Thursday, June 26, 2008

Everybody Plays the Fool

Oh good Lord, now we have Nader entering the race controversy. Ed Rollins hit the nail on the head when he said " Ralph Nader is today a tragic case of what he may have been, at one point in time, which was a crusader for good issues..... I think he's only in this for ego purposes, at this point in time......This kind of rhetoric only does a detriment to the process". Right on Ed, now can you explain why Nader's words are still the newsworthy? Divisiveness is ugly and if it serves no purpose why spread it?

Here's Wednesday's panel.....Ed Rollins, Rev. Al Sharpton and Roland Martin. This screengrab sort of cracked me up. They look like the panelists on the old game show "To Tell The Truth".

Which leads us to the title of the post. Roland Martin said " The Spinners had a song 'Everybody Plays the Fool, Sometimes', which he thought was a good description of Nader. To which Anderson replied "That's probably the first time the Spinners have been quoted in a political climate". (More on this later.)

Candy Crowley filed a report about relations between the Obama campaign and the Clintons and Tom Foreman gave us his take on McBush in Raw Politics. I loved the political ad that was shown in part during TF's piece. I did some searching and found the full ad on You Tube and I think it's just brilliant. Hope you agree?

Randi Kaye filed a report in the Crime and Punishment segment about a young, pregnant Army soldier who was found dead in a hotel room. Randi's stories almost always seem to deal with death and tragedy. I'm not sure if it's because she's so empathetic or if CNN just has pigeon-holed her.

I really appreciate that AC360 is starting to branch out a bit from the political overload. The second half hour had David Mattingly's report on the con man who pretended to have ties to the Vatican and Drew Griffin's report on prescription drug sales on the internet. But aren't there more important issues?
For example:
• The Senate panel that explored legislative options for ending "excessive speculation" in commodity markets.
• Or Zimbabwe. And after reading Anderson's excellent post about Zimbabwe I was hoping for some additional coverage.
• Or updates on our military in Afghanastan and Iraq. Didn't Anderson say he was planning a trip there last Spring?

Thanks to Sapphire for clipping the lighter moments of Wednesday's AC 360. Enjoy!

360 Bulletin:

The Shot:

There were a few interesting comments by our favorite anchors on the Live Blog on Wednesday night.

And there was a lively discussion about Roland's reference to The Spinners doing 'Everybody Plays The Fool'. Personally, I think Roland's was done by The Main Ingredient, at least that's the version that I'm familiar with. Take a listen and see if you agree.

It's been quite a day at Chez Phebe. Seems sometime Tuesday night my router and my modem had a fight and decided not to speak to each other any more. After an hour on the phone with my internet provider's technical department Wednesday morning I was forced to give up until someone smarter than me could arrive to straighten the whole thing out. My son-in-law saved the day, but not until I had gone through 11 1/2 hours with no internet connection. I had no idea how addicted I had become to my computer. Going cold turkey was painful.

So for those of you who didn't see your comments posted yesterday or those of you who did only to see them later disappear, forgive me. I couldn't moderate as I usually do and I had some housekeeping to do when I finally got back on line.
Let's just hope that modem and router can get along better in the future. Or I will need to find a detox facility for my addiction.

That's it for me today. If you have time please check out our latest Q & A with Betty Nguyen at All Things CNN. Until tonight~Phebe

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aries moon said...

Ralph Nader's comments about Obama were a complete disappointment, but I'm still angry with Nader for his part in screwing up the last presidential election.

I could've done without the Anne Hathaway bad boyfriend report - that would've been a perfect place for a report on Zimbabwe. Or Iraq. Or Afghanistan.

When I saw Anderson's comment about how much he missed Erica, I though "uh oh", this is going to cause an onslaught of "AC is really in luv with Erica!" comments on ATA. ;)

If the Spinners recorded a version of Everybody Plays The Fool, I've never heard it - The Main Ingredient's version is the one I remember from the 70's and it's still a staple on oldies radio. I didn't quite understand what Anderson meant when he said the Spinners "popularized" the song.

ACAnderFan said...

