Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oh What A Night!

Hey's good to get back to blogging after my 2 week vacation. And what I night to return! Lots of program to discuss, so let's get started.

• Wolf hosted the coverage with Lou, Campbell and AC leading the panel discussions, during their usual program time.

• CNN was very slow to call the election, for whatever reason. MSNBC and Fox beat them to the punch. Not sure why the caution on CNN's part....everybody knew who was going to win. So I'm left wondering if their exit polling was faulty or were they trying to keep ratings up or simply being very cautious? It struck me as odd considering how quick they usually are to be first.

•Anderson's back row panel was Amy Holmes, Jeffery Toobin, Donna Brazile, Paul (be still my heart) Begala and Jamal Simmons. They let some of the original panelists go home early, but unfortunately not Alex Castellanos, who drove me crazy. For AC the front row panelists were Gloria Borger, Roland Martin and The Gerg.

• John King was back with the magic map, dissecting Pennsylvania for us. There was lots of discussion on Monday night's live blog about a catchy name for the telestrator. Some suggestions? Smart board, magic wall and my favorite John King’s Portal to Primary Predictions and Polls. JK and his magic map have drawn much attention lately. Check out this article in the New York Times.

•I hear all this talk about wrapping up the Democratic race before the convention and frankly I don't understand why. Pundits say that the Republicans have an unfair advantage because McCain can go after the issues instead of another member of his party. So why can't the Dems go after McCain, even if they don't have a presumptive candidate yet? Guess they figured that they could and should. The DNC aired it's first commercial of the 2008 Presidential race during the PA Primary coverage.
• I feel a bit vindicated by some of the exit poll numbers Anderson discussed with David Gergen on Tuesday's program. HRC ran 70% to Obama's 30% in white, rural Pennsylvania. I was born, raised and educated in Pennsylvania and this figure didn't surprise me one bit. When I blogged about my predictions for PA a few weeks ago some wondered why PA would vote so much differently than those of Wyoming, Alaska, etc. It's just the dynamics of the region. Ohio and New Jersey are of the same ilk as, I believe, West Virginia will be too. If Obama is the Dems candidate for President he will have a tough time carrying these normally blue States. And I don't think he can win the general election without carrying Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

• I was surprised to hear Hillary talk a bit in her speech about her family ties to Pennsylvania. I had no idea that her father was originally from Pennsylvania, nor did I know he graduated from and played football for my Alma mater, Penn State. Maybe I can turn my DH from McCain based on that? Probably not, but I'll try.

• Funny moment of the night? Of course it was Paul Begala telling AC that when he donates to campaigns he writes on the check 'for negative campaigning only'. When AC said 'You do'? He replied 'Yes I do, because I like fighting'.

• Did you catch the PIP ad during the Primary coverage? I haven't watched CNN for almost 2 weeks. If this isn't a new ad forgive was new to me.

•And speaking of PIP, I had an email from Xtina today telling me that Wal-Mart is running a special promotion on the DVD for $13.72. There are Planet Earth (the BBC series version), Planet in Peril and a few other environmental films in the display at the front of most stores.

So tell the truth, did you stick with CNN all night or sneak a peek at Idol or the Dancing With The Stars Result program? Or maybe Big Brother? I confess I couldn't resist Andrew Lloyd Weber night on Idol. David Cook was unbelievable. As to the other two programs...thank God for TIVO. So I'm off to catch up on my recordings. Hope to see you back here tomorrow.
~ Phebe

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ACAnderFan said...

The primary coverage was OK. It started out OK but as the nite went on it got more and more boring. I don't want to be mean to Anderson, but he did absoluely nothing to hold my attention at all. When he came on I found myself getting up and doing other things. For me he was the low point of the show. Usualy he's the high point. The best part of the nite was John King. Now I could listen to him talk politics for hours. I don't know what it is about him, but when he talks politics I listen and want to hear even more from him. And of course it's always fun to watch him at the Magic Wall.

PIP II shouldbe interesting. I liked the commerical. But no Jeff!!! It won't be the same withoit him :( His segments in PIP were my favorite ones.

Em said...

I confess, I confess! I just couldn't miss Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber on AI. He is my all time favorite composer and his CD has carried through some very frustrating projects! I did switch to CNN on commercials and only watched the last few minutes of Dancing with the Stars.

