Friday, May 30, 2008

The One on One

Hello everyone. It is Friday night and even though I am dying to see “Sex and the City”, I am holding off until Sunday because as much as I love Carrie and the girls, I love Anderson more. We are having a thunderstorm here in Toronto and as long as the power stays on I love it and am good to go. So let’s get right into Friday night’s AC 360.

Anderson had a one on one interview with Scott McClellan, the former White House press secretary who release of his book “What Happened” setting off a firestorm. The interview was spread over three segments.

The first segment had Anderson asking Scott about writing the book and questions about truth and straight out lies. Focus was put on the Iraqi intelligence and where and when spin was used in selling the Iraqi war to the American people. Anderson pressed Scott on what he meant by being in a “bunker”.

The second segment started with Anderson asking Scott if he owed the American people an apology. The segment also focused on the handling of Hurricane Katrina. Anderson asked Scott why he did not resign if he questioned what was happening in the administration. Anderson also asked Scott about the comments that Senator Bob Dole made about Scott and his book.

The third segment had Anderson asking Scott if he indeed wrote the book or if an editor did some major tweaking. Questions of how much of an advance Scott received was also asked. Anderson asked Scott if he was still a Republican. I found the president’s comment about working to forgive Scott an interesting one. Anderson ended the interview by asking Scott if he had to do it all over again would he and the answer was no direct yes or no. Once a spinster always a spinster I guess.

I have personally not seen any other interviews Scott McClellan has done but I thought Anderson did a good job asking tough but fair questions and trying to get Scott to answer some major questions concerning this book. I wonder what Anderson thinks of the situation after actually reading the book and talking with Scott McClellan. Here is a montage with some of the interview that caught my attention in case you missed Friday’s 360.

What would an AC 360 be without some sort of political news? Tomorrow is the day folks. Tomorrow is the day that the Democratic Rules and ByLaws Committee will decide what happens with the delegations of Michigan and Florida votes. I am so looking forward to watching this process on Saturday. Candy Crowley's piece about Saturday’s meeting gave a little bit of insight of what will happen during the meeting. I know we all have opinions on what should happen in regards to MI and FL but Saturday’s meeting should be interesting no matter what the outcome. Candy said it best at the end of her report, “Wednesday there will be no place left to go.”

Up Close was Bill Clinton unplugged. Jessica Yellin piece shows the different sides of Bill throughout this campaign. It really is amazing how one person can be both a help and a hindrance for the Clinton campaign.

David Mattingly brought us the latest from Texas about the Polygamy case. A judge did not sign the papers to release the remaining children in Texas custody to their parents. David also reported that the FLDS community is beginning to register to vote in the upcoming election in Eldorado. With the number of members at the FLDS who may register (David reported 500 to 600 new voters may register) they can cause a huge uproar if they have member run for office. Here is a perfect example of how voting can cause change to occur if they actually do this.

The Shot Friday night was too good not to clip. Mariah Carey at a baseball game in Japan throwing the first pitch but let’s just say Mariah won’t be joining the women’s softball team in Beijing this year. I cannot laugh at Mariah though because I am not sure I would have done much better. Forget Mariah, anytime we get to see Anderson and David Beckham on the soccer field is worth it to me.

That is it for me. Don’t forget about this weekend’s election coverage. Not 100% sure if Anderson will be making an appearance but maybe if we ask, believe, receive he may just pop up. I hope everyone has a great week. See you next Friday ~ Sapphire

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A Bit of News, A Bit of Politics and A Bit of Fun

Polygamy was front and center on Thursday's AC360. Anderson called it a stunning decision made by the Texas Supreme Court, I would classify it as more of a disturbing decision. As I watched the file footage of the FLDS women coming and going from the courthouse I was struck by the fact that they are not accompanied by men. It's just so odd, since they do so little in their lives without male supervision. I'm sure it was a concerted effort from the male elders of the religion to keep a low profile.
I do wonder what the children have been exposed to while in State care. Will it be hard for them to go back to no television or video games and their old homemade toys, etc. Maybe some of the older children will realize now that outsiders are not as evil as they have been brainwashed to believe.

Scott McCellan's bombshell book was next up on the program. Anderson sat down with David Gergen and Bruce Weinstein to discuss the day's developments. Gergen felt that the White House and its emissaries reactions have been unusually intense. He likened it to a carpet bombing of McCellan, possibly linked to the anticipated report due out from the Senate Intelligence Committee and its findings about the run-up to the war.

