Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Throw Him Under The Bus

I know everyone is sick to death of the Rev. Wright so I will keep my opinion very brief. For weeks Obama and Wright supporters have been telling us that the short sound bites CNN was playing of Rev. Wright did not accurately depict Senator Obama's pastor. I believe that Rev. Wright's appearance before the National Press Club has shown the sound bites didn't lie.

I really feel great sympathy for Barack Obama. He's been thrown under the bus by someone who he once considered a mentor. He put his trust in a man that was not worthy.
Rev. Wright has show himself to be human and fallible. He has also shown himself to be unfaithful to his flock, narcissistic and egotistical. If he did indeed set out to hurt Obama, a member of his congregation, because he felt slighted, as Mary Francis Berry said, shame on him. He needs to go back and do a little Bible study starting with Leviticus 19:18 "You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge against the sons of your own people...."
We led off Tuesday's program with Candy Crowley updating us on the day's events. This was followed up by David Gergen, Ed Rollins, Roland Martin and Mary Francis Berry, who was the Chairwoman of the Civil Rights Committee.
It was a nice transition in the second hour when Anderson interviewed people in the NOLA community about the Rev. Wright story. AC spent time talking with Rev. Norwood Thompson (President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference), Jasmine Haynes (student at Dillard University), Stacey Koch (Director of Covenent House and board member of a committee on race and poverty for Tulane).
I was a bit surprised that Rev. Thompson felt that Rev. Wright hadn't hurt Barack Obama. He attempted to defend Wright and was of the opinion that Obama said what he said because he is a politician, not because he truly disagreed with Wright.

In another report based from NOLA Randi Kaye covered the State of Louisiana's attempt to take back grants it provided people to rebuild after Katrina. Is there one single thing that the government got right during and post Katrina? I can't really recall a one. How sad is that?
Gary Tuchman caught us up on the day's polygamy events. I found myself talking back to the television when GT said the FLDS men still have faith in Warren Jeffs. Why wouldn't they? He has set them up with multiple, obedient wives, new homes and what was to be a secure private community. The government maybe able to deprogram the children, and possibly some of the women, but it's not going to happen with the men. They are convinced that they are a superior race and gender. And why would they ever want to listen to someone tell them otherwise?
Anderson was spot on when he brought up the Lost Boys too. It's not surprising at all that there are few young men in the FLDS community in Texas. They must shun a good percentage of the young men so as to provide the favored men with multiple wives.
Last on Tuesday's broadcast was The Shot, which included some Anderca and the cutest ever baby bear cub video.

And I'll leave you with a Smurf's adult content video called Smurf-tastrophe...when a damn breaks during a hurricane the Smurf's face their greatest tradgedy and AC is on the scene to do the reporting. You gotta love Gargamel when he talks about Anderson F'n Cooper!
Thanks to FOA for the find and have a great hump day everyone. ~ Phebe

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ACAnderFan said...

I should have watched the second hour. I would have loved to see AC interview those people. At least it would have been something iinteresting in the program.

Of course the best part of the program was Gary Tuchman's piece. It's sad that the men still have so much faith in Jeffs. It would probably be for the best if the women and children were seperrated from the men.

It's ridiculous that Lousiana is trying to take back those grants that were given to help people re-build. Someone made a mistake and over estimated the amkunts people would need. Too bad. Let those poor people keep their money. Most of them probably don't have it to pay back anyway. It seemes like with the government and Katrina it's one screw up after another.

cactuskid said...

I think that Rev. Wright just needs to go away now. He has said and done enough. And Barack will be smart if he doesn't say anymore either. I don't know if Barack is just acting like a politician or not, but I think he was angry about what Rev. Wright was saying. I do think that he hasn't been in the dark about Rev. Wright all of these 20 years. With that said, I think that they both need to hush. I hope like they mentioned last night that this doesn't turn into a he said- he said thing and then become a racial thing. It's a real shame that the Democrats have shone out this time and may have messed things up for themselves. John McCain is probably laughing his way straight into the White House.

It always amazes me that when Anderson is in NOLA that he doesn't talk that much about it. I think that it's horrible what our government has done to those people and I would have gone ballistic, too, if they had told me I owed them money back d/t another thing that they screwed-up! Shame on them! I was hoping Anderson would be reporting on the problems they were still having with the levee repair jobs by The Corps. of Engineers down there and how the repairs were alledgedly shoddily done. I hear it was in the news down there and was hoping that Anderson would be keeping them honest.