Totally OT but, much to Mr Em's dismay, I have become a huge fan of both AI and Dancing with the stars. A few years ago I would never have admitted to watching...not relevant enough to the real world for me. Now I am a confirmed AI addict and kinda of hooked on Dancing with the Stars. They are the only two programs that even come close to competing with Anderson. As you said Phebe, thank godness for TIVO! The results of last nights primary didn't much surprise me. I didn't feel the pundits really had anything new to say so (other than my Love of JK and his "Magic Map") I was pretty bored. That being said, I hope you will indulge me while I ignore Anderson for a minute and discuss my other obsessions.

Not much of a surprise on Dancing with the Stars but I will miss Marlee. I have admired her for years. I minored in Communicative Disorders and her portrayal in Children of a Lesser God was truly inspiring. Unfortunately signing is like any second language, if you don't use it, you lose it! I was really trying to follow Marlee but I only caught about every third or fourth word and had trouble ignoring the interpreter. I truly wish this was a skill I had maintained. As for AI, I also thought David Cook was amazing. The LA Times was saying Carly was the best but I wasn't all that excited about her performance. Like Simon said...ha, sounded like she was screaming through parts of the song. I was a little disappointed with David Archuleta. He is my sentimental favorite cause he is a local! I have wondered if people will get tired of his humble attitude and wanted to say if you are wondering, he is the real deal. Just a nice boy! (Lord, do I sound like a little blue haired lady? Yikes!) I expected him to really shine with Sir Andrews material but I'm not sure he picked the right song. Well I guess I better get back to this project that is both boring and frustrating. >>>Inserting Sir Andrews CD and putting on the headphones! Have a great day everyone!

Kristien said...

Phebe, it's good to have you back and I hope you enjoyed your holiday! 2 weeks without CNN huh? No withdrawel symptoms I hope, lol.

I only taped the hour that the show is normaly on and that was the time when both candidates decided to make their speeches, so I didn't get to see much of the coverage.

I liked what I did see and Phebe, I'm starting to understand what you see in PB. He's clever and always has something interesting to say.

I'm just gonna go OT here with you girls: I don't like the Belgian version of Dancing with the Stars (stupid presenter), but I was absolutely addicted to the British original on BBC, "Strictly come Dancing". (That may or may not have been linked to one of the dancers being too cute for his own good, lol.) They also have Len and Bruno on the jury and I absolutely love hearing their comments.

@Em: one of my favorite songs is "Pie Jesu" in Andrew Lloyd Webber's version, sung by Charlotte Church. It gives me chills everytime I listen to it!

Sapphire said...

I watched most of the night but I am not going to lie.....I watch Big Brother through the 9PM hour

I missed the PIP commercial but it looks awesome. Another thing to look forward to in November. Thanks for the caps Ms. Phebe

Anonymous said...

@ nebraska fan:
I am the one who posted yesterday as anonymous 9 46am,with the comment about the state of the Live Blog,or the Fanclub I should say.

Yes,those 2 people you mentioned seem to monopolize the blog night in and night out,and one of them cannot be understood!

I have it on good authority that NEITHER ONE is the moderator,believe me,and ONE of them is familiar to me,through a particular Anderson blog site,but it does make you wonder if they both must know someone to get on that blog so much,doesn't it?
THAT,I highly doubt.

As for the moderator?
Well,IMO,there ISN'T one whatsoever,to be letting this crap get through-Anderson's suits,ties,his hair,his eyes-god, no wonder the poor man does not want to post much anymore!

What happened to the intelligent discussions that used to be there when it first started?
Well,heaven help anyone who actually TRIES to ask a sensible question or say something intelligent,it will only disappear into oblivion-UNLESS you say how nice Erica looks or how nice Anderson's tie seems!

People are just sending in anything,to get themselves noticed,IMO.

Anonymous said...

The Planet in Peril DVD has been out since April 8.
I was shopping that day,and saw them putting it out.

I have not only seen it at Walmart,but a couple of the larger supermarkets where I am,in the electronics department-where it was $17.99-a LOT cheaper than what I paid at Amazon.
CNN HAD said it was only available at itunes,Netflix,or amazon.

Of course when people have bought it for $29.99,now they put it out everywhere!

Nebraska Fan said...

Anonymous 10:15,

Thanks for answering my question - you are too funny! I was glad someone else felt the same way I do. I mean, I like to gush sometimes, too, but not on the CNN live blog! I only do it with everyone on here! The reason I thought maybe they know things is because the week he was gone, one of them said, "Oh - Anderson is just gone tonight", as if she knew where he was. Then last night they said something like, "Anderson is here (notice she said HERE)on the set". It's probably just wishful thinking on their parts, but I did think it was strange.

