Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Perfect 360...well almost

So why did I say Tuesday’s AC360 was just about perfect? Because it opened with only 4½ minutes of politics then quickly moved on to other news of the day. But I can’t say completely perfect, because eventually it returned to a politic discussion of the MSNBC debates. Not unexpected, but it did cause Drew Griffin’s story on Bimbo, to be bumped. This one sounded interesting to me and I was really hoping it would make Tuesday's program. To see what I’m talking about follow the link.
Here's a brief overview of the program:

• Senator McCain doing damage control concerning the statements issued by Bill Cunningham. Did you catch that AC called Cunningham a 'two bit radio host'? As to Cunningham's remarks…. it's old school politics, something that most of this country have hopefully moved away from.
• Tom Foreman’s Keeping Them Honest report focused on the war in Iraq and how the candidates approach the war. Not much new that we haven’t heard before, but a well done report, none the less.
•Michael Ware gave us a different perspective in his Reality Check. He did say that much of what is happening on the ground is a success, but we’re not getting the full picture by those on the campaign trail. No surprise there.
He also said that after the surge has ended there will be more troops on the ground then before the surge began. He said just by a few thousand. I heard a report over the weekend that claimed the number will be closer to 5,000. Even one US soldier on the ground in Iraq is one to many for me, so I won’t quibble about the numbers. Just please can we elect a Democrat and get the hell out of Dodge?
•The Florida power failure was next up. If this country doesn’t wake up and do something about its infrastructure we are just screwed.
• We were given a chance to hear a brief snippet of the sweet music of the New York Philharmonic, performing in North Korea. The story was presented by Erica Hill. It’s so nice to see her handling a featured story, I hope it’s just the beginning of more to come.
Christiane Amanpour gave us her impressions of how the orchestra was received and also detailed what dignitaries were and were not present.

•The orchestra story transitioned into Alina Cho’s report of her journey to Korea with her parents. They revisited their former home while trying to locate missing relatives. If you are a regular viewer of American Morning you have seen the recent reports of her trip. It is a very personal glimpse into a very private story that I’ve really enjoyed.
• Then the perfect AC360 ended for me and we were back to same old, same old. I know that the discussion of the debate was necessary, but I’m just so ready for this he said, she said to end. I’m sure much of my lack of enthusiasm is because my favorite candidate is not going to get the nomination, but a small part of it is I just don’t like to see the Dems fight among themselves. Save it for the Republicans.

I do have a funny (at least I think it’s funny) story to tell you on this subject. My DH and I were at a dinner party a few weeks ago and we were seated across from a couple from Arkansas. The talk turned to politics and the woman from Arkansas declared, in a rather loud voice, that she and her husband would be voting for Hillary because Obama was a Muslim. For proof they offered his middle name, the fact that his father was Muslim, that he attended a madrasa, etc. All of the usual stuff. Of course, I could not let this go and I began to try and educate them about Barack’s background and assure them he was definitely not Muslim. After much back and forth, that eventually involved the entire table of people, my husband leaned over to me and told me I should just give up. He reasoned that by convincing them that Barrack was not a Muslim I was costing Hillary votes. I decided he was right and told them there must be some truth to the Muslim story since they read it on the Internet.

•Tuesday’s AC360 panel had Candy Crowley, John (come in from the cold) King, Paul Begala and Jamal Simmons discussing the MSNBC Democrat’s Debate. I loved Paul mentioning his mother in Katy, Texas. And I know this is so superficial but Candy Crowley’s necklace was fierce (my homage to Christian from Project Runway). She must pack one hell of a huge suitcase, because I just don’t see her repeating outfits. She always looks awesome.
I agreed with Begala (shocker, right) that I would have liked to see Barrack get the Putin question. Hillary got it right, not sure if Barack would have, but I wish he would have had the chance. And when Paul said “I don’t think the media is anti Clinton….I KNOW the media is anti Clinton” I could have kissed him.

And for those of you who love to know how AC's segment did on 60 Minutes here's the low down, thanks to out Ratings Guru.

60 MINUTES – Oscars and Transmission “Errors” Make for an Interesting Night, Sunday, February 24, 2008

Courtesy: 60 Minutes/Google Images

Yes, I know you can tell by the haircut it is an old picture – think of it as “vintage.” 60 MINUTES could have had a very tough time reaching anywhere near its typical large audience with the Oscars on against it in the West Coast, the popular Barbara Walters Oscar special on in other areas of the country, along with the endless red carpet coverage on other channels.

However, it’s not a bad performance overall considering the competition in the various regions of the country. 60 MINUTES^ ranked as the 17th most popular broadcast program for the week ending February 24, 2008. It had a Total Audience 2+ Live plus SD (LS) of 10.69 million viewers. This represented a 7.1 Household Rating with an 11 share of audience viewing television from 7PM-8PM. There have been some weeks in the beginning of 2008 when the program didn’t even rank in the Top 20. Football, Superbowl, Special programming, the return of some hit regular programming for a few weeks in January knocked it out of the Top 20.

60 MINUTES being news oriented programming tends to skew very old, so up against either Barbara Walters’ Special and the end of NASCAR on Fox, the program came in third in the time period for Total Audience, Adults 18-49 and Households. Since the Oscars and Walters tend to also skew fairly old, this is not a bad performance for the 39 year old program.

