Sunday, June 29, 2008

360 in :60

Now here's something that doesn't happen every week, Anderson Cooper did all 5 days of 360 in :60. Enjoy this review of last week's news stories.

This week's puzzle isn't a new picture, but it does have several pictures of Anderson embedded in it. Good luck!

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Taking Apples and Oranges to the Nth Degree

Update: The correct video should be playing now. Sorry for the delay! ~ Quitty

Ever since gas hit the $4 mark, I've seen more people walking or biking around town. I've also started changing a few habits that save a few nickels and dimes. I can't believe four years ago this month gas was just under $2/gallon and we thought that was high. Our Anderson Cooper talked about it and the high price of milk on AC360 in a June 2004 Nth Degree. Here is Apples and Oranges to the Nth Degree.

Tonight taking apples and oranges to "The Nth Degree." That of course is the standard figure of speech for things that cannot be compared, which oil and milk cannot be, to be sure. Still, consider, oil is at an all time high. Gas is going for just a hair under two bucks a gallon. As of today, the first decrease in five weeks. But milk is at an all-time high as well. It's twice as expensive as gas, over four bucks a gallon. And here's the point, this is without a cartel, without OMEC, the Organization of Milk Exporting Countries, the dairy equivalent of OPEC. There are no milkshakes for heaven's sake. No one is controlling the worldwide flow of milk, so let's hear it for American's dairy farmers, they got us over twice the barrel, those sultans of (UNINTELLIGIBLE) so devilish hard to roll our way. Really the pumpers of the Middle East ought to be ashamed of themselves compared to the pullers of the U.S. of A. By the way, the milk of human kindness is up too, but that is a scarcity problem.

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Friday, June 27, 2008


So it is Friday and I was dreading posting all day. I knew 360 was probably going to be marginally better than Thursday night and I was right. I did not comment on Ms Phebe’s post because I think I was holding my frustration in but I am in the same boat as she was in on Thursday. I was so disappointed in Thursday 360 I could not believe it. I figured Friday’s 360 would be much of the same with the exception of some wording. Remove “fundraiser”, insert the words “campaign trail” and we would have much of the same. During these times I am thankful that I come from a country that at most spends 5 weeks on a election and the focus would never be put on issues such as have been covered in the past two days. In Canada, the parties pick the party leader at conventions and then we vote for a party. No primaries or caucuses. No two year campaigns. We call an election and get to business and I could not be happier about that sometimes. So for my post on Friday’s show I basic covered it in one sentence recaps. I think it is all this really deserves.

Hillary and Barack united and it feels so good…..or does it? It was a supposed love fest in Unity New Hampshire.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama came out in matching blue (did Anderson get that campaign memo? Love that blue tie)

Candy Crowley and David Gergen joined Anderson. Talk of the first date, chaperons and such.

Candy Crowley investigated who got more out of today – Obama or Clinton.

James Carville talked to Anderson about the unity tour in New Hampshire and Bill Clinton

Jessica Yellin reports on Bill Clinton being MIA which may not be a bad thing right now.

Erica Hill spoke with Dr. Jeff Gardere, a body language expert about the body language between Obama and Clinton. Some interesting points from the piece but at this point in the program I am tired of Obama/Clinton talk. It is 41 minutes into the show and it is the only topic discussed longer than 15 seconds each in the news and business bulletin.

It is now 46 minutes in and the story changes from politics to muskrats. Yup you heard me right. Apparently muskrats played a role in some of the levee damage by digging holes.

Gary Tuchman did a piece that had him back in the water again pushing a row boat to help Vince Mozier. At this point I have row, row, row your boat in my head but at least it is something other than politics at this point. Anderson said at the end of the piece Vince and his dog PeeWee are safe which is good to hear.

We got another report from Christiane Amanpour in North Korea to cover the explosion of the Yongbyon nuclear plant. It was an amazing sight to see the plant implode.

Beat 360 and the Shot ended the show and I thought it was clip worthy. I really enjoyed the viewer winner’s caption.

