Sunday, March 02, 2008

AC & The Toob

Back in September, Anderson did a Q&A with Jeffrey Toobin on his new book The Nine. I received a tip that the entire 40+ minute clip was on Barnes & Noble's website. Here it is embedded below.

If the embed isn't working for you click HERE to watch it on Barnes & Noble's website.

Here are also a couple of Anderpics to enjoy.

This one is from the Amvets Post 114, Elk Rapids, Michigan website. It was when Anderson was in Iraq. He and his gun is with Brigadier General Michael Nevin and another General.

This is Anderson with Loretta, a local Concord, NH celebrity in the Concord Insider last November while covering the hostage situation at Clinton's campaign headquarters in Rochester, NH.

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ACAnderFan said...

When I have more time I will watch the video. The pictures are vevry nice. The one with the old lady is sweet and the other pic...WOW...nice arms :D

Kristien said...

Quitty, the video doesn't seem to be working or maybe it just takes a very long time to load. (I'm not very patient on sunday morning..)

Thanks for the pictures! I like Loretta's sweater, lol.

Anderson needs to wear sleeveless tops when he's in the sun, because a tan-line right in the middle of his gun doesn't look good...

ac said...

Thanks so much for posting the Q@A!

That is such a nice story of Loretta's meeting with Anderson-what a cute pic.....awww.

As for the Iraq one.....I have to admit I looked at that one the longest!LOL

Nice ..ahem.... t-shirt he is wearing isn't it??
Of course, I am talking about the color of it,and not what happens to be IN it-you know that arm with THOSE GUNS!

I never noticed THOSE at all!!

Sapphire said...

Ms. Quitty what an awesome post. The video of Aanderson and the Toob is so great. It is like watching them on 360. They get along so great.

Great pictures of Anderson as well. Love the "gun show" and the second picture is really sweet

Phebe said...

What a great find Quitty, thanks for posting the interview.

Anonymous said...

"Anderson needs to wear sleeveless tops when he's in the sun, because a tan-line right in the middle of his gun doesn't look good..."

but then he will have a tan line at his shoulders. What about no shirt?

Sapphire said...

I know this is a little OT but I love the shamrocks and Irish hat on Anderson.....very cute. I just noticed them :P