Saturday, June 21, 2008

Playing Politics to the Nth Degree

Now that Obama is the "presumptive nominee" the focus has switched from Obama & Clinton to Obama & McCain. They have several more months to torture us with their political games. Speaking of games, four years ago when Kerry was running against Bush I guy created a computer software game based on the election. Here is Anderson Cooper's interpretation of what the game would have been like in this June 2004 Nth entitled "Playing Politics to the Nth Degree".

Tonight, playing politics to "The Nth Degree." And we mean playing literally. A software publisher is about to release a computer game based on the next presidential election. It lets players be George W. Bush or John Kerry. It lets them campaign state to state, raise funds, have debates, be interviewed on TV, the whole shebang. We don't know what any of this actually looks like, but, hey, what a great idea.

It would be fun even as a board game, don't you think? You could land on find your foot in your mouth, lose two turns. Pregnant chad, plus one vote. Air commercial -- attack ad of die roll is odd, positive if even. Poll shows you ahead if you're roll is odd, behind if you're even. Hold thousand dollar a head fundraiser, dice show how many supporters actually attend. You're denounced by Rush Limbaugh if roll is odd or Al Franken if the roll is even.

The game would go on and on, of course, until ultimately one of the players is elected president and the other gets to endorse Viagra.

Tonight's 60 Minutes is a repeat of Anderson's segment is on Plumpynut. CBS's website says "Plumpynut is a cheap, nutritious food that needs no refrigeration or preparation that is saving starving children in the developing world. CNN's Anderson Cooper reports on this miracle product that would save even more lives if more of it could be made."

Here are some pics from the the original showing for you to enjoy.

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ACAnderFan said...

The video is not playing for me :(

is anyone else having this problem???

Phebe said...

Great Nth Degree as always Quitty.

It is working fine for me ACAnderfan.

Roonie said...

I burst out laughing at the end of that Nth Degree! Nice choice Quitty!!

Hahahaha, if we could only really play those games :)

Kristien said...

Hmm, not my favorite one, but it is always nice to see stuff I haven't seen, so thanks Quitty!

Anonymous said...

hey from Denmark.I love writing you site,keep up the good work

Pati Mc said...

Seeing Anderson holding that dear little boy and witnessing the look on his face makes you realize the true meaning of "joy".

Awesome pics!There is no doubt that man loves children. =)

Anonymous said...

OMG,those pics of Anderson holding the baby are so adorable.

I want to see that 60 Minutes story again.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen the 60 minute episode before, but seeing the look on Anderson's face when he was holding the baby was priceless. I wish I could see that expression on his face all the time. I hope he has someone that makes him that happy!

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing "PlumpyNut" again and even better seeing that "Nth Degree" for the first time. Thanks!