During the second hour of 360 on Thursday night they did actually air a piece about Zimbabwe. After the sitting through the first hour and being an “all of the above” from Phebe’s post, I switched the channel to watch Daily Show and Colbert Report but Ms. Phebe kept recording and we are lucky enough to have the clip since most people did not get a chance to watch it when it aired. Just a warning some images may be hard to watch.

Have a great weekend everyone and to all our Canadian readers, have a happy and safe Canada Day weekend ~ Sapphire

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Thursday, June 26, 2008


I cannot blog about Thursday's AC360, just can't do it. I've reached the end of my rope with the dismal direction that my former favorite program has taken. Maybe there is a reason AC360 had an exclusive on the 'private' Obama Clinton meeting, and those fabulously blurry cell phone pictures? Could it be because no other network gave a shit? It's a good thing it's Thursday and I have the weekend to get over it or I seriously think I would hand in my blogging resignation.

I should point out that if you stuck with the entire hour you....

A....are a glutton for punishment
B....were treated to a 19 second report on one of the most controversial Supreme Court decision in years. This could and should have been a major story with discussion by Toobin, an expert on the highest Court.
C....watched an exclusive (but brief) interview with Christina Anmanpour about Korea. (Guess it CNN puts out all that money to send a team to Korea to watch an implosion they need to pimp it. )
D....did not hear the word Zimbabwe once.
E....are a fool! I am in this category, but my excuse is it's my job.

I guess after that horrendous excuse for a program we all could use a smile so here's my meager attempt.

First a mural painted on a men's room wall.

A football team that needs to trade a player or two.

And this last one is just wrong, wrong, wrong. But I bet it made you smile?

I will be going to communion Sunday to ask God to forgive me for posting that last picture. I might as well also pray for better program content and a new executive producer for AC360, while I'm at it. Thank God It's Friday! ~ Phebe

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Everybody Plays the Fool

Oh good Lord, now we have Nader entering the race controversy. Ed Rollins hit the nail on the head when he said " Ralph Nader is today a tragic case of what he may have been, at one point in time, which was a crusader for good issues..... I think he's only in this for ego purposes, at this point in time......This kind of rhetoric only does a detriment to the process". Right on Ed, now can you explain why Nader's words are still the newsworthy? Divisiveness is ugly and if it serves no purpose why spread it?

Here's Wednesday's panel.....Ed Rollins, Rev. Al Sharpton and Roland Martin. This screengrab sort of cracked me up. They look like the panelists on the old game show "To Tell The Truth".

Which leads us to the title of the post. Roland Martin said " The Spinners had a song 'Everybody Plays the Fool, Sometimes', which he thought was a good description of Nader. To which Anderson replied "That's probably the first time the Spinners have been quoted in a political climate". (More on this later.)

Candy Crowley filed a report about relations between the Obama campaign and the Clintons and Tom Foreman gave us his take on McBush in Raw Politics. I loved the political ad that was shown in part during TF's piece. I did some searching and found the full ad on You Tube and I think it's just brilliant. Hope you agree?

Randi Kaye filed a report in the Crime and Punishment segment about a young, pregnant Army soldier who was found dead in a hotel room. Randi's stories almost always seem to deal with death and tragedy. I'm not sure if it's because she's so empathetic or if CNN just has pigeon-holed her.

I really appreciate that AC360 is starting to branch out a bit from the political overload. The second half hour had David Mattingly's report on the con man who pretended to have ties to the Vatican and Drew Griffin's report on prescription drug sales on the internet. But aren't there more important issues?
For example:
• The Senate panel that explored legislative options for ending "excessive speculation" in commodity markets.
• Or Zimbabwe. And after reading Anderson's excellent post about Zimbabwe I was hoping for some additional coverage.
• Or updates on our military in Afghanastan and Iraq. Didn't Anderson say he was planning a trip there last Spring?

Thanks to Sapphire for clipping the lighter moments of Wednesday's AC 360. Enjoy!

360 Bulletin:

The Shot:

There were a few interesting comments by our favorite anchors on the Live Blog on Wednesday night.

