces and agree with everyone who wants to see more of them. They're so profound, and think they're amazing.

ac said...

This 60 Minutes piece was very well done,and it is great to see Anderson do an in depth,longer piece.We do not get to see that much on 360 it seems.

I really prefer him doing these types of things for 60 MInutes,as well as things like the gorilla,and Goma pieces.

I really do not think he is suited to things like that Kenny Chesney story from last year.

Just MHO....

but I like him doing the well....''serious'' stuff,and not so much the ''celebrity'' stuff like he did for them last year.

Kristien said...

BA,thanks for the clip! I agree with everyone, it's nice to see Anderson do more indepth pieces.

Great puzzle too!

Sapphire said...

Last night's 60 Minutes was really good and it is an interesting story. I am not sure how a jury can hear that these 2 men met and no one recorded or listened to it and a confession follows and not have some reasonable doubt but it is just me.

Thanks for the caps BA!!!

sydney said...

I finally got a decent time - 8 minutes! Which probably means everyone else did much faster.

Kristien said...

@Sydney: 8 minutes is a time I can only dream of, lol, I am so bad at these puzzles!