Nader was probably jealous that everyone else is getting all the attention so he had to make his stupid comment.

It does seem as though Randi Kaye is always doing some story involving death. Maybe she finds it itneresting.

I always thought The Main Ingredient were the ones who did "Everybody Plays the Fool". At least that's the version I usually hear on the 70's channel on XM. Maybe Roland didn't realize The Main Ingredient did that song as well. Up until last week I always thought that John Mellencamp was the orginal singer of "Wild Night". Come to find out he wasn't.

Anonymous said...

Phebe, I found it interesting that Anderson said how much he missed Erica on the live blog. I also found interesting how much he was deferring to her and talking to her during the breaks and she waited and talked with him at his desk while he unhooked himself, and they walked out together. That is the first time they have done that.

Are you inferring something from these comments that they made?

Anonymous said...

Does Anderson have a crush on Erica? It is so unlike him to say how much he likes someone (at least on the air) as he has done with Erica that this thought has always been in the back of my mind since he announced her joining him at the beginning of the year given the way he acts with her.

And with him calling Randi Erica last week and the comment last night, it can leave one to wonder. Maybe I am reading too much into it, and it is nothing.

Kristien said...

I'm a bit disappointed too that there wasn't a report about Zimbabwe. After reading Anderson's post I was sure there would be at least some mention of it.

I have to say that I had no idea that there was another presidential candidate besides Obama and McCain, so I guess he really needed the attention he got last night, lol.

Gee, just looking at that rotating sky-scraper is enough to make me feel sick, so I don't think I would want to live in it!

Thanks Phebe!

ps: the video of the political ad isn't working, it says the video is no longer available.

Phebe said...

@anonymous 3:22 & 3:54, I posted the comments from AC, concerning EH, because I thought it was Anderson's way of showing support for his friend. Erica has taken quite a beating by some of Anderson's fans and I think (if any of this was intentional) it's his way of trying to shut them up.
I'm happy that Erica has moved to NYC for many reasons. It's wonderful to have her at the desk with Anderson. But more than that, she is also closer to her family and where she grew up. I think she mentioned, in a statement she made when her move to NYC was announced by CNN, that that was a prime reason for making the move. Unlike most men, women will sacrifice career advancement for the sake of their children. I think this was one of those incidents.
As to her limited role, I wish she was more involved, but then I wish a lot of things were done differently on CNN lately. The ratings are better than ever and I guess that’s what’s important. I feel like they have sold out to the establishment and Anderson is moving perilously close to being that blown dry anchor he always professed to abhor. But I keep watching and hoping for a glimpse of the better days.

@Kristien, The video is working for me. Maybe give it another try?

@aires moon, I guess you saw it coming too. But if AC wants to send a message, who am I not to play along? :)

Anonymous said...

FYI, and if memory serves, The Spinners released a song called "Backstabbers" somewhere back there.
And I believe it was Van Morrison who did the original version of "Wild NIghts". Mellencamp covered it in the 90's.
Quite! Politics has 360 by the cohones, at least from the producers' iron fist point of view. Some more prime time coverage of the crisis in Zimbabwe would have been welcome. I'm also curious about NIger and if the people there are still in nutritional crisis--remember Aminu? Or is the show just another one that surfs the waves of the crisis du jour?
Don't get me wrong--I've watched 360 since it was "Live From the Headlines" back in 2003 and overall, the show has lost its edge. Not sure what happened, a logical guess is the seeming constant change in producers. Won't name any names.
Roland Martin was right. Ralph Nader has become a non-player in national politics and social reform.
He can't let go and move on. What a shame! He did a lot of good
thanks for the blog, it is improving in the quality of
writing. I appreciate the lack of giggling adoration.

Anonymous said...

Phebe: Erica did not state that her primary reason for taking this job was not to move to be closer to her family but she said that the opportunity was too good to pass up. The original intent was for her to be permanent sub (as indicated in the CNN press release) and to be Anderson's co-anchor.

"Anderfans" are not the only people who watch the program and so I will guess that they have also complained or given feedback directly to 360, not here.