PS - I agree, one of them must never proof read, because it is incredibly hard to understand her, sometimes!

Leigh said...

i agree Em, it was going to be an interesting night for American Idol. Unfortunately for me my favorite team the Phoenix Suns were playing last night too, I was in overload trying to turn back and forth and back and forth between them all! I saw bits an pieces of AC but... I Was a bad fan!

Kristien said...

Oh, I forgot to say that I like the flowers and the cute birdy on the ATA banner!

Kristien said...

@Nebraska fan and Anon 10:15: I can't join the live blog (time difference) , so I can't say anything about the comments made on it.
I just wanted to say that the Megan you are talking about, the one who's comments are hard to understand, is deaf and has Cerebral Palsy, so maybe you could cut her some slack, I'm sure she tries.

I don't know her personally, only from reading her comments on the other AC blog Anon is refering to and I'm not saying you can't voice your opinion, I just wanted to give my opinion.

Anonymous said...

@ kristien:

I am the anon 10 15 you are talking to.....regarding Megan,
I simply said her comments were not understood,as I had assumed that maybe English was not her first language.
I am sure I am not the only one that has noticed her comments there!

My MAIN point is that both of these people,and a host of the same names,are regular night in and night out-no matter what they come up with,it gets posted.
So,so much for sticking to rules.

Maybe you should go read the posts the next day,if possible,to see what I mean.

Yes,I am entitled to an opinion,so are you........

so,cut ME some slack too.

This IS supposed to be fair for everyone here.Or well it used to be.

Phebe said...

I think we all are a bit disappointed in the direction of the live blog. As to criticizing its participants...let's just move on.

Anonymous said...


As for the criticizing regarding the live blog commentors?

Well I have seen comments HERE highly criticized by not only the regular people who post here,but ALSO the moderators themselves.
Especially when it comes to anything regarding Erica Hill!

Heaven forbid anyone says anything different than the majority of opinions about her.

Where is the fairness in THAT, either?
Where is the respectfulness to bloggers and their comments?

Wow,it seems as if you really have to watch what you say here now!

Anonymous said...

Yeah...i noticed that too...those comments posted by Megan.
I kinda figured she might be from another country and that's why her comments are hard to understand.
@Kristien- How do you know she is deaf or has cerebral palsy?

I have had my comments posted on there also, several times. My comments are sometimes on topic or off topic...(Yes I admit, I am one of those people who comments on Anderson's suit or how nice Erica looks)...sorry, but hey, it always makes it on the blog... =)

sydney said...

I don't usually participate in the live blogging because I can't stay awake that long. I don't so much have a criticism for the participants but for the "moderators", to use the term loosely. I just took a quick peek and at least 1/2 the comments had absolutely nothing to say other than some variant of "hi!"

I don't have a problem with someone giving a polite greeting at the beginning of a comment, or tacking on a "btw, nice tie" at the end, as long as there is SOMETHING in the comment that's relevant to what is being discussed. But what is the "moderator" thinking cluttering up the page with all the nothingness, making it harder for the rest of us to go through and read what others have to say about the actual programming?

Anonymous said...

There are two Megan's on the Live blog. One who is from another country and one who posts on that other Anderson blog. The one Megan is always the first one to post and acts like the moderator.

The Live blog is a good idea, but the rules seem to have gone out the window.

Anonymous said...

To Anon:4:58, I noticed that too.

Anonymous said...

I just posted on the live CNN blog and noticed someone said: "Anderson I love your tie. It goes with your eyes!" Why should that have been posted? It was the only comment this blogger made. It had no relevance to the topic what so ever. Someone has to moderate the moderator!!

Nebraska Fan said...

Oh no - here I told myself to quit being shy and blog more and then I ended up coming across as insensitive the first thing. Sorry! It certainly wasn't meant that way.

Em said...

Nebraska Fan enjoy your comments. Hope you don't let one a negative experience dissuade you from sharing. We have all made what we felt was a harmless comment only to find that we have offended one of the other bloggers. I find the commentera here on ATA are usually very forgiving. I will look forward to hearing your opinions in the future :)

Phebe said...

I couldn't agree more, Em. I regularly piss people off here, and it is almost always unintentional. It was a good discussion today...hope to see you all back here sharing your opinions again soon.

Kristien said...

@anon 6:21 I read her online profile

@Nebraska Fan: please don't stop posting your comments, I too enjoy them! I just wanted to say what I said so that you would know, I didn't mean to make you feel bad!! (sorry..)

Anonymous said...

David Cook singing 'Music of the Night'= W O W !!