Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Welcome to Monday. The dove went out of the ark and found dry land... well, in some places, anyway. The floodwaters continue to flow south, and even as each levee breach takes the pressure off the overall force, it leaves more destroyed lives and towns in its wake.

Gary Tuchman reports from Grafton, Illinois, a town where there are no levees, so the flood came in gently enough for people to pack before they ran...

...while David Mattingly was in Gulfport, Illinois, a town where our friends at FEMA assured the residents that the levees meant they needed no flood insurance. Over the weekend, Drew Griffin did a piece about the levees that ended with this:
Mark Twain, who lived along this river, once said, "Ten thousand river commissions with the minds of the word at their back cannot tame that lawless stream." Why, say critics of our current efforts, do we think our levees can do any better?

Today's political kerfuffle is another "advisor puts foot in mouth" one. Charlie Black has been controversial before, but today he shocked even John McCain.

Dana Bash got the scoop (again!) and got the candidate's deer-in-the-headlights look on camera. Joe Klein and David Gergen pile on to point out the flaw in the stupidity.

First clip: it's gloating time!

It's never enough, Anderson.

Am I the only one tired of the polling? As if ALL women or ALL blacks or ALL gays or ALL college-educated Americans think and vote the same way. Please. Every one of us has different issues that matter to us. 

Candy Crowley reports from DC on a phone call between -- oh, y'all fell asleep, didn't you? Yeah, it's gotten that bad. I caught myself admiring her outfit rather than listening to what she was saying. Sorry, Candy. Seriously, everyone on the political trail (candidates definitely included!) please take a break.

Don Imus. *sigh* Did we fall into Groundhog Day? Roland Martin gets the Best Line of the Night Award: "Because he's an idiot!" (And he wasn't even talking about Imus!)

Michael Medved also was on, he's given up on Imus, too. Al Sharpton will decide tomorrow, after he takes a poll, presumably. *yawn*

The teen pregnancy pact: fact or fiction? The mayor's "there was no blood oath" is far from convincing. Hello, there is an entire generation who has no idea what it means to become blood brothers/sisters. Duh. 

Randi Kaye recapped her original report, which has been airing all weekend. Seriously... All. Weekend.

Discussion was with Cecile Richards, the President of Planned Parenthood, and Tony Perkins, of whom I mentioned during the gay-marriage debate was making himself irrelevant. Well, Tony, it's time to introduce yourself to some teenagers and then figure out a way to actually help with an actual problem. 

And by the way, we don't stop teenagers from smoking by wagging our fingers in their face and intoning "Just Say No." We show them what smoking does to their lungs. We scare the bejeebers out of them. NBC's new "Baby Borrowers" reality show will do more to lower pregnancy rates than all the lectures ever made! Have you seen the promos for it? *shudder*

Second clip: Matthew McConoughey, Mario Lopez, Beat360. Blimey!

Third/final clip: UFOs in the UK!

Happy Tuesday!

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ACAnderFan said...

FEMA is a joke. It seems like there is constantly some story about them messing up. However I'd do the opposite of whatever FEMA told me to. I wouldn't trust them.

Charlie Black's comment was higly inappropriate and shows just how stupid he is.

Anderson seemed very happy that he was right all along...lol!

The Don Imus discussion was just pointless. I didn't even really pay attention. Seriously a discussion about Paris Hilton would have been more interesting and productive.

After seeing the shot I kind of get the feeling that AC might not believe in aliens.

Phebe said...

I missed 360 last night so thanks for catching me up. Who needs to watch when you can read it at ATA? :)
Looks like we're in for polls, politics and pundits every night until November. I'm planning a huge after election bash no matter who wins, just to celebrate that it's over. God help us if we have a photo finish like 4 years ago.

Anonymous said...

somebody had the opinion yesterday that our opinions don't matter to ac. my cousin is in local news, and if she gets 3 bad comments, her bosses have figured out haw many people think bad, but don't write in. I'll bet AC has something simalar, only for international news.

Anonymous said...

FEMA means well but execution is beauracratic. These residence who build next to a levy are just plain dumb especially if they didn't have Flood Insurance. As a pilot, the landing gear isn't REQUIRED to get the plane on the ground but the gear makes it smoother for sure. Who cares if FEMA doesn't REQUIRE flood insurance or your town/bank. If you can see a levy, you are in a flood plain. The American taxpayer shouldn't bear the burden of people willing to live and rebuild in a flood zone.

Kristien said...

I loved Anderson's reaction during the first Bulletin, when Randy brought up the tribe, lol. He sure loved that he was right about that, didn't he!