Em said...

I haven't been reading the 360 blog lately but decided to check it out last night after all the comments on here yesterday.

Seems like every time I check it out the same folks are posting but last night there did seem to be some attempt to actually discuss issues. I have to agree with some of the commenters on Ralph Nader. When I was growing up he really was a hero for the American consumer. It is so sad to see him recently as he appears to be out of touch...seriously out of touch!

Anderson did ask bloggers if any of them who had previously said they wouldn't vote for Obama if Hillary wasn't on the ticket had changed their minds. Most people said no, they still won't vote for Obama. I find this very confusing. I don't understand how not "liking" Obama translates into voting for McCain. If you were truly committed to Hillary, how can you vote for McCain? His position on almost every issue is the antithesis of Hillary's. Anyway, just wondering how people actually choose a candidate. I am an independent voter and try to really look at the issues and candidates positions before I vote. It is difficult for me to understand switching from Hillary to McCain if you voted based on the issues in the primaries.

I have also been a little disturbed lately because I have been spending some time with about 20 people from the retired generation. Every one of them was a Hillary supporter and now say they will not vote for Obama. Unfortunately, as I have talked with them about this and listened to their reasoning I have come to believe that it is mostly because of a racist attitudes - attitudes most of them don't even recognize they have. It makes me sad to think that the election could be won or lost for Obama because people continue to cling to inaccurate and disturbing racial stereotypes. But then again, I also think Hillary may have lost due to inaccurate and disturbing stereotypes about women. I just hope that McCain is not elected because of irrational fears and beliefs. Many of the comments on the blog about not voting for Obama were about not trusting him, bad vibes, people thinking he has a hidden agenda...kind of a paranoia where he is concerned. I guess, for me, I am less worried about a hidden agenda than continuing a "Bush" agenda and, as a women, having the balance of the Supreme Court at stake really speaks to me. I sure wish Hillary could have pulled out a victory but will hold out hope that she might be on the ticket or at least be chosen for a key cabinet position.

Ha, ha...Anderson missed Erica...let the rumors begin!!

By the way, Phebe are by any chance masquerading as "Jack Russell" on the 360 blog? Come on now, fess up. Doggie monikers and comments on the Roland controversy over The Main Ingredient vs The Spinners? Sure sounds Phebe to me or...Oh No, it cant be! The paranoia bug on the 360 blog is catching! ROFL ;0)

Cyn said...

Roland just posted on the blog about the Spinners/Main Ingredient mixup. Classy guy. I really like his commentary. I'd never heard of him prior to him joining CNN, but he is a terrific puncturer of overblown jerks.

aries moon, I love your avatar! Very cute!

As for the Anderson and Erica thing... before we start singing "sitting in a tree..." (Yikes!) I mean, I believe completely that men and women can be friends, and care deeply about each other, without it becoming romantic. But a lot of people don't, I guess. I've always had close male friends, it's fun to try to figure out how that species thinks! ;-)

Phebe said...

@Em, I honestly can say I have never sent one comment to the live blog. I comment occasionally on Candy's post's (I don't think any have ever been published) and once on Beat 360, but that's about it for me. If I have anything to say I just save it for my post.

Sapphire said...

According to Morning Buzz it looks like and if nothing changers *fingers crossed* Anderson will be doing a piece about Zimbabwe tonight. I too had hoped it would be on last night but I am assuming Anderson and the behind the scene crew were working on it.

As to Anderson and Erica, I just think it is a matter of two co-workers who are friends. It is not a crazy notion. People are always going to have suspicions but I am sure Anderson and Erica both take that with a grain of salt. I am with Cyn and Phebe on this one. I was more interest in the fact Erica went to Paris....very lucky girl :)

I noticed last night was the first night in what feels like forever we did not have flood coverage. Just seems strange because it has been covered for a while.

Kristien said...

Oh, Sapphire already mentioned that tonight there's going to be a report about Zimbanwe...there goes my scoop!

