Friday, June 20, 2008

Deja Vu

Hello all. I hope all is well with everyone. I am very sorry if my post seems similar to the post over the last few days but with the situation in the Midwest not getting any better the topics may be repeated. I had to include the intro for Anderson provided by Lewis Black at the end of LKL.

Chad Myers did a time line of the states that have had floods. Illinois, Iowa and Missouri have all taken direct hits. The problem with this flooding is that this is the result from rain that occurred 10 days ago so any rain from this weekend won’t necessarily be felt until next weekend.

Gary Tuchman was live from Winfield, Missouri. During the live shot Gary was not in water but that did not last long. During his piece, Gary walked a quarter mile in the water to go to a house that had people still in it.

Are the levees actually causing more damage? Drew Griffin did another keeping them honest segment about the levees and what may be done in regards to the levees in the future.

Anderson spoke with Stephen Flynn about the Midwest floods as well as levees and infrastructure.

Politics was up next. So is Obama playing the race card? Obama at a fundraiser in Florida talked about some tactics that the Republicans may use in the general election campaign. When I heard the comments I personally felt like I was hearing facts. We have already heard the talking heads on talk radio spread fear when it comes to Obama and the Republican in campaign ads used Obama as a fear tactic in races that had nothing to do with Obama himself. I have come to the conclusion that people are going to take comments and hear them either positively or negatively depending on how you feel towards a candidate. Anderson spoke with Tara Wall and Jonathan Prince about race in the campaign.

Next Friday Obama and Clinton will be heading out on the campaign trail for the first time together. Suzanne Malveaux brought the latest details of the joint campaign venture.

Randi Kaye’s piece about the 17 teenage girls who are pregnant at a high school in Massachusetts is just insane. I can’t even begin to imagine what is going on in these young girls’ minds. If these young girls truly think the love they need is going to be given to them from these babies, they are going to be in for a rude awakening. When I was in high school I personally never had any desire of having a baby. I did take the parenting class and after having the crying doll for three days, that decision was unchanged.

Anderson was joined by Lisa Boesky to discuss the consequences for these teenage mothers to be.

Tom Foreman was in covering for Randi who was covering for Erica. Tom brought the latest information on the hedge hunter who supposedly committed suicide but is actually believed to be traveling in a white motor home.

Did everyone catch Anderson holding a t-shirt after the beat 360 segment. Starting Monday if you are the winner of Beat 360 you will win a t-shirt (sorry to Kristien and Phebe who have won previously but have no shirt……we all have something to strive for now). CNN staff member David Reisner wrote a blog post about the new t-shirt prize.

I have a surprise for everyone tonight. I don’t know how many people caught the Daytime Emmy’s Friday night but a certain fill in co-host for a morning talk show made an appearance and I have clipped it for everyone.

Have a great week everyone and I will be back again next Friday ~ Sapphire

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ACAnderFan said...

Gary's piece about the people whose house has turned into an island was odd. I think if I was them I'd be scared that the island would soon disappear.

Those girls who are all pregant are crazy. Do they really think having a baby is going to help??? I think with a baby they're just going to feel alot of stress's just not a good idea to have a baby at such a young age.

I kind of like the beat 360 t-shirt. Maybe I should try harder with beat!

Kristien said...

Man, I could have had 3 free t-shirts by now, lol.

All those girls getting pregnant, one of them by a homeless guy? Insane!
I found it pretty shocking that they would have a daycare center for the students' babies at the school! I can honestly say I had had never heard of such a thing!

@Phebe: didn't you have a friend who made wedding dresses from toilet paper? Did she enter the competition featured as The Shot?

Thanks for that clip Sapphire! (Is it me or did Anderson look tired in the Regis clip?)

Leigh said...

thanks for the clip I hadn't seen it! Thats sweet and I do love Regis (although Anderson is a spectacular fill in) hehe

ACAnderFan said...

I think AC's plumpynut story is going to be on 60 Minutes sunday nite.

Roonie said...

I did catch part of the Emmy's last night and didn't see the clip, so as always Sapphire, YOU ROCK!! Thanks!!

@Kristien, you should write them and ask them for your 3 shirts!!

I am so saddened over Iowa's flooding that I just want to go down there and help volunteer with stuff. I think I'll have time later this summer and actually go for it.

The pregnancy pact is so bonkers I don't know what to say.

Congrats to Regis on lifetime achievement!

aries moon said...

It seemed to me that Obama was stating a true fact about the Republicans and their typical tactics, and he wasn't playing the race card. Tara Wall irritated me to no end, but we're on opposite ends of the political spectrum.

I had the feeling AC wanted to drop that tee-shirt as fast as possible, I don't think he cares for 360's games and gimmicks although they've given away tee-shirts before on the 360 Challenge game they had a few years ago.

Thanks for the Daytime Emmy clip. My sis told me AC was on and I was livid that I missed it!

Kristien said...

@Aruna: I think that would be a wasted e-mail, lol.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Regis clip! I was forced to sit thru most of the Daytime Emmy's last night - and finally put my foot down just to miss Anderson - life's just not fair!LOL

Thanks Sapphire!

Anonymous said...

I was watching the Daytime Emmy Awards,and was pleasantly surprised to see that clip of Anderson.

I enjoy it a lot when he subs for Regis.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sapphire for the Regis Award clip with Anderson. I think he has co-hosted more times than most people and he did say in an interview, "He should only be so lucky," when asked if he'd like to be Regis. I'm sure there's been thought about "the next Regis."

Anonymous said...

The clip from the Daytime Emmy Awards was cute (Regis is cute too) but it was shocking to see how healthy Kelly Ripa looked when she started on the show seven years ago and how anorexic she looks now.

I want one of those t-shirts. If you can't win one, can they be bought?