And there was a lively discussion about Roland's reference to The Spinners doing 'Everybody Plays The Fool'. Personally, I think Roland's was done by The Main Ingredient, at least that's the version that I'm familiar with. Take a listen and see if you agree.

It's been quite a day at Chez Phebe. Seems sometime Tuesday night my router and my modem had a fight and decided not to speak to each other any more. After an hour on the phone with my internet provider's technical department Wednesday morning I was forced to give up until someone smarter than me could arrive to straighten the whole thing out. My son-in-law saved the day, but not until I had gone through 11 1/2 hours with no internet connection. I had no idea how addicted I had become to my computer. Going cold turkey was painful.

So for those of you who didn't see your comments posted yesterday or those of you who did only to see them later disappear, forgive me. I couldn't moderate as I usually do and I had some housekeeping to do when I finally got back on line.
Let's just hope that modem and router can get along better in the future. Or I will need to find a detox facility for my addiction.

That's it for me today. If you have time please check out our latest Q & A with Betty Nguyen at All Things CNN. Until tonight~Phebe

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Few Laughs and a Little Love

Tuesday's AC360 opened with Breaking News (a much overused term, IMO) about how Obama intends to bring the Clinton team on board. Really the story didn't need 12 minutes of coverage and discussion. The answer was simple......he's buying them. Candy Crowley said it wasn't unusual and Arianna Huffington said Obama had to do it, so again I say Breaking News?

Digging Deeper had panelists Roland Martin, Tony Perkins (a personal favorite for many of you) and Rev.Al Sharpton. The discussion got a little personal when Anderson's afterlife came into question. Take a look.

Gary Tuchman filed another report on the flooding in the Midwest, this time from Winfield, Missouri. How amazing was it to see the homes with their own levee systems holding back the flood waters? Fishing from your front porch and thousands of sandbags? Incredible.

Next up was the Don Imus story. Hold on to your horses, I've got a highlight on that too. God bless Dick Gregory for giving us something to laugh about in a story that I really didn't give a whit about.

The program closed with the Pregnancy Pact (I'm very over that story) and Erica doing the 360 Bulletin, welcome back EH....we missed you.

Erica gave us a look at the tee shirt viewers can win if they 'Beat 360'. Personally I'm a little miffed about this new incentive. We all remember this, don't we?

Yes, it's the night I won (January 14th). And did I get a stink'in tee shirt? Nooooooo. But I do have a little secret to share with you. All Things Anderson has it's own tee shirt, eat your heart out Anderson Cooper. We send our tees out to all the wonderful AC360 personalities who do question and answer sessions with us. I've received many thank yous for our little gift, but only one person has fessed up to wearing his. Who, you ask? My good buddy Mike Watkiss wears his on a regular basis. What a guy!

I have a few things to share with you tonight. First a short video that someone took of AC entering the Time Warner building.

And one more of John King and Dana Bash's May wedding. What a gorgeous couple and a very beautiful setting. Best wishes to the happy couple.

That's it for me for now. I hope to see you back here tonight.~Phebe

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Welcome to Monday. The dove went out of the ark and found dry land... well, in some places, anyway. The floodwaters continue to flow south, and even as each levee breach takes the pressure off the overall force, it leaves more destroyed lives and towns in its wake.

Gary Tuchman reports from Grafton, Illinois, a town where there are no levees, so the flood came in gently enough for people to pack before they ran...

...while David Mattingly was in Gulfport, Illinois, a town where our friends at FEMA assured the residents that the levees meant they needed no flood insurance. Over the weekend, Drew Griffin did a piece about the levees that ended with this:
Mark Twain, who lived along this river, once said, "Ten thousand river commissions with the minds of the word at their back cannot tame that lawless stream." Why, say critics of our current efforts, do we think our levees can do any better?

Today's political kerfuffle is another "advisor puts foot in mouth" one. Charlie Black has been controversial before, but today he shocked even John McCain.

Dana Bash got the scoop (again!) and got the candidate's deer-in-the-headlights look on camera. Joe Klein and David Gergen pile on to point out the flaw in the stupidity.

