Thursday, April 24, 2008

Slogging Toward The Next Primaries

I have a feeling my post will be more off topic than on. I'm a bit burnt out by all the politics. I don't fault AC360 for the political focus on Wednesday's program. If they didn't rehash Pennsylvania I would have been shocked.

The day after each Primary is a bit like Groundhog Day(haven't I said that before?)....the same thing over and over. I could almost scream when I heard someone say we'll know more after Indiana. Weren't we supposed to know more after Pennsylvania? So forgive me if I gloss over the broadcast...but I doubt if anyone will be too upset.

• First up a report by Candy Crowley on Obama and HRC. I'm guessing as to the topic as my recording was very garbled and I missed almost the entire segment.

• Tonight's panel was Carl Bernstein, Gloria Borger and Jeffery Toobin. Anyone care what they talked about? Except for Toob I tuned out.

• What's a rehash of a primary without a look at the magic map?

• Bill Schneider was next up with more exit poll analysis. If you were following along you learned that North Carolina is not near Ohio. Oh good Lord I really hate when they dummy things down.

• Are Anderson's ties (or knots) getting fatter or is he just getting skinnier? I'm not loving the new look. And I guess I'm no different than those who comment on the Live Blog about his ties. But my excuse was boredom and the tie really started to bug me.

• Now we get to the good part of the program....Paul Begala and James Carville, two of my favorite Democrat strategists. Poor Jamal was outsmarted and out numbered and I'm sure he made no friends in Florida and Michigan when he said those citizen's votes don't count.
• Randi Kaye was next in line with a story on campaign funding. Yawn. I'm just not a bean counter at heart and hate budget talk.

There was an interesting read in Monday's Arizona Republic about the fundamental fashion of the FLDS women. I found it fascinating and thought some of you might also.

What the women wear and why

THE HAIR: Grown long in preparation for a belief that in heaven the wives will be asked to wash their husbands' feet with their hair.
THE STYLE: It's called "the face frame." Women are required to wear hair tied back, so as not to be considered vulgar or endeavoring to entice a man.
THE DRESS: A pattern mandated by jailed FLDS leader Warren Jeffs, who outlawed skirts, ruffles and even plaid from women's ward- robes. Nothing that shows shape is allowed.
PASTELS ONLY: The color also is dictated by Jeffs, who maintains that lighter hues are more conducive to the spirit of God. Red is reserved for the robes of Jesus Christ, and dark colors evoke a dark spirit.
BENEATH THE DRESS: The women wear long underwear, which stretches from wrist to ankle, a slip and leggings to cover the underwear.
LONG UNDERWEAR: Hand-sewn from a pattern passed from woman to woman, long underwear must be worn by adults and children, summer and winter, to prepare church members for garments they believe will be worn in heaven.
Source: Carolyn Jessop, author of "Escape"

To read more follow the link.

I'm sorry to say I will be taking another short trip this week and won't be blogging again until next Tuesday night. I'll leave you in Ms. Sapphire's most capable hands and hope to see you all back here next week when I return. Have a wonderful weekend. ~Phebe

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ACAnderFan said...

360 before and after a primary is not the most interesting, but it's to be expected that they'll discuss that.

I love seeing John King at the Magic Wall. He always looks like he's having so much fun with it.

I am so glad we learned that North Carolina is nowhere near Ohio. It's amazing the things 360 can teach you.

I think the knots on Anderson's ties are getting bigger. I've noticed it too. I'm not too fond of it, but whatever makes him happy.

Interesting article about the dress of the FLDS womnen, Phebe. With all those clothes they have on under the dress, it sounds hot. It's a wonder they don't pass out from being over heated.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the tie knots. I just hope he's not getting style tips from Ryan Seacrest. I'm surprised no one has asked about it on the blog considering the number of tie comments.

I'm not sure John King has done anything new with the Magic wall but I'm fascinated with the thing.

aries moon said...

I thought it was a little unfair of 360 to have Carville and Begala who support Clinton and only Jamal for Obama's side. I'm no fan of Carville, he makes me want to smash my tv and he's very hard on the eyes as well, but Begala is a little more tolerable.

Anderson appears to be trying to do the italian knot thing with his tie that he attempted during his coverage of the Pope's funeral a couple of years ago.

Anonymous said...

From the morning buzz this morning, it sounds like Campbell Brown is subbing for Anderson tonight.

ACAnderFan said...

According to the Morning Buzz section of the 360 blog, Anderson is off toite and Campbell Brown will be anchoring the program.

Kristien said...

Thanks for the link to the article Phebe, it was a very interesting read and it's further proof of Jeffs' warped mind!

Just thinking about having to wear those layers makes me sweat and I'm sure that the Belgian summers are no way near as hot as those in Texas and Utah.
I do feel sorry for them!

Cindy said...