Anderson will have an exclusive one on one interview with Scott McClellan on Friday night's AC360. There was little mention of John McCain or Hillary Clinton in Thursday's AC360. Of the Obama related news, most was not very positive. Guess the old adage no news is good news held true for HRC and Johnny Mac.
I have very little to say about the Rev. Pfleger except where does this church find these people to preach? And why was the congregation not offended? There is a huge disconnect in this country and this is just another example.

Candy Crowley and Mary Francis Berry discussed the Reverend with Anderson. I must say the more I see of MFB the more I love her. She is just a delight. And when she said the press really hasn't done its job in this campaign I couldn't have agreed more. Please CNN give us more Mary Francis Berry! And totally off topic but CC looked fabulous last night.

Raw Politics on Thursday was Drew Griffin's piece on the early political career of Barack Obama. Were you surprised? After all he is a lawyer and he was campaigning in Chicago. Looks like BHO didn't make too many friends with his early campaign tactics. But I guess what counts was it was legal, not who he stepped on to get there?

The Shot was rather odd on Thursday night program...judge for yourself (thanks to Sapphire for the upload.)

In the second hour of AC360 I don't think The Shot was aired, but Anderson did read comments from the 360 blog that were posted by Bev in NY, Kent in Illinois and Cindy.

In The News:
•CNN announced today that Lisa Ling will be joining the Planet in Peril 2 crew. From the CNN press release:
"For Planet in Peril: Battle Lines, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta and The Oprah Winfrey Show correspondent and National Geographic host Lisa Ling travel to the front lines of these environmental conflicts where countries, communities and individuals are fighting over oil, land, water and food. The documentary, to be taped in high definition, will air in late 2008".

•Jeffrey Toobin will speak at 8 p.m. Friday, May 30th at Connecticut College in New London, Conn. The lecture will be held in the Cummings Arts Center (Evans Hall). There will also be a book signing and question and answer session, after Toobin's lecture. The event is free and open to the public.

•CNN will offer special programing on Saturday to cover the DNC meetings regarding Florida and Michigan. The coverage is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m Eastern. The special will be anchored by lead political anchor Wolf Blitzer. Live will have a camera inside and live streaming the entire meeting at 9:30 a.m. A special live edition of This Week in Politics will air from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Then at 7 p.m., the in-depth political coverage continues with a one-hour special Election Center.

•On Sunday, June 1, a special edition of Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer will broadcast live from the CNN Election Center in New York from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m Eastern. Wolf will have 'the best political team on television' providing coverage. American Morning's John Roberts will handle duties at the multi touch board (magic map to us). At 1 p.m., CNN will premiere Fareed Zakaria: GPS, a new weekly international news and discussion program. Then at 2 PM Eastern it's back to the Election Center for Puerto Rico results and analysis. A special CNN Newsroom with Rick Sanchez will follow at 7 p.m Eastern.

•A question was asked in our comments a few days ago requesting news of the John King/Dana Bash wedding. The Washington Post posted this on Tuesday:

Married: CNN's Dana Bash, 36, and John King, 44, in a traditional Jewish wedding on Cape Cod Sunday night. The media couple -- Washington co-workers who fell in love -- tried to keep the beachside nups low-key with just family and a few friends. King converted to Judaism for his bride; second marriage for both.

And on American Morning Thursday it was mentioned that the newlyweds are honeymooning in Costa Rica. Let's hope that tropical storm headed their way changes course.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Anyone Dizzy From All The Spin?

I'm not going to go into depth on the Scott McClellan book talk from Wednesday's AC360, suffice it to say that the White House spin machine was working overtime. Anderson Cooper balanced the Bush spin with panelists Ed Henry, Jessica Yellin, John Roberts, Candy Crowley, David Gergen and Mark Halperin.

