Thursday, April 24, 2008


Good evening everyone. Hope everyone is doing well. Well we all know that Anderson has the evening off and to be honest I had more fun watching Lost, Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy as oppose to Thursday’s 360. Thank goodness the shows are finally back. I’m just keeping it honest with everyone. So I am going to give a quick recap, put up few screen caps and let everyone discuss. Campbell Brown filled in for Anderson who is MIA tonight. The show started with clips from an interview Rev. Jeremiah Wright had with Bill Moyers for PBS.

  • David Gergen, Roland Martin and Tony Perkins joined Campbell to discuss the interview and the effects it may have on the Obama campaign.

  • Candy Crowley joined Campbell to talk about super delegates and the Florida and Michigan votes.

  • Susan Roesgen filled a report on the latest details about the FLDS children being sent to foster homes

  • Jeffrey Toobin and Carolyn joined Campbell spoke about the children going into the foster homes. Carolyn made a point that the children have more of a bond with the other children then with their mothers.

  • Gary Tuchman did a piece on Rosita Swinton, the woman who is suspected of calling the authorities and pretending to be 16 year old “Sarah. This is apparently not the first time this woman has done this. After seeing Gary go after so many stories I liked this picture of him knocking on the door, looking for truth.
  • Erica brought news that Wesley Snipes is going to prison for three years. What have we learned from this – pay your taxes!!!!!

Campbell and Erica had some nice interaction over Beat 360 (which Erica’s caption was the staffs pick) and The Shot. The Shot was too adorable and I love Pierre’s story. Very glad to hear Pierre has gotten his mojo back. For all who missed it or you enjoyed it like I did (personally my favourite part of Thursday’s show) I have capped it for you.

That is it for me tonight. I will be back again tomorrow. Hopefully so will Anderson. Have a great Friday everyone ~ Sapphire
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Anonymous said...

Sapphire, thanks for the screen caps. Actually I thought the first part of the show was quite interesting. For once I disagreed with David Gergen, who I respect and like. I think Rev. Wright might have showed a side of him that needed to be seen. He came across with a softer tone, as if he might have been doing Obama a favor for all to see.
I might be wrong, but wasn't AC supposed to moderate some conference at Radio City on the Thurs. the 24th? This might be the reason for his MIA.

ACAnderFan said...

I did not even watch 360 last nite. When I found out yesterday morning that Anderson wasn't on and Campbell Brown would be I decided right then and there to watch the new season of Miami Ink instead. While I love Miami Ink and enjoyed seeing it isntead of taping it and watching it over the weekend, I would have rather watched 360, had they a better anchor.

A couple of weeks ago when I found out when the new Miami Ink season was going to start I kind of said to myself, "oh I hope 360 is cappy so I can watch Miami Ink." Obviously I got my wish. No more of doing that...LOL!!!

aries moon said...

I think I spent more time on the 360 live blog than I did watching the show. Jeffrey Toobin has been posting a lot there, answering questions and offering insight on the programs topics, he's got quite a sense of humor too. I hope he continues to participate as often as he can.

Anonymous said...

It is great to see both Jeffrey Toobin AND Bill Schneider on the Live Blog,they are great!I hope they can continue from time to time-the moderator needs to get Jeffrey a pic!LOL

Though I am sure Jeffrey can manage a little pic without any help.

Why hasn't Campbell Brown made an effort to do the same-not even once???

I would love to Randi,Gary,Tom,and a few others like that appear sometimes.

Or,how about maybe Charlie??
I really enjoyed his posts on the blog.
And where did ''Blog From The Back Row'' go-it was interesting and then just disappeared-like a lot of other things seem to at CNN and 360.

Jeffrey and Bill take the time to answer,and are there a lot more than Anderson.

Not that I can blame Anderson for not showing up to blog,all he ever sees is either a bunch of hello's between bloggers all night,or how nice he looks,or how nice his tie is,or his eyes!

The moderators really need to go back and look at that long list of rules that NO ONE,including them,ever follows.Or just delete that post altogether.It is worthless basically.

@anonymous 9:49 pm:
The Radio City Music event was on Monday,the 21st.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I like Campbell. I think she does very well in a show with a different format and her switching gears to fit that. I watched the program last night as I did all the other times she anchored.

