Friday, June 27, 2008


So it is Friday and I was dreading posting all day. I knew 360 was probably going to be marginally better than Thursday night and I was right. I did not comment on Ms Phebe’s post because I think I was holding my frustration in but I am in the same boat as she was in on Thursday. I was so disappointed in Thursday 360 I could not believe it. I figured Friday’s 360 would be much of the same with the exception of some wording. Remove “fundraiser”, insert the words “campaign trail” and we would have much of the same. During these times I am thankful that I come from a country that at most spends 5 weeks on a election and the focus would never be put on issues such as have been covered in the past two days. In Canada, the parties pick the party leader at conventions and then we vote for a party. No primaries or caucuses. No two year campaigns. We call an election and get to business and I could not be happier about that sometimes. So for my post on Friday’s show I basic covered it in one sentence recaps. I think it is all this really deserves.

Hillary and Barack united and it feels so good…..or does it? It was a supposed love fest in Unity New Hampshire.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama came out in matching blue (did Anderson get that campaign memo? Love that blue tie)

Candy Crowley and David Gergen joined Anderson. Talk of the first date, chaperons and such.

Candy Crowley investigated who got more out of today – Obama or Clinton.

James Carville talked to Anderson about the unity tour in New Hampshire and Bill Clinton

Jessica Yellin reports on Bill Clinton being MIA which may not be a bad thing right now.

Erica Hill spoke with Dr. Jeff Gardere, a body language expert about the body language between Obama and Clinton. Some interesting points from the piece but at this point in the program I am tired of Obama/Clinton talk. It is 41 minutes into the show and it is the only topic discussed longer than 15 seconds each in the news and business bulletin.

It is now 46 minutes in and the story changes from politics to muskrats. Yup you heard me right. Apparently muskrats played a role in some of the levee damage by digging holes.

Gary Tuchman did a piece that had him back in the water again pushing a row boat to help Vince Mozier. At this point I have row, row, row your boat in my head but at least it is something other than politics at this point. Anderson said at the end of the piece Vince and his dog PeeWee are safe which is good to hear.

We got another report from Christiane Amanpour in North Korea to cover the explosion of the Yongbyon nuclear plant. It was an amazing sight to see the plant implode.

Beat 360 and the Shot ended the show and I thought it was clip worthy. I really enjoyed the viewer winner’s caption.

During the second hour of 360 on Thursday night they did actually air a piece about Zimbabwe. After the sitting through the first hour and being an “all of the above” from Phebe’s post, I switched the channel to watch Daily Show and Colbert Report but Ms. Phebe kept recording and we are lucky enough to have the clip since most people did not get a chance to watch it when it aired. Just a warning some images may be hard to watch.

Have a great weekend everyone and to all our Canadian readers, have a happy and safe Canada Day weekend ~ Sapphire

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Anonymous said...

Sapphire - That Muskrat is an oversized rodent for the love a pete!! And an ugly one at that too, I might add. Can you believe the damage they can cause!!


Have a great weekend.

P.S.: I'm looking forward to enjoying the 2008 Euro Finals on Sunday!!

ACAnderFan said...

360 was not very good last nite. It was too much like thursday's. The best part of the program was Gary Tuchman's piece on Vince Mozier. At this point anything other than politics is good. Hopefully Vince and his dog can stay safe.

Lets hope the 360 is better next week and is completely dominated by politics.

sydney said...

Hmmm, guess there's not a lot of "muskrat love" happening in the midwest. :-)

Feel free to groan at will...

Anonymous said...

acanderfan at 5:04 AM: that seems to be the only time 360 is good and gets better ratings, even with all the complaints how it is too much politics. But the politics coverage can't last forever once the election is over in November.

I hope they have a plan!

Kristien said...

The show was a bit better, at least we got moving pictures of Barack and Hillary, lol.

During the "Body language" segment I couldn't help thinking that this is the sort of thing that John Stewart loves to make fun off...

@ACAnderfan: "Lets hope the 360 is better next week and is completely dominated by politics."
--->I think that you forgot to put "n't" at the end of the second "is", unless you've had a change of heart, lol. :)

Happy Canada Day Sapphire!

Anonymous said...

US news channels aren't publicly subsidized with tax dollars like they are in Canada, England and a lot of other nations. That means they are ratings driven and run by public companies looking to make profits for their shareholders. US news anchors like Anderson are stuck operating within those parameters. If you've worked in both the public sector and the private sector, you know there is a significant difference to the objectives and notions of accountability.