Some of you might have read about the “blamegame” that went on between the CBS Affiliate station in Huntsville, Alabama and CBS in New York. At the beginning of 60 MINUTES was the story about the former governor of the state who is now serving a prison sentence. There were questions as to a fair trial and alleged attempted smear involvement by Karl Rove. Mysteriously, the station lost the signal for the first story – the one about Alabama’s former governor. It got back on the air for the second one - AC’s story, but originally the station blamed the transmission error on the CBS feed out of New York. When CBS pointed out that no other station on the feed had any problems carrying the program, the channel then retracted its version of events and agreed it had been a local transmission error and was fixed by the time the second story aired. The station rebroadcast the missing 60 MINUTES piece in their late local news and again in their news coverage on Monday. Many reporters felt there was much more to the story than the channel was admitting, but they could not point the finger at CBS. Major market stations cover themselves taking redundant feeds of the network programming to avoid “going to black.” In this case, in such a small market, the affiliate may not have had the technical budgets to afford back-up systems – again very curious in this day and age.

All in all, an unusual night for 60 MINUTES in audience and broadcast coverage.

^Courtesy Nielsen Media Research; Demographics as noted; LIVE + Same Day (LS) Fast Track Nationals.

Great thanks to the Ratings Guru. That's it for me, enjoy your hump day and I hope to see you back here tomorrow. ~ Phebe

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tv news employee said...

I have on problem with the political coverage.
This is a pivotal moment in US history. i really
like political reporting on 360 because it is
smart conversion . It was great to see Michael
Ware and Christiane and Alina Cho. 360 was
top notch tonight. Now if we could just get
2 hours live again.

aries moon said...

It was great to see Michael Ware back on the show--his analysis of what's taking place in Iraq is something I always look forward to. Anderson made me laugh with his blunt "two-bit radio host" comment, it reminded me of the time in NOLA when he called someone a "moron". If people are going to go after Barack Obama, they need to come up with something better than "accusing" him of being a Muslim-that's long been disproven.

ACAnderFan said...

360 was pretty good last nite. I guess it will take a while before it is perfect.

It was so nice to see Michael Ware on the program. I was begining to think AC and 360 had forgot all about Iraq. I always like hearing MW's perspective on Iraq.

The power failure story was scary becuase it could happen any time any where and shows that we do not have very good infrastructure in thsi country.

I liked that Erica talked to Christinae Amanpour about North Korea. I like that they are expanding her role. I hpoe we get do see her do more things like this.

I did not pay attention to the discussion of the debate. I just don't care anymore.

snooks said...


I thought 360 was good last night with a mix of stories - I knew they would have to cover the debates at some point and was glad that Brian Williams and Tim Russet played some of the "interesting" banter that had taken place over the previous days and asked the candidates to respond - I think this should now be the end of debating until there is a democratic nominee who can debate McCain -

I would have loved to have seen the video of you trying to convince the woman at dinner that Barak is not a muslim - sadly she represents so many who take what they hear as fact instead of being smart enough to learn the truth

I think Michael Ware should be allowed to heard on the campaign trail so that maybe this debate on Iraq could be ended once and for all and that we can get the hell out of there

ac said...

So great to see Michael Ware again!

Yes,it would be awesome to get the 2 hour 360 back again,after all there ARE other things going on besides political coverage...
but,those days seem to be long gone,and WHY,well....we shall never understand CNN,maybe.....
but that's MHO.

Oh,a small glimpse of snarky Anderson for a second there!!LOL

Seeing Stephen Flynn on the show reminded me of his book and also the 360 special ''Edge Of Disaster''.

Have any of you read his book?

I have not,and was wondering what the opinions on it were,for anyone who has read it.It looks really good,yet somewhat scary at the same time.
I was just wondering what people thought of it.

Cyn said...

Well, of course I was one very happy camper last night... finally Michael is back on his rooftop! I thought he just shredded the entire "we'll be out of there right away" speech. Sadly, that is one bit of truth that a Democrat can't say openly and get elected. The whole war has become such a political football that we can't have honest discussion about it anymore. (Not that we ever did, starting with the WMD lie.)

But I agree that we should get back to two hours... a whole hour of political talk is fine... IF there's a second hour for the rest of what is happening!

By the way, remember that kid (okay, he's 21...) SuperDelegate that Anderson had on a couple times? He was on American Morning Monday... he went for Obama. There's a little follow-up for ya.

J in LA said...

I may have to go "toe to toe" with Phebe and stories people believe about Senator Obama....
I was at a party last Friday (yes, I have not seen 360 in days) and a woman was not only saying the religious aspect to which Phebe referred, but she also said "everyone knows the internet contributions of $25 and $50 are coming from supporters in the US of Osama bin Laden AND funded by bin Laden!!!!!!! That he is supporting the campaign financially so that Senator Obama, a muslim will get into office."
Yes, I looked at her with my jaw dropped and so shocked, the only thing I could muster was "are you from Mars?" I told my hostess (a good friend) that she had lunatics for friends and I had to leave. YIKES!!!

Once again, the debate was featured on Page One of The New York Times - but MSNBC dressed the set so that the call letters of the channel did not get into the photo - thumbs down to the marketing department for missing a priceless promotion opportunity!

I hope the dems wake up to the fact that the Republicans are completely unchallenged and saving all kinds of money that the Dems are spending bickering with each other. Is it about getting a democrat in office or letting the Republicans slip in because of party infighting? There will be nothing served (other than the media) if this goes to a brokered convention - 60 days before the general election.
J in LA

Kristien said...

I skipped most (ok, well all) of the debat talk, I wasn't in the mood for it.
The rest of the show was good, great to see and hear Michael Ware!

In theory a second live hour sounds great, but I'm afraid that we (CNN Int. viewers) wouldn't get to see it.
It's very frustrating to know that you are missing an entire hour! :(

@J in La: Yikes indeed!!!