The comments on her not live blogging? Well, frankly, Anderson barely blogs himself and Erica's entries are rather lame, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday night's show and blog were so much fun--last night it was a drag. I don't know if it is because Campbell doesn't seem to generate much energy--plus she really needs to develop a sense of humor. Her interaction with Erica is very lame. Hope she isn't on again tonight!!

Anonymous said...

anon 7:52 the Live blog Wednesday was nothing but a fan girl free for all. Those of us who try to pot intelligent things that are within the Live Blog guidelines are shunned when the Fan Girls get on and take over. Last nights Live blog was interesting whether you got posted or not. And for heaven sake lay of Erica already. If you don't like her don't watch.

Hopefully the Live Blog mods will read some of the comments on these blogs and come to their collective senses and get the Live blog back on track.

Em said...

Just a thought but I imagine Anderson doesn't have as much time to participate on the blog as people like Jeff and Erica. After all, he is the anchor and busy reporting and talking and preparing to talk to other commentors and reporters. Erica and Jeff only have specific segments of the program they are involved in so it is logical they have more "blogging time" on their hands.

@Anon 6:07a.m. I second that thought! Would love to hear from Charlie on the live blog when he is in the studio! He used to be a great blogger especially when he and Anderson were off on an "adventure."

Anonymous said...


Here's hoping we may get to see Charlie,and Neil and Phil as well,again soon,like we did when they blogged for PIP.
I enjoyed seeing them,and miss them not blogging anymore.
I wonder if ''the guys'' are going to be part of the new PIP?Hope so.
Seems like Jeff is not though.

Oh,a little off topic,folks....

but when was the last time anyone remembers seeing a blog post about New Orleans/Katrina/Gulf Coast??

Anonymous said...

@anon 9 30:
Live blog is only a fan club nowadays,for sure.

I totally agree with you.

Kristien said...

The show was ok, but Sapphire I agree, Pierre was the star of the show, lol. So cute!!

@anon 6:07: I liked the Blog from the Backrow a lot too. Shame that it has completely disappeared!

aries moon said...

The moderators really need to go back and look at that long list of rules that NO ONE,including them,ever follows.Or just delete that post altogether.It is worthless basically.

Couldn't have said it better myself. They never are consistent about the blogging rules and it makes no sense. They say they don't want to post thesis-long posts and they do it anyway. I don't have a problem with some posters submitting a few lighthearted or humorous comments, particularly when AC or Erica have triggered it themselves, but the blog shouldn't be clogged with those types of comments. There is one particular poster who takes it upon herself to answer bloggers questions about AC as if she were his PR person! Very strange.

Anderson says he's editing and correcting some of the copy that is fed into the teleprompter during the show, so he can't post as much. When he does post, he's usually saying he's sorry he can't post! Or he's responding to a bloggers criticism as he did on Wednesday.

I think they may have eliminated Blog From the Back Row when they brought in the 360 webcam - a similar behind the scenes look. But I liked those BFBR posts too along with the occasional posts from Charlie and Neil.

Anonymous said...

Did you all see that Campbell's ratings for last night were astronomical? She was in the 400's. I guess a lot of people really like her.

Guess she'll be on tonight also.

Anonymous said...

Campbell seems to have done quite well for herself ratings wise, or viewers don't mind her subbing. She beat Greta in her time slot and that, after all is what seems to count.
I agree with anon 6:07, the live blog is worthless and the same people seem to post time and again. Yes, Erica and the others have more time on their hands it seems and the bloggers just keep talking to each other.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Campbell has had very good ratings while subbing for Anderson, at times her numbers were above his. That should speak for itself.

Erica's numbers the evening she subbed were like 168 for the demo, I believe one of the lowest numbers 360 has ever gotten.

aries moon said...

I don't think Campbell Brown had much to do with the high ratings for 360 last night, the ratings appear to have been going up recently, even when Anderson has anchored, Wednesday night being an exception. Campbell Brown doesn't attract very many viewers to her OWN program at 8 pm, so I don't think the success of Thursday's show can really be attributed to her.

Anonymous said...

It was certainly terrific to see John King anchor tonight. I certainly hope that nobody has a problem with him as some seem to have with Campbell.

Phebe said...

I believe we've debated the Campbell thing enough for tonight. I'm closing comments for this post.