That little bear cub was so precious! I could have watched him over and over, too, Anderson! Did you catch the length of those claws even at his age?

Anonymous said...

Anderson's hair is growing in - Yea! I thought maybe he would spend more time in NOLA, but maybe that will occur closer to Hurricaine Season. Does anybody else think Candy Crowley is looking exhausted? Hopefully we can move onto other news other than Rev wright now. Considering the time it has taken Barack to deal with the Rev Wright issue - is this how he will deal with issues if Pres also?
Loved the baby bear!

Sapphire said...

I am so mad at 360.....I did not watch the second hour as I did not want to watch another hour of the same thing and they actually put in a piece I would have loved to watched.......I am so frustrated. I had to see 30 minutes of Rev. Wright stuff and minimal NOLA information. I am like Lou Dobbs mad right now.

Thank you Ms. Phebe for posting some pics from the piece since most of us probably did not get a chance to see it.

Lou Dobbs mad I tell you.....grrr. I need to look at the cute bear to calm myself :P

Anonymous said...

sapphire you're not the only one mad at 360. In the tease at 9:45 Anderson told Larry he gets back to New Orleans every couple of weeks to keep the story alive - Try February 14, 2008 Anderson, what calendar are you using? I am so sick of Rev Wright and 360 WILL HEAR ABOUT IT.

Sapphire said...

I can't watch the video because I am out of the US.....not helping my frustration :(

Cyn said...

Roland Martin had an EXCELLENT blog entry about Wright yesterday, I really like the way he's been explaining things.

The snoozy bear... Cutest. Video. Ever.

The Smurf clip is hysterical!

Anonymous said...

I am rather disgusted that Anderson did not report more on NOLA. With the exception of Randi's (short) report and the short interview during hour 2 (which was about Obama, not NOLA), there was nothing.

It appears his sole purpose of going there was for his speech, which would have been fine with me had he not said to Larry King during the tease "we come down here every few weeks" when in reality he has only been down there ONCE since the 2 year anniversary last August, and that was a 1 hour live show. He was not on the rest of the week. A total outright lie.

Anonymous said...

Hi All! To be honest, I wrote 360 feedback much of what Anon 7:44am said as well (I didn't use the word "lie" though. I phrased it as "misleading."). I was very disappointed that they shelved Sanjay's piece on the hospital situation in favor of this Wright stuff.

For a month now I've been getting my news fix elsewhere as CNN has again overglorified every part of this campaign. They just have no shut-off valve. Last night was it for me. They've become so engrossed with ratings that nothing else matters any longer.

So, as I told Phebe, I've lost my bliss and have moved on. I wish Anderson and you guys well.


Anonymous said...

Was anyone else just as disgusted as I was to see Anderson in NOLA
again after all this time but all he talked about for about 50 minutes was Rev. Wright? He barely said one word about NOLA. I know he went there to do a speech and that was the main point of him going, let's face it that's the only reason he went. If not for that he wouldn't have been back. But come on....he could have done WAY more on NOLA!

I know for a fact that the BIG story all over NOLA is that one part of the levees was shoddily put back together and is covered only with some plastic like material and they are being investigated because of this. Yet Anderson didn't say one word about it. Plus Sanjay did a report on the hospitals there and they didn't even show that. And the
homeless problem hasn't dropped but has gotten WAY worse. So why
didn't we hear about any of this?

IMO from what we got last night I
would have rather he went on back home and let Campbell sub! We would
have gotten a better show!

BTW...I did a feedback regarding all of this also.

Anonymous said...

Well,we certainly got a HUGE amount of NOLA coverage,a total of 10 minutes tops,maybe?


Looks like Anderson is forgetting HIS OWN promise-to never forget what happened.

God forbid we want some REAL news from other places in the world-that only appears in the news bulletins,if we are lucky.

IF I want to find out anything about NOLA or the Gulf Coast anymore,I go to the site.

We can forget 360 telling us anything from there,it seems-or any other part of the world,either!

I am now watching my local news,at least I can find out what is going on,AND that Reverend does not show up there!
I have changed my channel,and MAY come back after November-maybe then we will get the real news back!

As for the title of your post?
Makes me wish someone would do THAT with this Reverend WRIGHT story-or him!

I am once again going to write the feedback page,but of course,all you get is that automatic message junk anyhow.
Sorry for the rant,but it is just MHO.

