Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Very Smooth, Cooper

I'm not sure I would categorize Wednesday's AC360 as smooth, but after a minor stumble at the end of the program Anderson said 'very smooth, Cooper'. And you know he is!
Wednesday's AC360 was politics, politics and more politics. Most of you know I've been a little disinterested lately, especially since my favorite candidate seems to be considered dead and buried, at least by the media.
I'm further depressed by the Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll that was released on Wednesday. It said John McCain would win against Barack Obama, if the election were to be held today. I just don't get it, I really don't. What do they see that I'm missing? Or maybe it's what don't they see?

Since I'm just not feeling the love, here's just the briefest of recaps.
We had Candy with the Clinton campaign in Columbus, Ohio and John King (in Cincinnati) reporting on the McCain campaign, which was in Texas. The live panel for Wednesday night was David Gergen, Bay Buchanan and Roland Martin. And Joe Johns did a piece on Bill Clinton and his new toned-down campaigning.
Lisa Bloom talked with Anderson about the Roger Clemens case. This story, to me, is more boring that Paris Hilton coverage.....and that is saying something. I do enjoy Bloom and it's been a while since she's been on AC360, but please give her something of substance to discuss next time.
Last story of the night (thank God) was Erica's piece on the man killed while swimming with the sharks. So wouldn't you think that it might not be a good idea to swim with sharks? Might it not cross your mind that they might, you?

I wonder who was in charge of the story selection? I could find 10 stories on the CNN blogs that would be more interesting than those that were chosen for Wednesday's program.

We were treated to a repeat of Ozzy's stint as the voice of 360 and told that there would be a new celebrity announcer on Thursday. It will be interesting to see if the Gene Simmons audition will be shown tomorrow night. A recent Simmons sex tape is floating around the Internet showing Gene and a model named Elsa partaking in sexual activities. Of course that doesn't preclude him from being the announcer, but you have to wonder if the scandal would be something that CNN would want to be associated with. Stay tuned.

There were some cute Anderca moments tonight, including the haircut tease and talk of AC's guns.
I hope it's just me and everyone else enjoyed the mix of stories? In an effort to cheer myself up I'm going to post a totally off-topic video. It's a very elaborate joke that recently aired on the Jimmy Kimmel program. The language could be very offensive to some, so if you're watching around children or at work you might want to use the headsets.

That's it for me tonight. I hope to be in a better frame of mind tomorrow and have a more positive outlook on life, politics and AC360. ~ Phebe

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m.minkoff said...

At least you're hanging in there and still watching AC360, Phebe. I've given up on it. It's too much politics for me. And although CNN is not alone, I do think the mainstream media has played a big role in the disintegration of the Clinton campaign. I'm very unhappy about it and am now getting my news from online sources where I can pick and choose what to read. Maybe I'll return to AC360 after next week's elections when there is sure to be less political coverage, but for now, I am happily doing other things weeknights at 7PM, PT.

ac said...

Oh dear,politics,politics and more politics!
Please 360,there are so many OTHER things happening,can we tone it down a bit?
I guess not....

Do I remember hearing or reading something along the lines of it being said,that if McCain became president,it would be 4 more years of Bush all over again- George W Bush, Part 2??

Just MHO,but doesn't both Congress and your justice system have better and more important priorities than baseball right now?
I just figured they had more important things higher up on their list of things to do.

This baseball/Clements story is right up there on my enjoyment list
(NOT!) of things the show has covered....
such as Paris,Britney,Don Imus,Anna Nicole,Lindsay.....etc.
Can we just leave that stuff to say,Entertainment Tonight?

The man who died while swimming with sharks?
NO disrespect to him,but this is a whole different thing than going to a tank at say,Sea World,and swimming with the dolphins,whales,or whatever.
I just do not get why people take such risks,knowing what CAN,and DOES,happen.

Just a few of MY observations and opinions.

Oh,wouldn't you know it,the minute a picture of Arnold came up,that Anderson's ''guns'' would get a mention?

Please,360, have Arnold do a call-in interview or something!

ACAnderFan said...

360 wasn't too bad last nite. At least they are having a variety of stories.

Who cares if Roger Clements used steroids and/or lied about it. I mean really, dosen't congress has more pressing issues to deal with???

Erica's piece on the shrks was interesring. Did the man ever stop to think that it might not be a good idea to swim with sharks??? Swiming with sharks...clearly a "what were they thinking" moment. Why would you want to do that??? Each to their own I guess.

I am gald to see Erica getting to do more on the program. Maybe we'll get to see her fill in for AC one day...he did just get a haircut...

I loved when Erica teased Anderson about his haircut and he was like "I detect scarcasism in your voice". So naturally he brings out that pic of Erica...LOL!!!

For me the best part of 360 has been the addition Erica int he studio. I think she is a breath of fresh air for the program. I like that they are giving her more to do also. I am glad she is there.

ALS said...

I actually enjoy last night show. The dancing prisoners made the show worthwhile.

Erica and Anderson jab about their hair sure was funny.

I can't stand Bay Buchanan (I can't stand Pat Buchanan either). I wish they have Leslie Sanchez on instead. At least Rowland Martin give her a good rebuttal.

It will be more political debate until Next Tuesday.

sydney said...

I totally agree with you on the Clements story. When I hear baseball and steroids, my brain shuts down and all I can hear is "blah blah blah". And then I wonder "why the HE!! is Congress involved in this crap?" Was 360 so busy with their political coverage that they forgot to tell us the war was over?

aries moon said...

Hillary Clinton may surprise everyone in the media next week in the primaries. You never know what might happen. The non-stop political coverage on 360 is starting to wear me out a little too, I've started to pass over the taped reports and just listen to the live panel discussions with AC and the pundits. The whole Roger Clemens situation is a total bore. Anderson's comments about MJ's Neverland Ranch and the lone sad clown walking around was funny.

Sapphire said...

so I missed the almost perfect 360 and then I missed last night's 360 because I was so tired from what I did on Tuesday night (I went to see the Spice Girls...I am not ashamed of being a fan of girl power :P) Ms. Phebe thank you for the recaps.

I have to make sure to watch it tonight

Millie said...

OMG I could not stop laughing at the Matt Damon/Ben Affleck video. That is just too much! When Josh Groban started singing I almost fell out of my chair!!!! Hilarious!

beachlzrd said...

Hi Phebe,

I missed Anderson last night (I just started my new job this week, and it is kicking my butttt). Anyway, thanks for the recap! I too am bummed that Hillary is not doing well :( I haven't decided what to do if she doesn't get nominated!

Keep up to great work and cheer up cookie - it is almost Friday!!!


Pumpkin said...

Erica and Anderson surely pestered each other about their hair. I like the way they teased each other from the split-screen image. Erica was dancing little with her upbeat. There is so much fun inside the studio.

As you know, politics, of course, is boring, but that's why Anderson and Erica are trying to make fun for the viewers.

Anonymous said...

So 360's ratings this week are still pretty well below Greta's:

per TVNewser

Greta 420 AC 252

Greta 377 AC 246

Greta 439 AC 312

monitor said...

I don't like talking politics, but here's what I don't get. Obama would lose by 2% against McCain, statistically tied. But what is ignored is that Clinton would lose by 6%. There has so far been no poll where Clinton would fare better in a general elecion matchup than Obama. Furthermore, if elections were held today, Obama would get about 273 electoral votes, Clinton 199. States that he can carry and she can't include IO, OR, CO, and NH. When Clinton does do better, it's in states that Obama, too, can win (OH) or lose (FL). But I agree that the media gives the impression Clinton is out, however, she does have plenty of Clinton name recognition :)