Since I'm already here I might as well say that I too really don't believe that Anderson has any romantic feelings for Erica, or Erica for Anderson.
If I had to be in love with all my close male friends...phew, that would be exhausting, lol!

aries moon said...

@ Phebe, you're right, AC really does stir the pot sometimes with his interaction with Erica, but considering how often Erica talks so warmly about her husband and son, I don't think there's any doubt who has her heart. Please excuse the corny statement, but that's the only way I could put it!

@ Cyn, thanks! But the credit belongs totally to ATA for my avatar, which is where I snagged it (hope that's ok).

@ viewer in virginia, Actually The O'Jays were the group that recorded Backstabbers, it's one of my favorites.

Nebraska Fan said...

Aries Moon, you said exactly what I have been thinking. When I first read that comment last night, I thought, "He must have heard all the rumors and he is deliberately messing with everyone!" Good for him. And has everyone forgotten that she is married? She probably just got back from a romantic time in Paris with her hubby. Sorry for the rant - I have just been thinking it is a little insulting to him to think that he would go after someone who is married. Some of my closest friends have been guys, and they make great buddies! That's probably what they are.

Em said...

LOL Phebe, just pulling your paw! The correction on the song brought to mind info you often give us on ATA and when I saw the moniker it fit knowing your love of your four-legged friends. However, I really didn't think it was you as I assume you wouldn't feel the need to post on 360 with any name other than Phebe. Besides if you ever tried to post a comment on the 360 live blog you might have found it almost impossible to crack the code the "moderator" uses for accepting comments. In fact, given the frequency the producers feel the need to remind the audience about the posting rules; I imagine they must be getting lots of complaints. I think it is interesting that comments I have sent in on blogs by people such as Erica, Randi, David, Sanjay etc. have all been accepted and I have never had a comment accepted by the moderator on the live blog. It seems comments I make during the day are relevant and concise and then when I switch on the program in the evenings I totally lose my mind and forget all the rules causing the moderator to 86 any comment I may have...go figure.

Re. AC 360's improving ratings, loss of long time viewers and slowdown or discontinuation of Anderson related blogs - I think a lot of the long time viewers still tune in but with weeks and weeks of relentless political coverage and pundit panels there just isn't much left to say on the blogs. I think most of our opinions were probably stated by March 1st. In fact, when I wrote my earlier comment about Obama and Hillary I found myself wondering if I hadn't said this before. If so, sorry, chalk it up to age and political saturation! As far as the blogs on AC diminishing, I have to say I think it takes an amazing amount of commitment and time to keep any blog going so I’m not surprised when a blog slows down or closes. In fact, I am more amazed that people like Phebe and her ATA crew can continue producing a daily blog that is both interesting and informative. This reminds me, I haven’t taken an opportunity lately to express my appreciation for the great work done by the ATA team. Circumstances have required me to cut back some but rest assured I tune in at least once a day and look forward to rewarding myself with a little ATA every evening. You ladies are the best!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the correction about the O;Jays...the list of Motown artists was so deep and wide at that time that it was hard to keep them all straight. You're right! Should have Googled before I posted!

Anonymous said...

To some of the ladies who read this blog, Ralph Nader might be an aging "relic" but to those of us who are from the boomer generation, he was a consumer icon. He is important even now, because he set standards for the auto industry when there were no standards at all. "Unsafe At Any Speed" was a best seller for a long duration in the sixties and set the mighty Corvair, which was a popular car at the time, downward. The motor was in the rear, and Nader and his team took GM to task, big time. Everyone feared him. If we have seat belts and etc. and all future safety regulations, it because he had an input. Don't ever under estimate his importance, even if he is in his "decline."

Anonymous said...

Yes, Ralph Nader was once an awesome crusader looking out for everybody's safety against the big bad manufacturers, but now he's just a joke. I was disappointed 360 spent so much time on him.

Anderson and Erica seem to be really good friends but I really can't see Anderson going for a married woman or Erica leaving her husband. it's fun to speculate what might happen. I speculate Anderson will fall madly in love with Natalie Portman (if he hasn't already).

OT - the 'Baby Borrowers' was pretty good.