Anonymous said...

I see more than one comment here today about the lack of NOLA coverage last night and / or that Anderson told Larry during the tease that he gets back to NOLA every couple of weeks to keep the story alive when in fact the last time he was there was in February and then before that last August.

I think that comment coming from his mouth disgusted me more than his lack of coverage.

I have sent in feedback to the 360 website. I wrote it better than I am here.

If you don't already do so and have an opinion on any of this, I encourage you to use the 360 feedback. That is why they have it there.

Thank you.

ACAnderFan said...

Sometimes I wonder if Anderson even cares about NOLA anymore. He hardly ever reports on it, even when he is there. I think the last time he was there was back in February. He dosen't go down every few weeks.

As for the two year Kartian Anniversayr Special. It was mediocre. And he was only there for a day. Way to care Anderson. he should have been there for the whole week.

OK well my little rant about AC and NOLA is over.

ACAnderFan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

acanderfan: Anderson was actually on vacation that week of the Katrina anniversary, he only came to work the one day. That's why the show was mediocre, and he obviously didn't plan on airing for more than one day since he had a vacation time planned.

Sapphire said...

they just aired Randi's and Sanjay's NOLA pieces on LIVE

Quitty said...

I've said this before and I'll say it again, if AC360 is going to show new content in the 2nd hour tease us about it in the first hour and I may stick around to watch it.

Love the video clip. Could Anderson's eyebrows been any bushier?

Regarding the number of NOLA trips, Anderson has mentioned before that he visits NOLA as a tourist as well as journalist so it is possible he personally had gone down more often than we know.

Anonymous said...

Quitty: I have heard Anderson say he visits as a tourist. That's fine. I think what I personally and sounds like others here as well have an issue with is that Anderson has said, like he did last night to Larry King, that he goes down there frequently so that it will not be forgotten.

That's not going to happen if he just goes as a tourist and doesn't report on it.

People are obviously expecting more reporting from him when he keeps telling us he doesn't want it forgotten. That's all.

Anonymous said...

I think y'all blaming Anderson for Nola, for nothing. What if he himself wants to be there every couple of weeks but his producers doesn't want to? HE DOESN'T RUN THE SHOW BY HIMSELF!, Am sure there's a lot of forgotten stories Anderson would love to do but, he can't decide or choose everything by himself.Or if he's a part of the blame, it's not only him but also producers and everybody who decides what stories to run in the program. Anderson is and has been very passionate about Nola, in fact, he's very passionate about issues that few people care about and no other major news network cares at all!

Guess we should be thankful he even shows up, what other major news network has been there recently?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:25...Sheppard Smith was just down there and did some good reporting about NOLA and nothing else!Anderson is not the only one that still goes. There was some others too that just went but their names escape me now as I am at work trying to do two things at once. LOL And I must add when they go they report on New Orleans only unlike Anderson who just uses it as a back drop and photo op!

Kristien said...

Oh wow, a lot of angry people here.

I get some of it, some of it not that much, but everone has their own opinion and I respect that.

I watched that little bear a couple of times, sooo cute!

@Sapphire, I'm glad I'm not the only one who couldn't watch the Smurf video. It smurfed me off!

Phebe said...

For those of you outside the US that are having trouble with the Smurf video try copying and pasting this link.

Kristien said...

@Phebe, thanks for trying to help with the video, but it still says that they are not allowed to share their videos with people outside of the US. :(

m.minkoff said...

I rarely watch 360 anymore, though I do check out this blog. Their election coverage simply disgusts me. Most of the hour is spent with the anchor interviewing commentators whom I assume are paid for their time. For the most part it is the same people over and over again. It's a sprinkling of news with a heavy dose of opinion. AC always says that he doesn't want to tell his viewers what to think, but that's precisely what his commentators are doing night after night.

I tuned in last night because I grew up in New Orleans and I wanted to hear an update on the recovery. Instead I got 50 minutes of Rev. Wright or I should say, opinions on Rev. Wright. I am not interested in the advice dished out by these so-called experts to the candidates who are probably not even watching. What kind of news is that?

It may not be Anderson who makes the programming decisions. That has been discussed at length before on this blog. In fact, I thought he looked unusually tense last night. However, it is his program, and I no longer choose to watch it on a regular basis. Maybe I'll come back after the election, but for now, that's about it for me.

Sorry, I don't care enough to send them feedback. I have in the past, and it's always been ignored.