•Jessica Yellin said news executives from her former network (ABC?) slanted her reports to be more favorable to President Bush.
Late Addition: Jessica Yellin blogged about this today on the 360 blog. She said it was during her time at MSNBC. Here's the link.
•John Roberts was shown grilling Scott McClellan at a press briefing in 2005, when JR was the CBS White House correspondent. BTW, it was great to see JR back on AC360. It's been too long.
•Mark Halperin said that the current White House did not want its spokesperson to be someone who informed the public.
•The Gerg's observation was spot on (as usual). He said, "How standards have deteriorated" and he went on to compare McClellan's book to one by Ted Sorenson about his days with the JFK administration.
•Candy Crowley brought up Tony Snow, which got me to wondering. Isn't Tony Snow working for CNN now? Why haven't we heard from him?
Late Addition:
ASHLAND, Ohio (AP) — Former White House press secretary Tony Snow, diagnosed with cancer three years ago, canceled a speaking appearance at Ohio's Ashland University because of an unspecified illness, the university announced Wednesday.The university said Snow's doctors have told him he cannot travel, and that Snow will be replaced by the president's brother, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, at Thursday's fundraising dinner for the Ashbrook Scholar program.Snow, 52, joined CNN as a conservative commentator in April. He became White House press secretary in April 2006 and served until last August.In 2005, Snow had his colon removed and was diagnosed with cancer. In March 2007, he underwent surgery to remove a growth in his abdominal area. Doctors determined it was a recurrence of his cancer.Ashland had no details on Snow's illness and CNN's public relations department had no immediate comment Wednesday.

McClellan's old boss Ari Fleischer talked with Anderson and professed confusion about the tell-all book. Usually Ari is one of my favorite Republicans (there's an oxymoron) but his toeing the party line on Wednesday's program was just a little much, even for a semi-fan. I don't agree with what McClellan did, but I do feel the information he conveys in his book is more truth than fiction.

Sounds like there's going to be some must see television on CNN Saturday. The DNC Rules Committee will meet to decide the fate of Florida and Michigan (and HRC). From the leaked memo it sounds like a compromise is already in the works, but I suspect there still may be a few fireworks. Let's hope Clinton supporters don't turn it into an embarrassing circus with their protests.
There was more, including reports by Joe Johns and Tom Foreman, but I am just on overload with this story. I fear it won't die down anytime soon, since McClellan has yet to make the media rounds.

So let's see....what else can we talk about? Do you know who this is?
It's Jon Kelly, the new host of ABC's The Mole. Kelly did a q & a recently and this caught my eye.
Reality TV World: When the show's return was announced, ABC had said it was going to "launch a nationwide search" for a new host. How did you become involved with The Mole?
Jon: It was interesting. I had seen a little bit of the originals and always just thought that Anderson Cooper was just cool and smart. I liked the vibe of the show because there's so much reality out there right now and different slices for everybody.

The Mole premieres on Monday June 2nd at 10 PM Eastern (opposite AC360) on ABC.

And I've saved the best for last....Anderson Cooper and Elmo. Here's a photo collage from Sesame Street Workshop's Annual Benefit Dinner that was held on Wednesday night. Besides AC you'll also see Soledad O'Brien and Time Warner's Chairman Richard Parsons enjoying the Muppets.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Breaking News, Michael Ware and Whistling?

Lots of interesting breaking political news dominated Tuesday's AC360. Anderson opened with a discussion about Senator Obama's gaffe concerning his great uncle's military service. I'm going to give Obama the benefit of the doubt on this stories tend to become embellished as they are passed down. His great uncle may not have participated in the liberation of Auschwitz, but he was involved in Buchenwald. Both were noble efforts and his great uncle is to be applauded.

I did some reading, on the Jewish Virtual Library site, after hearing this report, because I was not familiar with Buchenwald. More than 53,926 people lost their lives at Buchenwald. It originally housed political prisoners, but eventually Jews and Poles were imprisoned there also. Many of the inmates were subjected to involuntary medical experiments involving viruses and contagious diseases. Dr. Carl Vaernet also conducted a series of experiments there that he claimed would “cure” homosexual inmates.
Thank God for men like the Senator's great uncle who stopped these horrific practices and the carnage.

Tuesday's panel covering the Breaking News of Scott McClellan's book (What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception) was Ed Henry, Frances Townsend and Mike Allen of Surprisingly, I found myself agreeing with the Republican panelist, Frances Townsend, concerning the tell all book. Townsend, who was a former Bush Homeland Security Advisor, said "For him (McClellan) to do this now, frankly, strikes me as self-serving, disingenuous and unprofessional". As Anderson Cooper added, later in the discussion " In the old days in Washington people used to resign out when they didn't agree with things. They resigned out of principle. It doesn't seem like anyone does that anymore."
It must be really hard to walk away from power and a position of influence.

Mike Allen has a piece in USA Today and he makes these points about the book:

• McClellan charges that Bush relied on "propaganda" to sell the war.
• He says the White House press corps was too easy on the administration during the run-up to the war.
• He admits that some of his own assertions from the briefing room podium turned out to be "badly misguided."