This election and its run up are a ratings pull which has the unusual distinction of also being legitimate news instead of celebrity garbage. It's even drawing bigger international ratings, since so many of us non-Americans dislike Bush and find the candidates intriguing. I'm not surprised 360 is riding it out the way it has been doing.

ACAnderFan said...

@kristien, thanks for catching my mistake. I didn't have my glasses on when I typed it so I couldn't see a thing...LOL!!!

Kristien said...

@ACAnderfan: you're welcome!
I don't want people to think that you have become a political junkie! ;p

Phebe said...

Thanks, you saved me from watching my recording of Friday's program. My ff button is about worn out!

And thanks to Sydney who has now implanted 'Muskrat Love' firmly in my brain.

Anonymous said...

I think we have all started to lose our "bliss" when it comes to Anderson and 360. I keep thinking it is because he has to cover all the politics and I guess I was stupid to think once the Democrats had decided on their choice, that at least 360 would go back to covering hard news, but that hasn't happened.

I wish there was a way that Anderson could see how dissatisfied we all are with him and his show.

I hate to say it, but I think he and 360 has lost another viewer.

aries moon said...

anon 10:20 makes some excellent points even though I am kind of burned out on the political coverage.

It was interesting to watch Hillary Clinton at the Unity rally, it had to be a bittersweet moment for her. I thought the body language segment was kind of silly though. I agree with acanderfan, the Vince Mozier story was great - I loved seeing that strong 86 year old man rowing his boat and trying to stay in his home.

AC was kind of chatty on the live blog, he must not have been that busy or just in a particularly good mood, because he usually doesn't spend that much time talking to the bloggers.

Anonymous said...

For the last few days, it seems like Anderson has tried hard to be active on the live blog. I believe on Tuesday or Wednesday there was some discussion on the live blog about his lack of participation. I can't remember the person's name but he/she jokingly mocked Anderson for stating "I'm blogging throughout the hour." Then again, maybe Anderson was in a good mood and decided to blog more....who really knows.

eliza said...

@anonymous 10:20 AM--You're absolutely right. It is a business. I could go on and on about the death of the Fairness Doctrine and media consolidation and all that jazz that has absolutely destroyed mainstream news in this country, but I won't bore you guys.

My problem is not that they're covering politics--it's a very important subject. My problem is how they're covering it and the amount of time they're spending on it when really not much is happening. Talking about blurry pictures and muffled audio for 50 minutes. Bringing in body language experts. Are they kidding? I haven't seen much of the international coverage of US politics, but I'm guessing they're not covering it like 360.

@anonymous 1:46 PM--I absolutely believe that the commenters calling out Anderson for his lack of live-blogging had something to do with his sudden chattiness. He's all sweet and everything, but the man has a defiant/defensive streak (see some of his other blog comments/posts). So, someone says he doesn't blog a lot? He'll show them! :P

Anonymous said...

I hope that people are submitting their comments, good and not good, to the 360 Feedback section. I don't think they will listen to my one little spec of a comment, but if enough people comment and comment and comment, well, maybe something will happen.

They have the feedback for a reason, I hope.

Anonymous said...

Sapphire, I can't imagine what you must think of American news, especially if you only watch 360. Sorry to say this but there are stations in the states that carry news worthy content. The NYT featured this African nation's problem on its front page today and CNN chooses to show it in 360's second run. What a shame. But it is a well known fact, and I'm not proud of it, that most Americans are not interested in foreign affairs. It is sad but true. The saddest part is that Anderson must know this all too well and I do feel that this is where his interests lie.

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton is a sore loser and I personally don't care if he is MIA.
He hasn't lost an election since 1980, according to David Gergen. Well, it's about time he did. He signed NAFTA and now look at the shape our economy is in. He took a once "thriving economy" and signed his little "unfair trade agreement" and passed it on to George W. If McCain wins, and I hope he doesn't, thank Slick Willie.

Anonymous said...

For a few days we were clamoring for Erica Hill to do something more and on Friday shs did do something more but I agree with Kristien, it is the sort of thing Jon Stewart would make fun of. The body language report was more like 'Inside Edition' rather than '360'.

Loved Gary Tuchman's report; good job, Gary!
Otherwise, too much political news.
A few days ago, NBC reported on Bill and Melinda Gates' new effors in combating world poverty and I thought this is exactly the kind of news Anderson would love to cover. But so far, no 360 coverage of it.


Lulu said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has been losing interest in 360 lately. I still tune in, but now, I often don't watch the entire broadcast. Actually,I didn't watch the Friday program at all. I'm happy for Anderson that the ratings are good, but at what cost? We're not getting a well-rounded news show anymore. I agree with Anon 10:20, the ratings rule everything. *SIGH*