@Phebe: are we invited to your bash? I don't drink, but even I might need a stiff drink to forget...(and hopefully to celebrate!)

Anonymous said...

Well anderfan, FEMA can never win. If they do something right, you say it wasn't good enough or you don't give them the credit...and if they do something wrong, you blast them and play Monday morning quarterback.

It 'was' a 100-year floodplain. That is a 1% yearly chance of flooding. People are tired of the government forcing them to do things, and in this case at the time, it was a good move. But it is a game of odds, and Gulfport people lost this time around.

Should the government force people to buy insurance in the event of a tornado or even hail? The odds are small, but you never know where the roulette ball will land.

aries moon said...

One of the things I've noticed about Anderson over the years is that he's very skeptical, he's always saying "I don't buy that" or "I'm not sure if I believe it" about some of the odd reports that have been on the show, but he did turn out to be right.

Don Imus and PacMan, both idiots.

Anonymous said...

Sanjay and other CNNers are going to NOLA this weekend to help build a playground. Think Coop will go!? LOL Doubt it...he's lost total interest in NOLA!

CNN's Fit Nation, the multi-platform obesity initiative, is helping rebuild a playground in New Orleans. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta and other CNN employees will help rebuild the playground at Pontiff Park in Metarie this Saturday. Gupta will also tape House Call with Dr. Sanjay Gupta from the build site.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that the Mississippi River widens considerably somewhere in southern Missouri/northern Arkansas, so maybe it won't be so bad for NOLA. If it is bad, Anderson will be there.

Of course Anderson knew that 'lost tribe' in the Amazon was a hoax. He's familiar with all the lost tribes in the world and he knew those Amazon folks weren't one of them.

NBC has to be very proud of themselves for scheduling 'Baby Borrowers' just when story of the teenage pregnancy pact got into the news. I'm interested enough to watch at least the first episode and see what it's like. I wonder about the real parents of the babies; why in the world would they let their babies be taken care of by clueless teenagers?

(And yes, I know why they'd let their babies be used in this reality show - $$$)

Anonymous said...

I like Randi in the studio with Anderson. They seem to get along well.

Phebe said...

@ anonymous 1:26 I wonder how you and others seem to know so much about what AC is interested in? You provided some interesting information about what's happening in NOLA this weekend, but I think you've jumped to some conclusions about what AC is or isn't interested in.

@Kristien and our other non US readers, I don't know how you can stand to watch all of this political drama. It's my country and I struggle with watching it day in and day out. I owe you all a drink on the house if you stick with us until the election, and of course you're invited to the party.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes, Yes, anon: 9:59 AM I agree totally! It is about time people took responsibility for their own actions. Why does the gov't have to tell you everything? And for that matter why do we all blame the gov't for not telling us?
Forgive my conservative nature, but I am tired of being the tax payer who picks up after those who
can't think for themselves. If you live near a river or on the bank of a stream, you should get flood insurance, if they will give it to you. Why does FEMA or anyone else have to tell you to do it! And some of that goes for those poor souls who bought homes they couldn't afford in the first place and now we have to bail them out too. Didn't they have attorneys? Oh I forgot, The gov't didn't tell them to get an attorney and they just didn't understand what they were signing.

Kristien said...

@Phebe: I think that it not being my politicians makes it easier somehow, if that makes sense.
I can't say I'm interested in Belgian politics, it's a boring mess!

Yay, a post-election party!!

Sapphire said...

The teen pregnancy pact: fact or fiction? The mayor's "there was no blood oath" is far from convincing. Hello, there is an entire generation who has no idea what it means to become blood brothers/sisters. Duh.

I loved that Cyn....very Candy Crowley of you :)

Speaking of Candy, she looked awesome in that purple jacket last night.

Lulu said...

Sorry guys, but I just couldn't get into 360 last night. I actually watched Brian Williams (which I haven't done in a long time) and, I have to say, I was impressed with the wide range of stories covered in just 30 minutes:

Midwest flooding
The election in Zimbabwe
The war in Afghanistan
Faith in America
What the airline industry and Disneyworld have in common
The death of George Carlin

I then flipped over to Anderson. As the broadcast went along, I began wondering, why isn't there anything about Afghanistan here? Why isn't there anything about the elections in Zimbabwe? What's happening there is insane! This constant election coverage is getting to be too much. Yes this election is historic, but one night away from it once in a while would be nice.

sydney said...


According to TV Guide (I believe that's where I read this), the parents of the babies received no money because the network didn't want the perception that they were "renting babies". The parents were also set up in rooms with monitors so they could keep an eye on the kids watching their kids.

Still, if I had a baby, not sure I'd want to do that!