First clip: it's gloating time!

It's never enough, Anderson.

Am I the only one tired of the polling? As if ALL women or ALL blacks or ALL gays or ALL college-educated Americans think and vote the same way. Please. Every one of us has different issues that matter to us. 

Candy Crowley reports from DC on a phone call between -- oh, y'all fell asleep, didn't you? Yeah, it's gotten that bad. I caught myself admiring her outfit rather than listening to what she was saying. Sorry, Candy. Seriously, everyone on the political trail (candidates definitely included!) please take a break.

Don Imus. *sigh* Did we fall into Groundhog Day? Roland Martin gets the Best Line of the Night Award: "Because he's an idiot!" (And he wasn't even talking about Imus!)

Michael Medved also was on, he's given up on Imus, too. Al Sharpton will decide tomorrow, after he takes a poll, presumably. *yawn*

The teen pregnancy pact: fact or fiction? The mayor's "there was no blood oath" is far from convincing. Hello, there is an entire generation who has no idea what it means to become blood brothers/sisters. Duh. 

Randi Kaye recapped her original report, which has been airing all weekend. Seriously... All. Weekend.

Discussion was with Cecile Richards, the President of Planned Parenthood, and Tony Perkins, of whom I mentioned during the gay-marriage debate was making himself irrelevant. Well, Tony, it's time to introduce yourself to some teenagers and then figure out a way to actually help with an actual problem. 

And by the way, we don't stop teenagers from smoking by wagging our fingers in their face and intoning "Just Say No." We show them what smoking does to their lungs. We scare the bejeebers out of them. NBC's new "Baby Borrowers" reality show will do more to lower pregnancy rates than all the lectures ever made! Have you seen the promos for it? *shudder*

Second clip: Matthew McConoughey, Mario Lopez, Beat360. Blimey!

Third/final clip: UFOs in the UK!

Happy Tuesday!

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Odds & Ends

An FOA sent us another treat from WNYC. This is an interview that Anderson Cooper did September 4, 2006 with Leonard Lopate about Dispatches From The Edge.

360 in :60 this week includes both Erica Hill and Anderson Cooper.

I couldn't resist using this picture for one of our Sunday night puzzles. Hope you enjoy it!

This weekend, 60 Minutes rebroadcast Anderson's report on A Life Saver Called "Plumpynut". If you haven't had a chance to see it yet, CBS has it posted on their website.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Playing Politics to the Nth Degree

Now that Obama is the "presumptive nominee" the focus has switched from Obama & Clinton to Obama & McCain. They have several more months to torture us with their political games. Speaking of games, four years ago when Kerry was running against Bush I guy created a computer software game based on the election. Here is Anderson Cooper's interpretation of what the game would have been like in this June 2004 Nth entitled "Playing Politics to the Nth Degree".

Tonight, playing politics to "The Nth Degree." And we mean playing literally. A software publisher is about to release a computer game based on the next presidential election. It lets players be George W. Bush or John Kerry. It lets them campaign state to state, raise funds, have debates, be interviewed on TV, the whole shebang. We don't know what any of this actually looks like, but, hey, what a great idea.

It would be fun even as a board game, don't you think? You could land on find your foot in your mouth, lose two turns. Pregnant chad, plus one vote. Air commercial -- attack ad of die roll is odd, positive if even. Poll shows you ahead if you're roll is odd, behind if you're even. Hold thousand dollar a head fundraiser, dice show how many supporters actually attend. You're denounced by Rush Limbaugh if roll is odd or Al Franken if the roll is even.

The game would go on and on, of course, until ultimately one of the players is elected president and the other gets to endorse Viagra.

Tonight's 60 Minutes is a repeat of Anderson's segment is on Plumpynut. CBS's website says "Plumpynut is a cheap, nutritious food that needs no refrigeration or preparation that is saving starving children in the developing world. CNN's Anderson Cooper reports on this miracle product that would save even more lives if more of it could be made."

Here are some pics from the the original showing for you to enjoy.

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