Are these a surprise to anyone, other that the few staunch Republican's who continue to drink the Kool Aid? I think not.

AC discussed the President's trip to Phoenix with Ed Henry, who traveled along on the fund raiser. A great deal of discussion, on Phoenix television, centered around the lack of photo opportunities with McCain and Bush. No press was allowed to cover the fundraiser, no McCain at the airport when Air Force One arrived and only a brief send off when the visit was over. After seeing the latest CNN opinion pole on the President's popularity it's no wonder. His already low approval rating has dropped yet again.

I had to be in the area of the Phoenix airport today about the time of the President's arrival. I was a bit concerned about traffic and protesters (of which there were many) so I planned my trip to avoid the major arteries, and thus the motorcade roadblocks. I saw no evidence of a Presidential visit until I got home and turned on the news. The Commander in Chief's destination was about 4 miles from my house and I missed all the excitement!
It was really good to see Michael Ware back on the program and sharing his insight on Iraq. I've clipped it for those of you who missed it and for those who want a second listen (or look!).

As always MW makes the point that we can't just walk away. I have so much respect for Ware's views, but I want us out of Iraq, asap. Taking that into consideration, I think I'd feel better about the withdrawal of our troops, as strategically as possible, with HRC in charge. (You Obama supporters don't jump all over me...remember I defended him in my opening paragraph!) I just think the Illinois Senator lacks the experience to handle this complicated matter.

One piece of advice to the Clinton campaign, shut Bill the hell up. I think he has been the biggest detriment to HRC's success in this entire process. It's sort of like 'Men Who Love Too Much (or have a guilty conscience and try to make up for their actions)'.

The panel that dissected the former President's ramblings were Candy Crowley, Mike Allen and Gloria Borger. They also went on to discuss the big news of the night, the McClellan book. Not much new in this discussion, but CC again reiterated the shock most reporters are feeling over this book. She said if you would ask reporters who, in the Bush administration, would be most likely to write a tell all book Scott's name would never have made the list.

I thought some of you would like another peak at The Shot and the whistling AC360 crew.

In The News:

I find this first bit of news very bothersome. Channel 9, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is reporting that Anderson Cooper is supporting Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal for the Republican Vice Presidential candidate. They write,

"According to bloggers for John McCain, Jindal scored the highest. Rush Limbaugh, The Washington Times, and even CNN's Anderson Cooper are now endorsing Jindal as the best Republican vice presidential pick".

I have never know AC to publicly support a candidate and I think it is irresponsible of this station and Caroline Moses, the author, to publish this information without direct sourcing.

Late Addition:
Anderson has blogged about the inaccurate information contained on the Channel 9 website. If you want to read his post on this subject just click on this link.

And I really wish I was attending the Sesame Street Workshop's Annual Benefit Dinner tonight in NYC. It's being hosted by Anderson Cooper and Elmo and held at Cipriani's on 42nd Street at 6PM. Richard Parsons, Chairman of Time Warner, will receive the Corporate Leadership Award. My fingers are crossed that we get some video on this one...AC and Elmo? Ahhhhhh

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Emotional battles

No surprise that politics lead the show... could you ever have imagined that Puerto Rico -- whose residents can't even vote in the general election -- would become such an important player in this primary race? (No offense intended to that beautiful island, of course!)

Suzanne Malveaux is in San Juan to report on the campaign stops there. Hillary Clinton had a bit of a whoops moment when the folks gathered for her rally greeted her by chanting Obama's well-known rally cry. Gotta think someone on her advance team got quite a speaking-to afterwards, hmm?

(By the way, I think Anderson is the only CNN anchor to talk with Suzanne and not rib her about working both the Hawaii and Puerto Rico primaries.)

Oh, and Dear Bill: you call people begging for an end to FIVE MONTHS of primaries "frantic"?! Dude, we're just barely clinging to our sanity here!

Obviously most people were out of town tonight, but Anderson manages a two-party panel: Ed Rollins and Robert Zimmerman. They talk about the Michigan/Florida delegate issue... this will be one heck of a meeting the Dems are going to have on Saturday. I hope Howard Dean has a whip and a chair to keep everyone in line! Oh, and earlier on CNN, they mentioned that there will be cameras inside the meeting, so we'll get to see and hear all the fun, um, discussions.

Both my parents went to college on post-WWII GI Bill benefits, and I know how vital those benefits were to their generation. It puzzles me as to how we can do anything but THROW money/benefits to those we are sending into war. The Webb/Hagel bill (written by two politicians I greatly admire) seems to be a sensible and fair updating of the bill...

