Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Few Laughs and a Little Love

Tuesday's AC360 opened with Breaking News (a much overused term, IMO) about how Obama intends to bring the Clinton team on board. Really the story didn't need 12 minutes of coverage and discussion. The answer was simple......he's buying them. Candy Crowley said it wasn't unusual and Arianna Huffington said Obama had to do it, so again I say Breaking News?

Digging Deeper had panelists Roland Martin, Tony Perkins (a personal favorite for many of you) and Rev.Al Sharpton. The discussion got a little personal when Anderson's afterlife came into question. Take a look.

Gary Tuchman filed another report on the flooding in the Midwest, this time from Winfield, Missouri. How amazing was it to see the homes with their own levee systems holding back the flood waters? Fishing from your front porch and thousands of sandbags? Incredible.

Next up was the Don Imus story. Hold on to your horses, I've got a highlight on that too. God bless Dick Gregory for giving us something to laugh about in a story that I really didn't give a whit about.

The program closed with the Pregnancy Pact (I'm very over that story) and Erica doing the 360 Bulletin, welcome back EH....we missed you.

Erica gave us a look at the tee shirt viewers can win if they 'Beat 360'. Personally I'm a little miffed about this new incentive. We all remember this, don't we?

Yes, it's the night I won (January 14th). And did I get a stink'in tee shirt? Nooooooo. But I do have a little secret to share with you. All Things Anderson has it's own tee shirt, eat your heart out Anderson Cooper. We send our tees out to all the wonderful AC360 personalities who do question and answer sessions with us. I've received many thank yous for our little gift, but only one person has fessed up to wearing his. Who, you ask? My good buddy Mike Watkiss wears his on a regular basis. What a guy!

I have a few things to share with you tonight. First a short video that someone took of AC entering the Time Warner building.

And one more of John King and Dana Bash's May wedding. What a gorgeous couple and a very beautiful setting. Best wishes to the happy couple.

That's it for me for now. I hope to see you back here tonight.~Phebe

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ACAnderFan said...

I thought the breaking news went a little overboard last nite.

I really enjoyed the panel discussion with Al Sharpton, Roland Martin and Tony Perkins. It's good to know people are concerned about Anderson's afterlife.

Those people who built levee's around their house...I hope it works.

I must say that I really liked Anderson's suit last nite. He looked good wearing it :)

Phebe, I love the video of John and Dana's wedding. Where did you find it??? Dana's dress is really pretty.

Anonymous said...

Boy,I have just spent a few moments reading the farce that is the Live Blog!!What a waste of my time.

Definitely for the LAST time,too!

Last night's very urgent topics from Anderson when he commented was chips,ice and gummy bears???

Is THIS what it has been reduced to there now?

They have nothing but the regulars on there now,including someone who wrote to THIS site saying something along the lines of she did not post much,nor bother with it.

Boy,you sure could have fooled me with that one-according to how many times this person has turned up in the last week,night after night!

If that is their idea of not posting much,I wonder what their idea of A LOT is,then!!!!!!

It is a shame it had to turn into the Fan Club.

Anonymous said...

OK, after watching last night's program especially, it never ceases to amaze me with how little Erica does, at least from what we see on the television. She continues to do the same news bulletin. She does not blog. Last night, she posted a "hello all" comment followed later with two comments about the chips. The remainder of the time she is sitting at her desk staring off somewhere or chatting it up with someone while Anderson is at his desk working constantly on edits and the program. So aside from that and her flirtatious banter with Anderson, which he seems to enjoy, I really do not know why she was added to 360 and why she is there in the New York studio and what it is that she is adding to 360 as Anderson told us that she would be. Tom Foreman blogged a lot on Friday night, and he wasn't even in the studio.

None of us know why she does not sub or do more correspondent work, CNN has their reasons for what is being done, but in my opinion it just seems so wasteful to have her sitting there when she could be out there getting some stories and adding so much more than she is now.

aries moon said...

That was a really weird moment when Al Sharpton mentioned Anderson, sin and the afterlife - I figured one day something along those lines might happen on the program, but Anderson couldn't have handled it any better than he did, he was cool as a cucumber. I thought it was a good discussion.

I was following along on the live blog and someone finally *shamed* Anderson into posting more than a hello/goodbye/my computer's down comment! Well, not necessarily shamed, he does what he wants, but he did try to join in on the little blog party that was started. Not the most substantial conversation on the blog, but it was fun.

AC had to be glad that Erica was back so that he wasn't the one who had to hold up the Beat 360 t-shirts - I sensed some sarcasm when Erica said how much Anderson "loves" those t-shirts.

aries moon said...

I forgot to add that Ed Rollins is one of the few Republican pundits that I like on 360, he just lays out the facts and that's it.
I may regret saying this at some point, but that's my impression of him.

Also, those ATA t-shirts are really cool!

ACAnderFan said...

I agree with Aries Moon, those ATA shirts are really cool :)

Sapphire said...

I enjoyed parts of 360 last night. Interesting all around

Awesome video for John and Dana - Mazel Tov!!!!!!!!!

Cindy said...
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Roonie said...

I didn't catch the program last night b/c I saw "Get Smart" but thanks for the post and updates. (I definitely recommend the movie, I watched the show as a kid, and I thought the film was cute).

Congrats to John and Dana!

Whew, I love when AC holds his own in those awkward moments on TV.

Pemberly said...

Great video of John and Dana. They look so happy together.

I agree about Erica. I wonder if she is regretting her decision to move to New York.

I've never tried to post to the live blog and, after reading the comments there a few times, I plan to stay as far away as possible. The people being paid to moderate it should be fired. Truthfully, I don't even read the regular blog much any more. I do enjoy Candy Crowley's posts. Overall, I seem to be losing interest in 360 but I still watch most of the time. I'm not sure if it's all the political coverage that's boring me.

I too find Ed Rollins to be one of the more honest political pundits. He's not afraid to tell it like it is, even if his remarks are not favorable to his party.

Kristien said...

I agree about the t-shirts!!
(Maybe we could send Tony Perkins one that says "Anderson Cooper's fans DON'T like me"?)

That video of the wedding was really great, they looked so in love.

The show was good too!

aries moon said...

It's interesting how 360's ratings have increased a lot, but many of its long time viewers are starting to lose interest in the program and some of the Anderson-related websites which used to be very active seem to be slowly dying. Has everyone lost their bliss? I get a little frustrated with the program, the live blog, etc., but I'm still watching and blogging.

Anonymous said...

Interesting religious discussion but I wonder why anyone calls Al Sharpton as an expert on anything. Remember Tawana Brawley?

I didn't need to see that black tongue so close to the camera in The Shot.

Erica Hill has done 3 or 4 reports on her own in the past couple months. If CNN is trying to ease her into being a reporter instead of a 'Headline News'-type of person, they aren't being too swift about it.

Cute video of John and Dana. It would be great if you could post more non-360 videos of Anderson; now that the Anderson Cooper Effects site is down, I miss that kind of stuff.


Anonymous said...

Al Sharpton should be more concerned about what happens in his "after-life" than Anderson's.
Wasn't it he who tried unsuccessfully to make a case for Tawanna Brawley?
Thanks for the Dana Bash King clips. The wedding was in the Jewish tradition and looked lovely.
Yes, I've sensed that some of us have lost our "bliss" in watching AC do the same old same old and Erica do absolutely nothing. It's like watching paint dry.