Maybe Anderson is off to meet up with Sanjay in Peru to do something for PIP. Sanjay is there now working on something about the food shortage.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone else noticed the big knots in the ties. Between the horrific buzz hair cuts, the fat knots and the crooked ties - he looks like he needs a "dresser". Maybe Erica could help.

The magic wall is amazing.

ACAnderFan said...

@cindy, it never occured to me, but you could be right, maybe Anderson is working on PIP.

Anonymous said...

I just started to read Carolyn Jessop's book and although it is informative it is also very disturbing. I really don't care what others have said about her constant appearances on every channel to me she is one of the most amazing women I have ever heard of.

And yes I too have noticed the crooked ties, very short hair cuts and what's up with the dizzying tie pattern last night it looked like a throw back to the psychedelic 60's. Or maybe it was just my TV, either way we are not amuse.

Anonymous said...

OMG...don't get me started on Campbell Brown again...why oh why does she have to sub!

It already sucks that Anderson is off...ughh...this is not good for my blood pressure! I just don't understand why they can't make Erica an official Sub! She did a wonderful job last time...I think it is all the negative comments people wrote in about her...that made me soo bad. The poor girl got to sub one day, finally, and they already crucified her, while Campbell gets to drag on the whole week. Campbell has her own show, she needs to just stay there!! They need to keep it in the 360 family and let Erica sub, if Erica is absent, then another 360 corespondent, jeez...

I know you all are sick of hearing this but I gotta get my anger out somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Erica had her chance to anchor. Back to Campbell now.

Phebe said...

@anonymous 12:22, I agree with you and your preference for Erica. It is CNN's pattern to get as much exposure for their new talent as possible. I think we just need to bide our time and pretty soon they'll stop pimping Campbell and move back to Soledad or Erica. It could be worse...we could have 2 hours of Lou!

Anonymous said...

anon 12:22: If Erica received all these negative comments, perhaps that is why CNN is not having Erica sub. If Erica is Anderson sub anchor, she should not plan to be out on the same day as him.

So, if she had other plans other than be at work today, then she should be expected to change them to sub. Kid issues are not an excuse.

Em said...

Thanks for the article on the clothing Phebe. I can't imagine how those people endure the long underwear down in Southern Utah. It is called Utah's Dixie because the climate is warm most of the year and very hot in the summer...pretty much the same climate as Vegas...ouch! I wondered if anyone else noticed some variation in the hairdos? Some women and girls get it very "tall" in the front or have elaborate braids in the back. Wonder if this is an unconscious way of competing with each other the way other women do with current fashions? Just an observation.

I agree with the commenter who appreciates Carolyn Jessop. Having personally known women and young men trying to leave these sects, I think she is remarkable and do not really care if other people get tired of hearing from her. She represents so much hope for these women and children and is so resilient. It is such a culture shock and takes amazing courage and strength to leave those communities. The reports about the children considering all the children of the sister-wives to be their brothers and sisters are true. They do not make the distinctions our society does about half-siblings and stepsiblings. I have been told this makes it even more difficult for the women who leave as they are bonded to the other children and feel intense guilt about taking their children away from their brothers and sisters. Mix that with being totally cut off from the only families they have known and the intense culture shock and you can probably get a small inkling of what they must be experiencing. Those poor children, my prayers are with them.

At the risk of being shallow, I will admit I too noticed Anderson's overly large knot on his tie. I could not help but think about when he was razzing Ryan Seacrest about the big knot in his pink tie...maybe some should remind AC. I do like that silver color though ;0)

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:22, How do you know what kind of feedback CNN received on the night Erica subbed? Methinks thou dost protest too much.

Personally I prefer the professionalism of Campbell or Soledad. I don't want my news presented by my "girlfriend". I want someone who knows more than me, who takes the issues seriously, and who has worked his/her way up the ladder.

On the other hand, I just love Michael Johns and Carly Smithson. I guess it's all a matter of taste.

Kristien said...

@Em: I did notice that some women seem to have more intricate dos than others. Some of them have it braided in (if that's how you call it) on both sides of their head, not easy to do by yourself.
So, maybe this is their way of standing out from eachother, who knows, but if your not allowed to take compliments, it seems a lot work for nothing...

Anonymous said...

Re: The ties, he seems to be into the monochromatic theme these days! I've also noticed the big knots, is that the new trend?

I do know that next week is the 60th Anniversary of the nation of Israel, wonder if AC is off there. President Bush will be there as well as a lot of other world leaders. You never know though, he could be tromping thru some jungle for PIP just as easily!

Anonymous said...

I find it distressing that the FLDS
women grow their hair long so they can "wash their husband's feet in heaven." With some of the "things" they've been doing, they're not going to heaven.
I also think we should be less concerned how Anderson ties his ties and more concerned why he's absent. But then again, I'm finding Campbell Brown far more oompetent than I first thought.

Quitty said...

@em...I was thinking the same thing about the Texas heat. I've been to that part of Utah too and yes, it can get very hot.