...and Anderson re-convenes his mini-panel to discuss John McCain's opposition to it. So...we don't want to increase benefits because some soldiers might not re-enlist? Are you kidding me? Zimmerman points out that McCain is cherry-picking data -- the percentage of those who will not re-up is matched by those who would come in because of the increase in benefits -- and you can just hear the entire intelligence community groan in at the thought of another C-in-C who plays fast and loose with data.

And Rollins gets the Best Line of the Night award: "You can never win an emotional battle with an intellectual argument."

Anderson delivers some sad news... legendary actor and director Sydney Pollack has passed away:

Erica does the 360 Bulletin, and how could I not cap the cheese roll?

(Did you notice that they actually rolled the wheel of cheese down first and all these guys are chasing it? Yikes!)

Anderson shows some amazing video of a tornado, taken from a weather helicopter. No flying cows.

Randi Kaye has a second story tonight, and it is just heartbreaking. There have been a lot of reports about the number of troops coming home and not finding adequate medical and psychological assistance, and the suicide rate among the troops is horrifying. Bloomberg recently ran an article that begins with a shocking statistic:
The number of suicides among veterans of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan may exceed the combat death toll because of inadequate mental health care, the U.S. government's top psychiatric researcher said.
The story of Jason Scheuerman is a tragedy that our government and military must learn from -- there are too many young lives being lost in this war; we have to save those that are crying out for help. Even if this young man had been faking his depression, would it have been so bad to send him for help?

Randi was in the studio to discuss the story with Anderson. You have to wonder how many more parents, how many more families with similar stories are out there?

The second Bulletin... and the coverage of the opening weekend gross for the new Indiana Jones movie:

And The Shot... not all that interesting in and of itself -- Robbie Knievel jumping 24 trucks -- but the discussion of a similar stunt by the Fonz had Anderson reminiscing about old Halloween costumes and... oh, come on, he issued a challenge!

(And yes, it was trashcans Fonzie jumped... 14 of them. This was before he started a whole new cliche by jumping a shark.)

Hour two included a PiP segment from Miles O'Brien about the endangered swamplands in Louisiana:

*phew!* Quite a busy Monday/holiday night! If you missed it while at a barbeque, I hope I gave you enough of a recap to hold you until tomorrow night!

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Apollo, A.C.

More on this busty picture in a little bit. First, a FOA found an interview that Anderson did on the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The interview was on the Diane Rehm Show. The guest host that day was Laura Knoy. You can listen to the full program here. Below, is the portion of the interview that includes Anderson. The video clips included are actually from the second anniversary of Katrina.

And now, a look at the AC360 Blog for the month of April.

Key to decipher the calendar:

  • Green checks represent blog posts by Anderson.
  • Red Xs represent days that Anderson anchored, but didn't post to the blog
  • Days highlighted in blue represent nights that Anderson participated in the live blogging.

Those green check marks on the calendar are becoming scarce. A few stats from April:

  • 276 posts were published
  • Anderson posted once
  • 84 named contributors posted
  • The top 5 6 contributors so far in 2008:
    • David Reisner- 51
    • Erica Hill- 46
    • Randi Kaye- 36
    • Roland Martin- 31
    • David Gergen- 30
    • Anderson Cooper- 29
  • April 18th there were 22 posts which is the most posts we've ever seen in one day.

Although Anderson is no longer the top contributor for 2008, he is still the top contributor to the blog since it was created.

I have two 360 in :60s for you tonight. The first is from week of May 12th. All five episodes were done by Anderson.

For this past week, I only have 3 episodes and they include Tom Foreman, Anderson Cooper, and Erica Hill.

This week's puzzle comes from a screen cap during AC360 last month.

The picture I opened the post with is from the Rhode Island School of Design’s 2008 “Annual Graduate Thesis Exhibition”. The Providence Journal posted a story about the exhibit and the variety of art on display. Jessie Rausch-Dickson did a series of graphic designs entitled A Pantheon of Media Gods which featured several well known television personalities including Anderson Cooper. Anderson is depicted as the Greek God of Light & Sun, Apollo.

For those of you in the US, Happy Memorial Day!

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Taking May-December Romances to the Nth Degree

An Nth Degree By Anderson Cooper
Memorial Day was started as a way to honor fallen soldiers during the Civil War by placing flowers on the graves of each soldier's tombstones. Today, it is a day to honor fallen soldiers of all wars. Anderson did his 2004 Memorial Day show with an Nth Degree fitting for Memorial Day.

