Thursday, February 28, 2008

Galahs and Drongos...

OMG....did you see Janet Jackson teaching Larry King to dance? Priceless. What a good sport LK is and JJ still looks amazing.
Anderson recovered quickly from a case of the giggles to tell us the day's breaking news, about Prince Harry. The general consensus among those on commenting at the 360 blog, as well as Michael Ware, was pretty negative toward Matt Drudge, who first publicized the story in the U.S.

Nic Robertson, in London, talked with Anderson and shared pool footage of Prince Harry in Afghanistan. It was great to see Nic back on's been too long. It's amazing to me that so many in the media knew of Harry's deployment and managed to keep it quiet. Then some idiot like Drudge comes along and puts the Prince's life in danger because he wants to have this big scoop. What a moron.
And Michael Ware created a bit of controversy with his description of Matt Drudge, when he used Aussie slang. By the end of the program AC had sorted it all out, thanks to viewers and Tommy Evans. Here's the explanation.

The political coverage held my attention tonight. Candy Crowley reported on both the Clinton and Obama campaigns. Unless there is something major happening I'd much rather just have an overview of the day and the candidates. Thursday's coverage was perfect. At the end of the interview Anderson said 'It ain't over until it's over'. I thought for a moment he was going to say it ain't over until the fat lady sings. And that would have started a little brouhaha among some of his more, shall we say, fluffy fans!

Joe Johns covered the wrangling for the vice president slots in both parties. There are several approaches to selecting a running mate: geographic balance, repayment for favors done or constituents delivered, someone with experience that the candidate lacks, age balance (older candidate picks younger running mate and vice versa), etc. The most important advice Johns gave was to make sure the running mate selected is qualified and doesn't drag the nominee down.
AC360's panel then weighed in on the political discussion. Anderson was joined by The Gerg, Leslie Sanchez and Roland Martin. The discussion was interesting and it stayed away from the 'he said, she said' trap that gets old quickly.

Next up was the new voice of AC360 (insert drum roll here) Gene Simmons. I guess that pesky new porn video floating around the Internet that features Simmons wasn't deemed a deal breaker. Does anyone find this man's tongue sexy in the slightest? I find it absolutely revolting. But it did cause an Andergiggle, so I guess it does have some redeeming quality.

So there you have it, a really enjoyable AC360. From the sounds of it we are in for a special on Friday night. Randi Kaye will be exploring the new illegal worker law here in Arizona. The law is incredibly brutal towards employers who hire illegals. And it seems to be working, from early indications. I'm looking forward to this one.

It was announced today that Anderson Cooper will speak at the 2008 Senior Convocation for the University of Miami, on April 14th. The discussion is presented by the Northern Trust Lecture Series and will begin at 6:30 p.m. It is open to anyone in the university community with a 'Cane Card. Tickets are not required. For more information follow the link.

That's it for me this week. I'm happy to end the week on a high note. Thursday's AC360 was the best of the bunch this week, at least for me. ~ Phebe

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tv news employee said...

The Michael Ware comments on Thurs 360
was priceless. Awesome 360 with Nic as well.

J in LA said...

Cyn - I think you need any "Aussie Glossary" on your blog!
J in LA

ACAnderFan said...

I really enjoyed 360 last nite. 360 has been pretty good all week, but last nite was probably the best of the week.

Drudge is an idiot. If he had any decency he would have kept his mouth shut and not said anything about Harry being over there. Not only is it not fair to Haiiry, it's not fair to the soldiers he is over there with. It was nice seeing Michale Ware and Nic Roberston on the program.

Whoever the democrat and republican nominee choose for their running mate should be interesting. And I really enjoyed the panel discussion about it.

I think Gene Simmons is the best announcer yet, even thought I cannot stand the guy. The fit of Andergiggles was great, you have to like anyone who can make him giggle like that. As for Gene Simmons tongue..ick. It's just so gross when he sticks it out.

Kristien said...

Phebe, I'm glad you got to end on a high, it was a good show!

I feel bad for prince Harry. He finally gets to do what he wanted and was trained for and then some idiot ruins it all. What a "debiel" (that's Belgian slang!)

How nice to see Michael Ware laughing when, he doesn't get to laugh much during his reporting.

Gene Simmons doesn't do it for me, I still prefer Fran!

Cyn said...

Considering the way Drudge smeared Michael last year, I'm amazed he only called him an idiot. (I myself use far stronger language whenever the $%^$^& is mentioned.)

Michael did a great summation of what Afghanistan is like and what Prince Harry has been dealing with during his deployment there.

How nice to see Michael laughing, though... And big thanks to Tommy Evans, Michael's unofficial translator!

snooks said...

Getting to see both Nic and Michael was terrific and leave it to Michael to say as only an Aussie can that Drudge is a jackass - to put the safety of not only Prince Harry but the other soldiers in more danger than they were already in is despicable

Liked Gene Simmons as the 360announcer far better than whiny Fran or spaced out Ozzy

snooks said...

Forgot to add - next time you are able to have questions for a CNN correspondent try to get Candy Crowley - I think it would be fascinating to ask her questions about her life and what it is like on the campaign trail

ac said...

All Prince Harry wanted to do was the job he was trained to do,and serve with his fellow soldiers.
It seems he had been safely doing so for almost two months,until this clown comes out with this report-putting not only Harry,but also those around him in danger.

Couldn't it have been kept quiet,in the interest of everyone's safety? What the heck was this guy thinking- no one would notice Harry was there-the poor guy was in instant danger the minute this came out.

It is great to see Michael again,and Nic as well.

Ahhh,the Andergiggles....gotta love 'em!LOL

I really prefer Gene's audition to Fran's though.

MWmcFan said...

Great to hear Nic’s report on Prince Harry and Michael’s Afghanistan experience. And I love Mick’s sense of humor putting down the media who leaked Prince Harry’s deployment info - a bunch of galahs and drongos indeed!! Let’s all boycott the Drudge Report – it’s shameful.

nobbins said...

I threw up a little when I saw his tongue. Its so gross! I thought he was the best so far, but we could do without the tongue. Haha.

copperfish said...

"Drongo" in reference to a person means someone who lacks good judgement and definitely that is a very apt description for Matt Drudge. He's a nuisance to a responsible journalism.

Roonie said...

I somehow managed to catch the program last night!! I had no idea that even the Pacific time zone had adequate viewing...I'm so used to the CST, I get confused.

Great show! I wish I would have caught the throw from LKL to 360, just for the Andergiggles, but oh well, maybe if they're clipped? :)

Good gracious, Gene Simmons' tongue is so enormous it's like an additional appendage. So odd, but a hilarious audition!! I really like them all, so choosing will be tough :)

I'm so glad to see more of Michael Ware (although in not-so-pleasant circumstances) but he's just so magnificent! Oh those Aussies, they just sweep you off your feet ;)

sydney said...

I really like Soledad, but why isn't Erica filling in as host? Just wondering...

Great to see Nic and Michael again.

ACAnderFan said...

@Sydney, I agree. I really like Soledad too, but I have been really looking forward to Erica filling in for Anderson.