ACAnderFan said...

@anonymous 10:18, I realize he was on vacation that week. However, if he turly cared about NOLA he wouldn't have been on vacation that week. Surely he could have gone on vacation some other time.

sydney said...

Well, everyone else has pretty much summed up how I feel about the coverage last night.

Since I have nothing else to say, and I'm in an AI frame of mind, I'll play Paula and say, "Well, Anderson, you look great.." LOL!

(For those of you who don't watch American Idol, for Paula, telling someone how good they look is code for the performance stunk)

Anonymous said...

I agree with a lot of the anons. Although I wouldn't accuse Anderson of lying, during the tease with Larry King, he could have been more forthcoming and said he was down there as an invited speaker for the University.
He was not there to gather info but to collect thousands of dollars for a speaking engagement.
Also I'm really tired of the live blog issue. If I see another post from the M.D. person again I'm writing a letter of complaint to CNN headquarters that they "are not fair or balanced in their live blogging." The SAME people post all the time and are not moderated!

Anonymous said...

acanderfan 3:30 post: I posted the 10:18 post about Anderson being on vacation that week. I agree with you and that was my point, I didn't make myself clear. I was very surprised that Anderson was on vacation that week of the two year anniversary given that he has always said he wants to keep the coverage alive, yet he schedules the time off.

I had read in several places, and I do not know if this is true, is that he had actually taped his two year anniversary show ahead of time to show that night since he was going to be on vacation, but the tape was "lost" and he had to come in and do the show live.

Kristien said...

@Sydney: hahahaha, you do a good Paula!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:03...I totally agree about the live blog. They have the most ridiculous comments on there. The things they let through are actually on the list of things that they aren't supposed to let on. It is basically a lot of fangirls who are squeeing over Anderson and what he has on.

And the M.D. person...I know EXACTLY what you mean! It is ridiculous that that person seems to answer like they know Anderson and what he is doing. What gets me is they allow it to be posted. And how this person always says I agree with ya so and so and that is it....and they post it! WHAT?

I'm with you on writing to complain! I have before and they had different people on for a few days then it went back to the same old group trying desperately to get Anderson to speak to them. Another that gets on my nerves is J. from O.! UUGGHH!

Sapphire said...

Sydney - you comment made me laugh :)

Anonymous said...

Erica did the bulletin on Campbell Brown's show tonight......huh. and a short segment on another topic.

Anonymous said...

Seeing as I am p..ed off at the almost invisible NOLA coverage they put on,the only bearable part of the whole program was,well the bear!

I am going to have to go elsewhere for the REAL stories,it seems.
I MAY decide to come back after November,but I highly doubt it.I long for the days of the 2 hour programs-when we saw NEWS.
Those days are sadly gone it seems.

As for those people who mentioned the live blog,yes it is the favorites only there for sure now,IMO.

The moderators go home early it seems,or never show up,and the SAME person is the first commentor almost every night lately!What's up with THAT!

A couple in particular act like Anderson's personal assistants or something-or are mind readers!

I wish he had stuck to REGULAR blogging,now all we get on live blog is the fangirl club-no wonder he does not post much!

ACAnderFan said...

anonymous 4:40pm, I am sorry I didn't understand the point you were getting at in the 10:18am post. I too have read what you read about the Katrina Special being taped and then lost. I have no idea if that is true or not, but maybe it expalins why he was there for one day and why it was a mediocre special. I just think someone who truly cared about NOLA as he claims to would have been there that week and not on vacation.

Lulu said...

Sorry I'm coming to the party so late, but I'm glad to see I'm not the only one very disappointed in Anderson's NOLA coverage. I watched the show and thought, "Why the heck did he go to NOLA at all if all he was going to do is stand there and report stuff he could have reported on in New York?" That's not covering what's going on! After the same disappointment a lot of us felt the last time he was there, I thought next time, 360 will definitely do more. What are they thinking??? There is so much to cover, it deserves a special all it's own! Anderson says he's devoted to keeping this story alive, and I don't want to doubt him, but frankly, those two little pieces don't cut it. Someone said that Anderson doesn't run the show by himself and doesn't make all the decisions about what airs. I completely agree with that, but the fact of the matter is, even if he does go down to NOLA every couple of weeks, we are NOT seeing evidence of that on the show. And he still talks about the lack of coverage! Well, if you're not going to do all you can to remedy it, don't say anything!