Tonight, taking May-December romances to "The Nth Degree." It seems fitting somehow that on this Memorial Day, a day that began as a way to honor the dead from the Civil War, we end with a story of Alberta Martin, the last surviving widow of a soldier from the Civil War.

The story goes that back in 1927. When she was just 21, Alberta married William Martin, who at the time was 81 and a veteran of the Civil War. Mr. Martin died in 1931, and Mrs. Martin actually wound up marrying his grandson. But that's a whole other story.

In the last decade, the state of Alabama decided that Alberta Martin should receive a pension because of her first husband's service. And she became the darling of Confederate history buffs. Today, Alberta Martin died. She was 97. And lived in Enterprise, Alabama. Add her name to the list of those we remember on this Memorial Day.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Words Are So Important

Hello everyone. Another week has come and gone and Anderson Cooper was on Friday night. What a great way to end the week right! I had to start the post tonight with the exchange between Anderson and Larry King at the top of the show. Really cute, kids just say the darnest things.

Now on to more serious matters. Hillary Clinton……what the heck were you thinking??? Today during an interview, Hillary Clinton was asked why people wanted her to leave the race. Hillary went on to say she was not sure why and that Bill was not the nominee until June and then there was the assassination of Robert Kennedy in June so why rush to end the race. I am going to rant a little now. When I saw this interview on Situation Room early in the day my mouth literally dropped open. I could not believe what I had just heard come of Hillary’s mouth. I had images of something horrible happening to Obama. I was absolutely stunned Hillary would even mention anything to do with assassination. If Hillary had said Bobby Kennedy won the California primary in June, I would have no issue with her comment what so ever. To me it showed a moment of insensitivity especially in light of the fact that Obama has had death threats made against him. Hillary was quick to come out and say she regretted making the comment. This is another example of why choosing your words is so important. Even if Hillary came out and apologized to the Obama’s, the Kennedys and the nation the fact is her words are now out in the cosmos as it were and she can never take them back. Hillary made a stupid move today and I lost any respect that I had for her. I know a lot of you will defend Hillary and that is your prerogative but to me Hillary crossed a line today. If this is what comes out of Hillary’s mouth when she is tired, I would hate to think of what may happen at 3AM.
Joe Johns filed a report on the Clinton remarks. RFK Jr. released a statement defending Clinton. The Obama camp released a statement saying it was unfortunate and has no place in the campaign which is completely correct.

Candy Crowley (in on her day off…again), Tony Perkins and Jennifer Palmieri joined Anderson to talk about the latest gaffe in this campaign season. I don’t know if this story will go away that quickly. I honestly think it will depend on if this causes superdelegates to come out and support Obama.

Speaking of words mattering, Rev. John Hagee spoke put today after Thursday’s rejection by John McCain of Rev. Hagee’s endorsement. It certainly seems there is a pattern of pastor problems this election cycle.
Candy, Tony and Jennifer joined Anderson again to discuss John McCain’s pastor problems. Candy had a great line “there may be a separation of church and politics from here on out because it has not been helpful this year.”

John McCain released his medical records today and from the looks of it John McCain is doing pretty well for a man his age. Cindy McCain also released her 2006 tax returns.

Breaking news came in about 3 tornadoes touching down in Kansas. Reynolds Wolf brought us the details that were coming in

Drew Griffin is always out there trying to keep people honest and Friday night’s segment was no different. Drew was investigating just how easy it is to get drugs from the internet. It is actually way too easy to do this but there are a lot of things that need to be worked on before this will not be so readily available to people.

It would seem like the 360 staff went into long weekend mode early Friday because no one on the staff could come up with a witty caption. The viewer winners were good.

Some Anderson Related News

On Friday May 30 Anderson’s appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno which aired back in March will be re-airing.

ACAnderfan came across a great photo of Anderson and his family. Anderson is so adorable and I love the hair. There was also an article that accompanied the photo. It is a little hard to read but click here to check it out.

A reader of ATA sent us a picture they took in NYC of a giant ad for AC360.

Just a reminder that Ms. Phebe posted the first pictures of Kiran Chetry’s baby boy over at All Things CNN. If you have not had a chance to see the picture you should check them out.

That is it for me this week. I want to wish all the American readers a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy the long weekend. Until next Friday ~ Sapphire

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